Are You Coming to the Social Link Party?

Link Party – Is it For You?

link partyIf you’re like many others and are serious about taking your ideas to the next level, there’s a little-known secret in the blogging community called link parties or blog hops (or dozens of other code names), and they can help you grow your blog.

Essentially, the idea revolves around a group of bloggers coming together from around the world to engage in a form of social sharing by posting their content to other online media spaces. They are called a link party.

The projects are then promoted to increase page views, comments, shares and linkbacks, and participants are more or less rewarded with an increased level of activity and traffic to their site. So why haven’t more people heard about the concept?

Well, it’s a practice that isn’t as reliant upon using SEO as an effective strategy. It also tends to be much more beneficial to those who are entering the lucrative world of blogging for the first time.

A Short Guide to Getting Started for a Link Party

add your linkMake no mistake, attending link parties is a lot like attending Friday happy hour – you have to put in the effort to show up each and every week and engage with strangers. That said, many find the whole experience to be extremely uplifting and a great source for inspiration.

So if it’s something you think you might like to try, here are a few considerations you’ll need to take into account:

  • Learn What to Look For: If you don’t feel like searching for link party-specific blogs via Google, you can usually find a collated link party directory that takes the hard work out of the equation. For the most part, you’ll be looking for any blog that features an invite somewhere on its site – usually on the homepage of the blog itself.
  • Select the Perfect Feature Picture: During the party, your links will appear as a hyperlinked thumbnail consisting of the article’s title, URL and cropped photo from the post. Make sure these elements are on point.
  • Observe the Rules of Etiquette: Most websites that are hosting a link party will provide a few guidelines for their guests to follow on the day or throughout the week. This can include anything from achieving a quota for commenting to restrictions on the type of content. Most often they will ask for you to follow the bloggers who are hosting the link party on a social site and also use their link party button on the URL you shared or blog sidebar.
  • Forget About Fronting Up Late: Check the time and date of the link party to give your blog the best chance of getting noticed. Some of the larger blog hops can attract hundreds of links and you’ll want yours to be near the top of the list.

Things may seem a little daunting at first, but don’t worry; you’ll soon get the hang of it. You might even feel the urge to co-host or even host your own. Fortunately, there are a number of programs like the InLinkz Linkup Tool that are designed help you out.

One Last and Important Thing to Consider

how toTo make this work for you and your individual needs – regardless of what they are – try to remember that the more parties you make it to, the more likely you will sacrifice engagement for the sake of exposure.

Instead of focusing on quantity, evaluate which link parties would have the most relevant audience that would send readers to your site that actually will come back in the future. Every month you can try a few new link parties to see which ones drive the most traffic and shares.

All in all, they’re a great way to network with other bloggers, find inspiration for potential topics, attract a more loyal following and acquire new subscribers. Whether you’re in it for business or for your own enjoyment, link parties are the way to go.


Do you use any link parties to connect with other bloggers and/or for social shares?


Since this post published a blogger asked on Twitter if anyone would be interested in doing a link party. She is willing to co-host one. Feel free to tweet Andrea!

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Ali is a content specialist for a tech company and enjoys cooking in her apple-red kitchen, binge reading fantasy books, and playing tennis in her free time.

18 comments On Are You Coming to the Social Link Party?

  • Hello Alicia and welcome to Lisa’s blog,

    This is the first time i am hearing of link party… It’s good seeing you helping us understanding what it is and how it works.

    This idea could be great for people searching for traffic and more social shares. I’ll have to make more research on it and probably join one and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the post and do have a beautiful weekend both of you…
    Babanature recently posted..Adding The Google Plus and Native Comment System to Your Blogger BlogMy Profile

  • Link parties are a great way to get your blog seen, and to find new blogs to read. It is also a fun way to get inspired, meet new friends, and show off your stuff.

    It’s a short article about link parties and how to behave at link parties. It’s useful and helpful to each person who haven’t overheard about it and who haven’t tried this kind of approach to make your blog visible to strangers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi there Lisa and Ali!

    It’s so good to see you here lady :).

    I’ve done a few link ups and they fared pretty well. They were mainly parenting blogs, which I have a category for but they were more for small children. I’ll have to check out the directory you shared. I didn’t know it existed. I’m sure I can find one more suitable for my niches.

    You shared this at a great time. Now that a new month is rolling around it would be a great time to try linkys and see how it goes. 🙂

    Have a great weekend ladies!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Work-from-Home Job Lead Round Up 05-29-15My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    The idea of a social link party sounds enticing but my concern still has to do with engagement.

    How can one actually follow a social link party and improve engagement at the same time?

    Trust for the community hosting the link party is sure to help make a difference!
    I left this comment in where this post was shared.

  • Hi Alicia and Lisa,

    I have never attended a social link party, but it sounds fun and it also sounds like a way to get new readers and help fellow bloggers to get more exposure. I especially like the social part 🙂

    How does that work for comments? It would be awesome if it’s not just links that are shared, but also comments and feedback on all the posts.
    Jens-Petter Berget recently posted..5 amazing tricks to be creative and stay creativeMy Profile

  • Hey!

    Awesome article and this seems to be a great party! You can count me in 🙂

    By the way, hope you are in good health! Been sometime since we last chat.

    Happy Saturday everyone!
    Reginald Chan recently posted..How We Focus On Social Media Success (And You Can Too)My Profile

  • Hey Ali! Hi Lisa!

    Back when I first started blogging, I used to join Blog Hops. They were a lot of fun but a lot of work, especially the bigger they are. I haven’t seen too many lately or at least on most of the blogs I follow. I know my friend Cami has a Friday link up which can be fun if I remember to do it.

    Thanks for sharing info on these link parties. One thing they do is drive a lot of traffic to our sites!

    Have a great weekend ladies!
    Brenda Lee recently posted..Summer Fashions to Keep You CoolMy Profile

  • Thanks Ali for sharing this with us here. It’s great that you mentioned to check to see how relevant the particular link parties are. I’ve seen many for fashion, baby and retail oriented type of stuff.
    Do you know which niches work well with these?
    Thanks again for being a contributor and have a great weekend ahead!
    Lisa recently posted..Are You Coming to the Social Link Party?My Profile

  • Great content, Lisa. I’ve never attended a link party. It seems like a fun way to connect with other bloggers and maximize blog exposure. I certainly understand that it will take some planning to achieve positive results. Your tips make the planning easier. Thanks for sharing your link party success secrets.

    To your success,

  • I have to admit that I have found things like this more disappointing than fun or enlightening. I guess my expectations have always been too high, but I tried things like these as well as blog carnival and blog networking sites. I guess I’m just not the type of guy those things work for.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..The Early Marketing Of My Book Leadership Is/Isn’t EasyMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’ve heard about link parties from a subscriber of mine so thanks for having Alicia today to explain to us more on how they work.

    I’ve never been involved in a link party myself Alicia but I hear that for crafts, clothes, food, etc. that they really work great. Because of that I haven’t of course been to any of them since those are my niches but maybe if I looked into it more I might find some that are.

    They do seem like a lot of work though and I’m more about building the relationships then just getting traffic and/or views.

    I appreciate you sharing this with us though, I wasn’t quite sure exactly how they worked so I’m glad I read this post.

    You ladies have a wonderful day now.

    Adrienne recently posted..Breaking Away From The Me Too CrowdMy Profile

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