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Does Your Internet Speed Worry You More Now? Learn Which Are Best!

Does Your Internet Speed Slow Down Your Content Marketing Efforts?

Do you often find yourself staring at your computer waiting for the swirling effect to end so you can get on with your content marketing efforts? It can happen anywhere in the world today. Did you know that internet speeds are the fastest in South Korea today?  The United States is not even in the top 10 for the fastest internet speed.

Imagine how much more you could do if your internet speed was much faster? You would be able to curate content at a higher speed as well as share things throughout the social networks.

One of the fastest growing internet speeds is taking place in New Zealand today. This is happening because of the technology now available.  There are now fiber optics available there and broadband speeds have been increasing too because of it.

The Fastest Internet Speed Technologies

Fiber optics is the fastest type of internet connections today. It is the use of thin flexible fibers of glass or other transparent solids to transmit light signals, chiefly for telecommunications or for internal examination of the body.  Some countries like Japan have the highest penetration of this type of internet connection. The United States only accounts for just over 7% penetration of fiber optics.

Cable is a thick rope of wire of nonmetallic fiber; typically used for construction, mooring ships, and towing vehicles. Since you share broadband with others in your area, you might experience slowdown during peak hours. It is faster than DSL but may cost more too with that speed.

DSL is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. XDSL refers to different variations of DSL such as ADSL, HDSL and RADSL. DSL is expensive to install and is more fragile than coaxial cable.

Satellite is an artificial body placed in orbit around the earth or moon or another planet in order to order to collect information or for communication.  Satellite is typically slower than cable internet. Pricing on satellite internet services have come way down over the years. It’s the best way to get the internet from remote areas of a region and may be the only choice in those remote areas of the world.

Why New Zealand Has Such High Speed Internet

According to EMarketer New Zealander’s spend at least 2 hours a day online. 58% of them spend at least 3 hours a day online. The relatively high levels of daily time spent online and the wide variety of devices used is consistent with their high level of internet penetration.

With this much internet users there, that many internet providers offer a wide range of internet services. They also offer power and gas with these services too in bundles. I thought we had bundles here in the United States with Cable TV, Internet and phone but New Zealand offers even more together.

One of these local NZ internet is called TrustPower. They have been around in business since 1915. They are one of the largest energy and Telecommunications Company there in New Zealand today.

New Zealand categorizes internet providers with utilities. Access to the internet is a must have tool there. It is considered a necessity in New Zealand and in many other countries around the world.

Why Doesn’t the United States Have More High Speed Internet Service?

There is anti-competitive atmosphere in the United States leading to only one broadband company available in many parts of the county.  People cannot choose between any 2 or more companies for their internet services. This leads to monopoly and higher price services. The county also lacks the infrastructure for the technology. We would need fiber optic cables cross country and having them hooked up to homes and businesses. It’s not a cheap venture.

The United States does not see internet as a utility like other countries do. It is not considered an essential yet. It is still considered a consumer product. This may change in the coming years as people rely more and more on computers and their mobile phones for internet access.

How Do You Choose An Internet Provider When You Have a Choice?

Do you pick from the broadband providers with the fastest speeds? Or do you pick from the broadband providers with the lower priced options?  Remember the old saying you get what you pick for? Yes, even with internet service it holds true. If you are curating content you need fast speed internet service. You need to get more done with less time. If you have a choice Fiber optics is the way to go now.

If you are not sure what your internet speed is today try out this speed test here.

Why Broadband Speed is Key Today

Everyone expects things fast today. Getting quality fast high speed internet connection is crucial in today’s world. People don’t want to wait for the internet to come on. Remember the old days of dial up? And do you remember the infamous “You’ve Got Mail”? It would take sometimes 15-20 minutes just to get online. You could be doing something else while you waited for it to come on the screen. And once you got online it would take a long time to download something or to watch a video.

Businesses rely on the internet for everything today. From banking to our healthcare everything is being done online now.  Having slow internet speed will no longer be tolerated by many. Many people now realize time is money and the more time you have to produce things online the more money you can make.

I cannot imagine blogging and doing content marketing with a slow dial-up internet today. Think how long it takes you now to get things done. Can you imagine it taking 3 times longer to do everything you do online? If you want to make your current computer last longer check out the tips by Mayura on keeping your computer running to go with your high speed internet. Speed is key today!

I’d love to know the in the comments below what type of broadband provider you have and if you are happy with your speed and connection.

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