Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?

Page Speed – An Important SEO Factor

I’ve been reading a lot lately what affects SEO especially in Google searches with their latest changes. It appears that page speed is an important factor. I’ve been running reports on various websites and blogs and can you guess which format comes up the fastest?

 page speed


If you guessed Blogger websites and /or blogs you are correct! It all started when I searched Mayura4Ever since he is the king of tech and Blogger type websites. His page speed was 100! A perfect score. Not even Matt Cutts blogger blog is 100. (Matt’s Blogger blog is a 92 – I stand corrected it’s a WP blog). I started to look at my own blogger sites and saw them in the 90’s. My WordPress was in the 70’s and other websites were in the 80’s. I started to look at many other websites and found the same thing. Very interesting, isn’t it?


What was interesting about WordPress was the FREE WordPress sites were faster than most of the self-hosted websites. I’ve been noticng more retailers using the FREE version and coming up better on Google search. Will WordPress take down their blog sites since they are linking to big retail sites and show products, etc? Remember my site that just disappeared? I’m testing it with our new retail website and only will have one link to the retail site from the WordPress blog. Even my own personal wordpress blog that is a resume comes up on page one of Google when my name is searched. (Have you Googled yourself lately? Or Binged Yourself? (You will see different results via each search engine) That really surprised me and made me think more about the FREE  WordPress sites.  I also noticed in researching for this blog post was the the Genesis themed self-hosted WordPress websites ranked a little faster in the high 80’s.  Few reached the 90’s with WordPress.

Other Format Websites

I checked out other big websites like Amazon which ranked at 92 on page speed and The New York Times which came in very slow at 56. Very few retailers made it to the 90’s with their websites. Other sites like Microsoft and Apple came in the 80’s. I’d love to know if you find websites in the high 90’s or at 100 like Mayura.

Ways to Test Your Page Speed

For this post I used the Google page speed tool. It is a browser extension that you can use with Chrome or Firefox. It scores sites from 0-100 with 100 being the best. It also gives you recommendations on what can be done. Of course they are very technical. I could not fully understand all the recommendations. You can also test via GTMetrix. The basic issues of speed were:

  • Optimize Images – I’ve been doing this more lately with a free service on the web called JPEG-Optmizer. You can also find one for png images too.  You don’t have to change the size of the images – you can just check off compress image. jpeg optimizer
  • You can also use Yahoo to optimize your images. Another FREE service. Don’t you love the name SMUSH IT ?
  • Serve Scaled Images. Don’t always use the biggest images you can find. Scale them down.
  • Leverage Browser Cache – This is one that I need to learn more about. There are plug-ins you can use for this. I’ve read Rob’s blog which was helpful too.  Of course I’m trying to eliminate as many plug-ins as possible and go with coding. How many plug-ins do you have? 


What Else Can You DoTo Increase Your Page Speed?

  • Use less plug-ins. Plug-ins take a lot of space. I just got rid of 3 myself. No more image of my eBook on the widget. No more slideshare plug-in, they can just be embedded  now.
  • Use less widgets. They too can take a lot of space.
  • Use your control panel – there is an optimize button – Easy!
  • Use compressed images either in jpeg or png formats.
  • If you are more technical, there is a great post from Hostgator on the subject that I was directed to this morning on tech support. Of course some of it made my head spin but if you understand much of the tech talk there it will help.
  • Be sure to clear your cache and retest after changing things. This blog’s page speed went from 73 to 86.

I’d love to hear about your page speed and how you are increasing yours.

Car image – Image courtesy of Jon Whiles at

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99 comments On Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?

  • Hi Lisa,
    i use compress now and wp smushit for image compression of my site. and its showing pretty cool result for me i thought first that it will go fast without image compression i did everything from css compression to HTML and java compression but at last Image compression worked for me and now it scores 82 % in pingdom and i am happy with that 🙂
    thanks for a perfect post
    yogesh recently posted..Go For Reseller Hosting Services for Powerful Performance WebsitesMy Profile

  • It is a very fist visit of your blog.Nice post. Gives me an idea of making an infographic out of it I guess you can surely make a nice infographic with this stats and data. It would be awesome.

    Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend
    Naveen recently posted..Importance of Social Media Marketing in Your BusinessMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    I had used both Blogger and WordPress and when it comes to website speed, both platform plays a great role. Both have their own different different features and own factors to improve their website page speed. So I like both. Thanks for sharing such a great article with us. HAPPY BLOGGING 😉
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..HostGator Coupon Code 2015 – Guaranteed Genuine DiscountMy Profile

  • I also have come across many sites that scored 100 out of 100 in page speed, I wondered how.
    I noticed that image compression plays an important role in that. I personally use RIOT IMAGE OPTIMIZATION tool, it renders me almost lossless compressed images. There is also an excellent premium JPEG compressor called JPEG MINI. It does the job well.

    I also noticed that lazy load plugin increases page speed, but on the other hand it gives poor user experience. What’s the use of having great page speed with a poor user experience?

    Another suggestion I hear is move CSS and JavaScript to the bottom. Skeletal structure of the page loads then the CSS and JavaScript. Page looks bit odd while loading. So what do you think? Is there an alternative to moving other stuff to footer?
    Thanks, by the way great post, loved it.
    Akshay Hallur recently posted..Why SEO Experts Shout Out That Page Speed is Important?My Profile

  • Hi there. Really page speed does matter a lot. If loading time of a website is too slow, it is obvious website bounce rate will be inversely. So be careful for it.

  • Great article with good description. Thanks a lot for writing this post.
    Arul shaji recently posted..How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently? Simple Steps.My Profile

  • Nice post. Gives me an idea of making an infographic out of it 😛 I guess you can surely make a nice infographic with this stats and data. It would be awesome.
    Keral Patel recently posted..Using SSH and its CommandsMy Profile

  • Lisa,

    Great information on make a blog load faster. This is something that I think every blogger continually struggles with.

    Recently I have been going through my pictures and smushing them all. I used small files when I uploaded them but smush-it makes the files smaller yet.

    I also went through and cleaned up my data base.

    Still my blog does not load really fast so, I guess I will just keep working on this and maybe eventually I will get it to load faster.

    I find that I did not know what I was doing when I started out and now I am paying for it. I have to go back and redo things right.

    Great post.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Attraction Marketing and Social MediaMy Profile

    • Thanks Dee. It could be your theme too. Mine seems to have mine a little slower than others who have Genesis themes. I have found the same thing too – so many things I did not know when I started. That’s how we learn right Dee? Do you have many plug-ins? That’s another reason it could be slower. It’a a tough call because plug-ins can do great things and yet they can slow things down too. Like everything else we need to find the right balance. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!
      Lisa recently posted..Three Reasons Why I Love HootSuite ProMy Profile

  • nice to learn about the website speed comparison from your side, really google & visitors love fastest speed websites. For WP we could use some plugins to improve our website speed.
    REKHILESH ADIYERI recently posted..A Simple Guide To Google Page Rank!My Profile

  • I’ve already bookmarked the Google Page Speed tool to check out after I thank you for the post! Also, do you have any suggestions regarding web domain hosting? I keep hearing GoDaddy because they have customer support all the time, but was wondering if you had any insight. 🙂
    Ciera recently posted..Researchers Use GPS Tracking to Study BearsMy Profile

  • if you had fast page visitor love this. i had wordpress blog but not having fast speed it take time. but if you had self hosting that makes you faster ,.. bookmarked nice post… 😀
    Prince Ramgarhia recently posted..Get New Facebook News Feed UpdateMy Profile

  • HI!!! Your this post much attract me.
    I got a score of 83 on Google Insights so I know there is work to do.

    I’m guessing it has a lot to do with images and plugins. I didn’t use to scale my images in the beginning.

    I currently have 32 plugins so it might also be time for a look at those again too.
    Fashstylo recently posted..Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs For 2013My Profile

  • I don’t thing it depends on WordPress or Blogger. It totally depends on what type of script you are using.
    Majharul Hossain recently posted..Easiest ways to promote Facebook page over your Facebook account.My Profile

  • That’s interesting! sites load faster than self-hosted sites.

    Maybe, because, users can’t upload their own (heavy) themes which do contain a lot of css and jQuery script to delay the load time. But, the compatibility with plugins can really boost the .org sites. Using some caching and other plugins, added with a CDN will really help a lot, in decreasing the page load time.

    Thanks for the share, Lisa.
    Koundeenya recently posted..Content Marketing 101 – Everything About Content MarketingMy Profile

    • Yes Koundeenya, you hit the nail on the head with that one. It’s those heavy themes and plug-ins. What is a CDN? Is that plug-in as well? Thanks for coming by and for your input Koundeenya.
      Lisa recently posted..The Race to Post, Comment and Share To SuccessMy Profile

      • A CDN is a content delivery network, Lisa.

        It minified the page’s cache (including images and other scripts). It puts the minimal version of the site to the front-end user. We cannot expect any minor change in the site’s look. It will be the same as it is. But, it does the job internally. It is one of the best ways to decrease the site load time.

        There are many companies offering cdn services and, MaxCDN and Amazon are the most used ones. We should integrate it using W3 Total Cache or any other cache plugins.

        You’d love the results.
        Koundeenya recently posted..Content Marketing 101 – Everything About Content MarketingMy Profile

  • Great post..

    Actually all the websites with static content will have greater pagespeed and yslow score as compared to websites which on any kind of CMS or blogging platform specially which bring our dynamic content. And that the reason why bloggers and WordPress users are asked to use cache plugins. Since they help to generate static HTML files of your dynamic webpages and also minify them which ultimately reduce your page load time.

  • Hi Lisa,

    All I can say is the less we use, the fast it goes but self-hosted is recommended for everybody just starting to blog and it’s work great.

    Thanks – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted..Pick ONE Way of Driving Traffic (Chance to Win Your $650)My Profile

  • Great tips on how to tackle speed of your site. This is one of the major thing that we bloggers must look out for. I am very concerned about this fact all the time. Thanks for listing out various ways. I will pay attention to them.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Making phone calls in and from IndiaMy Profile

  • Even as a constant reader of different blogs, I easily get impatient when the website is loading too slow. It lessens the excitement of the reader who wants to read blogs.d
    Jeremy Norton recently posted..Different Types of Leadership StylesMy Profile

  • One of the main reasons why self-hosted WordPress blogs are usually slower than other blogs is because of the plugins bloggers use. They sometimes have more than 20 installed.

    Also, the theme can play a major role.
    Cendrine Marrouat recently posted..Weekly social media roundup: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, YahooMy Profile

  • After disabling any plugins that aren’t needed, install and run the P3 Performance Profiler plugin.

    It will help you identify the slowest plugins on your WordPress site.
    Lorenzo C. recently posted..Why I Recommend and use WP EngineMy Profile

  • The owner of mayura4ever is an expert of blogging platform, he is a genius , I am following him for a long time he is very good with the custom code in blogger.

    Most of the people in the world doesn’t have fast Internet connection, slow page load speed reduce traffic and visitors to your blog.

    Thanks for Sharing the Post!
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..6 Mind Blowing Blogging Tips for New BloggersMy Profile

  • I think blogger blogs are faster than wordpress blogs and Congratulations to Mayura for having a great speed. For wordpress I guess using a faster theme, less plugins can work well. Also removing extra bytes from images can be a great help.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..What is Robots.txt File and How to Set it up?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a great informational post. I have never thought of checking my site’s speed before. I used the tool link for Google PageSpeed you provided here and I checked my site’s speed and it shows a score of 90 using Chrome.

    Thanks Lisa for such a great share. Appreciate it.

    Be Blessed,


  • I finally made it by Lisa!

    I’ve had issues with this for awhile now and toward the end of last year and beginning of this one I’ve worked on my blog trying to speed it up. Another reason I do my best to not just load up tons of plug-ins but let’s face it. Free blogs don’t have plug-ins so of course they’re going to be faster. Dah!

    I’ve tested my blog with GTMetrix and my main issue is still the images although I reduce them before I upload them and then I smush them once they’re on my blog. But, I have a bunch of them that I have not gone back to do from when my blog was younger and that’s just a time consuming thing I’ll have to one day find time to do.

    The other issue I have is other people’s gravatar’s. If you can imagine that, they are pointing to my site and there is not one darn thing I can do about that. No one can tell me how to fix this little annoying issue.

    My site is at 76 and I’ve even improved it if you can believe that. I’ll be replacing my header soon so that will help because I’m going with pure code. I have a few other friends trying to help me with this so it’s still a work in progress.

    CL is my biggest plug-in and I’m sorry, it’s not going away Lisa. I’ve gotten rid of the ones I can do without but I’m sure I still have a long way to go.

    Thanks for sharing this girl!

    Adrienne recently posted..Why Blogging Communities Are Big In 2013My Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, I know what you mean, I’m behind on visiting blogs and commenting myself. Way behind. I too have old images and posts to clean up. I try to do at least one a week. I partipcate in most weeks Chasing_Joy – her flashback Friday, it motivates me more to clean up an old post. I bet you will find an answer on those gravatars of others. I also have been thinking of making my header/logo smaller. So much maintenance to do, isn’t there? We will get there Adrienne. Thanks for taking the time to come by and for your input. I really appreciate that. Have a wonderful weekend.
      Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

  • Hello Lisa, Very interesting post and a good topic. I see your first line were you stated that the FREE was the fastest, the reason for that is because you are not hosting anything on your own server. Remember the FREE WP will not even allow you to install plug-ins so it has no were to store anything making it faster.

    Blogger is also FREE service again no were to store anything making it a fast service. Blogger also will not allow you to customize your blog like will.

    I think if you are really serious about building your websites or blog then self hosting is the only way to go even it you have to deal will a decrease in speed.

    Thanks so much Lisa for a great read my friend.
    RobG recently posted..How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

    • I agree with you Rob as this one is self hosted. I just found it fascinating to see the others faster and some coming up very well on the search engines. Did you also check your speed out? Thanks for coming by and commenting Rob. Have a great weekend!

  • Hey Lisa Thanks for this awesome post. Though I have been using only WordPress but this comparison was worth reading. And thanks also for JPEG-Optimizer. Happy Blogging !!
    Regards – Koj

  • Thanks very much for these practical tips, Lisa – especially the links to the tools for checking speed and optimizing images. This is definitely one to bookmark and share. Last time I checked my site’s speed wasn’t too bad, but I know I have too many plugins – it’s just so easy to let them mount up. I tend to check my site’s speed when I read a post like this, but I guess it’s something that should be added onto my regular do-lists.

    A great share – thank you!

    Sue Neal recently posted..Why Your Writing Sucks!My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for this really informative article. It’s good to know about page load speeds, and a relief to learn that Blogger leads the pack, since that’s what I use. I’ll be auditing my widgets and working on improving load-time to try to bump up my results.

    Great work!
    Erika recently posted..Shop local ~ Craftopia ~ April 28, 2013My Profile

  • I have been using Pingdom to test my speed, and especially after I read about how Google is focusing on speed. My site is a lot faster now after I switched to a new host, but that’s about all I have done, and I am using W3 Total Cache 🙂
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..The Three Phases of a Marketer’s DilemmaMy Profile

  • Lisa – This is news to me, i had never checked my page speed, and it is very low in the 70s. I really need to get that up, thanks for getting this out in the open.

    Mayura – I envy you dude 👿

    I just added my ebook image to my sidebar, since it is new, i will retain it for a while, and then maybe rmeove that as you have suggested 🙂

    Thanks once again Lisa.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..My First eBook – FREE for You!!!My Profile

  • javascript:grin(‘:razz:’) Looks like mine is in the slow 70s too! I never thought it was that slow loading. It’s probably because I have so many re-sized images on there, plus animated gifs. Must look into that image optimizer. Thank you for this important information, Lisa.
    Debbie recently posted..MUSIC MONDAY; AEROSMITHMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Cool resources on beating the page loading clock. Blogger has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few years. My early blog efforts were on blogger, but must admit since I discovered WordPress, I’ve been hooked on it.

    Using Content Distribution Networks (CDN) provided you can afford them, is a great idea. I read somewhere that some sites store their static files on Dropbox – CSS, image files etc – and link them from there. That takes advantage of Dropbox’s built-in CDN to serve the files from the nearest node.

    Great, informative and full of value post as always Lisa. Thank you.

    Dee Ankary recently posted..Share-Worthy ContentMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I got a score of 83 on Google Insights so I know there is work to do.

    I’m guessing it has a lot to do with images and plugins. I didn’t use to scale my images in the beginning.

    I currently have 32 plugins so it might also be time for a look at those again too.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Please Help! I Have WordPress Comments OverloadMy Profile

  • Excellent article. However I’ve always assumed my blog was optimized fairly well, I still picked up some quickies here that I could do to cut time off the blog load even more.

  • Thanks for tips 🙂 The most important, is perception of load time so you have to maximize the user perceived load time using asyncronous resources loading and lazy loading…show only necessary things!

    It will fit well for desktop and mobile 😉

  • Great recommendation! Site speed is becoming more and more important.

    Although increased usability is the most obvious benefit, there are several other reasons to speed up a web site. Studies have shown that faster loading pages increase pageviews, conversions and sales whereas slow loading pages increase the bounce rare and negatively affect sales and online reputation. 😛
    Samfrank recently posted..Bluehost Discount Coupon April 2013 promo code linkMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    You always do the homework and come up with reliable facts through researching 😉

    Oops… But Matt Cutts’ blog is on WordPress Lisa 🙂

    Mmm… Mine is 100? I didn’t know about it as I couldn’t check mine in about 6 months dear. But it was over 90. Once a reader asked how I gained 100 in PageSpeed but when I check, it was 92 that time 😀

    As you implied, I think what matters most is suggestions regrading the performance 🙂 Score can be changed as tools get updated overtime with new rules or guidelines. Though it claims 100 for me, I’d like if some plugins such as Facebook Like Box could load more faster.

    On FREE blogging platforms, you can’t apply many suggestions offered by Google PageSpeed. But self-hosted sites can 🙂 However I think Google is doing a great job with fast servers and Blogger users were benefiting from ’em. Their Dynamic Views are much more faster as I experienced 🙂 Not all blogs though.

    You know, when we talk about WordPress, plugins contribute a lot 🙂 As I think, using few plugins to do more can be the trick Lisa. For example, JetPack 🙂 I’ve experienced it when building a client website.

    Gosh… This is another never ending topic 😀 lol…

    Mayura recently posted..How to Spam Like a Rock StarMy Profile

    • Ah Mayura, I thought for sure it was blogger, the RSS button up top made me think it and then when I saw the dates on the side – you are right as always 🙂 I will adjust that on the post. So you don’t even know how you got from 90’s to 100? So you think the Dynamic views are faster? Do you like Jet Pack or not? I kept getting rid of plug-ins. It helped from 73 to 86, a little more work to hit the 90’s. Thanks for your correction today on Matt’s blog – have a great day ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

      • When I come across Google PageSpeed first time, I had the score of 90 Lisa 🙂 I’ve been through lot of changes with blog since then and not because of performance, but wanted to try out different kind of customization on design.

        I can’t say exactly what made the change as I didn’t check PageSpeed score as I make changes Lisa. But mostly I check out how many seconds it takes to load my blog in my browser dear. If I find something bugging page load time, I check for ’em and try making changes 🙂

        For example, the former header size was large and was taking more time to load than usual (At least with my connection), so I switched to new header which is lightweight. Also made modifications in my template and get rid of stuff that makes laggy. Like that I keep changing what I find laggy and small stuff matters 🙂 Even colors too.

        Some days, I just try changing gadgets and coding all day but no luck 😀 lol…

        Generally, Dynamic Views are faster Lisa 🙂 It uses new web technologies too. But less customizable. You can compare your quote blog in that case 🙂

        I’ve been using JetPack for WordPress sites Lisa 🙂 Yeah I like it and offers very helpful features. It’s simple and I like being simple too 🙂

        Now I can see your sidebar is less cluttered here 🙂 Really GREAT!

        Just get rid of unnecessary stuff and high score in performance doesn’t always mean it’s a GREAT site Lisa 🙂 It’s about balancing every aspects.

        Mayura recently posted..How to Spam Like a Rock StarMy Profile

  • That is fascinating. I would have never expected those results. I had installed a cache plug-in a while ago and it screwed up my site. I think people saw a blank page or a 404 error when they visited my blog. I forget. I probably used the wrong settings. Because of my experience, I’ve been reluctant to install another cache plug-in.

    Thanks for the tip on using I’d try it because of the name alone.
    Lauren recently posted..If I Could See with My NoseMy Profile

    • HI Lauren, I’m the same way with plug-ins, the less the better. But you could go to your c-panel and just hit an optimize button (if you have Hostgator) Not sure if you use BlueHost if it would be the same but you could contact them. I found Hostgator to be very helpful as I’m leary to go into that c-panel alone 🙂 Have a great day Lauren and thanks for your input.
      Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Thanks! I was wondering what my speed was. It is one of those things I never got to. I checked it and it was an 82. There were suggestions how to speed it up more. I will fix that problem. This link was so awesome and so easy to do to speed up my blog. Waa Hoo!

    As a blogger and coach, I tend to forget to keep things up like this. I now have the mindset to see my blog more as a “machine” that needs to be oiled, maintained, etc. I now have a fresh new perspective on things.

    If you can move someone like me to take action, you have done a great job (as usual)

    Thanks again,
    Donna Merrill recently posted..11 Limiting BeliefsMy Profile

  • Awesome post Lisa and it goes to show that there so much stuff going on behind the scenes to make our blogs a well-oiled running machine. Now I understand why some folks work with two monitors and I think I’m headed that way 🙂

    I did a quick check using Google’s tool and my site scored an 83. I started getting a headache trying to understand the feedback from the overview to get my score higher. I’m keeping my fingers crossed Mayura comes up with a tutorial to get acquainted with this tool 🙂 and get my score higher.

    But it looks like I’m leaning toward the plugin Bren uses since I have a WP site.

    Hope you’re having a great day and thanks for sharing the different tools we can use. 🙂
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Toot Your Horn TuesdayMy Profile

    • I’d love to have 2 monitor myself Corina. Did you also check the blog I had in mine from Hostgator? It was helpful too but still technical. It’s all so technical. If you can just get into your c-panel and push the optimize button that will help some too. That was easy. Hostgator support was also helpful to me in the process. So you check with them too. Good luck!
      Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

  • Woohoo!! Fabulous post Lisa especially because so many of us have been talking about it the past few days! My blogs are sitting in the 80’s right now. I’m using WP-SmushIt now which optimizes them when I upload them plus I can go back and smush old pics. It think it will speed up my bloggy a bit more. Interesting about blogger blogs though. It’s it the whole Google monoply thing?
    Bren recently posted..Opinions Are Like Nipples, Everyone Has OneMy Profile

    • Hi Brenda, Thanks. I know I thought the same thing about Google. I sure hope they don’t take that service away too! But I found it a little surprising. Not Mayura’s, since I think he is a genius but even my own little Bloggers had 90’s. I did get rid of several plug-ins and used code that I got from the Hostgator blog with their tech support this a.m. I was fried after that but glad to see my speed went from 73-86. Still more work to do. I can’t wait to learn CSS soon.
      Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

      • 73-86? That’s super awesome! You go girl! I need to dabble a bit in my plugin’s and see what I can ditch and maybe jump in the 90’s. 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a great informational post – something that I was looking for. You seems to be a very much clued and I hope you can help me too. 🙂

    My Google PageSpeed shows score of 89 on my Dashboard, score of 90 online using Chrome, and score of 83 on GTMetrix, which also shows YSlow grade as 68 and load time of 16 sec! Pingdom shows a grade of 83 and a load time of 1.35 sec. However, Alexa shows an average load time of 7.5 seconds, the WebPagetest shows 7.6 seconds, and my Google Analytics shows speeds 13 sec to 25 sec for various browsers. What to follow and believe?

    I use for images and I also use W3Total Cache, so does it not Gzip, enable browser caching, compress and minify JS and CSS on its own? I guess it creates expires headers too, or do we have to do all these on our own? I also created a CDN support via mirror using the W3Total cache but it isn’t helping much I guess, do you or @Mayura have any suggestions about what should I do?

    Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Ways of Dealing with the Loss of a Loved OneMy Profile

    • Wow Harleena, you are up on it! I have seen some of the others too. I would think Google will reply on their own page speed so I went with that and GTMetrix which Hostgator uses as well. I would not rely on Alexa for it. I haven’t used yet but will next time I need to. Love their name 🙂 I would check out that Hostgator blog, they had suggestions on it – how you could add to your code vs a plug-in. Thanks for all your input Harleena, much appreciated.
      Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

  • I go with WordPress, because we can actually increase blog speed adding plugins.
    And it works I recently got Maxcdn and my traffic and blog speed got a hike. 🙂

    Anyway I didn`t tried bloggers, I hope blogger blogs works good without plugins.

    Khaja Moin recently posted..What is Page RPM in AdSenseMy Profile

  • I have concerns about slow loading, so I’m careful to optimize my images before I upload them. Also, I’m experimenting with WordPress’ option to store images on their servers in order to optimize loading time. It might be a plugin? I’m forgetting at the moment.
    Another option for images would be to link to them from Drive or Dropbox or Amazon – whichever cloud storage you use. The awesome thing about WordPress is the ability to edit the image on the backend and assign the “none” tag for the URL, or the post/page URL, so the image isn’t leading anyone back to your cloud storage folder. Clever, that.
    Now that I know about that Google speed plugin, I’m going to make good use of it. Thanks, Lisa! 🙂

    • P.S. I should mention, even knowing Blogger-based sites run faster, I would never switch back from WordPress after what I went through yesterday, and have much more of the same ahead of me: removing extraneous formatting from posts I imported from my old Blogger-based site. Oh. my. God. What a mess. 😯

      • I had that happene too Ellen. I have a few other blogger blogs for fun and for business. They are okay. But I still have issues with this blog with my older posts. I clean a little at a time. Slowly getting there. You are right, it creates a MESS! If I could do it over I would started from scratch here on WordPress instead of pulling them in. Live and learn, right?
        Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

    • Hi Ellen, I bet it is a plug-in. You score very well Ellen at 91! I never saw your home page before. I always landed on your blog. Very nice! I also found using the C-panel for self-hosted help and it’s not my favorite place to log into yet. Thanks for your input and for coming by today.
      Lisa recently posted..Page Speed – Which Website Formats Have The Fastest?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Kudos to Mayura, he has beaten Matt cutts.I think using less plugins is the best option which will increase the page dowload speed.
    My blog stand at 87 for homepage and in 70-80’s for my posts. I think that’s ok for me as of now. I need to choose gzip compression as suggested by you and hostgator and check the JS and css files as well.
    I will be using smush it as suggested by you because images really suck speed.

    Thanks for the brilliant share.

    Sapna recently posted..Meet Some of the Brilliant and Naive BloggersMy Profile

  • And what would be your personal preference Blogger or WordPress?
    Article as always great! Thanks for sharing! 💡
    Evan recently posted..Top 30 WordPress themes for DevelopersMy Profile

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