How I Made 100 Dollars Online with Sponsored Tweets

How Sponsored Tweets Made 100 Dollars Online For Me

I’ve talked about Sponsored Tweets here in the past and I know some of you have not made much money from them. I wanted to share some tidbits, since I made 100 dollars online, that I’ve learned with you on this mysterious and fun way to earn money tweeting. I had read Tim Bonner’s post on Sponsored Tweets yesterday and wanted to shed a little more light on it today for everyone. I have made 100 dollars online since going Pro with Sponsored Tweets earlier this year. The Pro account costs just $1.99 per month.

Made 100 dollars online

Have A Following on Twitter

I’ve noticed some peeps I had referred had less than 100 followers. That really won’t do you any good. Even if you went Pro. You really should have at least 2,000 followers to get some traction with Sponsored Tweets and start making over 100 dolllars online a year.

Set Your Price Right

Remember the price is right? You must price yourself right! I made the same mistake in the beginning, who would pay little old me over $1.00 per tweet? Once I adjusted my price to what Sponsored Tweets suggested I got more offers. I’m now at $7.00 and they suggest me at $7.61. (not bad considering a Pro Account is $1.99/mo. $2×12=$24.00/yr. to make over $100 yr. Do your stocks even do that?

See below how I made 100 dollars online tweeting – and via referrals.

my sponsored tweets

Don’t Forget About Referrals

Do you often tweet out for referrals? I try to at least weekly give a shut out for referrals either directly or via one of my posts on the subject matter. Twitter snowball effect
I prefer the posts since they offer tips on how to make money with Sponsored Tweets.  I also have an ad banner on my sidebar for Sponsored Tweets.
They don’t bring in as much money, most are at an average of 29 cents but you can see how they can add up too. It could turn into a Twitter snowball effect via the referrals. That brings my total up to over $140 in earnings in just over a year. (That’s why I’m using the made 100 dollars online in a year statements and it’s more like an 8 month period to date.)

Join Klout

I’ve read several other sources on Sponsored Tweets and it appears that they (the advertisers)  take your Klout score into consideration too. So if you haven’t signed up for your Klout yet, please do so. It’s also a great way to earn some free things in the mail as well. It can help you to having made 100 dollars online in the coming year.


Ask Questions

I’ve also given a shout out to them directly on Twitter with questions – they are always there to answer each time I’ve asked. They once had an issue with payouts for 24 hours and another month I did not get an offer and wanted to know what I could do about it. Be Patient – Right? 



Check Out John Chow’s Tips too on Sponsored Tweets! If would sure help if we had celebrity status. You can check your follow to friend ratio here at TFF ratio. 

Don’t Give UP!

Not getting offers? Don’t give up. I’ve heard many doing that. It takes patience and if you are unsure, tweet them and ask why. They may make a suggestion for you. Double check your keywords on Sponsored Tweets. It was not all that easy for me to have made 100 dollars online without patience and persistance.

Gain More Twitter Followers

  • Engage, Engage and Engage! Don’t just tweet out and be like a robot. Converse with others daily.
  • Stick to your niche and your profile. If your profile is about pets will you always tweet about recipes unless they are pet recipes? If you are not tweeting about what is in your profile either start to or change your Twitter profile.  I’m guilty of not tweeting deals enough, something I must work on.
  • Follow some new Twitter folks weekly that have engaged with your or that recommends for you. Be careful not to overfollow, you can always put people in Twitter lists instead. You don’t want to lower your TFF ratio if you follow too many folks.
  • Join some chats, I love Blog Chat on Sundays when I can stay up late enough to join that chat.
  • Check in daily on Twitter even if you don’t feel like it. If you spend just 5 minutes you won’t get burned out. On the other hand, obsessing over it and being on Twitter 24/7 will surely burn you out.
  • Love it – If you want to get paid for tweeting you must really love it. Embrace Twitter!
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Have you been doing Sponsored Tweets or gone Pro with them yet? Have you made 100 dollars online via Sponsored Tweets? Do you need to get more Twitter followers first?  

You can sign up here today for Sponsored Tweets, it’s FREE or Go Pro for $1.99/mo.

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