Page Rank For Your Facebook Pages – How To Find

Facebook Page Rank?

Somehow yesterday on Facebook I glanced up at the Page Rank tool on my Google Chrome bar and noticed it changed from Facebook’s rank of 9 to 3 on my page. I quickly checked a few others and noticed the changes from 0 to 8. Even your personal facebook page now has a Google ranking.

Page rank for Facebook

Log in and you will see a different page rank on the top right hand side.

Pagerank for Inspire to Thrive

What does this mean for SEO of our Facebook fan pages and will it give us more link juice to our websites and blogs?  I checked a few other blogs and website Facebook pages and they all had different pagerank. Coke for example had a page rank of 6.  Lady Gaga has a page rank of 8 on Facebook.  Hot Blog Tips have a 4 ranking. From looking at various pages it appears it does not matter how many likes you have. It may be more about the engagement on the pages or the Facebook insights. Even the age of the pages did not seem to matter.

When I posted this up on Facebook last night some of you asked how to check the page rank on Facebook.  I have made screen shots for finding it via Google Chrome browser.  It is pretty simple to put this extension on your browser if you already do not have it. First go to your tools on the upper right hand side of your browser and click tools – when you click it you should see this.

Chrome settings

After you click on settings you will look for the following extension: SEO Status Page Rank / Alexa Toolbar: Use the Get More Extensions button on the bottom of the page to search for them.


The Chrome extensions

There may be other choices for you too like:  SEO Quake, Web Rank SEO, Website SEO, Analysis and many more to choose from. You can install, play with them, uninstall and try another.  Some can do more for you than others. Some work in other browsers better. Do you have a SEO extension on your browser that you like a lot better?

Do you think the Facebook Page Rank will make a difference with your website or blog?

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