How to Build Relationships Networking When Your Blog Is Invisible

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Build Relationships Networking – When you start a new business venture or hobby, the level of excitement is contagious. Your mind is filled with a flurry of ideas to build and create a website that will bring in loads of traffic. You buy your domain, pay for hosting fees, template and you start working on creating the next best thing. You pump out a few new posts and then reality sets in.
No one knows me.

building relationships networking
Feel Invisible?

For some, this is the time when they duck out the back door and leave a blog online with no updates, no posts and an empty page of what if’s. A few months later, you start again, after reading other blogs and how to achieve blog success. A light bulb goes off and you’re off buying another domain, hosting, template, posts, blah, blah, blah. Sounds like the definition of insanity?
Still nothing.

So what gives? How do you get over the hump of feeling alone and get interested traffic? Not just traffic to fill the space, but traffic that lasts long and repeats itself over and over.

Traffic will start to come to your blog


I know, you already knew that, but how many of us really know how to truly network? Build relationships networking isn’t just about saying hello on Twitter (that’s a start) or leaving a comment once and never come back. The bad part about my last statement is that I have seen allot people do that and then wonder why they don’t get reciprocal visits.
When I started blogging seriously, I realized one thing: we all love feedback. It’s why we do what we do. When you write a post, and you get a ton of comments, it feels great, but if you don’t look closely, you will miss is the big picture entirely.

My favorite blogger on earth is Adrienne Smith. She is truly a superstar blogger and a great friend. When she blogs, her posts are as if she is talking directly to you on the phone and you’re glued in. When she comments on a post, she goes out of her way to leave a comment worth reading. She is just one example of someone you can develop a “rapport” with and learn from. One thing about Adrienne does great is that she always takes the time to ask how my day was. How many of you actually go beyond blogging and talk about other things that don’t relate to what we do? We want traffic, but most don’t want to work harder to nurture the relationships right in front of us. Not every blogger is like Adrienne, but more should be. She is not only everywhere, but she really puts energy into her comments, and you can tell she not only read it, but understood it.

Another amazing blogger is Jason Ryze. He may not be well-known, but this is another blogger you want to network with. He wrote a guest post of my blog recently and he put a lot of effort into replying to each comment. He didn’t just reply with a simple thank you or come again, but he really wanted to know why you felt a certain way. One comment turned into many and it went from there. I won’t argue that good content helps, but not everyone writes like Copyblogger and not everyone has 5,000 hits a day either. And who can forget Lisa Buben, my first real supporter to my blog. She always supported my posts and always left comments which gave me the push I needed to keep blogging when I felt invisible.

What some of different ways you can network?

  •  Leaving worthwhile comments
  •  Promoting others than yourself
  •  Go above and beyond to help someone new
  •  Retweet other posts with a twist. (Make it so appealing people want to read it)
  • Asking questions outside the box
  •  Taking the time to just ask how their day was going
  •  Finding a post on their blog that resonates with you – even if their niche is different from yours
  • Sending an email offline

Even though these are things we all wish we had the time to do daily, how many of us make the time to do this period? We all work, have kids and a life outside our blogs and our communities, but when you do have time, how many of you make the most of that time? Paying it forward is not only a win-win for both parties, but the best reward you receive is the solid friendships you get in return.
We work so hard to get traffic, but sometimes doing the smallest thing can have the most impact.

Author Bio:
Sonia is a Marketing Coordinator for a Leading Software Company and the founder of LogAllot where she blogs about Marketing, Blog Design, Blogging and Travel tips. When she isn’t blogging, she is an avid golfer, bass fisher and part-time travel agent.

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Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 7 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

30 comments On How to Build Relationships Networking When Your Blog Is Invisible

  • Great post Lisa. I find that when I am able to build up a relationship with other bloggers (using many of the methods that you describe here) not only will they be more interested in reading my posts, but it helps me to secure guest blogging opportunities as well.
    Kostas recently posted..Connect with Bloggers Before Pitching Your Guest PostsMy Profile

  • Great post. On line relationship is important!It is because of them I have now plenty of friends to interview. And some people ask me to post on my blog with out me having to ask. Thanks for sharing your site.

  • I think the best way is to keep update your blog and write an interesting article. :mrgreen:

  • Have you tried asking questions? Or take a poll for readers? I’ll come by and take a look. I did not see any of your social sites on the blog. Did I miss something?
    Lisa recently posted..Loving the New WordPress 3.3.2 Updates!My Profile

  • Thank you Lisa. I enjoyed your article and as a new blogger, I too feel frustrated that my readers are reluctant to leave comments. My articles are about nutrition. I wonder if you can give me any tips on writing styles that will help my readers want to leave comments/feedback for me? Thanks in advance.
    Girl in purple dress recently posted..Is Wheat Making You Bloat?My Profile

    • I would start visiting other sites like yours and figure what works best on that site. Not to copy them, but to gain some insight on how to work your current content with those ideas. Sometimes it can be a simple change in blog design to adding new topics to help give your blog more variety. One topic might appeal to one person and not the other.

      Whatever you do, don’t give up and try not to get frustrated. It happens and I have been here, but one thing I can also add: Network with other blogs in your niche and start commenting on their blogs. Do this consistently too. Eventually the reciprocal love will come back, providing you leave comments that add “value” to their blog too. Networking and commenting on other blogs is what helped me get my blog where it is now. In time, you can too!
      Sonia recently posted..Want to Make Money with Amazon? Amazon Makes it Easy!My Profile

  • Thanks Sonia for writing an honest post about blogging. I think every blogger goes through ups and downs. I hope one day to become a “serious” blogger.

  • Great post Sonia! I know for me, I don’t have a lot of time to actively network right now because of other responsibilities so I focus on 2 things: sharing interesting info I find on twitter and responding to any comments I receive on my blog.

    If I find enough time to post elsewhere, I try to make it a meaningful comment rather than just a “thanks” or “good one” post. Granted, this is a slower means of building connections but heart-felt words that are few carry more value than hollow words of many – at least that’s my philosophy.
    Jenifer recently posted..Life Choices: The Elusive Crystal BallMy Profile

    • Jennifer, girl…I know what you mean. Time is a killer and most times it isn’t always on my side. Sticking to a schedule is nice, but when I work full time, have 2 doggies, 2 cats, my man and 4 hours left to go to bed when i get home, it gets tricky.

      I heard an audio from a friend the other day that made allot since about priorities and the time we can put into building our community. I am in the process of doing it now and it’s work in progress. The audio is from Barry and he features a audio interview with Adrienne Smith. Check it out and let me know what you think!
      Sonia recently posted..Why Bloggers Have Sh-tty Friends & What To DoMy Profile

  • I read Adrienne Smith’s blog too! She’s one of the few people I’ve been following. I like her style, she’s just so witty.
    Patrick Mizell recently posted..EcoTools & Earth Month – The Living Beautifully CommunityMy Profile

  • All great tips! I would ad a gentle caution about emailing commentors unless they indicate this is acceptable to them. In many places around the world (blogging is a global thing) it is illegal to use an email address for other than the purpose for which it was provided – e.g. to comment on a blog. Providing an email address to comment does not give the blog author the right to use that email address to contact the commentor.
    Robyn recently posted..I have no words: MasterChef ApprenticeMy Profile

  • Sonia you have just hit on one of the biggest challenges that every new blogger faces. You aren’t going to get anywhere without others as a blogger and you definitely need to make sure that you are willing to give before you receive. That is the rule with anything in social media. On my own blog I am interviewing other entrpreneurs so I can help them build their presence and hope karma comes back to me. thanks for the awesome post!
    Kalen recently posted..The Time I Got Nothing Being On the Front PageMy Profile

    • You’re right Kalen. When I first started I was completely invisible and it took me a long time before I got anyone’s attention, but i have learned that people gravitate to those that help one another. Without networking I don’t know where my blog would be and like so many other blogs I tried to create, they failed because my lack of relationships.

      I think what you’re doing for up and coming small business owners is priceless because they need that exposure to allow people to get to know them and before buying their product. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and leaving your comment. I really appreciate that!
      Sonia recently posted..TGIF Round Up – April 2012 – Week 1My Profile

  • Thanks Lisa for the opportunity to post on your blog. This week had been so crazy so it was nice to see my work on your awesome blog!
    Sonia recently posted..TGIF Round Up – April 2012 – Week 1My Profile

  • Absolutely beautiful, Sonia.

    You really got to something key here. Hidden behind all the techniques you’ve listed, is CARING about people and NETWORKING with them because of and through that CARE.

    People need to pull their heads out of the money-struggle and ask… “who and what do I really care about?” – then connect with THAT.

    That’s the reason behind why Adrienne goes the extra mile. That’s the reason people enjoy networking with Team Ryze at 🙂

    You really rocked it, love this post, and thanks so much for the kind mention.

    • Jason… friend. I just love what your doing online. You really take engaging with people to an whole new level. I have never seen someone so passionate about what he does and it shows. Your posts are completely amazing and the offline conversations make you a person I will network for life.

      It took me a long time to get that helping others was my calling. Besides, what’s the point in keeping it to yourself if you can’t give back to others? I don’t mind people making their money online because at the end of the day we all have to get paid, but not sharing the love with others is meaningless.

      Case in point: Pat Flynn…his posts are awesome and he always gives back and keeps it honest at all times. He is completely aware who his audience is and keeps the love flowing with post after post on how to build your own empire. Thanks Jason for your friendship, kick a– posts and the conversation!
      Sonia recently posted..TGIF Round Up – April 2012 – Week 1My Profile

      • Sonia, your words are like wine from the gods (or goddesses). Heartfelt stuff like that really inspires me to do more, deeper. Thank you. On top of that you always share my stuff with eager audiences! So pro.

        I’m totally with you, Sonia !
        I LOVE people making money. Why on earth would I NOT want people to make money lol 🙂

        I’ve heard Pat’s name a ton, and my empire grows — might be time for me to swing by 🙂

        It’s mutual, miss!

        P.S. I love the name of this blog.

  • I struggled with invisible syndrome. I had to go through growing pains to get to the truths you explain here. The most rewarding part of being online has been helping others. The support I have gotten back is just icing on the cake!

    • That’s it Susan: HELP. I have seen a few select individuals online that won’t even respond to emails let alone help others with pending questions. When you help others, they in tune help you. It can be with a tweet, comment and an email saying hello.

      We all have our own way in how we run our blogs, but when we give back to those that have given us so much you can’t help but feel good about that. Your reward: a thriving community of people helping others. Thank you Susan for your comment and reminding me why I do what I do.
      Sonia recently posted..TGIF Round Up – April 2012 – Week 1My Profile

  • You are spot on here when it comes to networking and building visibility. I have found myself feeling the same thing, asking the same questions, and coming to the same conclusion. How can you knock anyone for not commenting, participating, and being a part of your passion if you aren’t a part of theirs. It all comes down to building relationships, which goes much deeper than a hello or a retweet, LOL, or like! Great post! I will link this to the network and share your helpful tips with the HER members. Thanks for passing on the wisdom. It’s just what I needed to hear!

    • Thanks Nicole. It’s so funny that we had this same conversation the other day and presto my post appears. We have the most amazing conversations and I have learned so much from you too. I think when people nail down the best method to network with people, it too will help others to build their own communities. But you have to find what works best for you …with your life, situation, schedule and the time you can dedicate to it. After that it’s really up to the person and how far they will take it.

      When you feel invisible, you still have to celebrate the small wins no matter how tiny they might be because one day we might look back and regret not being happy with what we already had. Thanks Nicole for your friendship and support. Love ya girl!
      Sonia recently posted..TGIF Round Up – April 2012 – Week 1My Profile

  • Absolutely a nice article Sonia 🙂 Nice tips for networking. I’d like to add one thing though. Responding to comments made on your blog helps to return first time visitors too. Networking with new faces. ‘Cause they take extra little bit of time to drop a comment and appreciation is a necessity for long-term relationship. isn’t it? 😉

    And glad to see nice and informative guest posts working on your blog Lisa 😉

    Mayura recently posted..How to Report Copyright Violations on BloggerMy Profile

    • I couldn’t agree more Mayura. That is something I “A:WAYS” try to do. I think the reader more than the author want to be acknowledged to respond to their posts. When I meet new people online, I try and reciprocate with a visit and learn more about them. I have met some amazing bloggers that way and it’s how I got where I am now. I am by no means an expert in squat, but I can still learn from even the newest blogger online.

      Everyone has their own unique perspective about life and their opinions matter just as much as mine. I welcome networking with all kinds of blogs and making new online friends. Thank you Mayura for your awesome comment and I really appreciate the support!
      Sonia recently posted..TGIF Round Up – April 2012 – Week 1My Profile

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