SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For Beginners

SEO Guide – Where Does One Start?

A question came up the other day from my post on SEO vs social media. A reader wanted to know where does one start with learning SEO?  So in response to that I found this adorable infographic, with definitions and other places I read on the latest SEO happenings. Let me be your SEO guide!

SEO Guide

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


The Basics of an SEO Guide

Algorithm – The step by step procedure for calculations and automated reasoning. It is a method with detailed instructions for calculating a function. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm named after Larry Page the founder of Google.  It assigns a numerical weight to each link while measuring it’s “importance.” It is like a vote of support for the link. This is why link building is so important in building your website or blog.

Backlink – These are links that come into your blog. There were the primary function of web navigation years ago. Today the number of backlinks a website has is an indication of the popularity of a website and it’s importance.

Competitor Analysis – This is the study of your competitors website. The keywords used, the backlinks generated and so forth. It is important to study this to improve your site within the rankings for special keywords.

Directory – These are websites by categories and subcategories with links. Most of these are not found by web crawlers but by humans searching online. They are not as popular as they were a few years ago and are becoming less relevant for SEO purposes.

Error Pages – These can be the most frustrating things to fix on one’s website or blog. They happen when any links on your website no longer work. This can happen when you change the permalink or move pages or posts around. It happens when you link out and those links change. It’s very a fluid situation. Many times it happens when a blog or website is not longer around, your link has no where to go. I love using the CommentLuv Broken Link Checker for mine here.

Facebook – We all know what Facebook is right? You can read more at WebSEO on how Facebook links do affect your SEO. The higher a person’s pagerank is on Facebook and they link out to a website or blog – it will help the SEO efforts. Have you thought about using your Facebook page as part of your SEO?

Google – Google is the internet’s search engine. It is one of many. Google has a 67% share of search on the web currently. Bing is at 17.9%. (ComScore data).

Hyperlink – A hypertext file or document that is linked to another location either highlighted or in a dark text or different color so a user will know to click on it. kindergarten SEO

Infographics – These are visual representations of data and information. They are eye appealing, easy to read and may go viral on the web which in turn can provide a nice SEO benefit.

JavaScripts – These are a computer programming language.  It is a popular language used in computer games and desktop applications. JavaScript should be used with caution for SEO and should be used sparingly.

Keywords – These are the words or phrases used in content on your blog or website so you may be found when readers are searching the web via the search engines. Using too many keywords can now appear spammy. It is now recommended you stay around a 2% use of keywords for your pages. If there are 300 words that would be 6x the keywords should be used.

Link Building – This used to a big tactic used for SEO. People would buy link building packages and exchange links. These methods will now hurt any SEO efforts. They must be build organically now and must make sense for your readers.

Meta Tags – These tags are supposed to give more information about a web page so a reader knows what the page is about. They are best found in the head element of a webpage. The meta description is the most useful today for SEO. They should not go over 160 characters. Meta tags are great to use on titles as long as you don’t go over 70 characters.

No Follow– A no follow attribute is used to tell a web page not to follow it. It lets you tell the robots not to crawl the link. These are very important for affiliate and paid links. This is so Google will not give these links importance due to money being paid for them. Make sense?

One Way Link – A one way link is a link that goes to one place and does not receive a link back. The best kind there is today for SEO. Long gone are the days of reciprocal links. An old SEO guide would recommend those two and three way links.

Penguins – We all know about the penguins work over at Google. They are the ones that make the changes to the SEO techniques used to come up to the top of the search engine rankings. Penguin is a code name started back in April of 2012 for the algorithm updates.

Query – How one searches, which words or phrases they use in searching. You should be able to understand via your Google Analytics which words are being queried to have your pages found. The better the queries are the better you may rank. Only 20% of queries for a keyword are the same. 

web spiders in SEO Guide

Robots – These are programs and scripts that crawl the web and collect data from your websites. You want to be sure the robots do crawl your site and that nothing is preventing them from doing so.

Spiders – Spiders on the web are the same thing as the robots.

Twitter – We all know Twitter or at least we should, right? Twitter is a form of microblogging. Twitter has been around since 2006. If you have a high pagerank Twitter profile and tweet out links, those links can be filled with SEO Juice, did you know that? Have you checked out your Twitter profile’s pagerank lately? It hasn’t changed since February, the last time Pagerank was calculated.

Unnatural Link -These are known as spammy links. They are generated for SEO purpose only and not for the reader or websites value. Do stay away from these! It’s a black hat SEO tactic that Google now punishes websites for.

Video – We all have heard of YouTube. It is the 2nd largest search engine today. Video SEO now boils down to video sitemaps, robot text files, titles and keywords used with your video to generate the SEO value. Of course the video itself will have an impact on how long readers will stay on your page creating a bounce rate.

Wikipedia – This is a free encyclopedia project on the internet. It is a non-profit and is open to outside edit. They do accept donations to continue the projects they never run ads on their website. Some SEO specialists like to contribute to it to gain SEO juice.

XML – This is external markup language that allows users to define their own language for encoding web documents and services for readers and robots.

Yahoo – Yahoo is a web portal and search engine started page in 1995 and was the 2nd largest search engine for many years. They had  merged with Bing over the past several years. The do remain a dominant force for content and email services.

Zeitgeist -This is  the search pattern trends and surprises according to Google. I learned something new today. Have you heard this term before? It literally means the spirit of time. This is what we webmasters follow to guide us into making our websites and blogs be found more via search.

Here Are More SEO Guide Like Websites To Follow

Search Engine Watch – An authoritative SEO guide to search engine optimization with the latest news on SEO as well as analysis on the industry.

Search Engine Land – A news and information SEO guide site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry with regular updates led by Danny Sullivan.

Seo Guide for youDaily SEO Tip – This one is new to me but I like how they focus on an SEO tip each day. A nice SEO guide to follow and it is short and to the point.

Web SEO Analytics Blog – Another new one for me – a great SEO Guide blog on the latest SEO techniques explaining what works and what is not working today.

Traffic Generation Cafe – Ana Hoffman has expounded upon her SEO page with more info and it is continuous of the latest updates on Search Engine Optimization. You will need some extra coffee to go along with the reading here as some posts can be quite lengthy but very informative.

SEO Hints on Inspire to Thrive – I also have a collection of SEO Guide hints as well from my past experiences and what is new with SEO today! I try to keep the posts on them simple and easy to follow along.



Did You Learn Any New Terms From The SEO Guide For Kindergarten? 

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

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  • WOW!
    It seems that you wrote a dictionary Lisa. Just an fantastic job.
    This post is really helpful for the new bloggers as well as SEO workers.
    Special thanks for introducing a new term “Zeitgeist” to me. This term is totally new to me.

    Thanks and keep it up. Cheers!
    MSI Sakib recently posted..17 Do’s and Don’ts of On Page SEO in 2015 for High RankingMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,
    First, I really like the photo you used and second, the way you explained everything is really amazing. SEO is very important thing in blogging and no one can understand it completely. All the points you mentioned above are important from A to Z specially Algorithms, backlinks, Facebook. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..WeChat for PC Windows 7 Free Download, We Chat for Computer MacMy Profile

  • Very nice article! I am sure this will be useful for a lot of newbies to SEO. I am appreciative of you posting this.
    Martin recently posted..SEM and SEO – Are They Similar?My Profile

  • Lisa,
    I love infographics! This is definitely a page to bookmark. I write a blog about my journey in wellness. Unfortunately, my learning is way behind the curve in SEO. If I can make the grade on this post, maybe I’ll graduate to 1st grade. 🙂

    Can you tell how much I love the analogy? I teach high school. What a great idea to put your glossary in a way that we can all identify with!
    Thank you!
    Karen Hoyt recently posted..Compulsively Thinking Peace and HealthMy Profile

  • This post is really helpful for me as I am newbie in blogging. I really like ideas you placed here Lisa.
    Search Engine Land is great source for SEO updates. Also Search Engine Round table is great resource for help to webmasters.
    Jitendra Vaswani recently posted..The Real Social Media ROI FormulaMy Profile

  • Hello,

    The post is really long and full of useful stuff to new bloggers, It was really help as you complied the complete yet necessary things in short and in one post.

    thanks for the share.

  • Hi Lisa.

    Thanks For It. I’m new in blogging and i want to learn more and more about SEO. Your article is very informative for me. I’ve learned a lot of articles about SEO but I was too difficult to for me to understand because most people talked about backlinks. You’ve told about everything! Really like your Effort. Keep it up.

  • Hi Lisa

    That’s a really clever post!

    There are so many things to think about when it comes to SEO and you’ve luckily just broken a lot of them down for us.

    I knew some of the websites you mention but not all so I’m going to add them to my RSS reader.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Tim Bonner recently posted..My Day Job Versus My PassionMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I hate being so late on a post, but I’m glad I found it, because this is an excellent referral post. I mean that is a post that you can save or even print just in case you have a blank or would need the right words to explain what those are to someone else. It could also be a great post to link to in another post.

    Thanks for your hard work and have a great week!!!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..What Is Content Marketing For Small Businesses?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I got excited when I saw the name of this post. Now you know I am not a tech person and usually SEO would not be a subject I was excited about. Of course I recognize it’s importance though.

    My excitement is that I have committed to write a chapter in a book – and my topic is SEO for Dummies. So consequently I am currently devouring all the information I can find. Thanks Lisa it is a great post. Just reading it is no wonder we become confused when we first try and navigate our way online.

    Thanks for an excellent summary here.

    Sue Price recently posted..Moving Forward: Accepting ChangeMy Profile

  • Nice guide for the beginners Lisa,
    These are the basics every blogger must know about when he/she starts a blog. We can take care of almost all of these things barring the unnatural link building. I’ve already become a victim of unnatural link building within a short span of time itself. Many of the bloggers have copied my content as it was & intentionally or unintentionally they haven’t even changed the interlinking within my blog post. Google has sent me mail to take care of these thing as these things will be counted as spam but I could not find all such blogs who had copied my content as there were many. Just because of this I guess my blog has been penalize as all of my blog post have slided down all together in Google’s ranking. Don’t know how to stop this unnatural link building. If anyone know how we can find all the unnatural links of our website, please suggest me a way.
    raj recently posted..Candy Crush Saga for PC download Free, Candy Crush Saga for Windows7/8/Vista Computer Para PCMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa, what a great list of terms. So useful for the beginner. And even seasoned SEO people might even be reminded or a term or learn a new one. I will definitely refer newbies to this, it’s fantastic. Nice job!
    Ashley recently posted..TweetDeck – New Tweet PanelMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    See, don’t feel bad because I’m just now making it by your place. Wow, what week girl!

    I’m so glad I stopped by because this is an awesome guide about everything SEO. I know that a lot of these terms people are still confused about and you did a fabulous job of explaining this for us.

    Talk about a learning experience but so glad you broke all of this down for us. I just spent yesterday cleaning up more broken links from bloggers who have abandoned their blogs, that’s so sad. Thank goodness for CommentLuv Premium’s Broken Link Checker though because that’s where the majority of them are, in the comments. We need to stay on Google’s good side because they do hate broken links.

    Thank you for this great share and I hope you had not only a great week but your weekend has been a relaxing one. You can tell what I’m trying to get caught up on today! 😉

    Have a great week Lisa.

    Adrienne recently posted..My Favorite Social Media Plugins And ToolsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa !
    All the points and the words you’ve mentioned are very important for a blogger as a blogger who have no information on it will fail to achieve traffic through search engines (which is very important ).Like you , i never heard of Zeitgeist before.. I would be reading more of it by referring articles from Google search results . Thanks for sharing the information .


  • You have covered all main points about SEO.
    As we all know SEO play vital role in online business Growth. So We have to do perform ON page SEO as well as Off page SEO.
    This is great post indeed.
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post. Hope this will also beneficial for newbies also.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted..How to determine the right drive for your needsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a very nice write up. I used to follow SEO a lot more, but lately I have been slacking a little. Google seems to be updating or changing something so frequently now that I miss a lot of their more recent changes. One day it’s new, and the next it’s old news. Well maybe not quite, but it almost seems like it sometimes.
    Ray recently posted..Use WordPress on Your Computer Fast with LocalWPMy Profile

    • Ray, yes, I could not agree with you more. It is changing each day now. Before it would be months or even a year before they would make updates. If you can make great content each and every time that should really help out as content is still in the lead for websites ranking and gaining traffic. Thanks for your input on this one Ray. Have a great day.
      Lisa recently posted..SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For BeginnersMy Profile

  • That is a nice list of seo terms with simple and easy to understand explinations to help along the way!
    Gregory J. Urbano recently posted..Making the paper with Marbleside.My Profile

  • 😆 I love this post! It is so creative and very informative. Thanks for sharing ♥
    Marisol Dennis recently posted..REGRETSMy Profile

  • I made it to meta tags and my mind glazed over. This is a great list for beginners, but still overwhleming. I’m not sure I’ll ever get it.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Firstly, this makes my SEO writing looks bad! Haha! Excellent round up and excellent could be an understatement!

    Honestly, I am speechless right now! The compilation is perfect and I don’t see you leave out anything at all! Like it or not, I am sharing with the world on this.

    Reginald recently posted..What is SEO? Understand what SEO is all about in 521 secondsMy Profile

  • Amazing list! Thanks for posting this. There’s so much I don’t understand. For instance, I don’t understand pings. What are they good for and bad for? How do you tell if they’re spammy or not?
    Lauren recently posted..Don’t Be A Writer’s Blockhead!My Profile

  • Love to see this seo guide here and it will be exactly what to newbie blogger. Thanks so much!
    Ferb recently posted..“Take Me to Your Heart” MLTR Covers by Ferb Huynh Remember this? (:My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,
    Where were you with this guide when I started online? 😆
    I find this very interesting for starters. Well, maybe for some so called experts too.

    Oh! I’m not the only one here who didn’t know Zeitgeist. I can see Mayura too is on the same boat with me. I don’t think I ever read it somewhere 😉

    Thanks for the education
    Enstine Muki recently posted..$650 a month from one new niche Site!My Profile

  • Wow, that’s some useful information. You know I think what it all boils down to in the end is high quality original content. I know that term is used so much. But the more I think about it the more it’s true.
    If you make something that is sharable and unique. Then that will fly through the viral path like wildfire. I think this is the only hope anyone has starting out. But I’m no expert. 🙁 – Scott Craighead

  • Hey Lisa,

    Wow… Now this is a wonderful guide for anyone interested in SEO and you have gone beyond what your reader asked for Lisa 🙂

    I had a smile on my face when I read Penguin though :mrgreen: Kinda cool how they made to the SEO list. Even real ones don’t know how much popular they were since last few months.

    Seriously, I didn’t know what “Zeitgeist” meant. I can only recall I read that term once in a title when I search through Google or somewhere related to Webmaster Tools. I wonder how many knew that 🙂 Really a worthy read and thanks for the link dear!

    Ha ha… Glad I looked into the post image again. That’s very cute and then I noticed you covered A – Z 😳 That’s awesome! If the first letter was highlighted or something, everyone would notice that, eh? 💡 Cool!

    You have a lovely day there and we are almost heading to Friday 😉

    Mayura recently posted..How to Add an Apple Touch Icon for Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Thanks Mayura, I found a word you didn’t know? LOL 🙂 That would be good to add the bold to the words, I may go back yet and do that once I catch up. That should be by the year 2020….So glad Friday is close by as I’m off my day job next week. That should give me a chance to catch up here. Have a great weekend Mayura and thanks for coming by.
      Lisa recently posted..SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For BeginnersMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Good starting point. Thank you for the list of the sites. I have just created a separate directory in my bookmarks and I called it SEO. I will save this post, the list of sites and all the new relevant information that I will be able to find about SEO.

    About this article. It is a very good idea, a good starting point. However, you should continue. A mini-series of 5-6 posts on SEO topics for beginners would be great. You have a solid SEO experience after all.

    What interests me in the first place is to understand the essence of the SEO work.

    For example, a WordPress expert writes code. Of course it does a lot of other things but the essence of his work can be defined in two words: writing code. This is what he does, day in and day out.

    I want to understand and formulate in a short phrase the essence of an SEO expert’s work. What does an SEO experts do every day? Works with links? Calculates hierarchies? Works with algorithms? Searches for keywords?

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Alexa Traffic Rank. What is your rank?My Profile

    • Thank you Silviu, you inspired this one and when I found the infographic I got fired up:) SEO does all of the above that you mention and should really work with a social media person so that soical is done in a way to impact SEO. It’s a never ending job Silviu. I will try to do more on it as well. Thanks again for all the inspriration and for coming by with more.
      Lisa recently posted..SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For BeginnersMy Profile

  • What a great idea, Lisa! I love this post, with the A-Z definitions of the terms in the infographic, plus links to additional places to learn about SEO!

    We’re doing SEO for small local businesses who were otherwise buried several pages deep in the search engine results, and seeing our clients rise to the first few slots, and sometimes take over the number one slot. But we’ve discovered that many of the small, local business owners don’t understand the importance of search, and they need to be educated first about how customers find them in the first place. Have you discovered the same?

    Google has an excellent YouTube Channel for webmasters. Have you seen it? I tried to include the link here, but your comment platform tells me I have too many links. 😉 Just go to YouTube and search Google Webmaster Help.
    Michelle Quillin recently posted..Do You Have the ONE Thing Every Success Story Requires?My Profile

    • Thank you Michelle. Oh yes, many small businesses do not grasp it as they are so busy trying to stay above water these days. I will have to check out that video, I am not sure if it is one I have seen or not. Are you finding it harder today more thanever before to get top rankings Michelle? I’ve seen a lot of up and downs where as a few years ago things stayed steady for a while. Thanks for coming by! Have a super Thursday.
      Lisa recently posted..SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For BeginnersMy Profile

      • Yes, Lisa, it’s much harder to maintain your search ranking now, because of three things: 1) the huge amount of competition as more and more businesses build websites, 2) the constant refining and improvement of the criteria the search engines use to rank websites for relevance to the user, and 3) what I call “link-clicking fatigue.”

        I’m glad for the refining and improvements, because that means a better user experience for all of us when we’re searching online for a service, product, or information — especially as competition between websites vying for the same audiences heats up. (Remember the old days of Google, when you’d have to wade in several pages deep to find what you were looking for? Ugh!)

        For those of us with websites, we have to think like our target audience, regularly creating quality content (including images) that they’re likely to search for, and making sure our website delivers when they DO click on the content they’ve discovered in a search query. That’s the most important element Google is looking for. All the other ethical SEO tips, tricks, practices, and secrets (which SEO practitioners stay up-to-date on) will simply enhance and improve upon the probability of your website being discovered at the top of a search query. But the foundation for any website owner must always be relevant content YOUR target audience is looking for. No matter how many changes and refinements Google makes to their search criteria, they will ALWAYS reward that. Bank on it.

        Creating community via social media is vitally important to compete as well now. A good social media community leader will influence people not only to comment on their blog (driving traffic to the website), but influence others to share it with their OWN communities, creating inbound links (backlinks) that will hopefully be clicked on. But “link clicking fatigue” has set in with social media, because everyone is sharing link after link after link from their community members, and fewer people are clicking through as a result. I think the new “good deed” in social media is adding commentary when we share someone else’s blog post link, so our link-fatigued audiences are more inclined to click through and see why we’re recommending it. But that means we have to actually read what we’re sharing — and that’s a good thing! Right? I think so!

        Sorry I wrote so much, Lisa — I hope this helps your readers! I have a tendency to write too much…and talk too much. 😉
        Michelle Quillin recently posted..Do You Have the ONE Thing Every Success Story Requires?My Profile

        • Michelle, wow, thank you for answering my question in such detail! I hadn’t thought much about how much the web is growing and how that impacts rankings as well. Even websites no longer in business sometimes come up in search because they did not take the site down, etc. I come across that often in search results. Exellent point about user finding what they want once they click, that has a huge effect on bounce rate too. Linking Clicking Fatigue – another one I had not given much thought too. I do understand what you mean. We see so many links that people are sharing and we can only get to so many of them in a day. I see some great things in Triberr and hope to get back to them and sometimes don’t due to time constraints. Thanks for taking the time to answer the question Michelle, much appreciated. Have a great weekend coming up!
          Lisa recently posted..SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For BeginnersMy Profile

  • With the recent changes happening in the search engines, many people are resorting to basics. I think this post is not basic, but it is the main guide to seo. Thanks for sharing this! Very informative.
    Manny recently posted..Impala Inc Coupon Code: 10% DiscountMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks so much for putting this together. I have use WordPress SEO plugin so it does most of the thinking for me. I love the little light that guides me to tell me if it’s a go or not. 😀

    Now I have a better understanding of SEO and all the elements that are involved. This is an awesome guide! I’ll have to check out those sites you mentioned, too. This post is full of great info, thanks Lisa!

    Happy Wednesday my friend! 🙂
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Today You Can Find Me At Tackling Our DebtMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Great lists. Its complete important information for those who like to start successful blog in the long run.
    Thanks for this post
    Okto recently posted..Cara Menulis Banyak Artikel Blog Berkualitas Dengan CepatMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    Nice Post. You’ve covered most of the topics in SEO.
    If you’ve a time then visit my blog too Lisa
    This is the first time I am visiting your blog. Blog is excellent. Well Designed Theme.
    Well written article too. Keep your good work
    Perambur Kumar recently posted..WWW VS NON WWWMy Profile

  • Yikes! So much more to SEO than I realized. I knew about or heard of most of these factors, but several are new to me. Guess I better go back to SEO Kindergarten! Thanks for sharing and opening my eyes to SEO factors I was not aware of.
    Carol B recently posted..7 Scenarios For Traveling With Carry-On BagsMy Profile

  • Very informative and helpful Lisa. Gladly passing this along and bookmarking for later reference. You know I’m SEO illiterate :mrgreen:
    Bren recently posted..Saving The Dogs of Safe HavenMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is truly an awesome guide about everything SEO…a real guide in the literal sense I would say. Yes, one keeps coming across all these terms in the Blogosphere, but how many do we really understand is what matters most. I do know most of them but a few were new ones for me too, so glad I learnt something new here. Loved the image shared – apt with th title of the post. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Easy Ways To Relieve Stress That You Should AdoptMy Profile

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