How to Create Your Own Facebook Page Custom URL

Facebook Page Custom URL

I was helping a cousin the other day create a custom Facebook Fan Page URL and we stumbled around it. I had done one a year ago for our nursing scrub business but it had been a while. We did some searching and found it a little cumbersome and many people in Facebook help had the same question.
How could I not blog about this? Facebook is not my strongest social media network. I feel like a fish in a fish bowl on Facebook.

Facebook Page Custom URL

Many people watch what you post but do not comment or interact. You see them the following day and they ask you questions from your posting but you would never know they even saw it.

So here are some things we learned about creating your own custom URL for a Facebook Fan Page

  • You must have 25 people liking your page first
  • You must check the availability of your name
  • You cannot make an error – there is NO going back
  • Go to Edit Page and then on the right hand side Basic Information
  • There near the top you will see Username – click it
  • It will make you go to your own Facebook (personal page)
  • Enter desired name to check availability – Do not use spaces between words
  • Facebook will keep asking you questions, are you sure, you cannot change, etc. Don’t be Afraid! Just go slow.
  • If you name is okay, click it and you are all set!
  • You can read the help page of Facebook here too


You can check mine out to see the difference
With Custom URL or
Without Custom URL
Of course you may give me a like so I can change it to a custom URL too.


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