Is Every Moment Pin-Worthy?

Pin-Worthy Moments

The other day my cat jumped into my chair after I spent hours working on the computer. It was funny to see him jump in – like he wanted to work on the computer too – would he go to Twitter or Pinterest? Was he going to make changes to my latest post?


He looked so content to be there. Of course when I tried to get him to pose for a better picture he lost interest. I wanted to get the best picture so it would be pin-worthy. Do you find yourself these days looking at moments and thinking “this would make a great pin”?

Are we all just obsessed with the latest craze over at Pinterest? Users  are now spending 98 minutes per month on Pinterest alone. (Only Tumbler and Facebook have more)  And February numbers show over 16 million unique visitors. These incredible numbers have been increasing for months!

I’m sure many bloggers always brought their cameras along everywhere they went for they never knew what would make a great picture or their next great post.  But has Pinterest made this an all time high?

Here are some examples of blogs using Pinterest in a pinteresting way:

  • The New Modern Momma – She features her pins of the week that are pinworthy
  • Babble – Featuring some fun pins for others to share focused around motherhood
  • Simply Stacie – She had a great example of how  to showcase St Patrick’s Day food pins on her post
  • Paul Brit Photo – His photos make great pins from his website
  • Four Legged Mom – Wordless Wednesdays – another creative way to promote animal photos to be pinned
  • Life Is Hard Laugh Anyway – An awesome use of a pin for quote on her blog post


What did William Shakespeare know that we did not?

Pin quote

Are you always prepared for the next great pin?

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