Is Your Websites Seniority A Major SEO Factor?

Does A Websites Seniority Play A Role in SEO?

I had been doing some research on competitive websites since the Google Panda and Penquin updates and found many on page one of search for the best keywords but they did not follow Panda or Penquin guidelines. Many had way too many keywords, titles that were over 70 characters, etc. But one thing did stand out: Their sites were old. Their websites had seniority over ours.

websites seniority

Many websites had keyword densities that were well over the recommended 3%. Yet their website ranked #1 in Google search. (for a popular | difficult keyword to rank for).  Several did not have any alternate text on their images.They too ranked on page #1 of Google for the difficult keywords. A few had no sitemaps. A couple even had very lengthy url’s for their website’s name. It got me thinking: Does seniority play a role in a website’s ranking?

I am beginning to think so. I think a websites seniority is an important factor. And other reason for many people not to give up on their websites or blogs. Too many people quit at about a year or so. Newer websites  really need at least 2 years to rank well. (Unless there is not much competition in your niche,  or if you are a celebrity) You may rank well in the very beginning. But after a few months boom, down you go. It is an uphill battle from then on. But then one day your seniority starts to creep up and you’ll start ranking. Of course you must be updating your content with quality stuff – not just trash to update.

Is The URL Of  Your Website/ Blog An Important SEO Factor Too?

I also tested a few other websites too not just ours. You can ask my friend over at Eurobeads. I had used the SEO Quake to run some experiments. Another important factor we found is to have the keyword in your URL – your site’s name. Something I did not really do here but I’d like to rank for the word Inspire one day. I have a way to go, some of the websites on page one have been around since the 1990’s. It will take time to gain some of my websites seniority there.

I just watched a video over a SEOMoz where they disagreed back in 2011 that a websites seniority makes a difference in rank . (A very informative video to watch too) They believe you can accelerate your website or blog faster and better. An interesting concept too.

Do you think your website or blogs seniority plays a role in SEO?


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  • I would think that it matters. But so does everything else. But, articles always turn up from CNN or what not. So you know that authority does matter a lot. But for us small timers, Google I think, favors us. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. – Scott Craighead

  • I too believe domain age is one of the most influential ranking factors. However, of late, whilst still important having keywords in your domain does not necessarily give you any extra ranking leverage.

    No one really knows how the algo works but I like to think of domain age as some kind of multiplier. Get other stuff right, and the domain age, be it measured in days, months or years, gives you a greater algorithm result. Maybe…
    Chloe B recently posted..Stainless Steel MailboxesMy Profile

    • Yes, I would agree with you Chloe on that, it is one of the 200 factors but I think it’s one of the top 200 factors too. Thanks for your input on this subject.

  • Hi Lisa,

    It’s a great post. I agree some bloggers just lose their motivation after some time and give up to start something new. That’s shame. I think it’s better to make some improvements eg deliver better content.
    Monica recently posted..Freelance Writer – The Pros and Cons of Working from HomeMy Profile

    • Hi Monica, yes I think it’s part of human nature to give up after some point. Those that are very successful have a certain passion and drive to get them though that part. Thanks for commenting here 🙂

  • I am not an SEO expert but I really believe that aged domains with quality content and not really aggressive with link building have survived both the Google animal attack. I also noticed that sites with older domains’ individual page rank increase faster than the new sites individual page ranks.

    Well, that’s being said, one of my friend who had 100s of sites with over 7 years old domains got kicked out from the first pages. I think he was too aggressive with link building.
    Annetta Powell recently posted..Organo Gold Scam: Top Twelve AllegationsMy Profile

    • Hi Annetta, that is interesting about the link building. What do you consider aggressive link building? I wonder how long it will take your friend to get back to page one.

  • Lisa,

    I love White Board Friday, I always learn so much! And boy did I learn from this one.

    Age doesn’t matter, it’s the quality and exposure of your blog. Like he said, those older sites had time to get into the media and more backlinks, etc. If I want to take over a spot that is higher than me in search results I guess I better go on GMA, get my name on Mashable, and Perez Hilton, lol. Those are exaggerated but that is the point. The more we get out there and get the attention of authority sources, the better chance to rank higher in Google searches.

    Thanks for the video and discussion.

    I linked this post in my latest newsletter because it is so awesome!

    Allie recently posted..Attracting Visitors to Your Blog Does Not Equal a Thriving CommunityMy Profile

    • You are welcome Allie. I believe the backlinks play a role and older sites may have more backlinks too. We can link to Mashable but will they link back? It may take more time. They (website’s age and backlinks) may go hand in hand. Thanks for the link in the newsletter, much appreciated.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Interesting post – it actually taught me quite a bit as I do not follow any SEO practices whatsoever.

    I know, I’m probably missing out, but I did a lot of backlinking and optimization to another website I had a few years ago and so my patience for it now is very thin.

    But it is an interesting topic and now I’d like to know where I rank in big G for some keywords 🙂

    Thanks for the great info!

    Christine Brady recently posted..5 Steps to Building Your List Using Guest BloggingMy Profile

    • Thanks Christine, oh yes I can really understand about your patience with that. My husband last night just said I would have quite over a year ago on our retail site. It’s never ending work like housework. (Never done) Check out SEO Quake to find your rank (I just did a post on it here too) Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for this post. Medtopicwriter ranks fairly well for medium to popular keywords and phrases, but FWD just doesn’t do as well. FWD is much younger (12 months) than MTW and the URL is cumbersome –

    I didn’t think the URL was particularly long until I started writing out my email address for folks. Sometimes is doesn’t even FIT on the space allotted. I’ve been paying much more attention to SEO when writing stories for FWD, though, and that’s helped traffic. I don’t think it’s done much for overall search rank yet, but maybe in the future. I’ve used the Scribe SEO tool for about two months now and I love it.

    I don’t have a lot of high authority backlinks for FWD either, but I do for MTW. It’s all so confusing if you think about it too much. Right now, I’m addressing the SEO aspect in the articles I publish on FWD. Next I’ll work on the other aspects associated with site search rank.

    Thanks for that SEOMoz video by the way. It’s great!
    Samantha Gluck recently posted..Freelance Writers – Your Mobile Office Just Got Way CoolerMy Profile

    • Hi Samantha, I think backlinks come in time too. Unless it is an unusual category or circumstances. There are so many pieces to SEO it is definitely overwhelming and just when you think you have a handle things change 🙂 It’s never ending.

  • Lisa: I definitely think web site seniority plays a huge role in ranking. That’s why it is so very, very important to stay the course & be ready, able, willing to endure the daily grind of doing business…not to throw your hands up & surrender after a few short months. Think about it, seniority plays a role in almost all aspects of life. Seniors in high school get privileges that underclassmen do not. The longer you work for a company (generally speaking), they higher you climb on the corporate ladder. When we reach the age of 50, we get AARP benefits that younger whipper-snappers don’t get. Seniors get reduced rates at the movies or at restaurants (I am attempting to throw a bit of humor into this scenario! 😀 ). So, yes…I believe that seniority adds value, in many aspects of life & business!
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Business ConceptsMy Profile

    • Hi Lynn, Thanks for your input on the subject. I knew it was important but after reading comments it seems very important. I also understand Google likes you to register your domain for at least 2 years as well. Too many websites and blogs give up. Appreciate your humor too Lynn 🙂

  • Yes Ashvini, I’ve noticed several bloggers quit the past few months – sad. (but it does take up a lot of time) 10 times is awesome! May I ask what you did different?
    Lisa recently posted..Is Your Websites Seniority A Major SEO Factor?My Profile

    • Hi Lisa,

      Sorry for the late reply. 10 times is not very much ( I would rather make it a hundred 😉 ). My niche does not attract much traffic like tech sites do. I have been using a social media and good content to drive my traffic. One of the thing I do very much is offline promotion such as handing out the business cards with my blog address whenever I can. Once I interact with them, I hand out a business card. I have won a few loyal readers that way. It is a slow but steady progress .
      Ashvini recently posted..Can you describe your product in a few words?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I believe in what you say. Seniority + good content is what will slowly get the right amount of traffic. I have some really excellent bloggers unable to cope with all the pressure and quit early. I think blogging is also like a business and it needs enough strategy and planning about content, marketing and everything else.
    I lost quite a bit of traffic in last panda/penguin update. Recently however google is giving me good traffic. Its not great but it is 10 times the traffic two years back 🙂
    Ashvini recently posted..Litigation decides compensation,market decides fate.My Profile

  • Hi Lisa!
    i agree with you so i think it websites seniority can be done by quality content and backlink of your website.
    thanks for sharing this blog.
    anshul recently posted..Software for HospitalMy Profile

  • You touched on something I’ve been wondering a long time- if you just keep plodding away are you going to get higher overtime just because you’ve been around. Also, on the URL if you will set your structure where no date appears you have better chances and if you use a title as your url and you have your keyword in your title you are killing 2 birds with one stone. Very interesting post!

  • Fascinating article. Will watch the video.

    After reading your previous post on SEO, I made some changes to my blog. I found I had too many keywords listed in the description. I have more work to do, taking baby steps. Don’t want my head to explode.

    I created my site in 2009. Started at, moved to Blogger then upgraded a year ago to a self-hosted WordPress site. I find I get a lot of hits from the name of my blog. Not that my blog’s traffic is stellar. Not even close. Though my Alexa rank is pretty good.

    Btw, I think I still have content posted at, which I have to delete. I forgot I had posts there. Google probably hates me!
    Lauren recently posted..One Shoe Left BehindMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    When I was heavily involved in more affiliate marketing a few years back I joined this training program and one of the things they were adamant about was buying an older domain name. One that was at least eight years old if not older. That it was already showing authority in the search engines but of course had to have content on it in the past that was relevant to what you’d be sharing from this day forward.

    I did purchase a few and I must admit, it really did help. I still didn’t over stuff my keywords but it was already ranking in Google. Pretty cool trick.

    That’s why the Empower Network is doing so well. It’s an older URL that they snatched up. Older is better so you’re right, don’t give up on your blog.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Get Extra Posts In Your Buffer FeedMy Profile

  • Interesting research Lisa. I just installed SEO Quake for Chrome. I do believe that seniority matters, but if their content sucks a newer website can quickly take their place. I think it also depends on social too. Did you check out the backlinks and any social shares? Would like to see how that interacts with someone’s rank.

    I am doing a whole week dedicated to keywords on Cirquedumot. I think some people misunderstand what keywords are and what they do. Google has changes a lot and you don’t have to have perfect or less than perfect to succeed. And yes, some spam sites outrank quality sites in the same niche.

    Google trains its algorithms with human insights into spam. It is always getting smarter, but it cannot weed out every problem. There is always some error.
    Susan Silver recently posted..Dressing up KeywordsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I think URL is a valid SEO factor as search engines extract keywords from URL too Lisa. But seniority or age of domain is something I have been wondering about lately as I moved to new domain. From my experience, I did experience that content get ranked well if the domain is new (It needs some time to crawl and settle) or old and following proper SEO strategies for search engines to crawl easily.

    Matt Cutts has been answering it too. But he’s not giving exact answer for that. But personally I believe on the competition, it needs to add more weight for older domains with quality content. More research in search documents needed 🙂

    Mayura De Silva recently posted..How to Export Your Profile Information on LinkedInMy Profile

  • Interesting Lisa!

    You are absolutely right, because this is something I had also done when the updates kept taking place and my blog showed a down trend, when I was doing everything that was required, I also observed that there were many such posts online that either didn’t use the recommended keyword density, or didn’t even use the keyword, nor use it as they were supposed to. While a few didn’t even have their matter good enough to be ranked on page 1 yet they were, or some had images with no alt text, just as you mentioned.

    However, I didn’t probe further, though now understand that perhaps it was their seniority that might have reach there. I have also observed that once the alexea rank or page rank of a site gets higher and they are more in the limelight, such sites or blog get away even without really using any kind of keyword in their posts, title, or images. Yet they keep ranking and get better. I really wonder how it all works!

    That was a wonderful video and thanks for sharing all of this with us. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Make Your Life Easier in Simple WaysMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I was ready to say domain age absolutely does matter for SEO but now that I watched the video, I’m not so sure. Rand makes a lot of sense there and he’s an authority so I’m glad I watched that video. I’ve heard just the opposite for years.

    As far as the testing, is it possible other factors are pushing the older sites to the top, in spite of what looks like keyword stuffing? Backlinks or traffic, for example?

    Also, I wonder how much these latest updates are geared for newer or borderline sites and if more well-established sites get a pass of some sort. Not necessarily the website’s age but the authority they’ve built in Google’s eyes, which would obviously seem to correlate with domain age in most cases.
    Brian Hawkins recently posted..Video Blogging Advice For BloggersMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    That’s interesting. Google certainly lead you to believe it’s all about quality content these days.

    I’m sure SEO and other things are taken into account but there could be quality content being written now that should outrank outdated stuff from yesteryear surely?

    Food for thought!

    Thank you for sharing and have a great week.

    Tim Bonner recently posted..Are You Paying Too Much For AWeber?My Profile

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