Online Contests – Which Contests Work Best?

What is the Best Way to Do Online Contests and Giveaways?

Online Contests

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I was thinking of doing an online contest for a  lingerie website for Valentine’s Day. But the website does not have the capability to use Rafflecopter which I love. And I don’t have a WordPress site for the lingerie website, that was the one that was deleted by WordPress over a year now.

So what to do? I was thinking of several ways to do the giveaway. You can see above who really got me thinking about asking you, my readers today.


Several Ways to Hold Online Contests

  • Pinterest – I have seen others doing Pinterest contests by having others pin things to their boards either from their site or to their Pinterest boards. Pinterest has instructions on their site now with great detail.
  • Facebook – So many ways and which do you choose?  Do you want more people to visit your website or more people to like your Facebook page itself? And how do you know if you are following the latest Facebook rules?
  • Twitter – How would it work and what would it achieve? I haven’t seen many via Twitter myself.
  • Raffelecopter – My favorite since they pick the winners randomly. But I do not have the capability to use it on our own site. That’s where others blogs come into play.
  • Blogs – Choose another blog to do the contest and have to give them a prize too for having it. If it is within the lingerie / valentine niche and they have really good traffic this could be another way to do it. I have done these in the past with some success. 
  • Promoting them on contest sites like Raffle DogGiveaway Promote, Sleep Tight and many more.


Which Online Contests Methods Would You Use?

So I’m asking you, my readers today, which method have you used and really liked?

What do you suggest I use for this upcoming Valentine’s Day online contest?

Of course you will be able to enter too!

Update: The Pinterest contest generated a lot of  activity!

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