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I was checking through some alternate images the other morning when I right clicked and saw “pin to MikeLike.” I had not heard of this one before and of course had to check out what it is all about. It looks just like Pinterest.

Mikelike website

It is still in beta and you must sign up via email and wait for the invitation. Of course I did as I was curious. I learned it is available in 7 languages.  You can use Pinterest and MikeLike for private pinterest boards. Yes, Private! It allows you to:

  • pin to multiple services (Pinterest, MikeLike, Tumblr)
  • pin background images
  • additional features like URL shortening, site search, language translations, and more
It works very similar to the Pinterest button on your browser. Clicking the button modifies the Pinterest webpage to add a new button when you hover over pins. Pinning with the MikeLike Button is the same as using the Pinterest button, but you can choose what service to pin to. The MikeLike Button remembers what service you pin to last, so that you don’t need to select the service each time you pin.

A great example of a private board for users is this one example: He can share with just another friend or his mom or dad for advice on which one to buy:

private pins boards with MikeLike

Once you apply for the beta invite it doesn’t take long. I took a break on this post and when I came back hours later I had the invite in my inbox. Once I was on there it really looked and felt just like Pinterest. I don’t think I would use this website too often but it may be good for bloggers who collaborate on a blog together.

The other similar site that has been around longer than Pinterest is called

“The Fancy”

Of course I had been on that one from day one with retail sites named fancy in it. How could I have not joined it?

on the Fancy


They consider themselves part blog, part store, part magazine and a wish list.  They are headquartered in New York city.  You can join anytime with their Join Now button on top of the site. This next screen shot shows how you can add to the Fancy with your favorite stuff.


how to fancy something on the fancy


You can browse throughout their site too.


browse the fancy


Now The Fancy also gives you dollars if you invite others to it’s website and they join. Of course it is FREE to join.

invite to the Fancy


Do you know any other websites that are similar to Pinterest besides these and Spark Rebel


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