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Increase Staff Productivity with Newbie Boss Essentials

Increase Staff Productivity Even From Home

If you are a new employer and the transition from employee to boss doesn’t come easily to you, the chances are that you are eager to cement your authority.

While being a boss can be a tough challenge, you need to strike a balance between being firm yet getting the most out of your team. The employees that you have during these surreal days may not have their job at the forefront of their mind. Coronavirus has called into question everything we know.

Routines have shifted, people have started to work from home more often, and the economy looks uncertain. As a new boss, you have to reassure your staff while remaining transparent. To maximize productivity during challenging times, you need to harness these newbie boss essentials.

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Be Flexible to Increase Staff Productivity

It’s crucial that you remain flexible during this pandemic. If you can facilitate working from home, allow your staff to be present at virtual meetings from the comfort of their own home office. This can instil a sense of confidence within your employees.

Allowing them to work from home also shows how much you respect your team. You don’t have to micro-manage everything. This can leave your staff feeling claustrophobic.

Your staff will be so keen to retain their jobs and have something to occupy their minds that they will be more productive than when they are in the office.

Their commute will be non-existent, and they can hone a more fulfilling work-life balance. Don’t put too much pressure on your staff to return to the office if there is no need.

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Know Your Staff

As a new employer, you might have a lot on your plate implementing a business vision and securing funding. However, don’t lock yourself in your office to never show your face. You need to be present and visible. Have an open door policy and encourage your staff to voice their concerns to increase staff productivity.

You want to be approachable and speak to your staff on a human level. Get to know your staff and work out what makes them tick. You can get to know your Enneagram number by taking this Enneagram test which then details your personality type.

Get your entire staff team to take this short test to discover their motivations and ways of working. This can help you to form communication policies and get the maximum levels of productivity from your team.

Get your entire staff team to take this short test to discover their motivations and ways of working. Click To Tweet

Environment for Productivity

When your staff do return to work, you need to ensure their safety and well being. Have a social distancing policy in place. This may mean a rotation for office attendance as you might not have the ability to be at full capacity.

Next, have hand sanitizer stations at the end of every set of collaborative pods and allow your staff to wear face coverings or shields if they wish. It’s crucial that you allow your employees to dictate their safety alongside the policies that you implement. Deep clean your office every evening after work and ensure that hot-desking is no longer a policy.

Finally, keep your office space clean, tidy and hygienic for your staff to keep their focus on their work rather than worrying about their environment.

Pay Them On Time

I know as a freelancer over the years I loved being paid on time. This is one of the essentials I do for my own freelancers today. Therefore, once a job is complete I like to pay them immediately.

By paying people quickly for their completed work they will more likely stay with you in the future and continue to work hard for you.

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In Conclusion

Follow this guide and you can arm yourself with all of the newbie boss essentials that you need to increase staff productivity.

How are you increasing your staff productivity in 2020 with everything going on? Are your staff concerned about being replaced by robots? I’d love to know more in the comments below!


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