JustRetweet increases your tweets reach and social proof

What Is JustRetweet?

JustRetweet may be what you need for Twitter. Are you tired of not getting many retweets over on Twitter?

Then enlist the help of JustRetweet and experience the difference!


Have you heard of JustRetweet? It’s a wonderful way to spread your message across Twitter by sharing others tweets on Twitter. This is a 3rd party blogging application for Twitter. Members earn credits when they retweet or like your tweet. When you assign credits to your message then other users will retweet your messages.

Have you heard of JustRetweet? It's a wonderful way to spread your message across Twitter by sharing others tweets on Twitter. #TwittertipsClick To Tweet

How To Use JustReTweet

I learned of this application from Ms Ileane, over at Basic Blog Tips a long time ago. She is wonderful at podcasting and more! You can watch her demo here. on YouTube.

How often should you use this 3rd party application? I’d recommend at least once a week and maybe several times a week. The more people that use JustRetweet,  the more content there will be to share. I’m always happy when I see new people using this JustRetweet tool. It gives the users more content to share.

As an illustration, it is easy as 1-2-3. Sign up, post your tweets and get more followers!

sign in to justretweet


Why JustRetweet?

More Followers

This Re-Tweet app has been a favorite of mine for years now. I’ve used it pretty regularly and it does generate more Twitter followers. You can meet more people in your niche from this app. It is a FREE app to use. If you are looking to gain more influential Twitter followers be sure to check this posts out by Simon.

This sharing app also has been around for years. It’s not like Co-Promote that shut down after a  time and left it’s users without any notice. Even users that paid for their services!

JustRetweet has been around for at least 5 years and is a trusted 3rd party app.

Facebook likesMore Facebook Likes

JustRetweet also allows you to like posts via Facebook and share with Google+. (You do get points for both)

Yes, it is NOT just for Twitter. You can like others posts via this social media tool. Of course Facebook likes aren’t counting for a lot today but it may drive people to your Facebook page. A little added benefit along the way.

More Traffic to Your Website

I have seen the stats for Inspire To Thrive that show JustRetweet as one of the top 10 referral sources since I have been using this application.

Social Proof

Using social media tools like JustRetweet also expands your social proof. Others will be retweeting your information and some will come to visit your blog post before sharing.

JustReTweet Points

The more points you have the more your tweets will get re-tweeted. By your re-tweeting others tweets you get points.

JustRetweet points

You can also enter in your own website/blog and it lets others view it for 30 seconds to gain points.

When you set up your tweets you can choose how many points to give for it and how many followers you want the others to have.

For this reason Just Retweet is like being on Twitter and re-tweeting others. See a sample below. This is something I would normally tweet about.


But with JustRetweet you can be assured of getting re-tweeted by others and not necessarily the same people that you re-tweet from there.

If you want to be a featured member on their website it will cost you a little cash. The cost is $10 with 2000 credits for 1 day.  They do offer many more packages for you to choose from. You can get 100 FREE points for just signing up.

Lastly be sure to fill out your profile and your topics. This will ensure you will get others tweets in your niche.

Other JustReTweet Tips

  • Do check to see what you will be re-tweeting from JustRetweet before you do. You don’t want to re-tweet any junk or non related content. Click on the links to read what others are sharing first.
  • You may also want to fill out all your information there so you can be found by others in your particular niche.
  • Be careful not to always retweeet the same tweets or your followers will get tired of seeing the same tweets again and again. Stay relevant!
  • Lastly do retweet from Twitter itself with your own words endorsing what others are tweeting. Never rely just on one app or tool for Twitter.
Be careful not to always retweeet the same tweets or your followers will get tired of seeing the same tweets again and again. Stay relevant! Click To Tweet

What Categories Are NOT Allowed on JustReTweet

The following are: Dating, Relationships, Health, Beauty, Diet/Fitness, Pets, Payday Loans, Insurance, Travel, Celebrities, and Music are not allowed. Most of the people who use this tool are bloggers as Ms. Ileane referred to on her video. JustRetweet is really about sharing content and not promoting products and services.

JustRetweet Is Not for Promotional Purposes

Therefore you must be careful not to have any links that are over promotional. If you see them you can report them too. (Been there, done that!) They are really good about not promoting spam on this network.

Is JustRetweet for You?

Will you be using this Twitter tool soon? If you are a content marketer or blogger, I do highly recommend this free 3rd party application.

I’d love to know if you use it or not in the comments below.

Need help with your Twitter profile? Be sure to grab my Twitter profile cheat sheet today! 


Twitter cheat sheet

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31 comments On JustRetweet increases your tweets reach and social proof

  • Hi Lisa,
    I just had to come back here and let you know that the moment I started JustRetweet I have gained so many more followers. This feature is working wonders for my blog. Also there has been a few opt-ins already for my products. Had to let you know because this is fabulous!

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for teaching me this my friend.


  • Hi Lisa, happy 2018 (is it too late for new year wishes yet?) :p
    I like JustRetweet and sharing content comes very naturally thanks to its ease of use. I use it as part of my blogging strategy and have no plans of abandoning it.

    That being said, I wish the team behind it were more proactive and friendly.

    – I have contacted them (on more than one occasion) to ask why Google Plus sharing doesn’t seem to grant you any points. Even if the issue is specifically on my own computer, they should at least reply back out of courtesy.

    – I noticed the same issue with Facebook sharing on occasion; that is, sometimes you’ll see a “confirm” button after attempting to share, and those haven’t been granting points either (even after clicking said Confirm button).

    Despite the team being a bit negligent, the overall system is still fantastic and provides a good way to connect with others as well.


  • Hey Lisa

    It’s been a while since I used Just Retweet. Thanks for the reminder and for the house rules! It’s always a good idea to check what we’re retweeting but I’m glad JW is careful about the kind of tweets a user can post.

    Great post Lisa!

  • Hi Lisa,

    JustRetweet seems a fantastic tool, though, but as you mentioned some categories of content that are prohibited is surprising to me. I mean fitness, beauty, health, and relationship; I don’t get it that why they don’t allow these categories.

    I’m very much interested in reading more about social media management tools on your blog.

    Useful post, though.


    • Hi Hassaan, I think they are careful of spammers and overly promotional content. Have you tried Viral Content Bee? That is another good one too 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great rest of the week.

  • Lisa: I will look into JustRetweet again. I remember I checked it out many years ago.

    Do you think the beverage (tea) category will be OK?
    Martin Lindeskog recently posted..How to Set a Target Price for a Novelty BookMy Profile

  • Back in 2012 (I think), blogger Michelle Shaeffer shared JustRetweet with her blog challenge participants. I’ve been using it ever since. I like that many of the bloggers I read are using the app because it makes it easier for me to share their stuff.

    Another thing you can do with JustRetweet is to put the Twitter Username of the blogger in search to see and share their content.

    Fair warning for newbies: I found that the longer I stayed with JustRetweet the better results I get. You get to know the people who share your stuff, follow them on Twitter, and become friends.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for letting us know the date. I was wondering how long they have been around. Great tips too- easy to search for others and of course the longer you stay with it the better the results. So true of most things we do with social media and blogging. You have to be consistent to get results 🙂 Thanks Sarah and have a great rest of your weekend.

  • Hi Lisa,

    This sounds like a very cool way to gain credibility and new followers on Twitter. Of course you are my go-to person when it comes to Twitter, so I think I’ll give it a look and even a try lol. Seems simple enough to do and easy to retweet something that is of value to others. Heck…I’m going to jump into this.

    Thanks so much my Twitter Goddess!


    • Hi Donna, nice to see you back around 🙂 It really is a cool way to do that. It is easy and quick, you would like it Donna! You may be surprised to see who else is there. Thanks for coming by and for your awesome shares of this too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Donna!

  • Hello Lisa,
    I haven’t heard about Justretweet. There are some interesting facts about it and you have mentioned is clearly. I will definitely be going to give it a try. Thanks for the share.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

    • Hi Vishwajeet, Interesting, sometimes I think everyone has heard of it but that would explain why there are not more folks on it still. It’s great and easy to use. I’d love to know how you like it when you try it Vishwajeet. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!

  • Hey Lisa,

    The tool looks perfect and looks more awesome have you mentioned that they take spamming very seriously.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Shafi, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. It is a great tool. They do take the spamming seriously and you can report to them if you see any. It’s easy with the click of a button on a post. Thanks for coming by and have a great day Shafi.

  • Hey Lisa,

    Awesome/detailed write up on Just Retweet. Is Just Retweet for me? Absolutely!

    I use it a lot to promote my content. But the thing I like about it a lot more is that I get to promote others content a lot! I also choose whom I promote in case I am not automatically promoting inappropriate content or content that doesn’t align with my values.

    It is an absolute win-win and it takes a major part of promotion into action. Love it!


    • Hi Jane, thank you. I do you see there and it’s easy to share your content, I know it’s not spammy in any way! I like that we can choose which to share or not. I agree, it is a win-win for all. Thanks for coming by on this one Jane. Have a wonderful weekend there.

  • Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing such a free tool. I will definitely going to try this tool. twitter helps to attract traffic.
    Keep sharing such awesome tools.

    • Hi Sidddarth, you are welcome. I hope you will check it and out and let me know what you think too! It is free and of course you can pay to use it too. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend.

  • Hi Lisa,
    I actually read about this tool a couple weeks back but didn’t pay much attention to it. However, with your insightful info about this Twitter tool, it is definitely a must use for bloggers and content marketers.

    The fact that it help your content read a more wider audience, and also help grow your followers is remarkably great.

    Thanks so much Lisa!

    • Hi Moss, I think you will love this tool Moss. It also helps you to share other’s content that is relevant to your followers. Thanks for coming by on this one Moss and I want do know how you like it! Have a great weekend ahead.

  • Hey Lisa!

    I have heard about this twitter tool before. I think I’ve used once a while ago but then left it for whatever reason. But, I think it’s time I give it another chance.

    Twitter is great for free traffic and for branding your blog and yourself. We definitely have to capitalize on that.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

    • Hi Freddy, this is a tried and true one for me. I’ve used it for years. JustRetweet gets better with more users too. I have been seeing more users since Co-Promote when out of business last year. Love to see you back on there Freddy. Have a great day and weekend ahead. Thank you for coming by!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I started using their service last summer (free version) and I love it. I try to check the links before I tweet them too and after a while you get very familiar with the people on there and make some great new connections. I think I have given up on Empire. Too complicated for me 🙂 Just retweet works so well because it is so easy to use.
    Sicorra recently posted..Work From Home Mom Sells $275,000 of Stuff in One YearMy Profile

  • You are welcome. Glad to hear that about the junk. I'm sure it will get even better with more users and with the 3 of you keeping an eye on it too.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for writing your review about JustRetweet! Am glad you were able to drop from 10 to 7 and we believe that you will still get more traffic to your blog.

    Regarding the junk you mentioned, I , Gail @Growmap and @Ileane is working hard to make sure that no junk tweet is being posted and believe me we are still doing our best to put that in order


  • You are welcome, I think you will like it. Have a nice weekend too Candice.

  • Never heard of it, but I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend. 😉

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