Rafflecopter Is So Easy – Why Haven’t You Used It?

Using Rafflecopter Is So Easy!

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since I used it for this blog’s anniversary giveaway. Afterwards I thought, why hadn’t I used Rafflecopter sooner? So if you have been on the fence I wanted to share with you how easy it really is to use.


Using Rafflecopter is one of the easiest things I’ve done online. I had seen it on various blogs but Dvr Dame really inspired me with her contest. That was the turning point for me to use it on the blog’s anniversary. And I will be using it again. Hint, hint!

So all you do is sign up at Rafflecopter. Fill in your email and set-up a password. You then decide when and for long to run the contest. You can then add things you want readers to do for points – ie: Like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, Follow you on Pinterest, Pin a Pin there, etc.

It’s up to you to decide and Rafflecopter fills out the rest. You can log in anytime to see if anyone has entered and check back often as you want. When the contest is over, this is the best part, THEY pick out the winner. I love that. I don’t want to seem partial to anyone.

After you have filled out all the info- Rafflecopter creates a code to put on your website, Embed it and you are done! You may not see it in preview until you hit publish. Want to reach more entries? Put your giveaway on giveaway websites like Online Sweepstakes, Contest Girl, Win Prizes Online  and many more you can search for.

There was one “little”  thing – One person won twice so I went back in to Rafflecopter and it picked another winner —>  Sonia Winland of Logallot – Congratulations Sonia! A 1 year membership to Blog Engage!

Have you done any or many giveaways on your blog or website?

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