New – Is It Really New Or Just Improved?

Is Everything New Really Original?


Is everything breaking news or brand new? Every notice that? The other day I was at the gym and the news was on, either CNN or FOX and the breaking news was along the bottom. It seems any stories now becomes breaking now until more recent events replaces it. Was it always that way? I don’t think so. Only the big news of the day interrupted the daily soap operas with a “break” in the show for the newscast. And then it was “real” news too.
Now any news seems to be breaking and big news.

Original or Just Improved?

The same for products, shop online and you’ll see NEW, Look what’s just been added, updated now. It is the same in the brick and mortar stores. How many different boxes of band aids do you now see? Or boxes of Kleenex? And how many are just improved from the old product? Do you really need that many choices of each item? And how long is something new for? And why can’t they leave some products alone. Lipsticks is an example or any make-up. Once you find a great color, BAM – they discontinue it! Why end a good thing?

new lipstick

Just Arrived – On Sale – Save

As I began doing some research for this post it sort of hit me.  I started to notice a trend online. Most online retailers really played up their newly designed  products, sales and promotions on their home page like the Gap below. It got me thinking about our websites. I have our sales/promotions along the side of the website not front and  center. I wanted to make a splash and learned from tech support through Stores Online that I could now have strolling text. Wow, I got excited! So I began changing one of our retail websites and continued on to write this post.




Will Front and Center Promo’s Increase Your Sales or Call To Action?

Do you put your newer and promotional features on your blog or website front and center? How do you feel when you arrive at a website to see their promotional stuff in your face? Does this help websites to generate more sales from their website traffic? I tend to think so after searching various products online for an hour. The major retailers spend a ton of money on research for this type of thing building their websites.




 I’d love to hear from you if your have offers for your newsletters, e-book or products.

Did it help you to have them front and center on your website? 

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24 comments On New – Is It Really New Or Just Improved?

  • It all comes down to marketing. People want the latest and the greatest. I can’t count how many times I have seen new and improved on something when really nothings is new but the package. Why do you pay more for big brands other than generic stuff? For instance, since I drink a lot of 5 hour energy (it helps with writing), but I buy red rain because its less than half the price and pretty much has the same ingredients.

    I know my comment was kind of off topic a little, but we are all suckers for new stuff.
    Garen recently posted..Hostgator Reverses CommissionsMy Profile

    • Hi Garnen, no you are right on topic. I don’t get it either. If people like a product, why keep changing it? I see that on our retail site for scrubs, they have some prints and when they sell out they don’t bring them back, they bring in new stuff and then the cycle starts all over.

  • You know Lisa, I always tell my Mom that I’m so thankful that I grew up when I did. Things were simpler. You are right, if the news broke in during a show, it was some big darn news. Not some car chase we have to watch or apartment fire that is taking place. I live in a very big city so there is always something happening somewhere in this town.

    New and improved, how many times can you improve an already great product? I agree with you on the lipstick thing, that one got me too. I don’t really wear lipstick because I have chapped lips (have since the beginning of time). Once I find a good lip gloss that actually works, they discontinue the darn thing and I’m back at square one. That’s so darn irritating.

    I don’t have an e-commerce site so I can’t really comment on that specific thing. I can see though why showcasing your best products or the ones you have on sale would be an eye catcher. It’s very seldom we have something totally 100% new. It’s all really just updated stuff. Either way, it’s great marketing.

    Adrienne recently posted..Taking Responsibility For Your Lack Of Success And Where You Need To StartMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, yes it sure seems things were simpler years ago. I wonder why companies do that with products, same with our retail sites. One day its in stock and then it’s not. Thanks for your input on the marketing. Been thinking of new ways to do it. New to us I should say 🙂

  • Interesting! My philosophy is “keep it simple.” I don’t like stuff moving or swirling or hitting me in the face when I land on a page. When I looked at that Gap page, I saw 25% off.

    Also, I think CNN and Fox are “breaking the news.” : )
    Lauren recently posted..Anti-Bullying Horror Film, Red Head Randy, Seeks to Scare the Shit out of BulliesMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is an awesome article. I don’t like to come to a site and there is the big NEW sign flashing at me. Most things are not new, they are just recycled are updated. I am not a big linger and shop person. I normally know what I am looking for and zero in on that. If there are NEW and ON SALE NOW flashing everywhere, I tend to leave the site and look for the product elsewhere. I like things that are easy to navigate.
    Cynthia recently posted..Are you a Sale with 25% off?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I have been seeing this trend as well. And when I was looking at the Apple store a few days ago, thinking of buying a new computer, I started looking at the iPhone and iPod, because it had the word “new” next to the picture. I had to take a look to see what was new 🙂

    I don’t sell anything on my site, but if I did, I would probably update things every single week with images and text like “new and improved” – it works, that’s for sure. I am not sure if I like the trend, but that’s the market, businesses focus on what works.
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Social Metrics Pro – More Traffic From Social MediaMy Profile

    • Hi Jens, I think you blog post may have made me think about this more. (Thanks!) I do update mine often but am thinking of making it a little more promotional especially now through the holidays anyways. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Hi Lisa,

    For me, I won’t like promotional features on front or center 😀 No… No… I’d love to check out promotional features 🙂

    If I’m stop by on a retail website, it’s because I’m interested in their products or services. So, such promotions are really matters for anyone intend to purchase something. Or indirectly, they will spread the word around too. We should give first priority for interested customers and our primary business in that case. Right? 🙂

    BUT, as always, they should not interrupt user experience of the website visitors 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..How to Enable Autoplay for Your Embedded YouTube VideosMy Profile

  • Great thoughts, Lisa 🙂

    For my new blog, I do plan to have my main page focused on my list (and some information on the blog itself). I also plan to include some other things (such as popular posts) to give the user a glimpse of the site 🙂

    As with your question on new or just improved, I believe that almost all the products are just improved (same goes for blog posts?). I mean, how many blog posts are really original? (I am talking about our niche here – personal development, blogging etc – in other niches such as tech, it can be different).

    Most of the blog posts (that get noticed and get good response) are a mix – of old and new content.

    • Hi Jeevan,I tend to agree most things are improved. As for blog posts different views is more like it – right? Unless something new happens and whoever gets to blog first on it would be “new.” Thanks for commenting.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Based on my experience, most websites place their new product at the front and center where surfers could see them immediately. If I’m looking for something, I would like it also to be easily accessible. Other websites even have this blinking text of the word “NEW” so online visitors could notice it the first time they arrive on the site. This is not irritating for me because it facilitates the introduction of new products.

    I’m with you, though, on wondering why some stores introduce new products when all they have to do is to maintain their old products. There was once this deodorant that I liked, but then after the initial sales, the store just stopped selling it. 🙁

    Good post, Lisa. Thanks for the information.
    Jena Isle recently posted..By: AjchtarMy Profile

    • Thanks Jena, interesting take on the new blinking text 🙂 Giving me more ideas. Thanks Jena for coming by and commenting on this one.

      • Yes, the blinking texts,, if properly positioned could be a good one, but not one that forces the visitor to click, because that would make him P—ed off if he has no option to get away from it. 😀 😀 😀
        Jena Isle recently posted..By: JenaIsleMy Profile

  • Just like Brenda, I too have no product to sell Lisa!

    However, when we do visit sites that are selling stuff, the first glimpse is what catches the eye, and if it is in the front and center, it is better. I guess once it strikes the visitor and holds their attention, then alone will they want to look further into the details. That’s what I do if I have to purchase something online.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Find Happiness in a MarriageMy Profile

  • Great post Lisa! I’m wondering if I should start marketing Titan kisses? I could put a big ole ad on my site? :mrgreen: I really don’t market any products so I have nothing of real importance to add other than, if someone is marketing a product, boy, it’s a dog eat world. Tough competition! Again, great post!
    Brenda recently posted..Small Taters and Big TatersMy Profile

    • Yes, you should Brenda, you could sell all kinds of pet products for pit bulls. I can see it all now. And Titan would be the one wearing or eating the products. He’d be your marketing guru.

      • Ya know, if I knew I could make the time, I would definitely do it. Not for the money but for the fun of trying products out and getting em out to other pibble lovers! 🙂

        • Hi Brenda, I really think you could and you are an expert with Pitbulls so people would trust your opinion on the products. It’s the like “Football Video” you did, you could sell that toy easily. And not really selling but recommending.

          • Thanks Lisa. I added a few Affiliates to my blog, thanks to you. I’ll see how that goes for a bit. 🙂

          • Nice Brenda, I took a peek, now if you can do a review of a product from one that will really help. It may take months so be patient too. You can also send tweets, shares on the affiliate links but use % in your share which indicates an affiliate.

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