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8 Ways to Overcome Social Media Burnout Today

social media burnout

Overcome Social Media Burnout Now!

Have you ever had to overcome social media burnout? Not everyone has felt it but many users have over the past several years. There are just so many hours in the day. It is so easy to get caught up in social media for many of these hours. I’ve asked other bloggers if they ever suffered from it and how they overcame it. You may find their answers quite interesting and helpful.

What is Burnout?

Burnout Definition: “The physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” You may remember my other post on blog burnout. A very similar burnout. Too much of anything can cause us to burn out.

Some Just Plan Quit!

Did you read the article about the 18 year old blogger girl who just quit social media? She had over 500,000 followers on Instagram, You Tube and Tumblr. The girl realized she started to feel miserable watching the numbers on her screen daily. She was checking her numbers obsessively and felt much better after she quit. You can watch her inspiring video below of how being obsessive on social media made her feel worse about herself. You may be able to relate to her if you are on social media much of the time.

She was able to overcome social media burnout but NOT everyone in business can quit their social media accounts. But BALANCE is key here!

Tips to Overcome Social Media Burnout

So I asked several people how they overcome social media burnout. Some bloggers actually have not experienced it. One common thing to note:

The ones that did not suffer from social media burnout usually stay off it on the weekends. Click To Tweet

That tip seemed to resonate with most users. Even those that did not suffer from social media burnout would take weekends off. It seems to be the most common tip among social media users.

Do you go on social media 7 days a week or do you also take the weekends off? Check out these great tips below from other bloggers. Learn how they overcame social media burnout or have avoided it all together.


Additional Tips to Overcome Social Media

Special Bonus Tips:

Even though I feel like throwing in the towel whenever someone I know retweets one of the Kardashians, I’ve yet to experience social media burnout. My secret? I take tiny bites. I may be on Twitter and Facebook seven days a week, but I’m never on them for more than ten minutes at a time. In short, I pace myself. – Kevin J. Duncan, from Be A Better Blogger


I’m not someone who has ever allowed social media to be an enormous part of my life, so I can’t say that I’ve really suffered from social media burnout, as such. I think it’s important to keep it in its place and to know when to disconnect. I have always viewed social media as a very useful tool and often more of a means to an end, really, rather than an absolute essential part of my life.
When it does become difficult is when using it for work, as people know that they can contact me for help via things such as Facebook, for example. Part of my role in Internet Profits LTD is to provide customer help and support and, of course, I’m happy to do this. However, I have had to be pretty strict, both with myself and with clients, to ensure that I don’t allow myself to become weighed down. Our clients know what times our business hours are, so while I will sometimes answer questions and provide help outside these hours, I do have to be conscious of not allowing myself to get tied into helping people ‘out of hours’.


So sometimes I will have to be strict and tell people that I’m very sorry, but they’re asking me things in my own personal time, so they will have to wait until the next day before I will address their query. Likewise at the weekend, they will have to wait until Monday.
The biggest help for me in disconnecting a little from ‘business chat’ outside of working hours is to turn off Facebook chat. I’ve found that this gives me a lot more freedom and clients don’t seem so inclined to PM me over every little thing when they don’t see me on chat.
So for me the bottom line regarding social media is: make good use of it, but don’t allow it to control your life. – Glenn Shepherd. from EMoneyAvenue.

Have you suffered from this type of burnout?

Were you able to overcome social media burnout or do YOU still suffer from it at times? 

I’d love to know more in the comments below.

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