What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?

Inspire to Thrive Turns 3 on WordPress – What Do You Need to Inspire You Online?

to inspire youWhat do you need to inspire you with your online endeavors today? August 5th is the date that Inspire to Thrive began 3 years ago on WordPress. I started on this journey 3+ years ago to help people with their online websites, blogs and social media. I had learned a lot having a retail website and knew how alone I felt in the journey to learn it. People started asking me how to do this and that. That’s when I began Inspire to Thrive. The first post was on Twitter, what else right?

I want to know from you the readers what you would like to see more of here at Inspire to Thrive to inspire you along the way in your work online. It’s been 3 years and readers here have changed. Some of my first readers no longer have blogs or websites. Others like Bren, Mayura and Adrienne have been readers from the first day when I was on the Blogger platform over 3 years ago.

Over the years I’ve blogged on many different categories and wondered what do you find the most helpful of them to be? Please take the poll below so I will know which direction to go in the coming year ahead.
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Most Popular Posts

The most popular posts that you see on the side bar are on blogging. There is one related to SEO. These posts are chosen by the number of comments on them as the most popular. The most popular post is about both blogging and SEO.  Do you comment more on the posts you find most useful or is it when you only have the time? Drop a comment at the end of this post.


Type of Posts

There are many styles of different types of posts. Some readers prefer video, others straight text. I like to know which work best for you in the following poll.

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More Topics to Inspire You

I’m looking at other topics such as: Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, More in-depth of LinkedIn as only a few have been done on that network here.

It appears many of you are overwhelmed with so many social networks out there. I read it in the comments weekly and feel it too. There are awesome schedulers to help us with social media: The Buffer, Triberr and Hootsuite. They are great time savers but it seems there is not a one tool that does everything for us yet. I will continue to search for that miracle tool.

If you do have thoughts on more topics please drop a comment at the end of the post.

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So what is it that you’d like to see more of here? What makes you come back?

What would you no longer like to read here?  

Thank you for continuing to come back week after week here at Inspire to Thrive!

thank you for 3 years

A special thanks to someone who inspired me to do this post.

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

51 comments On What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?

  • Congrats on 3 years Lisa! Actually, it looks like you’re about to hit 4 years in a couple of months, so double congrats!

    I’ve watched your blog grow for quite a while now and I am impressed with what you have shared with us. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing as it is definitely inspiring!
    Clinton Power recently posted..How a Silent Retreat Helps You Deepen Your Relationship With YourselfMy Profile

  • Hi,

    Congrats on completing 3 years, which were glorious ones. Blogging and inspiration are the two focused topics I would love more to hear from you. These days inspiration is what leads to successful blogging and life.

    Many-a-times I find myself searching for video to entertain, if there is a video on any information, then I might pick it up. May the best comes from the permutation and combination. To get the best from the poll, make every visitor know and vote in this. Maybe like a pop up or something. Stay awesome.
    Rohan Bhardwaj recently posted..Why Business Requires Blog and Vice-versa?My Profile

    • Hi Rohan, thank you. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Blogging does seem to be a hot topic among my readers. I haven’t done too many video’s yet. A little camera shy but I should try to make a few more in the coming year. I’ve been debating pop-ups, same for my eBook. I want to make the offer for subscribers to stand out more. Something I will be working on after answering comments this morning. Thanks for your input Rohan and have a great rest of the week.
      Lisa recently posted..Disqus Comments vs. CommentLuv & Other Comment SystemsMy Profile

  • Lisa, happy to see you celebrate 3 years. As some people have already mentioned I am tired of getting into new social network and as such the post I would love you to write on are those that focus on better ways to utilize pre-existing networks.

    I do love you use of images, haven’t seen you use the Google +embeded code for a while. This I also love.

    You do run a shop, sharing your ideas on your up and down will be a great addition to the articles you create. Looking forward to more of them Happy Anniversary in Arrears
    Peter Kanayo recently posted..How To Make Money Online Importing Product From ChinaMy Profile

    • Thank you Peter. Time sure flies. Interesting you feel that way. I do like checking the new sites out but to commit to the time to stay on them is another thing. Google+ embed code? Thanks for reminder. Thanks for your input on this Peter. I may narrow my focus a little going forward after reading Ryan’s Blogging from Paradise eBook recently.
      Lisa recently posted..LinkedIn Today – 6 New Things You Should KnowMy Profile

  • Hello Lisa,

    First, congratulations on your 3rd birthday. Though I am a little late here, accept my congratulations in arrears.

    Second, I’ll prefer to state my preferences here: in terms of post ‘genre’, my choice is simple: Social media, marketing, SEO – I have chosen these three because in my online business model, they are the most important.

    Third, I prefer long posts, laden with pictures. This is so because I am a very heavy reader and love details. Once something isn’t detailed, I easily lose interest…if it is very long and interesting, the better…can you really blame me? Literature was my favorite way back in school! 😀

    Lastly, for me, I don’t even have the time to update all my social network profiles…telling me about another (new) one is really a task I would rather not bother with!

    Make the day great. Once again, congrats.


    I comment because I love your work and what you stand for. Curiously enough, that reflects in every post of yours – and not for any other reason!
    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..ELIMINATING POVERTY WITH ‘THE FAST LANE BLUEPRINT’My Profile

    • Hi Akaaahan, thank you. You are not late 🙂 I welcome comments at anytime. (Though I’ve learned recenty it may be a good idea to turn them off after 3 or 6 months to avoid spammers). You 3 choices reflect what most responded to in the poll. Long posts? You are the first for that one. Most of mine here range from 800-1500 words. I’ve done a few past 2,000. I love addng pics too. It makes it easier I think to read a post and understand them when teaching or learning something new. Thanks for your input and your comment here. I hope you have a wonderful new week there.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Wow! Congratulations on your 3 years on Inspire to Thrive website Lisa!

    The polls are cool, I must say. The polls will help us readers to share our thoughts or share what inspires us and what we wanted to read more in your blog. I enjoyed it too just like the others. 🙂

    Well, I must add to that you can’t stay this long if you are not committed and passionate with your work. That was 3 years of helping, and 3 years of learning. Wow!

    Congrats once again!

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.
    metz recently posted..Web App WikiWand Raises $600,000 To Give Wikipedia A New InterfaceMy Profile

    • Hi Metz, thank you. I did find it interesting looking at the results of the poll. I was surprised to see how many readers liked the posts with text and images only and not video or slideshare. I thought they may have wanted more video etc. Yes, one must like it to continue to blog for years. It’s more work than most realize until they get started. Maybe that’s why many don’t make the 1 year mark. Thanks for sharing Metz.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa, Although I just recently learned about your blog, I am enjoying your post immensley! Congratulations on three years. In the world of short attention spans this is an incredible achievement. I hope you are rewarding yourself? We will keep rewarding you with reading and commenting. I really enjoyed the polls. Sometimes I don’t have the time or energy to focus on the new things coming out, but if someone were to introduce them to me that would be awesome. I really hope you’ll consider doing that research. It could be really helpful and valuable. Congrats again. Looking forward to reading more from you! ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted..Your Problems with SEO May Not Be On Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Hi Don – welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I have been taking more time off on weekends to disconnect. It helps to re-charge too. Oh yes, I love doing that lind of research, did one today and am checking to see if it is worth sharing or not. There is always something new coming out or networks doing something new or better along the way. It can be challenging to keep up with it all. Thanks for coming by Don and have a great new week ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Congrats on 3 years of age. I leave comments on post that I found useful and I knew about it.
    Okto recently posted..2 Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Fanpage Engagement Today (study case)My Profile

  • Congratulations Lisa!

    Three years is literally a lifetime online!LOL! And you pointed out, sadly many have either moved on or fallen by the wayside in that time! But not you!

    You’re sill going strong! Good for you! And you’ve certainly got a ton of extremely valuable skills and real world experiences to share!

    Hopefully your polls will help you decide on which are your bread & butter subjects going forward! Continued success!
    Mark recently posted..Think Direct Marketing: If You’re Really Serious About Out Promoting Your Big Buck Competition! Part TwoMy Profile

  • Hello Madam Lisa,

    wow! Happy birthday to InspiretoThrive.com. 3 years down the line is no joke at all in this blogosphere.
    And it is a great thing seeking the opinions from your readers with respect to what ought to be maintained and what ought to be added.
    I am really happy for you. You have indeed come a long way!

    PS: I found this shared on kingged.com

  • Hi Lisa,
    Congratulations for completing 3 years! Its a long hurray to the Inspire to Thrive and its team! I have been following the blog for sometime now – through Kingged.com – and its really a must valuable platform.

    I would really love to learn more about Snapchat. Thankfully, it is one of the topics you have decided to expatiate on in the coming year!

    Once again, a big CONGRATULATION TO YOU and “Inspire to Thrive”. Thanks for inspiring many readers to the next level!

    This post “kingged” or upvoted in kingged.com where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

  • Hi Lisa and congratulations! 🙂 This is a wonderful milestone to reach.

    Cool that your first post was about Twitter, by the way – am enjoying your eBook I bought the other day – great stuff!

    Awesome that you included polls to vote – what a great idea. I do like reading text with images, but I also find video very helpful.

    I’ve just recently delved into Snapchat, had Instagram for a while, and need to ramp up on Vine. Now LinkedIn is a place I don’t do much – need to learn how to use it more. Google Plus is a place that I need to get organized with circle because I don’t have people separated out like I should, but I do have a business page, yeah. 🙂

    I think it’s great that you’re able to celebrate a 3rd anniversary because most entrepreneurs hit a roadblock and quit, so well done, Lisa! You’re the cream of the crop for having the sticktuitiveness to continue providing value for your readers.

    I’m glad our paths crossed.

    Take Care,
    – Carol 🙂
    Carol Amato recently posted..Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Try Instagram and SnapchatMy Profile

    • Hi Carol, thank you. I’m glad you are enjoying the eBook. Good to know 🙂
      You are the first to like video – thanks for the input. I will have to connect with via Snapchat as I want to play around with it more. I noticed more updates on LinkedIn yesterday that were pretty cool – I think you just gave me an idea for a future post next week. (Thanks!)
      Yes, I’ve seen many bloggers come and go so I hope to go another 3 years Carol. I’m glad our paths crossed too and thank you for being a loyal reader and taking the time to comment too. Have a great rest of the week!
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

      • Hey Lisa,

        Well, I would have voted for more but had never voted with that system before and didn’t know you could check more than one… lol

        And when I clicked “hidden” it was NOT to go incognito, but thought it would ‘fold up’ that section so I could proceed to bottom… Learning curve for sure, but it was fun! 🙂

        – Carol
        Carol Amato recently posted..Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Try Instagram and SnapchatMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Congratulations on making it three years. Has it been that long already girl? Oh my goodness, my how time does fly by. Gosh, I know I say that a lot but you know it’s right.

    So I’m one of the few still left who have been commenting from the start. Well, that’s just because you’re awesome and I think the world of you. I’m so glad we met and I just appreciate your friendship, support and help with so many things that have to do with being online. Offline too, I’ve gotten to know you better and I think that’s really what this is all about. Making those connections and building those relationships. You know I’ll always be here to help support you.

    So I also did the polls and I hope what I shared helped too. I was surprised to see no one was interested in video but I know for me if it’s something I need to be walked through then I prefer them but other than that I just like to read cool posts.

    I also like to learn about new sites whether or not I’ll have the time to try them is another thing. I still want to know what’s popping up and I just might like one more than another one ya know!

    Great post Lisa and thanks again for that mention. I’m happy to still be here from the start with Brenda and Mayura.

    You have an awesome week now okay!

    Adrienne recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Blogging, YouTube, Social Media, GoogleMy Profile

    • Adrienne, It sure has. I had started about 6 months prior on Blogger too with this blog. Thank you, I think the world of you too and glad we met. It’s interesting that the three of you (Mayura, Brenda and you) have become great friends over the years. That was such a side benefit of blogging that I never knew existed at the beginning. Thank you for doing the polls – me too on the video. Wow, huh? Good to know you still want to learn about new sites though you may not use them. I guess awareness is a very good thing too. Sometimes I’m surprised when I post on something new and no one else had heard of it. I would have thought for sure someone else read about it somewhere else. But we all can’t be everywhere right? I hope the rest of your week goes well Adrienne and thanks so much for always being there for me and here commenting.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on 3 years of Inspire to Thrive! What a great way to pull your readers in and answer things that they want to know more of. I took part in the polls and it sure was fun!

    I love your blog because you are always giving such valuable information. Each time I visit I learn something new. I am sure that this will help you with your writing posts from this wonderful feedback.

    It is so great to be here!

    donna merrill recently posted..Create Your Awesome AuthorityMy Profile

  • Happy “3”, Inspire to Thrive!

    Lisa, thank you for keeping us so well-informed! Also, that’s a pretty snazzy voting system you’ve got going on here. I like it! 🙂

  • Congrats Lisa. That’s awesome and a big accomplishment. I get inspired by reading what people like you are accomplishing and how you are doing it. I really enjoy reading about methods and routines, and the personal story (behind the scenes).

    • Thank you Jens. You’ve been a steady reader here for quite some time now. I guess the methods and routines would be the teaching type posts. I try to keep them as simple as possible. I used to always look up things to learn when I first started my retail websites and some posts were way too complicated to follow.
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment Jens and for always coming back to read more here. Have a great week and I’d love to see more pics of your vacation in Greece!
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    First off, congratulations on your 3 year anniversary. This is no small feat considering the many bloggers, as you noted, who no longer own websites or blogs, but have since moved in different directions.

    I voted for blogging style posts but I’m biased as that’s my niche of choice. I have seen that my blog caught traction really quickly because I think people are still struggling with how to blog effectively. The same can be said for social media though, and heck, any topic you’ve covered in the past and any topic you’re thinking of covering here.

    Blogging rocks. I mean, what other business or job could create such a shift in my life, from security guard to globe trotting blogger? Seeing your meteoric growth too Lisa, has been fun to watch, and the size of your community, as well as your inspiring story, has impressed the heck out of me.

    We may have moments here and there where we forget that real, living, human beings are behind these blogs, and websites. I’ve become so much more mindful of this fact as I comment, share and connect with my buddies on a daily basis, and I so appreciate your support of me Lisa.

    Again, congrats on your 3 year blogging celebration, and here’s to 3 years more.

    Tweeting of course.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..How Fat Boss Hog and Why Guy Tony Robbins Teach Me – and You – 2 Critical Blogging LessonsMy Profile

    • Thank you Ryan. Interesting I found more this morning too on my broken links – blogs that no longer exist. Sad, so many give up too soon.
      You story is so inspiring Ryan and I can’t read to your latest eBook. I have it downloaded. It’s amazing what you have done. You really shared your personal story recently too with photos to go along with them – that was a great post to inspire others that they can do it if they stay focused as you are.
      I wonder what blogging will look like in 3 years and which social media network will be the “one”.
      Appreciate your thoughts Ryan and for taking the time to comment today.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,


    It was such an amazing decision taken by me to stay at your blog and to continue.
    You have written many bog posts which helped me a lot and inspired me not to loose my hope.

    I like the way you describe about your personal life here in a remarkable way.

    You have gone through many bad phases but still you continues to go with this blog. It’s really appreciable.

    The social media tips you provide to people are really worthy to follow.

    I wish you to remain healthy and for your blog a new era is waiting.;)

    Always enjoy your life Lisa.

    Thanks for being here to provide us informative posts.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted..How To Install Akismet Properly So That It Works?My Profile

    • Thank you so much Ravi for your compliments. Never lose hope Ravi, each day gives you another opportunity to do something different as you learn from your mistakes. Those personal posts are the hardest to write and I sometimes cringe when I hit the publish button but I think some insights into our lives helps our readers understand us better too. I did the Lyme post to spread awareness and let other bloggers know why I hadn’t been by there’s at that time. I was amazed how many people were not aware of Lyme disease.
      Thanks for always reading Ravi and for your input each time too – it’s much appreciated.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa, Congratulations on your blogiversary! I’m so glad you’re still around the blogisphere because you truly do inspire us to thrive!

    I didn’t vote because I didn’t want to link my social media accounts, but here are my votes:

    Blogging, social media, technology. I like straight text and images. Give me more social media!

    Here’s to many more years of blogging success, Lisa! 🙂
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..How to Personalize Your Gmail with Themes!My Profile

  • Congrats on 3 years! An impressive feat for sure. Can’t wait to read and learn more in your future posts.
    Carol B recently posted..16 Reasons Why Travel Is Good For You [Infographic]My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on three years of blogging! I have learned so much about social media and SEO these past two years. Please don’t change a thing!

    I love how you explain things and have the info to back it all up. I do like learning about new social media sites just to be sure I’m not missing out on anything so I’m looking forward to your posts about the latest social sites coming up.

    You are definitely THE Social Media Queen! Congratulations again and I’m wishing you many many more successful years!

    Have a great day and fabulous new week!

    Corina Ramos recently posted..The Three Best Types Of Work-from-Home JobsMy Profile

    • Thank you Corina. I’m so glad to hear you have learned so much from here. People like you are what help me to continue forward. Change isn’t always a bad thing and I may only change a thing here or there. I’ve been thinking of changing up the theme here but I think to build a brand I may leave it so people recognize the logo and the colors, your thoughts on it Corina? Thanks for always coming by Corina and provviding your input too along the way. Hope your week is going well there – have you been out riding anymore?
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • Congrats on 3 years Lisa!

    I’ve watched your blog evolve and am amazed at the interesting things you share with us. I wouldn’t change a thing you do because what you’re doing now, is definitely inspiring!

    Happy Monday!
    Brenda Lee recently posted..Battles with Weight ControlMy Profile

  • I am a new reader to your blog, so I guess you gain some and you loose some along the way. But I am looking forward to reading more from you!

    I have entered my two cents in your pole. It will be interesting to see the results 🙂 😛
    Catherine Holt recently posted..How To Start A Blog With Great Blogging HabitsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations and celebrations….what an achievement indeed 🙂

    Your post reminded me of my time too when I covered my journey, and all the lessons learnt along the way, the ups and downs. I guess that’s what makes it all the more interesting, isn’t it? And you surely have gone through a lot, professionally as well as personally, but such is life…it carries on.

    I would certainly be taking the poll, though all that you share is just wonderful, so keep doing more of that itself. Yes, anything new or different that I don’t know is a feast to my eyes and brain….and I love learning new things. Wishing you all the very best – always. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, and wishing your blog a very Happy Birthday, once again. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..The Aha!NOW Chat with Berry Fowler [Interview]My Profile

    • Thanks Harleena. Oh yes I do remember yours. I believe it had a poll as well, right? That’s why I’ve continued on, I love learning new things too. And why not share them? That was my goal when I first started on the journey. If I knew then how much time I would put into this I may not have started. Ignorance sometimes can be a blessing 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes and continued support Harleena. You have a nice week as well.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

  • First, congratulations on going 3 big years Lisa. With the tough competition I’m glad you are still holding to the dream. You mentioned that many who were there in the beginning have dropped. That’s pointing to the fact that the journey is not easy.

    I have taken part in the polls and I hope my opinion will count. In any case, my most preferred content here is blogging and SEO. Social media of course is on the list. As long as these keep coming up, this blog will ever remain point of attraction

    I’ll also be so excited to see new things. who doesn’t like new things?

    So Lisa, once more congratulations and happy 3rd anniversary
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Looking for Traffic? See why you are wrong!My Profile

    • Thank you Enstine. Oh yes, I haven’t given up. If I didn’t enjoy it I would not continue along with it. It’s great to make a little money, looks good on a resume and met some great people along the way too. Interesting Blogging and SEO are your top 2. Thanks for that and for taking the poll. I like the new things too – one of my favorite things to write about. Thanks again and I hope all is well your way Enstine and that you have a great week there.
      Lisa recently posted..What Do You Need to Inspire You as Inspire to Thrive Turns 3?My Profile

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