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Pinning Away

Social Media – Isn’t it all about sharing? How many times do you post on Facebook an image you found from someone else’s news feed? Or tweeted a great image from another’s blog? You may have found a beautiful picture on Stumble Upon and shared it on Facebook.  So what is the latest uproar on pinning about? What makes pinning a possible lawsuit for companies vs. tweeting, posting, tumbling, digging, stumbling and sharing? Why does pinning have to be different?
Are all, isn’t sharing is caring on all social media?  Why is there such a fuss now over Pinterest sharing with repins? The Pinterest Terms are what are making people take a second look:

“You acknowledge and agree to that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the entire risk arising out of your access to and use of the site, application, services and site content remains with you….” Read more on their terms at Pinterest here.


Pinterest Terms and Conditions

After reading numerous articles on the subject there is really no absolute answer to the question if you could be sued by pinning other’s images.
You may read more on the Pinterest legalities at: Biz – How businesses could be sued for pins on Pinterest
Blogging with Amy – Great info on Amy’s blog on the Pinterest lawsuit issue
Business Insider – A photographer who took down all her pin boards in fear
DMACAHandbook – Lawyer/blogger on internet law – her take on Pinterest legallity.

Pinning Recommendations

What’s a blogger or business to do? This is what I recommend and am doing as well:

  • Repin carefully – Know where the original came from before you repin
  • Pin your own stuff – Make sure you are using images that are yours
  • Like other pins – instead of repinning – you can like other pins and leave comments

Are you worried about using Pinterest now and are you using it any differently?  

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

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  • Hi
    Thanks for this informative post !
    The social engagement will definitely boost up the position of your site in the search engines.


  • Been using Pingraphy to upload multiple pictures at once, but this makes me feel that I shouldn’t do that (I usually use google images). I like to upload some pictures the day before and schedule them so I don’t get consumed by pinning. Just wondering what your thoughts on that would be? Should I stay away from using google images?
    Steve Briggs Jr recently posted..What to do about your animals in freezing temperatures!My Profile

  • Now, I’m scared of pinning, Lisa. I plan to socialize more at Pinterest to promote my contest article at Blog Engage, so your article is timely.

    The first time I signed up I didn’t know exactly what to do. Now. I’m more knowledgeable. Thanks again for that vital information.
    Jena Isle recently posted..By: AjchtarMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, thank you for this very timely post. As I have only just created a Pinterest account it has proved to be a very interesting and thought provoking read.

    As a photographer myself most of what I have ‘pinned’ so far have been my own images though I have seen lots of my images ‘pinned’ by other people on their boards.

    Personally I have no objection if my images are pinned on other boards, after all is that not some of the the point. However, there is a proviso that the originating link remains. In many ways it really comes down to respecting the intellectual properties and copyrights of the work and I very much agree with Samantha’s opinion, we need to be aware but not live in fear.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂
    Phil recently posted..Wise Words Top 10 Inspirational QuotesMy Profile

  • Great point Samantha – don't like to live in fear! and yes, watchful eye as knowledge is power! Thanks!

  • Thanks – will have to find you there too!

  • Hi Lisa! Thank you for clearing up this hot mess about Pinterest. I hope you'll keep treating us with your amazing posts about the various social media platforms.

    How am I using Pinterest now (due to the hot mess)? The same as always. As a journalist, giving credit where credit is due is paramount. I'm always careful that the origin of a pin can be easily traced. Some of my pins, however, come from unknown sources. They're pics or graphics I had on my computer that I got from someone who got it from someone and I pinned them anyway. In those cases, I'm careful to note that it's from an anonymous source or that I don't know where it's from. I pin, repin, and like at will…as well as comment.

    Will I get sued? I hope not and probably not. But if I do, I've done nothing out of malice, dishonesty, or of a shady nature. I'll win. Then who's left holding the bag?

    We can't live in fear. We've got to maintain a watchful eye on our activities and keep to the straight and narrow path. But, live in fear of a lawsuit when I'm doing nothing wrong? Not me.

  • Yeah Lisa, I see recently you are mentioning your blog name in it 🙂 And I spend much more time in crafting images too. But personally I'd like to see images as pure images Lisa. Not as promotional messages. I don't know why but that's me 🙂 My eyes favors that. I'm tracking my images being copied too. I found 'em on other websites. However I believe that all I did was crafting images. Not creating it. And those who use my crafted images got no talent. I know it 🙂 We use others' images to craft for our posts. If the real owner was there, just imagine how sad he will be. So I don't like to add my name or blog name if it's not my own creation Lisa. That's why I always say, after publishing online, ethical people will find it as our creation. Unethicals just try to steal it and own it. But they will never win their lives 🙂 Their lives are miserable. We got the talent…


  • Mayura I agree with it, it only helps promote them when we use their logo. The best thing to do with your images is add your name or blogs name to them. I started doing that after someone took one of mine and used it on their blog. Copying is a form of flattery 🙂

  • [Continue from previous]

    For example, we can't use Facebook Logo in our posts without having a special permission. Do people even know about that? But we use Facebook logo to convince it's about Facebook or related. So indirectly we are promoting Facebook. Generating a useful resource for them. If Facebook wanna get rid of using Facebook logo on websites and blogs, they shouldn't have introduce logo or Facebook itself. But they are not suffering from logo being used by others and motivated from what they are doing and gaining.

    We should appreciate creativeness of other people, obey their intellectual properties and copyrights. But internet is far more dangerous than formal society. It's favorable for unethical people.

    Personally as a Blogger, I do generate content with my thoughts, skills and experience for people who interested. And craft images too. Some people will copy and publish my content on their blogs. At fist, I feel sorry about posting them without a proper acknowledgement. Because I'm selfish 🙂 It's a natural human behavior. But my objective was to spread my thoughts and help others. So I have to admit that helping people with generating more content is far more better than spoling my time on sueing unethical people for copying my content. Somewhere, someone will make use of them.

    Thanks for inspiring me to comment like this Lisa 🙂


  • [Continue from previous]

    What about Google images search? Does anybody care about where images comes from? Search will display images posted online and available for public. If you are posted online, you are sharing it with whole world where there is no one rule. Someone will credit back to source, another will generate something new out of it and others will use it without any acknowledgement eventhough you have imposed copyright on it. In real-world if you published a book, people who interested in content will make copies of interested pages. You can't be in alert and ask them stop copying and buy my book. But by publishing a book he may teach people, earn money out of it, be famous and help people to generate more ideas. That's what an author should care about. If he doesn't like other people sharing it, he shouldn't have publish it in a book.

  • That's a very good idea Carey. And I believe it's fair and actually helps the originator get more traffic to their website too.

  • Thanks Mayura- You could have written a post on your blog in response 🙂 I'm curious if it will hurt traffic or not. Or if some are being too "paronoid." At the least it's making us all think more of the images we use and how we use them.

  • Just don't get paranoid 🙂

  • I always try to go to the original source to pin from. I think that such sharing– with the link to the original source– should be considered fair.

  • Social media is all about sharing, caring and being connected. Mostly people share images on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and sometimes stumble, tweet 'em. But it's not meant to acquire copyrights of it. Just sharing 'cause it's beautiful, meaningful and worth thousands of words. We'd like to share beautiful things which impressed us. Pinterest is a place where we can show off images which made us impressed. And it is not the only place where people should worry about their copyrights. Unless people made their images available for public, others won't able to pin them out. If you made them public means people can download or copy image from original source too.

    So I admire your point Lisa – Repin carefully. It is being ethical and will help original content providers to gain more exposure. Pinterest already imposed guidelines for users to pin from the original source and pin from permalinks too.

    Why people post images online? To show off and get more attention on it. isn't it? If a professional photographer has valuable and unique collection of images, I don't think he would publish it online for public. If he made them available for public via his website, then his intention is to share with others and promote his skills to gain more customers. Then he can't assure that they are not being distributed. If he don't let others copy them, he should not expose all of them to public. If his pure intention is to share with others, then he will not be upset by being shared on other websites. Pinterest define – "A repin is adding an image you find while browsing Pinterest to your own board. When you repin an image, the user who first pinned the image will also get credit. Repins maintain the source-link of the image no matter how many times it’s repinned.". So Pinterest helps promote content and gain more traffic for content too. So if your intention was to gain more exposure, you can't blame on Pinterest. It's your fault who made it available for public. And Pinterest is not the only way that others can copy your images. It can be Facebook, Google+ or any other online service. Once you publish online for public, it means anyone can copy and save it on their computer or mobile device. So you should be responsible of your own content published onine. Prevention is better than cure.

    As Pinterest define itself – "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.". So without repining or adding findings to our boards, I fail to see how people make use of Pinterest as a service Lisa. So it won't be a virtual pinboard for people anymore and it will be a (not-for-sale) image gallery where people just allows to watch them out.


  • I think I have some unpinning to do.

  • Yes. It's fun and addictive too. You were smart to do that Donna!

  • Yes, being more aware is good. I wonder too if they will see a drop in traffic or not?

  • I am selective in what I repin. I don't cruise for things to pin and I actually look at the original source before I repin anything from someone else. I really enjoy Pinterest. It brings me back to the days when I would cut pictures out of magazine and paste them in scapbooks….

  • Wow! This is very interesting. I guess I will have to be more aware of how I am using Pinterest now. Thanks! Great info!

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