Must We Choose Between Our Marriages Or Our Klout Scores?

Klout Scores Impact on Relationships

Every once in a while my hubby gets upset that I spend so much time on the computer. Sometimes it’s not the computer but my Droid. I decided to cut my time online short the past week and noticed my Klout score took a dive.

Klout scores


Of course I would rather have the Klout score take a dive than the marriage but I got to wondering: “How do you handle the time on computer vs. your relationships?” Is it a tricky balancing act for you?

  • Do you set time limits online?
  • Do you take weekends off?
  • Do you set hours that you regularly go offline?
  • Do you go online together?

It was never like this until we started our websites 2 years ago. At first he would do a lot of it with me but then lost interest and I spent a lot of time online learning and working the websites. He was the first one to blog on our infectious disesse blog. He is a really good writer. He recently did an e-Phamplet for our scrub site. It really became my passion doing the online work to drive traffic to the sites through SEO, blogging and social media. He handles the other ends of the business: customer service, products, suppliers, etc.

Then people started asking me a lot of questions about getting traffic to their websites or blogs.  That’s how this blog was formed. It was fun for me. It still is to this day. But there are days I get addicted to it and the social media that comes along with it all. I just have to unplug for a little while sometimes.

Klout does have some nice perks but I think marriage has much bigger perks that Klout could ever offer. Klout may send me to lunch or send me a nice tee-shirt to wear but it cannot sit there and talk with during lunch or dinner. Klout is more like a Rubik’s Cube to me. I try to figure out what makes a score go higher. Just when I think I get it – it changes. So if I am offline at times you know I’m working on my marriage vs. my Klout score.

How do you manage your time online with your husband/wife or significant other?

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17 comments On Must We Choose Between Our Marriages Or Our Klout Scores?

  • I guess a lot of us are in the same “Boat” as they would say and we have to help each other “Row” merrily down the stream. It’s great having friends like you Samantha to be rowing with!
    Lisa recently posted..Do You Have A Learning Bucket List?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa! I can certainly relate to the challenges of balancing family time, time with your spouse (Dragonslayer, for you and me), and business duties. It’s gotten much easier for me in the past few months, but I still have times when I veer too far off the path of balance and peace. It’s so helpful to read your insights and to know that I have a wonderful friend like you that I can bounce ideas off of.
    Samantha Gluck recently posted..Are Your Dreams Doomed?My Profile

  • Thanks Lisa for the insight. Much appreciated and you have been at this a while!
    Lisa recently posted..Do You Have A Learning Bucket List?My Profile

  • In my 6 years of blogging I must finally say…I’ve mastered the art between happy home and happy online life. It took patience and me having to step away for about 6 months to get it together or else suffer in my marriage and klout, FB, Twitter was not worth it.
    I now can sense when my hubby wants my undivided time and attention and I don’t push it. Before I would sense it when it was either too late or when I sensed it I didn’t stop, get off and make him my priority. As much as I want to be left alone to socialize, and do what I need to do online it would be smart of me to deal with him so that I can have what I want, guilt free. So at first glance of him needing you, put it down, give him what he needs, get back on and spend as much time as you like 😉

  • Good point Jan, I do try at times but maybe not enough. I shall try harder 🙂
    Lisa recently posted..1 Way To Make A Tweet Last ForeverMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa! As you know, I spend a lot of my spare time on the computer. The main reason for this is fairly simple: I just love to do it. Usually I go on-line for about two to three hours a day, but every time that results in me ending up later in bed than I planned.
    As much as I like to ‘work’ on the computer, I believe that marriage and/or friendship go first, no matter what. *Tip* Get your spouse involved in what you are doing. Proof-reading, doing some research, it does not really matter. That way it will be a mutual effort.

  • I like that Morgan – “The interest will be there when I get back” – Great attitude!
    Lisa recently posted..Must We Choose Between Our Marriages Or Our Klout Scores?My Profile

  • I would have to agree. In fact, my schedule might be a little different from most people’s because my wife is usually of on Thursdays and Fridays, so I usually don’t do much (if any) work on my blog on those days… unless I do it at night (like I am right now). My marriage is more important, so I use the time I have with her to be with her.

    Someday, I may have a time where I need to “work” on the blog instead of spending time with my wife… but hopefully that day will be when that time is me working on the blog as the only income my family needs, and I’m working to earn so we can enjoy some time later. But that day isn’t here yet 😉

    Great things to think about!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..How To Set Goals For YourselfMy Profile

  • For me, I need to set very strict rules, otherwise I’ll be online 24/7. It’s been hard for me to break away, but with a boyfriend, work around the house, cooking dinner every night, gardening, taking care of a dog and other hobbies that the boy & I like to do together, I can’t be online all the time.

    I decided that I would take the weekends off and be devoted to other things.

    The internet will be there when I get back. 🙂

    Great post!
    Morgan recently posted..The Massive Guide on How To Get Involved In & Host Twitter ChatsMy Profile

  • Thanks Adrienne, I try not to take Klout too serious and more like a game. It would be too stressful. Have a wonderful Easter too!
    Lisa recently posted..Must We Choose Between Our Marriages Or Our Klout Scores?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I gave up Klout some time back. I didn’t like the way they just freely used our information and I didn’t want to be judged by a number. But the other thing is I live alone so I don’t have to worry about juggling my time… I sympathize with everyone who has a family. It’s got to be difficult at times.

    Happy Easter!

    Adrienne recently posted..6 Tips On How To Get Subscribers On YouTubeMy Profile

  • My husband and I have this fight all the time!

    I’m not toally sure what Klout is but I’ve heard of it, but if I’ve posted a blog that day I like to go on and see how much traffic it’s getting, who has commented etc. etc. He gets very aggravated by my time spent on the computer. But at the end of a long day dealing with the kids sometimes I just don’t want to talk to anyone! And that’s when he comes home and wants to hear all about my day and tell me about his day. Sometimes I just want to be mindless on the computer and he doesn’t fully understand that.

    I have to try to balance my time online and my time with him better!
    Danielle recently posted..Mom-FessionsMy Profile

  • I really do not too much social media when my husband is around. Luckily he works alot. LOL
    I have cut back a ton since I first started as I realized it is very addictive and I spent every moment online. I also opted out of klout all together and it relieved a ton of stress regarding those scores.
    I think marriage should be first, and social media takes a back seat….at least some of the time. 😉
    Optimistic Mom recently posted..Fashionista SOSMy Profile

  • Spending online long hours without sacrificing much time for our loved ones is kind of being selfish. isn’t it? We got motives on our work. It’s just addiction and passion. I got no time limit for being online. But going online together is one solution as I see. But not always. I don’t think taking weekend off to care our loving ones is just the right choice. We need to care them whenever they need us. Prioritizing activities better then. Multi-tasking comes in too 🙂

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