How Sociable is Your Brand Online Today?

How Sociable Tool

How Sociable monitors brands and people’s social rankings online.  Have you wondered how visible your brand,  blog or you are? There is a cool tool to help you with that. It’s called HowSociable.

How sociable

What Does How Sociable Do For You?

HowSociable helps you learn more about your brand’s visibility on the social web. You can check your own stats for free and they offer a FREE trial. You may purchase 3 different plans with added features. You can now get a basic plan too for only $9 for 3 months. That is just $3 per month. You can cancel at anytime too – no commitment. I may have just sold myself on this one! With a FREE account you only get to see 8 social channels but when you use a paid account you can see 36 social website metrics. You can track anywhere from 5 to 100 brands or names with the paid versions as you can see below. You can also see historical results from 2008. That is 5 years of history! That would be quite interesting to see for your brand.


What Else Can How Sociable Do?

You can record your visibility history and save it forever. It tracks through 20 social channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. This service has been around since 2008 and has made improvements along the way. They offer a service where they email you reports monthly for FREE. So you can forget about it until it arrives in your email. (I have not done the pro version and get the emails – nice feature. (With the lower pricing now available I’m sure I’ll be checking it out soon)

High Impact Status

This newer feature is really nice. You can tell which pages and posts are giving you the highest impact. And if you are tracking competitors you can learn which of their pages and posts there are getting the highest impact on social media.

Have you checked how sociable your brand is today? 
Updated June 29, 2013

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