Mundane Action Is Much Better Than Inspiring Thinking

Mundane Action vs. Inspiring Thinking via Jeff Bullas

This quote is from Jeff Bullas on his blog “How to Unleash the Power of Content” in response to my comment there. I loved it and it really made me think. He also wrote prior that if he waited to be perfect his blog would have never happened. Do you spend more time with inspiring thinking than the mundane action needed to get things done?

What are some mundane actions needed to succeed with your blog?

mundane action

      • Editing – Oh yes, the writing at times may come easy. But the editing can be quite dull. I recently started using a free spell check online. It’s quick and easy. Of course editing may also include fixing errors with your coding and format as you work on a post. Most bloggers did not start out with HTML coding on their list of credentials.  Now that’s mundane action for you but a must do action at the same time.


    • Typing – Typing can be dull at times. If you are not a fast typist maybe you can take a class in typing. It really can save you a lot of time if you can type fast. My last typing test years ago was around 110 words per minute. I’ll always be thankful for my typing class in junior high school.
    • Research – Research takes time. You can check an old post on 4 ways to research for that next awesome blog post. 
    • Updating Plug-Ins – Oh yes, it takes a moment but do you sometimes put it off?  It can be boring waiting for it to finish. But think what can happen if you don’t update it. The old saying “haste makes waste” came about for a reason.
    • Revising Old Posts –  If you ever switched from Blogger to WordPress or changed themes you may have to update some old posts. Or if you wrote poorly in the beginning you may want to freshen those oldies up. If you delete them you will have broken links.


  • Spam – Checking and deleting spam can be daunting; another mundane action. CommentLuv premium will help you with less spam comments to take care of.
  • Broken Links – Oh yes a very dull duty for a blogger. Fixing broken links manually is boring. You can get a plug-in to take care of it for you in most cases. It all depends on your theme too. You can also check in Google Webmaster tools for broken links. Sometimes, I like to compare the two. Either way, it takes time and surely is no fun.



Inspiring Thoughts

We still need to have inspiring thoughts to move us into action. Something that will move us and make us want to do something more. Jeff Bullas inspired me to do a post based on a quote. A quote that moved me. Sometimes we have to be careful to not always be thinking only and avoid doing a mundane action that produces results for us.


What has inspired you lately into action?

And what is your most mundane action you must perform on your blog or website?



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34 comments On Mundane Action Is Much Better Than Inspiring Thinking

  • This is an interesting post and good list of mundane tasks . For me revisiting/editing old post has really been a mundane task and it still is as I have changed my them some time ago. The quote mentioned in the early part of this post is interesting too.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Gosh… Mine are revising older posts and dealing with spam 😉 Sometimes I spend time experimenting with template and all that which takes me a whole day and end up with nothing 😀 lol… But learnt a lot that way and I love such activities. You know, fixing is my fav 😉

    Inspired by a quote? That’s wonderful indeed 🙂 But I’m not surprised here as I know you can be inspired by anything Lisa. Once I remember how you converted a simple tweet into a post. I had no idea, but now I know when you favorite a tweet 😀 lol…

    Now it’s a great advice for everyone. No one’s perfect and no need to perfect enough to start something 🙂

    Have a successful week Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 3My Profile

  • A plug-in that FIXES broken links? I have a plug-in that FINDS them, but it’s up to me to fix them. Thanks for the valuable content here.
    Patricia Weber recently posted..Stop the Stress You Don’t Want Anymore; Yes, You CanMy Profile

  • Ah – where shall I begin?

    I don’t mind editing, typing or research – all the writing-related stuff I quite enjoy. It’s anything technical that drives me round the bend, like:

    Backing up,
    Checking broken links
    Deciding if some genuine-looking comments caught up by my spam filters are innocent victims or should be consigned to the trash
    Plugins – I know I have too many, but it’s finding the time and energy to figure out which ones I can do without

    You’re right, though – these mundane tasks are important. I guess that’s the trouble when you’re a one-person band, you’ve got to be CEO, chief cook, bottle-washer and sweeper of floors. The trick is to get rich enough so you can out-source all the boring stuff 🙂

    Sue Neal recently posted..Is This How You REALLY Learn About Blogging?My Profile

    • Hi Sue, oh yes, backing up – you are the first to mention that one. And those nasty spammers, just went through mine again. Why do they keep on trying? I like that- get rich enough to outsoure the mundane tasks 🙂 Once I was on chat with Hostgator tech support and they said “Check with your developer” I said, I’m it. So they did help me more to find the problem. Thanks Sue for coming by and your input. Have a wonderful new week ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..Mundane Action Is Much Better Than Inspiring ThinkingMy Profile

  • hey Lisa i m new visitor of your blog and it is really impressive hope we’ll create a bond in future in blogging. 😛

  • Hi Lisa,

    I just finished fixing broken links….Grrr what a task that was. I never knew the importance of it until recently and had to go through my entire blog. Mundane!

    I’m blessed to have my husband edit my posts for me because of spelling and grammar – He takes care of that because I do like a fresh pair of eyes and I do get lost if I do it myself.

    I know there is more to be done on my blog like fixing all my pages, but I have a million excuses not to do it lol.

    Other than that, I love writing an usually I get inspired from my clients. If they have a problem, it is so easy to get content from that.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..A Calm Voice Can Claim PowerMy Profile

  • HI Lisa,

    When I started reading this post, I took Jeff as the author of the post, crazy me. I’m on much needed break these days which at times appears to be mundane and that’s the reason was late here as well.

    Updating the plugin is the most difficult task for me, reason I feel website might break down and this really keeps me guessing when to start this task. I hope to finish this task by the weekend as well.

    Thanks for this great share

    Sapna recently posted..Why USA now Wants to Attack North Korea?My Profile

  • Howdy Lisa, loved the quote you started with.

    For me, the most mundane and time consuming task of my blog is to updating my old posts/pages, especially in my community page to make some improvements for better conversion.

    Loved how you use the tweets in the post and shared others experience as well. Appreciate your effort.

    Ehsan recently posted..Building a Successful Blog Plan: Everything You Need to KnowMy Profile

  • Updating the plug ins and checking on the broken links are mundane tasks for me. Teaches me how to be patient enough.
    Jeremy Norton recently posted..Business to Business Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

  • At times, blogging can be daunting. I need to do a lot of spring cleaning on my blog. I broke my footer and haven’t been able to fix it. I have pictures with broken links that I have to fix. Boring!!!!! It’s hard to muster the energy to get started.

    I never thought of revising old posts. I have over 400 posts at my blog. It’s something to think about. Thanks for the idea.

    The WordFence plug-in sends me an email every time I need to update a plug-in. That’s helpful. I also have broken link checker.

    It can be exhausting writing a blog post. Yes, the research and revising take time. I usually write my blog posts in Word then copy and paste into WordPress. I like to print out a post first before publishing it. I find that I spend too much time editing a post when I write it in my dashboard.

    Now, I’m seeing a CommentLuv error message that I have to resolve, another mundane function of blogging. Sigh!

    • I know Lauren, it can be overwhelming at times. I’ve been playing with plug-ins this morning. WordFence sounds interesting. Andy at CommentLuv is awesome for answering questions. They have a tech support area for premium members too – I had to use it this morning. I had to deactivie all plug-ins and re-activate and the problem was fixed. Hope you enjoy the weekend Lauren.
      Lisa recently posted..Mundane Action Is Much Better Than Inspiring ThinkingMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I find spam and broken links are things that I tend to leave and both are things that I should try and get rid of as soon as they appear!

    I love getting and responding to comments as well but sometimes you don’t always feel like responding to a whole load of them at once.

    And the biggest thing is tidying up the tags I seem to have accumulated on my blog. It’s like Ellen mentions above, I’ve got far too many and I really need to cull them.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Was I Mad To Choose Mad Mimi?My Profile

  • Well, now that it’s done, I can say the most mundane task was cleaning up my tag list. I took it from 300+ to 110. I made myself simplify in a huge way. The next mundane thing will be to finish checking all the coding on the posts I moved from Blogger. Thing is, I know they’ll look better and read better when they’re done, and that is my inspiration and motivation to press on. You inspired me to take a look at my categories, which made me take a look at tags, so I’ll blame thank you for that one. 😉

    • Ellen, LOL, sorry. You too with Blogger prior? That is such a pain, how I wish I started fresh on WordPress. Oh well, we can’t go back right? I still have at least 20 to redo. I do a few a week. That’s why I had so many categories, it was blogger tags when I transferred over. Thanks for coming by Ellen and sharing. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..Mundane Action Is Much Better Than Inspiring ThinkingMy Profile

  • OMG Lisa, I didn’t know you were going to use my tweet in this post! lol… Well, we both found how cleaning our blogs can be so time consuming and not fun at all. Talk about mundane going through ALL of those posts. I hope I never have to do that ever again.

    You know I really don’t mind everything else. I don’t mind the writing, editing, messing with plug-ins, checking things in my dashboard, research, etc. Fixing broken links or deleting images isn’t fun but it’s just part of keeping our blogs functioning to the best of their ability.

    Glad you wrote this one based off Jeff’s post and I too like the quote.

    Rock on girl!

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Access Social Media On The GoMy Profile

  • I’ve been inspired by last months stats. It was like a message that told me “keep going, your hard work is paying off” and now I get up with a new spring in my step and ready to work.

    I’ve got a list of mundane tasks but the worst one for me is HTML. I really need to learn it but I’m so intimidated by it that I won’t go near it.

    “He also wrote prior that if he waited to be perfect his blog would have never happened. ” This is so true. I think I had my site ready to go live in May but I held on to it and keep editing this and that and it wasn’t until late June when I finally “just did it”. Sometimes I catch myself doing that with my posts 🙂

    I think you nailed everyone’s list of things we find mundane 🙂
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Get Paid At Only Cash SurveysMy Profile

  • Love that quote. It’s so true, we get caught in thinking, planning and wanting everything to be perfect… but sometimes its just about the work. I love all the tips you gave for how to deal with common things that are boring. For me, the absolute worst part of blogging is finding photos. I write about a lot of abstract stuff so there’s no easy visual that comes to mind and I hate to end up with those boring, cliche stock photos that you see everywhere. Sometimes it takes me longer to find and format a photo than to write the whole darn post. Thanks for some great solutions here!
    Carol Lynn recently posted..7 Reasons Why Your Blog Is UnreadableMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa! Whoa! Thanks for the tweet shout! Yes, I never thought about checking broken links until you mentioned it a long time ago, and then I still put it off as you were telling me what a pain in the bum it is. Then I got CommentLuv premium and decided to use their broken link checker. That’s when I officially felt YOUR pain! Ugh, thankfully though I’m done now.

    I think maintenance and clean up is the most boring part, along with broken links. Typing up the content is exciting for me. Searching out pictures is exciting. Reading comments can be mundane, especially if the person is spouting off about something they truly know nothing about. That’s when it gets exciting and you can SLAP EM DOWN! 🙂

    hehe Interesting post Lisa. I’m with Harleena, it’s awesome you took a “quote” and turned it into a great blog post!
    Bren recently posted..Almost, Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I wish I was NOT in much action, or shall I say I think I am forever in action and need solid break now. 🙂

    I liked the way how you weaved your post around a single quote, and yes, there are so many mundane actions and task that one needs to do – right from the time we write the post to commenting or spreading word about it. I would say mine is to replying to the comments on my blog, which as you know, are always long ones – matching up with the length of my posts , though I’m also guilty there as too write long replies…lol…but that’s what I like too that people come and share their thoughts and views very openly about how they feel.

    Other than that, the routine cleaning or updating of the blog and catching up on the various social medias – the notifications, messages, emails etc – no matter how much we may try – they do take a chunk of our time. I guess doing everything in moderation is the key.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..5 Ways of Helping Children Cope With Change In LifeMy Profile

    • LOL Harleena, that’s so true, we are. Yes, you do love the long comments and I’m trying to make my short ones a little longer. If only we could mesh them together 🙂 I like that doing it all in moderation is a good way to go about it. Thanks Harleena for coming by and taking the time to comment. Have a good day head and weekend. It’s coming so fast again.
      Lisa recently posted..Mundane Action Is Much Better Than Inspiring ThinkingMy Profile

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