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Social Network Settings Today

The Technology is changing our lifestyles. Isn’t it? Think about the days before the year 2000. The term “Social Media” was popular at that time? Anyway, the first identifiable social network was born in 1997 as Most people didn’t know it existed. But nowadays, Social Media keeps us busy all the time and people have been spending a lot of time there. If you ask any person now, even though they have no computer literacy, they just know there’s a thing called Facebook.


social network


Social Media Era


Now I hope you already know many of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and may have been on multiple social platforms too. It’s your choice to be on different social networks and due to different kind of reasons. However if you are on multiple networks, you will have to personalize your profile there or take control of settings in different occasions too. If you are on Facebook, you will have to be there and access releavant settings. If you are on StumbleUpon, again you have to go there and access your settings if you need to add or change anything related to your profile. But what if you can navigate to a specific setting of your social profiles from one place?


Think you wanna change the username on Pinterest, but you don’t know how to. So what if someone can take you to the exact place where you can change the username? Yeah, kind of assisting. Isn’t it convenient? Obviously, you just need to ask him/her to take you to the specific setting and you don’t ever need to worry about where it is. Would you like it to be happened in real-life?


Manage Settings


It’s already there and someone thought about it some time ago. It’s called BlissControl. BlissControl is a website where you can access settings of different social networks without worrying about where they are. You just need to make sure that you already have a social profile and it will help you find the setting you need to change on specific social network. Things made easy and no need to follow different instructions to change what you need now. Actually it’s a very simple idea but worth a lot for many people. Would you love to try out? Let’s see how to manage the settings of your social networks there.


● First off, you need to go to BlissControl website.


● Now it’s very easy to follow. You will see two boxes there,


Left Box to select the setting you wanna change




Right Box to select your social network




● Click on the right box and select the one from available social networks you would like to change settings.




● Now click on left box and select the setting you wanna change in selected network.




● Simple enough. Isn’t it? 🙂 Now click GO button and it will take you to where the specific setting is located.




If a selected setting is not available for your selected network, then you will get a user friendly message there saying you can’t proceed.


Do you think it’s an easy way to manage social network settings?

I'm passionate about Information Technology, and especially love to solve problems and make things {simple} for everyone.

50 comments On Manage Your Social Network Settings Easily

  • It’s been so hard to manage all social media accounts and being active, when It’s must.

    Thanks so much Mayura, for letting us know about BlissControl website which is so useful for an active person like me.

    It’s nice to see ya here on Lisa’s blog. I’ve been watching you from quite sometime on a lot of blogs.

    Thanks again,
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..The World Still Needs More BloggersMy Profile

    • Hi Eshan,

      Sounds like you are much busier person with all social profiles online 🙂 I agree with you there mate and I hope you would find it much easier to take control of your social profile settings instead of taking time to explore and find exact one over at social profiles.

      Well, take a look at BlissControl and see how it gonna help you while saving your precious time Eshan 🙂 I hope you will like it.

      Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts on BlissControl mate 🙂 That’s very kind of you and I’m glad to be here on Lisa’s place mate.

      Mayura recently posted..Do You Call Yourself a "Blogger"?My Profile

  • This is really useful information. Thank you for sharing. I need to check things often on sites, so I’m going to go to BlissControl and check it out. Sally
    sally brown recently posted..Being Grateful Is A Way Of LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Sally,

      Sounds like one place to manage it all. Isn’t it dear? 🙂 Well, take a look at BlissControl and see how it gonna make things easy for you online Sally. I hope you would find it easy to manage settings than accessing it on different social networks.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts Sally 🙂

      Mayura recently posted..Do You Call Yourself a "Blogger"?My Profile

  • Hi Mayura,
    yes you’re absolutely right, Now I’m looking facebook follow button on my profile but after logged out, thanks Mayura, would you give me your mail ID. I wanna keep connect with you.

  • Hi MayuraDeSilva,

    Thanks for this article, making me understand but I wanna add Facebook follow button as like this profile
    Vivek recently posted..The 2013 Bible: Getting a Job Using Social MediaMy Profile

    • Yeah, it is mate. Everyone gets the same follow button on their Facebook profile and if you have activated followers feature, then it’s on yours too.

      BTW You can’t see your own follow button when you logged in to your Facebook account, but others can 🙂 You have to log out and view your Facebook profile if you wanna confirm it.

      Mayura recently posted..Do You Call Yourself a "Blogger"?My Profile

  • Hi Mayura4Ever, I went with your shared link. I was unable to understand how to add follow button on Facebook profile. Please make me understand how do I add follow button on my Facebook profile.
    Vivek recently posted..The 2013 Bible: Getting a Job Using Social MediaMy Profile

  • Hi Mayura De Silva,
    It’s wonderful article. This article really helped me a lot, I’m really thankful of this article, well Mayura I’m looking to add facebook follows button on my profile but still I ddin’t get success. If you know how to add facebook follow button on profile than must tell.

  • Hi Mayura
    Great start to a viable concept; I could see Google scooping this up… or at least they should, if they ever want to give people a reason to migrate over to their network. Are you planning to allow for multiple network selections in future releases?
    Aashirya recently posted..Why You should buy Toaster Ovens?My Profile

    • Hi Aashirya,

      Oops… I’m not near any part of the solution there dear 🙂 I just found in online and here I’m sharing about it. Well, it’s simple enough but efective indeed for many folks. I know some alreadu using it and isn’t it interesting? 🙂

      I don’t know Google would take it as an example but Social Media Management softwares can make use of it as another brand new feature 🙂 Let’s see where it will headed. Hope you give it a look and see how helpful it is for you 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and adding your thoughts Aashirya 🙂

      Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • Excellent post. and smart advice! I will check it out – thanks for sharing
    Aaradhya recently posted..fiver20 will send 1,000 views to your youtube video day by day till you get total 5,000 views increasing for $5My Profile

  • That’s a nice resource Mayura, I haven’t heard of Bliss Control before. I like that they aren’t taking our information, just putting all the links in a very easy format for us.
    Brian Hawkins recently posted..Is Social Media Marketing Is a Waste of Time? I Think Not…My Profile

    • Hi Brian,

      You’re right mate 🙂 We need to be aware of our security online no matter how helpful they are. I’m glad BlissControl is just available for help folks with social media settings. I hope you will play with it and bookmark if you like it better than accessing settings in old fashioned way 😉

      Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts mate 🙂

      Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • Nice to know about this site. I never heard about it. Glad to learn something new today. Any way Hows your hand Lisa? Hope you are recovering fast. Get well soon.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..What is Affiliate marketing? How to Start?My Profile

  • Hey Mayura and Lisa,

    Well great to see you here Mayura and I should have known. You are the Tutorial King in my book. I don’t know where you find all of these services that you blog about but I’m glad that you do.

    I know for me if I ever want to learn about something I just need to head to your blog because I’m almost certain you’ve written about it before.

    Thank for this great tip and hope you’re feeling better Lisa.

    Adrienne recently posted..How Are You Spending Your TimeMy Profile

  • Hi Lauren,

    Life is keeping us busy and glad to hope you had a wonderful time in your weekend dear 🙂

    Ha ha… Internet has been dynamic enough as it keeps all moving without a doubt and we all caught in the middle of all, no? 😉 I hope you will find this simple yet effective solution to manage your social media settings dear. Well, give it a shot 😉

    Thanks for coming over and sharing your views on social media and the tool dear 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • Hi,

    Just got back in town. Was away for the weekend, so I haven’t been around much.

    I love any tool that help manage aspects of the cyber “Wild West.” There are so many moving parts in the Internet it’s great to have another website to help manage things. Thanks for the info. Especially useful for changing passwords I rarely remember.
    Lauren recently posted..Five Sentence Fiction: MIDNIGHTMy Profile

  • Is that in the plans for the future Ben? I love the concept – but providing a connection would be even more useful!
    Suman recently posted..Tips For Using Facebook in Your Job Search HuntMy Profile

  • Great post Mayura and you actually get me into it and realizing how social networks are very important.
    Thanks for sharing this I actually learn a lot.
    Maris King recently posted..Doors Made In Solid TimberMy Profile

  • Kind of all topic, but I honestly believe social media will take over email in terms of building connections. Think about it how many junk emails do you have in your inbox? I am more apt to engage with someone Facebook or Twitter than I would if I got a random email from someone.

    BlissControl sounds pretty cool though. I will have to check it out. I can’t keep up with all these updates on these sites. Sometimes when Facebook moves stuff around it’s very annoying because I got so used to doing stuff, but now have to find it somewhere else.

    • Hi Garen,

      Ah… I have a seperate email account for junk emails and always get rid of notifications via email mate 😉 That explains it, no? You are correct, email is being much of a tool for brands or businesses rather than personal nowadays as social media is integrated with our lifestyles. But like old newspapers, email will rock on 😉

      BlissControl is sounds so cool as it allows us to access settings quickly while cutting some steps in between. A time-saver from one end and obviously not everyone would like it though. Give it a look and hope you find it helpful mate 🙂

      Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts on social network changes and BlissControl 🙂

      Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • Hello Mayura great post my friend I will have to give it a look at it’s always good if you could have all your social media were you need them. Thanks so much for the share..
    RobG recently posted..How-to Convert Your Blog Into Your Online Business, The Starting LineMy Profile

  • Hello Mayura,

    I hope you’re having a great day! Thanks so much for sharing this! I can’t tell you how easier it’s going to be for me to be able to access all my profiles on one site and what a time-saver, awesome! 😀

    Lisa, I hope you start to feel better! Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest!

    Corina Ramos recently posted..The Work from Home Pros and ConsMy Profile

  • 😯 Did you see that? My jaw just drop to the floor! Where did you find this BlissControl, Mayura! Wow! Fabulous app IF you’re not paranoid like Ellen and I 😉 . Looks like it could be incredibly useful for some folks. Think I’ll go have a peek. Great to see you on Lisa’s blog, Mayura! Woohoo!! Aren’t guest posts cool!

    Hi Lisa! :mrgreen:
    Brenda recently posted..Do You Know Your Dogs DNA?My Profile

    • Thanks Brenda for coming by – yes, I thought the same, something totally different and a great help when you need to change something on all your social network profiles, etc.
      Lisa recently posted..Manage Your Social Network Settings EasilyMy Profile

    • Hi Brenda,

      lol 😀 I’d love if your jaw drops on the floor when there’s something yummy to share among us. I was just searching online for a way to access settings easily and I’ve found it within the search results. Absolutely fabulous enough if someone doesn’t wanna wrestle on finding settings. I believe they gonna love it too dear 🙂

      Ha ha… I’m glad to be here again with a guest post too Brenda 😉 Anyway she’s making me the most busiest person 😀 lol…

      Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts on BlissCOntrol dear 🙂

      Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • Mayura, As you had mentioned there is a major change in social media in the last 10 Years and is helpful in meeting new people, sharing the content & keeping in touch always.

    This is a new learning & it is always a difficult task if we need to update in different social networks, it will be of great use if the tools like you had mentioned helps to simplify the task so that we can concentrate more on other activities.

    Thanks for sharing.
    lokesh recently posted..How to Search images for your blog from Yahoo and Google Image SearchMy Profile

    • Hi Lokesh,

      Obviously mate 🙂 Social Media is dynamic enough and we can count on changes all the time. Well, sometimes folks may find it’s easy to change settings from the social network itself, but there are people who would love to handle things easily without spending time on finding relevant settings. Let’s hope they gonna make use of this website mate 🙂

      Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts on social networks and accessing settings Lokesh 🙂

      Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • Hi Harleena,

    lol 😀 Perfect person? I was searching for him too. But couldn’t find within me though.

    I thought that would come in handy for folks who wanna change their social network settings dear 🙂 Eventhough many people know how, sometimes this would be benificial for ones have no idea how, right? 🙂

    You did too? That’s really nice to hear Harleena 🙂

    There are some advance settings directly inaccessible on social networks too. Hmm… Let’s hear from folks here and see how they gonna use it.

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your views on this website after trying it out dear 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • The perfect person to have over as a guest Lisa – and nice to see you here too Mayura!

    Never heard of this site earlier than now, so this sure is wonderful information, especially if you are wanting to manage things from one place. I just went over and tried changing my settings and it worked!

    Thanks for sharing about this with all of us 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Blog Anniversary – Making Merry this Christmas and New YearMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Thank you so much for the opportunity on guest posting here and I’m honored again to be here with a post of mine. I hope I haven’t let you down with my post and folks will make use of it though it’s a simple website to access settings 🙂 There could be someone, right? 😉

    Anyway, I’m late here as I was offline mostly these days dear 🙂 Sorry for that, but I hope you can handle comments until I’m stopping by next time. It won’t take much longer 😉

    Hope you are recovering well and hope soon to see more “Lisa Buben” updates 😉 lol…

    Mayura recently posted..Let Anyone Follow Your Social Updates on FacebookMy Profile

  • Interesting!

    When I read the article, I was considering how the BlissControl dashboard would have access to pages that require passwords to access them. There is no way I would give over all the passwords for my social networks to a third-party dashboard, effectively interconnecting them (EEK!).

    I clicked through to find out what permissions were required, to discover that it relies on the user’s browser settings – specifically the cookies/login data the browser is set to remember – to access each network. Clever that, although I still harbor some niggling doubts about security.

    I think this tool would be helpful for people who have a hard time sifting through the sometimes seemingly endless layers to get to the pages they need to access/change certain information. For me, because I’m a little paranoid cautious, I’ll stick to going straight to the source. 🙂

    • Hi Ellen,

      No… No… No dear 😀 lol… It doesn’t access your social media account or any such 🙂 It just take you to the page with relevant option on official website (For example Facebook) and you will change the setting while sitting on the official page dear. Now via 3rd party website. If you are not sure, just grab the URL of the page it takes you can visit it in another tab or window 🙂

      That’s why it’s so simple solution and if it access your social profiles directly, you might have more options there 🙂

      Well, play with it and see how it goes Ellen 🙂 Simple, but effective if you don’t know how to access specific setting. If you know where to access, then you won’t need this one, not at all 🙂

      Thanks for coming and sharing your thouhgtful comment here 🙂

      Mayura recently posted..How to Schedule Your Social Media Updates with BufferMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, Mayura

    Lisa – Hope you are recovering well and my best of wishes for your speedy recovery.
    Mayura – You have been sharing your knowledge everywhere, a new website. I was not aware of this. I need to check this website, where I can control many social media websites.

    Thanks to both of you for sharing this great info.

    Sapna recently posted..Naive Blogger – After President, The Busiest Person on Planet(An Infographic)My Profile

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