Maintaining Your Brand Across Social Networking Platforms

Maintaining Your Brand Across Social Networks

Today’s guest post is by Matt Powers of Blue Soda Promo. Please welcome Matt! 

Social networking sites have been a boon to small businesses. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer amazing branding and marketing opportunities that are either entirely free or very cost-effective. As a business leader, you may be eager to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media. You know that you can reach out to potential customers in your service area. You know that you can build strong relationships with current customers. The possibilities of social media are truly endless.

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As with any marketing tool, business leaders have to carefully evaluate how such tools can be used to the advantages of their enterprises. A sloppy or poorly planned social media marketing campaign won’t yield the results your business needs and might even hurt your brand’s reputation. Learning how to conduct a successful social media marketing campaign will take time and practice. One of the most important steps you can take in this process is to create unity across social networking platforms.

Keep the following tips in mind when filling out social networking profiles and launching advertising campaigns. Remember that having a well-formed goal will be at the heart of your business success. Keep your mission at the forefront of your thinking and don’t forget to have fun.

Choose custom colors and layouts when possible. The colors you use on your website and in your advertisements speak for your brand. Think of some of the most successful brands in the world. You can probably identify their trademark colors without much thought. Not all social media sites will allow you to use custom colors. When you can, be sure to use a color scheme that your customers will recognize. Write down the hex numbers of the colors you use to ensure uniformity across sites. Hex numbers are color codes used in web design. They consist of six digits.

Choose a profile picture and stick to it. As a business owner, you need to choose a profile picture that reflects what your business does. If you have a business logo, it is wise to use your logo as the profile picture or avatar on all of your social networking profiles. If you don’t have a logo, snap a photo of one of your products. It’s important that customers see the same image across all your profiles.

Encourage social networking site users to visit your website. This is the most essential thing that you can do with your social networking profiles. You want to bring traffic to your website. Attracting attention to a business website can be difficult, especially with the increased web presence of businesses in almost all industries. Use the following tactics to convert social networking profile traffic into cold, hard traffic for your own website.

  •              Let fans on social networking sites know that you are offering a special discount or gift to the 76th person to sign-up for your online mailing list.
  •              Share only a snippet of a new blog post on a social networking site. If you share the whole post, no one will visit your blog.
  •              Hold a competition requiring your social networking fans to find a hidden message or picture on your website. Give the first person who finds the hidden object one of your products.

You should always feature your website prominently in social networking profiles. To encourage cross-traffic, post social networking info on your website too. It’s best to put one person in charge of your social networking and website promotions — after all, too many marketers can ruin even the best-laid advertising plan.

Matt Powers is an Internet Marketer at Blue Soda Promo, an online promotional products company.  BSP imprints logos on items like custom promotional drawstring bags, sunglasses, tote bags, stress balls, and polo shirts at ridiculously low prices.  We make your brand POP!

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2 comments On Maintaining Your Brand Across Social Networking Platforms

  • Hi Matt,
    I’m not in Internet marketing or have a business. However the whole ‘scene’ intrigues me. It’s interesting to see that social networking and marketing can really help in keeping a brand known, with a relative modest budget. Social media has one drawback in my opinion. Negative publicity travels at least ten times faster than – let’s say – 30 years ago. Therefore you need to be consistent in the quality you offer. Like you said it’s not a very good plan to change your logo of avatar. I use the same little old pic of me (3 years old now) on every network I’m on. I ‘keep that familiar face’. People know me by that pic. Just putting in my 2 cents worth!
    JanB recently posted..Vacation is an awful hard jobMy Profile

  • Hi Matt,

    Nice to meet you here 🙂 You are depicting really nice tips about maintaining a brand online among social networks. Social media should make use carefully to increase brand’s reputation. It’s a place where we expose to more audience rather than being offline and everything goes public. Simple mistake can lead to decrease in conversions.

    Identical colors and logos are crucial to spread the word of brand and that’s what help people to create a brand image. isn’t it? 🙂 As you suggested, keep track of hex colors code are very important. Twitter is a place yet I can think of where you can use ’em.

    I’ve seen promotion works really for businesses. It really attract customer and keep engaging. Fantastic, I love this idea of yours too ~ “Hold a competition requiring your social networking fans to find a hidden message or picture on your website.”

    It”s not a secret that Lisa always find such great guest bloggers and thanks Lisa 🙂

    Have a great day for you both…

    Mayura recently posted..How to Configure Your FeedBurner SettingsMy Profile

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