Is Stumble Upon Still Worth Your Time?

Stumble Upon and Your Time

Yesterday I was doing some actual reading off line and discovered the changes over at Stumble Upon. I had been a big fan of their website as it drew traffic to all of our websites. I was disappointed to read the traffic to our websites may be now limited.

Stumble Upon

I had to read more this morning on it online and read both sides of the coin on this one. Yes, they have made changes and were rolling them out. I tested my own on Firefox and I could still get to other websites from it. (It’s still in a roll-out stage) But what is coming soon to everyone is the elimination of direct links. Others contend it will be better because Stumble Upon will gather info and they will know what you like to see instead of just randomness that some users experience.

I then went to check our Google Analytic dashboard and found Stumble to still be in our top 10 for traffic referrals.  I saved the files so I could compare a month from now. I did note that Pinterest was climbing on several of our sites. Pinterest too just made a few changes to their site – have you noticed the new profile layouts there?

So what are these new changes at Stumble exactly?

  • Direct Links Gone – Stumble Upon wants to keep you in their framework at all times so you will not view others websites outside of Stumble unless you copy and paste the URL of their site
  • Less Referral Traffic  – Since you can no longer go directly to others sides you will have less referral traffic from Stumble Upon coming to your site or blog
<Stumble Upon and your time

This is so disappointing as their social bookmarking site was drawing more traffic than Facebook to websites. Maybe we should spend more time over on Pinterest with the recent changes to these social websites.

Have you noticed a difference in referral traffic recently from Stumble Upon?

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  • I’ve never really bothered using StumbleUpon to drive in traffic to my blog so it’s not something that would affect my visitor stats. However, you might be right about moving on to Pinterest. It’s all the rave now and many sites have been using it. Having said that, I’ve started using Pinterest recently and although I’m getting a lot of attention with the images used (images hosted on my blog), my Google Analytics doesn’t say much about traffic coming from Pinterest so I’m not entirely sure how useful Pinterest is in the sense of driving in traffic.
    Sabrina Sabino recently posted..5 Free MRR eBooks Added To Downloads Section!My Profile

  • I know Sonia, so much is changing on every site and even Google itself. I’m still using Stumble – just not as much and use the time for Pinterest instead. Twitter is still my favorite and it is the site with the least changes – I hope it stays that way!
    Lisa recently posted..Are You A Twitter Responder?My Profile

  • I can’t say I hate or like Stumble Upon, but I have used it sporadically over the last year and I get traffic, but not that much. Is it still a factor to worry about, sure if you want another outlet for traffic and any traffic from any source is good, but if they are changing how you get it, my view might change.

    You know what’s funny is when something is working for everyone, why do these companies go and change things? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I do stumble when I remember to do it, but it’s not something I think about like I do with Twitter.
    Sonia recently posted..Travel Tip: Top 5 Dive Destinations for CouplesMy Profile

  • I just jumped on the Stumbleupon wagon. I like it a lot and it seems to work for me. I have been getting 10+ views from people who stumble my content. Maybe it depends on what content you present. Stumbleupon wrote a guide about it. It is for their ad platform, but I think it applies to SU in general.

    I am going to stick with it for a while and see what happens.

    BTW, the site looks great!
    Susan Silver recently posted..Support for Writers on TwitterMy Profile

    • Hi Susan – glad you dropped by. Some people were getting 100’s and 1000’s from it before the changes. But I’m not totally giving up on it. But I will spend more time on Pinterest vs. Stumble. You’ll have to let us know how it goes for you there too.
      Lisa recently posted..Is Every Moment Pin-Worthy?My Profile

  • HI Andrew – Yes it did have a high bounce rate – yet it drove traffic. Maybe now the bounce rate will be reduced with less traffic. Maybe that won’t be so bad?
    Lisa recently posted..Is Stumble Upon Still Worth Your Time?My Profile

  • My biggest problem with StumbleUpon traffic was that it generally gave me a very high bounce rate unfortunately. Unless you’ve got an amazingly awesome recipe, super funny joke or loads of big, fun, gorgeous photos, it seems like SU can get you links/traffic, but can seriously hurt your bounce rate too. Good with the bad.

    I’ve only looked briefly at the newish looking SU and while it’s certainly slicker, it’s so much more confusing and harder to find things I’m looking for actually.
    Andrew Kardon recently posted..My Twitter Experiment: Getting Stores to ReplyMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Yes, those guys always got to change something. Gosh, even Pinterest barely out of the bush, and they already have change the look of the profile. I saw that this morning.

    I can’t say that I’ve used Stumbleupon to the point that it would bother me, but I’m sure this is not great news for someone like you who has.

    Thanks for this valuable information 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..How To Create Your Own Customized Aweber Email TemplateMy Profile

  • Thanks Adrienne, yes targeted traffic is a very good thing. I think many will be disappointed as they will see their traffic dip if they relied on it too much. I say “never put all your social eggs in one basket! ”
    Lisa recently posted..Is Stumble Upon Still Worth Your Time?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I learned about this some time back and although you’ll no longer get backlinks to your blog from Stumbleupon, as they stated you will more than likely get more targeted traffic. I’ve learned a little more about this site as time goes on and they really are a site where people love to browse. So when you’re able to catch someone’s eye that is really interested in what you have to share you have much more targeted traffic so I am looking at this as a positive thing.

    At least for now right! 🙂

    Thanks for your update and letting everyone know. I’m sure some still aren’t aware of the changes.

    Have a great day!


  • Interesting Mayura. Have you noticed if Pinterest is driving traffic for you now? I have a “Feeling” that that site will take-over where Stumble left off. Too bad Stumble didn’t think about that one when they made the changes. Unless of course it is all about money.
    Lisa recently posted..Is Stumble Upon Still Worth Your Time?My Profile

  • Great post Lisa. This is must-talk topic. I wonder about StumbleUpon since it gets the new design too. However StumbleUpon was the seconds most traffic generator for me. But lately it doesn’t showed up much in my referrals. However now I’m not a Stumbler anymore. I loved it so much, before my account was deleted automatically and they didn’t help me out to restore back or create a new account with same username (Sigh)

    Mayura recently posted..How to Add Facebook Comment Social Plugin to Your WebsiteMy Profile

  • I just sent my site into Stumble Upon last night actually before I read this post. How hard is it to get accepted into Stumble Upon generally?

  • Hi Lisa – I love reading your blog and because of that I have a little surprise for you in my most recent post over at Cupcakes and Cadenzas. Enjoy! Denise

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  • Hi Lisa, have these changes rolled out already?
    I just checked my Analytics and still see traffic coming from them (low quality drive my bounce rate up traffic).

    On a related note I see you use networked blogs. I was also and as a result (they also keep the traffic on their site) I had very little Facebook traffic despite having a large fan page.

    I pulled them and started to add my links manually and my traffic shot up like crazy (10% of my daily traffic from 0%)

    Anyway it looks like you’ve got some great articles here so off to check them out. 🙂
    Warren recently posted..The ChallengeMy Profile

    • Hi Warren – They have not rolled out on all accounts yet as I can still go to websites from my Stumble. (Just like Facebook with timeline roll-out) Roll-outs do take some time. Interesting about your Networked Blog experience. I will take a look at that and check around. Do you use any other way like Blog Frog? I’ve experimenting first hand to see what is best. I liked the blogger connect – it was a great system!
      Lisa recently posted..Is Stumble Upon Still Worth Your Time?My Profile

  • I registered there a long time ago and it never stuck to me. Either I didn’t have time to mess with it or I didn’t find it useful. 🙁 I still think Twitter is one of the most useful social networks out there! :mrgreen:
    Brenda Lee recently posted..OMG! There’s Walkers Everywhere!My Profile

  • Hi Robcorn – It’s so nice you found this without stumbling! Yes – that’s what I have been reading – less traffic. Sad 🙁 But Pinterest is very nice and definitely worth a look for you! It is much easier to use too so you’ll spend less time unless you get addicted. Just repin carefully.
    Lisa recently posted..Is Stumble Upon Still Worth Your Time?My Profile

  • I also liked StumbleUpOn as it was before the changes and I have seen a big difference in the traffic I get from there, less now. I find the new layout a bit confusing too when I try to navigate around there. It is very disappointing because I really loved it before the new changes.

    Now I am not very familiar with Pintrest but I will definitely have to take a closer look over there because I see more and more people talking positive about it.

    Thank you for a great informative post! 🙂
    ropcorn recently posted..Eleven Years Ago…My Profile

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