Pinterest App Makes It Easy To Pin Than Post At That Other Place

Pinterest App Makes It So Easy To Pin Now!

Many of my readers know how much I love my Droid. Recently I found and downloaded the new Pinterest app for Droid. This Pinterest app makes it so easy to pin away in just seconds. What could be better than that? And what did I learn since I started? It drove more traffic than that other place.  What are the keys to getting more traffic from your pins?


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10 Keys to Gaining Traffic From Pinterest

  1. Engage with other pinners – Don’t just pin and go. Leave some comments and questions on other’s pins.
  2. Keep it interesting. Don’t just have 2 or 3 pinboards. Try to make the titles clever. (I still need to work on that).
  3. User longer images. They get more re-pins. You can read the research from the Social Media Examiner on it.
  4. Pin throughout the day. Don’t just pin in the morning or at night and forget about it. With the Pinterest app you can check in during lunch or on the run and pin away and engage.
  5. Download the Pinterest app today! I’d love to know if you have an iphone and if the app there is just as easy as the Droid.
  6. Find creative graphics and/or photos to pin. Find different types of images so they will stand out.
  7. Spread out your niche. If you are a food blogger don’t just pin food porn. Pin images of kitchens and appliances. Pin other things related to food to spice up your pin boards.
  8. Pin valuable information. Some how to pins are very popular. Why not pin the steps of a recipe? Have a board with step by step instructions.
  9. Use PinWords to get more creative with your pins. Upload an image and it gives you options for fonts. It’s easy. The image below was created from it in seconds.
  10. Schedule your pins with Pingraphy.  You can upload them in bulk and schedule throughout the day or week. Sounds like my other favorite app, The Buffer.




What Else is New on Pinterest?

  • Verification – You can now verify  your website on Pinterest. Verification lets your website show prominently on your Pinterest page. It may also help with SEO.
  • Page Rank – Did you know your Pinterest page also has Google page rank? Mine is higher than the website itself. Just what does that mean?
  • Business Accounts – Check out Mayura’s guide to setting up a business account on Pinterest.
  • Secret Boards. This reminds me of Mike Like which I reviewed months ago. I’m not so sure anything is secret on the internet. Do you trust it?
  • Top 50 Sites – Pinterest now ranks in the top 50 websites (in the US) according to Comscore as of September 2012. That is just not for social websites for for ALL websites. Impressive.

Are you finding that Pinterest is driving more traffic to your website or blog than that other big social media website? Have you used the new Pinterest app?

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