How Do Blog Comments Help Your Blog’s SEO?

Blog Comments and SEO – Is There a Link?

blog comments

Something made me think the other day – Do blog comments help or hurt us on SEO? After all they are PART of our blogs, right? I’ve had a few recently without faces and just images that made me consider them spam. I had not heard of their websites and when I visit them they are merely a sales pitch landing page. This topic is like the themes we discussed a while back and the impact on SEO. I also remember reading Barry Wells piece on comments a while back and how blog comments may bite you. I decided to ask Andy Bailey – the man behind CommentLuv about this topic.

Here is what Andy Bailey of CommentLuv had to say about blog comments and SEO:

“I don’t practice SEO on any of my sites beyond basic common sense practices like proper anchor text etc. CommentLuv was never about SEO, it was about giving your readers a chance to showcase what they write about by leaving a titled link to their recent post in the comments they leave on your site.
There are beneficial side effects of CommentLuv that help your sites SEO like having titled links to your site on sites that you comment on that will be indexed by search engines and the increased engagement on your posts on your own site that has CommentLuv, which is just recently being reported to be beneficial for SEO.
But, those are side effects of having CommentLuv, it was never for the search engines, it was for your readers.

Comments in general, disregarding the conversation you have with the blogger and social proof, well they are just like business cards in that if you leave them in places where your customers are likely to be then they can be very useful to get you found by those customers. But if you leave them in questionable places, like in the windows of dodgy shops or give them to dodgy people, then they are likely to do you more harm than good.
So, if you leave comments on related or relevant sites they can be a very useful way for people (and search engines) to find you and the more you leave (provided that the content of the comment is not spammy) then the more likely that your site will be found.
But, if you use tools or services to blast comments all over the place then it’s highly likely that they’ll do you more harm than good, especially so because sites or services that will blast comments on your behalf won’t care where they put them. Comments can be good or bad for SEO, it just depends on where you’re leaving them and what they’re saying.”


What Google Thinks About Blog Comments

Check out what Google says in their webmaster tools recently: They refer to certain comments (spammy) to be against their rules. SO do be careful of what type of comments you do leave. And of course be careful of what comments you do approve on your blog.

And here is my favorite Google person –  Matt Cutts of Google:

Now over to you, do comments on your blog help your blog’s SEO?

Are you more careful approving comments than you were when you first started blogging?

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215 comments On How Do Blog Comments Help Your Blog’s SEO?

  • Matt Cutts is supercool. There is a constant struggle I think between having a really great unique content and putting enough relevant keywords into it, the balance is hard to find

    • Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. He sure is 🙂 I agree with you on that balance as this post is a few years old. SEO has changed so much but I’m glad the content is more important now than just stuffing old keywords everywhere. It makes more sense for the readers now 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

  • Thanks for Sharing Lisa!

    One of the first tactics that I used three years ago without knowing any better through blog comments. Today more than the basics about SEO and receive myself over 100 spam comments a week. I think blog comments should be about interacting with people and building relationships more than anything.

    Think spammers forget about the first thing when it comes to marketing online or offline. That’s networking or building relationships with others and leaving comments that actually matter and adding input through your comments…

    Rather than just adding a bunch of crap that don’t help anyone. Love you design by the way…

    Did you design your website yourself…

    Anyhow blog commenting should be about networking with others on blogs and connecting with each other in the process…

    Was trying to find the share button but no success in looking for the share button.

    Good read..
    Paul Savola recently posted..MLM SEO: 5 top ranking Factors for search enginesMy Profile

    • Hi Paul, welcome back. I use plugins to avoid getting spammers but I still have some slip through the cracks. Relationships are key in blogging and on social media. I had it designed by a designer named Vanita. I’ve updated from time to time along the way too. Share button should be at the bottom of every post here. I’ll double check, thanks for coming by and have a great day!
      Lisa recently posted..Top 7 Social Media Mistakes That Make You Look DumbMy Profile

  • Lisa thank goodness fo spam filters, right?LOL!

    And like you, if I get a comment and they use a defaulted avatar image,
    I tend not to approve them!

    Thanks for including the video of Matt Cutts BTW, he really went into some extremely helpful detail.

    As did your post! Thanks! and I’ll definitely be sharing this one as well!
    Because this is an extremely important subject!
    Mark recently posted..Three Deadly Signs Your Online Business Is Definitely On the Verge Of Collapse!Part TwoMy Profile

    • Hi Mark, oh yes those spam filters can surely do wonders. I don’t like to approve them either. Bothers me too when the comment is a great one but because they don’t use a photo I won’t accept it. Isn’t Matt awesome? Always resourceful that one. You are welcome Mark. I appreciate your taking the time to comment on this one too and enjoy the rest of your week there.
      Lisa recently posted..10 Awesome Valuable Social Media Tips For YouMy Profile

  • Commenting is the best way to connect with any blogger personally. While it can take time to create such connections, once you are regularly commenting, you will be noticed by the site’s administrator and other co-bloggers. The development of these connections can prove to be very helpful to you in the long term.
    Jerry Mitchall recently posted..Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn’t Lose Confidence On SEOMy Profile

  • I love blog commenting this is a best way for make relationship with bloggers, we can participate and share your thought on your friend blogger post.
    and this is also participate for increase your website backlinks, if you get good backlinks then you can easily get high ranking into search engine.

    Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif recently posted..www-twitter-com login sigh in sign up | create twitter accountMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I also agree with Andy’s words that when we comment on other blogs, it benefits you when the article you comment on gets indexed. But on the other side, when you approve a comment on your own blog, it is always starting a discussion & engagement.
    I am not very much sure about the benefit of someone’s comment on my site. But definitely the engagement it creates is what a blogger should consider about. We must remember the fact that after we write an article, it is our reader’s property too. So they should be allowed the space to go on, criticise, applaud. In that way the quality of our content would be enhanced & gradually an authority will be created.
    Manidipa recently posted..Is bluehost anytime money back guarantee scam?My Profile

  • Great to see that blog commenting is still one of the powerful ways to build an online presence. I’m seeing taffic from particular comments on high traffic blogs years after I posted. It’s also proven here in a way with you getting over 200+ comments right here…

  • Wow ..

    Really a wow article on blog comments.

    Comments are great means to increase blog SERP.

    In fact blog comments are also great means to increase your network and intimation with your readers and fellow bloggers ..

  • 😛 When I need the best of the best I will research here, thank you very much.
    workin gon-line for only 4 years form the bottom up I still have so much to learn. However I am way ahead of many who post on a social I love, bubblews. over the last 2 years I have tried to share what I have learned so we get rid of spam. Until recently now others have listened. Now they are catching on. Rather than trying to reinvnet the wheel have already made I am sending people to this post and others on Inspire to Thrive. Hope that works for you.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Commenting on other blog not only help us for blogs SEO but it also help us to connect with people across other corner of world. It also help us to make our own identity on others blog and their readers.

    Once this identity is build, they can be benefited in their affiliate marketing since many people are aware about the person so its likely that people will trust on that person.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    > SK Lohar
    Shivkumar recently posted..5 Best Free Online Image CompressionMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,
    Nice post and Yes, blog commenting is very important factor in blogging as it helps in promoting our blog and also drives traffic to our blog but we have to beware of SPAMMERS. Gravatar really helps in finding spammers.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  • Thanks for an informative post. I’m currently customising my self-hosted wordpress blog and as I want to keep the layout as clean and simple as possible (using it mainly as a gallery for my art )… I wasn’t sure whether to allow comments or not. After reading this, I think I will allow comments, but have them visible only once I’ve moderated them.
    Lee Wilde recently posted..A drawing that breathesMy Profile

    • Hi Lee, Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Comments can be golden. They often help me to come up with new blog posts. People ask questions, give advice, share, give and take. It’s great to connect with others through comments too. Have a wonderful Sunday and new week Lee. I also have a photo blog (Blogger) and comments are nice to have there as well.
      Lisa recently posted..Recipe for a Great Google Plus ExperienceMy Profile

  • Great to see you engaging with all your commenters. Boy, that must take some time!

    The lingo I meant was things like “do-follow comments” and “do-follow blogs”.

    And the reason I don’t use a photo is that the logo’s more distinctive than just yet another face.

    (For some reason, the CommentLuv didn’t work for me, so I hope it’s OK this time!)
    Craig Hadden recently posted..Secret #6 of star presenters: 3 great benefits of pausing (by Keith Bailey of @DeckerComm)My Profile

  • Thanks for raising these issues, Lisa. The video by Google was great too. (I just need to get my head around some of the lingo!)

    I’ve quite often left comments to let site owners know of spam on some of their pages. In fact I did that just yesterday. As I wrote in that case, spam on a blog is like graffiti on an office wall – it certainly brings down the tone of the place!

    I’d hesitate to visit a suspected spammy site though. (What if they’re running malware designed to target a weakness in your browser?) Instead, you can Google a distinctive phrase from the suspect comment (in quotes) to see if it’s repeated verbatim around the Web.

    I did that with that comment I saw yesterday, and the idiosyncratic phrase (of around 10 words) occurred over 1 million times, and the first page of hits all looked very similar!

    Another thing I look out for is comments that make no mention of the post’s topic. Very often that shows it’s spam, but even if it’s not, it adds little if anything to the discussion. If in doubt, I’d remove URLs from the comment before accepting it, and maybe reply to ask the person to leave a more in-depth comment.

    Still, I get far fewer comments than you, so I guess the guidelines need to vary to suit each case!

    • Hi Craig, you are welcome. Oh yes, that lingo…Anything particular? Excellent comparison to graffiti. I’ve never thought of it like that before. Oh yes, that’s a clue if they make no mention of the post. Spam immediately! One thing about yours – do you have a have a photo? A photo would really help. I’ve thought of requiring all to have a photo here, but I know a few people who still do not. It can really make a difference. I used to have an image not a photo and boy, it does help! Thanks for coming by and welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I hope you have a great weekend Craig!
      Lisa recently posted..Social Bookmarking Sites – Are You Wasting Time There? My Profile

  • I love this post Lisa.

    I remember approving comments and then I realized they were spam. Now I’m more careful on the comments I approve. I love Comment Luv Premium and Akismet to help me control those spammy comments.

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great week ahead!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution To Lose WeightMy Profile

  • Happy New Year an Great post, Lisa!

    Thanks for this information. I typically approve just about every comment for the sake of having them. Now I know I need to begin exercising caution. 😳

    Nicole recently posted..Turning Over a New Leaf With Organics to Skin CareMy Profile

  • I assumed there was probably some minor SEO benefit to commenting on other blogs with Comment Luv, but the main reason I started commenting on blogs was I started a blog myself. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs previously but was more of a lurker, rarely ever commenting. Now that I have my own blog, I realize how much comments (hopefully) mean to the blogger. The community it helps form. For me, I started regularly commented on blogs I really enjoyed to establish relationships and ultimately it really helped me grow my blog as in return they started visiting and promoting my blog too. I definitely get SPAM but it’s generally blatant SPAM. I have noticed an increase in comments where I’ve to go to their website first to make sure they were “legitimate” before I approved their comment.
    Shannon recently posted..4 New Year’s Budget Resolutions {Infographic}My Profile

    • Hi Shannon, oh yes, there are many benefits to it. Great that you check out those comments before approving, it can be tough to tell sometimes but if you visit their site it can help you decide more quickly. I love the community that comes about from commenting Shannon, it helps to know what you should be writing about in the future too. You can form wonderful friendships too along the way. It’s the best benefit of blogging I believe 🙂 Have a great weekend Shannon and thanks for coming by here today!
      Lisa recently posted..Are You Hitting The Google Plus Button Now Or Are You Still Waiting?My Profile

  • An older post, but saw that you tweeted this out and had to read it. I never use blog comments for SEO purposes, it’s an added benefit, if anything at all. I have “met” some great people through blog commenting. Whether it be on one of my sites or someone else’s site. It’s a great place (often overlooked) place to network with other bloggers.

    Although, I was really good about leaving at least 5 blog comments a day and once I stopped, traffic decreased about 15%.
    Adam Dukes recently posted..5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is a Smart Investment for 2014My Profile

    • Hi Adam, I’ve noticed the same thing as you – if I stop leaving comments elsewhere traffic does decrease. So in a way comments DO effect SEO as traffic ultimately does, right Adam? I find it’s a great way to get to know other bloggers. ask questions or answer them for others along the way. We cannot do this alone, so many have helped me throughout my years of blogging now. It truly is amazing! Thanks for checking this one out Adam and have yourself a great day.
      Lisa recently posted..Many Twitter Followers Can Spread Your Tweets Further Into TwitterlandMy Profile

  • Finally your blog post made my day. I really like your post. Actually I was written a post on blog commenting and later I think that why not to read what other bloggers thinks about the comments and after reading your post, I learned some extra information. Your post is really helpful for me. 😉
    Happy Blogging
    Chetan Gupta 😉

  • I started worrying about readers entering giveaways on my blog… they would leave a one word response. I’ve read that this hurts your site. So if it’s my on giveaway (I do group ones, as well), I make sure to make the mandatory entry a comment and that they have to leave answers a question that would require at least a complete sentence or thought. 🙂 I have never left a comment on a blog for link juice. Honestly, I never even thought about that when I first started blogging. It was for the connections/relationships.
    Donna recently posted..A Parent’s Guide: When Bullying Becomes AssaultMy Profile

  • Thanks for the insight into commenting on blogs with respect to SEO. I do use CommentLuv and like that I can share what others have written through that avenue, and like you, I have seen my share of “suspiciously spammy” comments. When I’ve gotten these, I have chosen not to approve them. I hope I am doing the right thing! Same with my comments on others’ blogs. Again, great tips, and will definitely be paying even closer attention to my comments, both on my own blog, and when I leave them on others.
    Happy Monday!
    Carol B recently posted..Six Fun And Family Friendly Adventures In and Around La Fortuna, Costa RicaMy Profile

  • Great post, Lisa – I love the quote from Andy, and the video, and think they both give a very healthy message. I hate it when people comment just to get link juice, and I’m now much harsher about the kind of comments I’ll accept on my site and I’m brutal about deleting any links I don’t like the look of. As for leaving comments – I do it primarily to build relationships with other bloggers and interact with them – any SEO benefits are just a bonus.
    Susan Neal recently posted..15 Beliefs To Supercharge Your Writing CareerMy Profile

    • Thanks Susan, I really loved that quote too. I agree and I’ve gotten stricter here too. I always check out a new persons website first and fish around a little before accepting the comment. Otherwise they go into spam. It’s sad that giving comments always = getting comments. But when they come naturally it’s a wonderful thing. It does help us get to know others better and know what their needs are going forward with our blogs. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment here Susan, Enjoy the rest of your day.
      Lisa recently Builds Traffic To Your Blog and Goes Beyond CommentsMy Profile

  • I don’t know if I am hurting myself, but lately I have been only approving blog comments from blog sites that I know well, or I have verified their website as not questionable.
    Jen recently posted..MooseJaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.My Profile

  • I don’t worry about comments affecting SEO. I just figure they won’t affect it unless I allow spam. I’m pretty careful about not allowing spam. If there’s a link to a site that sells something–no way!

    I do like Comment-Luv as a way to give back something to legitimate commenters. I appreciate it when I find it on other blogs and am more likely to comment there.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post! 🙂
    Maggie recently posted..10 Time Management Tips from Personal Finance Bloggers: #FinCon13 EditionMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing this with us…I remember when blog comments and how many there were was a hot topic in the summer….I’m sure there we’ve seen new bloggers since then and can use this post’s advice.

    I remember I approved some comments that were spam because I didn’t know any better….and I was excited that I had some lol :).

    Happy Friday Lisa! Hope you’re having a great day!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..I’m Every Woman Weekly Issue #10My Profile

  • I might tag and include in my post some keyword SEO phrases but I never have looked into it after my post is published. How does one go about finding out what hurts and helps their site where SEO is concerned with what they themselves do and all the other factors, like comments that come into play?

    #ImEveryWoman Issue #10
    Arelis Cintron recently posted..I think I broke it…My Profile

  • Great and i was also thinking about it On should i make Comments dofollow on my blog? But i think i must think twice before doing that because my Reputation is at stake.
    Gautam recently posted..How To Find Windows 8 Product KeyMy Profile

    • Gautam, I only use dofollow for folks who comment a # of times and if they are not in the same niche I may make them a no-follow. It really depends. Many people only use dofollow for those in their niche and regularly visitors to their blog. I did not always do that but it’s a good SEO practice. Thanks for coming by and hope that helps 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..Demistying WordPress Plugins For Your BlogMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    It’s great to be back at Inspire To Thrive. 🙂
    Blog commenting has become so popular recently that everybody do it on a daily basis. I like the fact that it can build relationship with your readers.
    Fahad recently posted..Top 5 SEO Techniques for WordPress Blogs 2013My Profile

  • I discovered this post from Ed King – great information. I’m looking forward to learning more about how comments effect my ranking! ty

  • I already install commentluv in my others blog…but still look like they don’t know how to use the commentluv. Maybe still new in my country or they really dont know the benefit for their site 🙂 recently posted..MyKad Smart ShopperMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    thanks for sharing such a useful post…

  • Thanks Lisa … 🙂 this blog info will be great for my new website.. and yes I also personally love using blog comments in seo…
    Seo in miami recently posted..A Guide to Trade Show GiveawaysMy Profile

  • I personally love using blog comments as a way to improve my SEO, you have to take it slow and make quality comments though. It can be a great way of building backlinks (even more so with the comment system, CommentLuv – which I use on my blog as a reward for bloggers and to try and get them to comment back on my blog.

    It is really great that such things like this work for promotion as it can leave some very good feedback on articles.
    Martin recently posted..Promotion forums – Good or useless?My Profile

  • I just found your blog and am using Comment Luv Premium. Your post answered a lot of the questions that I had regarding the comments that I am starting to see on my blog. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    I will definitely be back to read your blog again.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Email Follow Ups – Setting Up 10 Email Follow UpsMy Profile

  • After the Google update now it’s hard to use blogs for commenting because you don’t which blog is good or bad for Google algorithm. Now you need to careful about your SEO strategy, if you do anything wrong then you come under fire.
    Rameez recently posted..A Massive List of 5000+ Commentluv Enabled + Do-follow High PR Blog & DA List – UpdatedMy Profile

  • I´m new to blogging and struggling with which posts to allow and which to delete. If someone leaves a comment relevant to my blogpost but also leaves their blog/website Im ok with that, but now I wonder if its a good idea to approve them or not?

    • Cat, I struggled with yours for not having a gravatar. But I visit the site or blog and then decide if the comment is relevant. It is not always clear cut. Good luck with new blog.

  • Yes, that is what WE are and that is what makes us BLOGGERS. It is really a pleasure to go through your blog and I am sure that our interest and love for commenting will never go away. In fact, it is going to grow with time and make a wide difference between serious bloggers to the casual ones. Thanks Lisa for the wonderful conversation and I am looking forward to more of it with time.
    Ashutosh recently posted..Best Career Option For YouMy Profile

    • Thank you Ashutosh, appreciate that. I do believe comments are a great value and it is what it makes our blogs a hub of our social networks. We also get to leran more about one another via the comments section. I’ve got to back to yours soon. I’ve been cleaning up some old posts here and updating them. Hoping to finish before the next Page rank update that I’ve heard rumored is to come soon. Have a wonderful day ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • This is another informative post explaining the worth of commenting so clearly. Yes, you are right, we need to be over cautious not to act like spammers while commenting. I feel that commenting is the real essence behind blogging and I comment simply because I love it, It let me feel more involved by expressing my thoughts after going through a post. If I have gained something then it quite justified to express our appreciation by connecting back.

    Thanks once again for another deep insight coming from your expertise.
    Ashutosh recently posted..Successful Small Business Ideas – Inception to ImplementationMy Profile

    • Thanks Ashutosh. I have been putting more faceless commenters into spam. I do double check their emails and websites first too. I love comments too because it’s our own social media place and it won’t shut down or change how we connect unless we make the changes 🙂 I’ve gotten to know many bloggers better via comments. Thanks again for coming by and leaving your input on this subject Ashutosh.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • I don’t get that many comments but sometimes wonder if it is due to the fact I moderate all comments and have a pretty stern comment policy? Or maybe many of my peers do not realize the value of making comments on other websites that are in the same field?

    The spambots do still post though. Just one of the joys of the internet I guess.

    Leaving good comments means actually taking the time to read the article and then leaving a reply that either contributes or asks a question about the article. Not that hard to do but it seems difficult for some people. Often I may love an article but don’t comment because the author has written an article that requires no comment and doesn’t leave me with any questions. I will probably tweet it instead.
    Mark recently posted..Mortgage Rate UpdateMy Profile

    • Hi Mark, it could be the niche you are in too. Some niches I see do better than others. I see your are in real estate. Your blog looks nice! How long have you been at it? There is one blogger I know that goes by blogboy and he gets a quite a few and many shares. Check him out. He has a lot of interesting posts – not just on real estate but life in general, etc. I moderate new commentors here to avoid spam coming through. Once approved then the rest of the comments are as well if they come back. Good luck with yours!
      Lisa recently posted..Share Juice Makes It So Simple To Pin Images and ShareMy Profile

  • If nothing else, my comments give my blog more validity for other readers, making my brand seem like more of an authority, regardless of SEO. Nothing looks more sad to me than a post with no comments. I love linking up too though!

  • It’s great to find out your blog on the Google first page roiling up and down closer to my article I wrote about “How do Blog commenting help SEO”, increase traffic and for most of the related keyword phrases 🙂

    Blog commenting has tremendously helped me increase my blog traffic and getting ranked well on the search engines withing a day or two of publishing a new post on my blog. Also I highly advice everyone to read my article as a additional supporting information to your post to know a great example of a person who built a thriving brand through his blog by blog commenting aggressively in his early days.

    Also your mention about CommentLuv is a definitely a positive factor and the plugin has a been a great use for me and my clients websites.
    FERNANDO recently posted..How do blog comments help SEO and increase your website traffic?My Profile

    • Thanks Fernando, I saw that, pretty neat 🙂 I love CommentLuv for commenting. I had been reading up on the Google+ system as well but if I were to add it I would keep CommentLuv, after all Andy is always there if we have any questions. Besides with Google adding and deleting things all the time now – what if they decide to get rid of the Google comment system? Welcome to Inspire to Thrive Fernando. Hope to see you again and have a great weekend ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..Goodbye Website or Blog – It Was Nice Knowing You My Profile

  • I would have to agree with Al, commentluv is easier to use in commenting, i am speaking of as i do blog commenting, i get to leave comments more on commentluv than livefyre.

  • Thanks for posting this info. When it came to choosing the right program for commenting, Comment Luv seemed to be the obvious choice since it rewards the readers.
    I’ll admit that I am a new blog owner and don’t know much about SEO. I only know that energy produces more of the same…so it made sense that if I enabled a platform for those who took the time to read my content to share their work and wisdom, it would be a win/win for all.
    Channeling Zig here I guess 😀

    Looking forward to reading more of your articles.
    Dana recently posted..Being the Example – A Way to Save the WorldMy Profile

  • 😉 Thanks Lisa – this info will be great for my new site in 2013! Rgards JB
    JB recently posted..Terms of UseMy Profile

  • I’m curious, what are everyone’s thoughts on using Facebook comments rather than other plugins?

    I integrate it into all of my sites for social sharing purposes because when someone comments or likes a post it gets shared with their Facebook community.
    Internet Marketing Mentor recently posted..Search Engine Optimization Strategy: The Foe and The FriendMy Profile

    • Hi Michael, I’m not a big fan of them and I don’t usually comment on blogs with the FB comment system. I don’t want all my FB friends to see all my “blogging activity” it would probably drive most of the them nuts. Am I correct that it would show up in my feeds? And most bloggers I think would like the links from commenting and they would not get them via the FB comment system. I’d love to see what other bloggers would say too on this one.
      Lisa recently posted..The Race to Post, Comment and Share To SuccessMy Profile

      • Hi Lisa,

        Thanks for your response. You make some great points that I agree with. When you comment or Like it does show up in your Facebook feed as far as my tests have shown.

        I believe that both types of commenting systems have their own unique benefits. For example, using a commenting system such as this one, you encourage people to leave a comment in hopes it will be approved and there is a link back to their website (and to contribute to the discussion of course 🙂 The benefits are for you the post author and also the person leaving the comment.

        If you use a social commenting plugin, more people may comment because it requires less effort (if they are already logged into Facebook), it can help create social buzz around your post (as discussed it shows up in their news feed), and can drive more people to your post when it enters social circles. This is obviously more beneficial for the post author rather than the person leaving the comment.

        I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. Just two different approaches. However, with no traffic, neither will matter anyway lol.
        Internet Marketing Mentor recently posted..Search Engine Optimization Strategy: The Foe and The FriendMy Profile

  • glad to see this. Keep it up
    Vin Dicarlo recently posted..How Much Does Google Adsense Pay Per Click & Adsense TipsMy Profile

  • I never thought about comments possibly having negative backlinks. Thanks for the valuable tip.
    Jennifer Cunningham recently posted..No More Facebook and Still Boost Website TrafficMy Profile

  • Letting an unscrupulous SEO firm blast out so many spammy comments for your site that Google penalizes you seems like a LOT of work to repair. And who even knows if you can remove all of them once the damage is done.
    Jim recently posted..Convincing Hesitant CustomersMy Profile

  • now i am confused about blog commenting ❓ .
    now days i am practicing seo with my blog. i did on page seo with help of some expert .but for of page work i make lot comment luv blog comments in recent days and i got positive results also.

    now your part.
    any negative in this ?

  • Hi Lisa,
    That was a great article, there is a lot to learn from it.
    The good thing about comment-luv is that most people with any sense will actually read the blog.
    I read a lot of blog articles on subjects I am interested in, this way I learn a lot and can give my full and honest opinion.

  • I think blog comments are important and I love the way it was explained by Andy. Just like everything else on the Internet, everything should be done with care.

    I prefer to approve comments from bloggers who use real photos and of course check out the site. If there is not photo, and the comment is very reasonable of good quality, I will check the site to ensure it’s not spammy or shady before approval.
    Thanks for this post , Lisa – it makes one reflect on this issue. 🙂
    Lola Stoney recently posted..Business Blogging: Moving from Fun to Pro BloggingMy Profile

  • Lisa, this is a question I have had for some time and I’ll tell you why. I set up a page called “Promote Your Blog” set up purely for new (or old) bloggers to describe their site, including a link, and use CommentLuv to link to an article. My site is DoFollow everywhere after 3 comments. Since CommentLuv comes with GASP, I don’t get robot spam. But WOW do I get shady, marginal, clueless human commenters. If it looks as though a commenter is trying to make a go of it, I let them through. If a comment has a truly shady link, I trash it. 👿 Has it hurt my blog’s reputation? Probably a little. Do I care? No, it’s an experimental blog and I’m learning how blogging works. And my site does show up as a DoFollow site in CommentLuv’s directory. 😛 BTW – I gave up on doing flip flops for Google. If sharing PR from my little PR 2 site hurts my “reputation” so be it. My content is of high quality and if Google can’t sort that out, well, less power to them. Love your site, BTW. Hope my comment doesn’t hurt YOUR reputation. 🙂
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..I Know What Angels Look Like NowMy Profile

  • This is an interesting post Lisa.

    I have been thinking about adding Commentluv on my blog. It seems like a very practical and helpful app.

    I have built a community of readers who engage in the comment section of my blog. I value the insights and wisdom people bring to the topic/discussion. I personally value those relationships/comments more than my traffic.

    I’m not a SEO expert, I wish I was 😀 so personally have no opinion about how commenting effects SEO. I do know though if we want to share and spread our message it requires having and building relationships with other people.

    Looking forward to reading your blog more.
    Dan Black recently posted..Do You Have Sight or Vision?My Profile

  • Suitcase Stories - Nicole

    😛 Hi Lisa. I have just found your blog and I am so glad I did! We are VERY new to the travel blogger community so we are always keen to learn as much as we can.

    I think commenting is great! But I will only comment on a post that I genuinely like (maybe I an new and naive but thats just me). And I will never comment JUST to get my details out there. And I love when people comment on our posts because I genuinely want to hear what they have to say. We are not at the point of worrying about SEO and stats, ranking etc etc (We ARE only 4 days old after all!). We blog because we love it and love interacting with other travelers and wanna be travelers – Not to get a higher ranking or better SEO.

    Maybe one day that will be a concern to us but for now, I will show love to those posts that I actually love and in return I hope people show us love, only because they love what we have to say.

    Like I said, maybe I am naive and just a newbie 🙂
    Suitcase Stories – Nicole recently posted..Why I left my successful career for a life of travelMy Profile

  • This is a topic that I’ve been interested in for quite a while. Although blog commenting may not improve your SEO it certainly does improve your domain authority. I tested this out recently with two niche sites.
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted..Why You Should Visit Swedish Lapland This WinterMy Profile

  • Yes blog comments is very important for seo. Also it is a part of our blog. We get huge visitors through blog commenting. So blog comment is very effective to promote our blog. Thanks for this nice post.

  • Hello Lisa,
    Blog commenting is latest trend to get back link to another good site. Lot of people follow blog commenting!
    Disha recently posted..System Consultant and Developer for Inbound VoiceMy Profile

  • It’s hurt.. If someone commenting to get only backlink to their website.. I have seen there is many spammers those comment with link to Viagra type sites this the problem

    It’s help if someone really giving you feedback or want to know more on what you have written in post
    Amit recently posted..How To Make Your WordPress Site Pinterest FriendlyMy Profile

  • Nice post ! I did not really pay a lot of attention to comments when trying to improve my blogs SEO so i will be taking more notice of comments now and making sure that i do not have any spam comments on my blog 🙂
    Thanks for sharing
    Phil M recently posted..5 Lessons I Learnt To Increase Blog Traffic Within A WeekMy Profile

  • I love receiving comments on my blogs not just for SEO purposes, but I also want to get in touch with my readers and hear their opinion with what I am posting. This is very important to me in order to assess what they think of my posts.
    Sarah Park recently posted..How to Become a ParamedicMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Interesting subject!

    I have never really taken commenting to be a serious source of backlinks. True. the small links add up, but if that is where most of a blog’s backlinks are coming from, then that blogger needs to reappraise his SEO methods.

    Comments are great for relationship building, and Comment Luv is a useful tool to update your friends of your newest posts. If your comments are designed to meet those needs, great; for SEO, think again…
    Yeremi Akpan recently posted..The Strangest Secret in the WorldMy Profile

  • Good question. . I think comments can hurt you if they are spammy as Matt says in his video. I usually don’t approve comments unless I know them or they leave something of value. HOWEVER: a year ago, i was more lenient and allowed an SEO person to post several comments to my blog where she linked back to her “kitchen fisture website” which i thought was weird but thought maybe she was interested in travel and that her website was her business. Then about 3 months ago,i get an email from the owner of the “kitchen fixture” website asking me to remove the comments left by the commentor. Apparently they didn’t want those links pointing to their website anymore from my site. I asked them why and they said the previous SEO company they hired left comments on non related sites in different niches and that it was hurting their SEO efforts.
    Granted i leave comments on websites outside of my travel niche but it’s balanced so i don’t worry about whether they are not in my niche or not. ..
    Annie André recently posted..51 Reason Why You Need To Pack Vaseline In Your Bags on your next tripMy Profile

    • I am the same about that too Annie. I had that happen with one of our retail sites too. People emailed to be removed. Interesting how Google works. I’d love to be a fly on the wall there when they are implementing this stuff. Thanks for your input today and for coming by. Have a great day. Loved your vaseline piece!
      Lisa recently posted..WebMeUp Software for SEO and Much MoreMy Profile

  • It’s been more common these days. I’ve seen a lot of commentLuv links pointing to the sales pages or to pages that are about completely different niche.

    Most of the times I’m in trouble. I wish to reward the commenters. And it is most difficult when the comment is genuine and related to the matter discussed in the post but only the commentLuv link points to sales page.

    Do you suggest me not to approve those comments or remove the luv from them? Can we edit the links from such comment authors? And, would they be interested to comment on my blog again if I start to edit their URL and luv links?
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Solved Auto-Spammed Comments ProblemMy Profile

    • Hi Suresh, I would definately take a good look at where commentors are coming from. Check out their website or blog. See if their name matches email address. If not good, put them in spam. Yes I would comment if you did edit your comments. You can reward by commenting back or sharing their stuff on social media sites. Thanks for coming by Suresh.
      Lisa recently posted..WebMeUp Software for SEO and Much MoreMy Profile

  • Thank you Lisa.This is extremely valuable to me.I just migrated from blogger to Thesis specifically for SEO improvement. I can’t wait to begin implementing your tips.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for including Matt’s video. I’m a big fan of his too. I too worry about spammy comments because I can be a little too lenient sometimes and err on the side of the blogger who is leaving the comment. Then, I’ll have a day when I’m feeling ruthless and I’ll got through pages of comments removing the links or at least the do-follow tag. Thank goodness Andy built that capability into the premium version of CommentLuv. It’s been a huge help.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..SEO Gets Social | How to Use Social to Get More out of SearchMy Profile

  • I’m glad you addressed this topic. I am very picky about who comments on my site. I usually go to the link they have provided and look at their site. If it looks ‘iffy’ I put it in spam. If it looks legit, their comment is relevant to the content of my post, and they have not showed up on the ‘honeypot’ (I use this to help weed out spammers), then I’ll post the comment.

    Some of the people I know don’t use a photo when they comment, and I know who these people are. If the faceless commenter doesn’t look sound, they’re history.

    Great post, Lisa! Sally
    sally brown recently posted..Being Grateful Is A Way Of LifeMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Excellent post! You covered the topic well.

    Comments are always such a touchy subject. If you’re new on the block, getting any comments makes you feel validated. In that situation, it’s hard to delete those comments that don’t belong, but it has to be done.

    I just deleted a comment today that had been sitting awaiting my approval for several days. I let it sit for a bit to see if the person would come back. Their comment made it through my spam filter, had what appeared to be a real name, and a logo for a gravatar. The comment was very short and vague as many spam comments are. The link went to a shoe website, which is way out in left compared to what I blog about, so I decided to go ahead and delete it. I figured it was a spam comment from the beginning, but I didn’t want to delete it outright in case it was a real person who just didn’t know how to comment properly.

    Once you get to the point of being a bigger blog with tons of comments, it’s still a touchy subject because it’s much more work keeping an eye on the comments. It just becomes a lot of work.

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Barry Overstreet recently posted..Easy Way To Learn How To BlogMy Profile

    • Thanks Barry for your comment today. I’ve done that too – visited their website and wondered and if not sure would delete the comment. Some kept coming back and then I knew it was the right decision. Spam, spam, spam. Nasty 🙂 It sure is hard to delete them when you are new. Hope you have a nice weekend too Barry.
      Lisa recently posted..How Do Blog Comments Help Your Blog’s SEO?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    Have always been careful since day one with spammy comments. I was excited when I got my first comment and went and forth looking at where it was coming from. My biggest thought “why” wasn’t it coming to me. Since it made no sense of why I got the comment, I decided reluctantly to delete it. It ended up being the smart choice.

    Today the first time anyone wants to leave a comment it goes to get my approval and any time after that it will be approved. So I am very diligent about if the comment is legit. If the URL is porn or sales page only, even if the comment is genuine, they do not get approved.

    It is my home…and I can decide who to let in. Once I decided on that attitude it is a lot easier to decide to delete if in doubt.

    Great post.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Memories and How Well They Serve UsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa!

    I am so careful about this! I do let in those non-faces sometimes only if I know them and they may be under construction, or changing their blogs. Most of my comments end up in the trash! Linking to a spam blog is “death” to my blog. So I am picky who I allow to come in.
    I never paid much attention to SEO, and now I glad because Google has changed all the rules and looks for quality, not quantity. Yes I’ll do a headline, or repeat a word or two, but that’s it. I just write from the heart.
    Comments were always important for me. Sometimes I will allow a comment with a sales page but just remove the commentluv. Only if it is a person I know.
    I am so grateful that you posted this video. It says it all!

    Donna Merrill
    Donna Merrill recently posted..8 Simple Strategies to Nurture Your Online BrandMy Profile

  • I like the comments to be conversational, no more no less. However, as we know, that can be very time consuming and I have been rock-n-roll in my day job right now so somewhat remiss in holding up my end. Oh well, I still know where to find everybody I suppose……….:).
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Please retweet this post at 7:34 am ESTMy Profile

    • Hi Bill, I would agree with you on that, conversations and debates are great. I never seem to have enough time to leave comments as I work a day job too. And of course my arm was bothering me for a month, today is the best day so far. I’ve been taking nights off to let it rest. Thanks for your input today Bill. Have a great rest of the weekend.
      Lisa recently posted..How Do Blog Comments Help Your Blog’s SEO?My Profile

  • Great work Lisa,
    Blog Commenting is strong & powerful way to make good quality link. Many people’s are doing Blog commenting to get high quality link & I think it’s best way. There benefit of both person. First for Blog owner & second for Blog visitor.

  • I disagree. I think comments are becoming smarter and smarter. When I look at Disqus and Livefyre – there are many things in place to help weed out spammers looking to add crappy backlinks. Like Google has done with their algorithm changes so will the Commenting Go. Soon domain and author authority will be used to see if you will have a backlink to your website or back to your Livefyre profile page. I think comments will continue to be relevant and more so if the controls of comments continue to keep quality and find was to keep the crap out.
    Saanvi recently posted..Five Tips For The Small Business In The Social MediaMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Very interesting post! Basically though, we should just use ‘common sense’. I do not allow any ‘faceless’ comments or links back to sales pages or non-english sites (where I can’t read the content.) And if I detect comments that have absolutely nothing do do with a particular blog post I do mark them as spam.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and the great Google video! That was all very helpful.

    Ilka Flood recently posted..Facebook Graph Search in a NutshellMy Profile

  • We help a lot of our customers by finding great blogs and leaving important and relevant comments linking back to great sites. It really helps and adds to the overall SEO rankings. I have to search for good blogs though and don’t try to be spammy nor do I leave tons of blog comments for no reason. Great post, shared on G+.
    Tammy Emineth recently posted..Who Blogs and Why?My Profile

  • This is extremely valuable to me.I just migrated from blogger to Thesis specifically for SEO improvement. I can’t wait to begin implementing your tips. Thanks for Grate post.

  • Hi Lisa,
    From what I’ve read, one indeed has to be careful when approving comments. But should humans be willing to give their sense of judgement to robots like Askimet?

  • Oh my Lisa I hate when people leave comments and don’t an avatar. In fact, I just check and unless I know the person or check the site and it’s not highly valuable content or a well thought out comment I just delete them. I do use the broken link checker on WordPress to make sure I don’t have any broken links. It’s just not the risk to have links on your site that could hurt all your hard work. Also, if you focus more on visitors and not seo you will see more rewards in Google. Google is almost leaning torwards less links and more quality content.
    Garen recently posted..Giveaways – Part 2 Interview With Justin GerminoMy Profile

    • Garen, I so agree with you on that. I haven’t checked my broken ones in a while, something I will do again soon. (Thanks for reminder, usually too busy doing it on retail sites)…I think you are right, content and visitors will be more important than SEO in the near future. Thanks for your input on this post Garen.
      Lisa recently posted..How Do Blog Comments Help Your Blog’s SEO?My Profile

  • For real, the reason why you see some bloggers popping up to comment on your site is because of the backlink juice, majority of them don’t even bother to read your article coz of their reason for coming, but my approach is I learn each time I read a post, and drop my thought if necessary. The backlink and comment love thing is also important, but not to be abused. Thank God there is Google penalty :mrgreen:

  • Hi Lisa,

    It has always been a matter of question whether, blog comments helps SEO or not. I am very sure it does help if not directly as your blog links even though have a no follow tag, gets crawled by google bots from other websites. And it also helps to bring together a community discussion and social sharing. So it forms a chain reaction all together and helps ou one or the other way to bring visits to your website and optimizing it.
    Anubhab From Reworkengine recently posted..What is the importance of website bounce rate in Google AnalyticsMy Profile

  • Amol From ConnectAmol

    Hello Lisa,

    First of all thanks for sharing such a wonderful information with us. as usual your post makes me so inspire and love the way you explain in every single words. I’m getting many comments on daily basis, But Akismet plugin really help me to prevent from spammers. Sometimes spammers are very clever and Akismet not detect them properly and because of that I need to monitor every single post and might be this is the basic task for all bloggers. But one great thing happens while commenting on other blogs that made a great relationship with many fellow bloggers.

    From ConnectAmol 😀
    Amol From ConnectAmol recently posted..[Cheap Travel Agent] Discover How Google Flights Save Your Time And MoneyMy Profile

  • As long as you’re smart about the comments you allow on your blog, there won’t be any real negative SEO factors. Most CommentLuv blogs have been opting to only allow “DoFollow” after X amount of comments – thus you still are encouraging comments and readers to participate, yet not giving link-juice to the negative websites that could hurt you.

    I generally even take it a step further by going through all comments before I approve them, and checking the websites that they link to – if I feel that they are going to contribute negatively towards my SEO, I go ahead and remove them. I only have to actually remove the links a small percentage of the time, but that percentage still exists. Over time, the numbers build up, and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

    Great post, keep up the good work!
    Joe Boyle recently posted..How to Create Amazing ContentMy Profile

  • The quality of the traffic you get from comments is entirely different from the traffic you get from search engines.
    With blog comments you can build stable and good relation to our readers and you can also get a lot of ideas from them.
    Wenie Langacre recently posted..What is a Prestige Joinery?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    In my opinion comments are the most important thing after content that can break or make a blog as SPAM hurts both Google and Readers and Genuine is loved by both.

    And comment has really helped many people out there in Google SERPS if someone has used keyword in the comment that the owner was targeting. Still waiting to have these kinds of comments.

    Great Post. Thanks for the share.
    Anurag recently posted..Why your BLOG posts are Not going POPULAR anywhere?My Profile

  • Interesting post and conversation Lisa! I think that the no-photo, no- comment is a good way to go. There are still some that may need to be removed but that is generally a safe rule to follow. I have noticed more blogs moderating comments before they appear. I wonder if that is in response to the recent increase in spam comments again? Cheers!

  • Hi Lisa,
    Interesting subject to talk about 🙂
    While we need these comments to empower social proof, it’s important we give a second thought and pay attention to moderation.

    I have noticed that most of the faceless comentators are not repeat visitors. You will not always see them come back. That’s enought to believe they are spammers.

    What I do for the few repeat faceless commentators is guide them on gravatar. This is common with newbies.

    Let’s keep the fight on. We are always the winners
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Giveaway! $75 Paypal Hot Cash! Enter To Win!My Profile

  • Informative post Lisa!

    I’ve also wondered whether the blog comments help in SEO, so your post helped out there. Oh yes…there are many people who often visit my blog without a proper gravatar set up, but I understand that they might not know how to go about it. So, as I have all my comments left in moderation before approving them – I check out their blogs and see their about page, and then approve them (this is with every comment).

    I was getting a lot of spam or a few worded comments and for that I have now installed a spam plugin, which is working great. I guess it’s better to stop spam commentators and save your blog than to increase the number of comments with spam – isn’t it?

    Loved the video – Matt is always so wonderful in helping out there. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Will You Stop OvereatingMy Profile

  • I receive frequent comments that end up in my spam folder, because while they are “on topic,” the source leads to questionable, sales-pitchy sites like those you mention. Good thing is, they’re not getting beyond the spam folder. “Delete” 😉
    Great post! I wouldn’t have thought about a negative impact from where I left comments, but, then again, I don’t tend to visit and comment on sketchy sites. At least, not that I’ll admit. 😀
    Ellen M. Gregg recently posted..Self-Care: Time ManagementMy Profile

  • Lisa, Having images with good comments improves better relationship with other bloggers. Even i had come across some spam comments which had faces but the comment was not relevant to the post. Its important to select the right comments & thanks for sharing the great video.
    lokesh recently posted..What is Page Rank and How to get Page Rank?My Profile

  • Blog comments are very important in a blog. You can to interact with your readers and know what they think of your post. Just beware of spammers, though since there are also a lot of them out there.
    Sarah Park recently posted..How to Become a Good Team LeaderMy Profile

  • You found a great video to share and I’m glad Matt Cutts finally addressed that one because, though I’ve been saying it for a long time, there was never any official confirmation until now.

    As far as comments helping my SEO absolutely not. However, lots of comments are an indication of getting better traffic and writing content that’s reaching people, thus your SEO is probably improving and resulting in more comments.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Comments: Edit, Delete, Leave Alone?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa, great topic. A while back I wrote about allowing bad links via comments can hurt our blogs. I have no problem either spamming out a comment because the link was something I can’t allow on my blog, or letting the comment through and removing the link altogether. That just happens to be one of our Hangout topics from last Sunday, or close to it anyway.

    It’s very hard to understand why we’re still seeing those automated comments; because I agree they do more harm than good and you’d think the spammers would eventually catch on. Have you ever visited one of the sites they promote and seen any significant page rank or traffic? I sure haven’t. It’s like those people that used to post on FFAs. It seemed like common knowledge that they were a waste of time yet people still used them religiously.

    By the way, this post is going in our Spotlight for tomorrow’s newsletter issue. You did an awesome job and it’s an important topic. 🙂
    Brian Hawkins recently posted..Should You Edit Blog Comments?My Profile

  • I use to get a lot of spammers on my other blog but now I don’t. For the magazine I get about 5 a week and I sometimes have to go through them because sometimes it sends real people to the spam box. I don’t know much about SEO I do try to make sure I fill out the info when I hit publish I hope its helping some.
    Kita recently posted..Valentines FashionMy Profile

  • I have an experiment in the works, but haven’t gotten around to collecting a big enough sample. When I do, you all will be the first to know. I want to be able to answer what return you actually get for leaving a blog comment. Not going to let this experiment die…

  • Hello Lisa great post my friend I try my best to scan anyone who leaves comments on my blog.
    I pretty much know who’s real and who’s not. Most of the spam I would have to say %99 gets blocked and nener reaches my blog.

    The spammers are getting tricky but for the most part I know it’s a spammer because their comments does not reflect my blog post so I would just delete it.

    Thank you for a GREAT post Lisa
    RobG recently posted..Increase Blog Comments, Gain More Traffic, Use The CommentLuv Plug-inMy Profile

  • Hi, Lisa. Years ago when I first start my Websites for Small Biz blog, I made it do follow. I found that only attracted spammy comments! So it really wasn’t worth much. Matt Cutts explained well why I’m glad I gave do follow up.

    There are many elements to SEO – but I don’t see comments being a major piece. It’s great for social, however, and that in turn can help SEO (because if people like what you have to say, they might link to it on their blogs).
    Leora recently posted..Local SEO in 2013My Profile

  • Interesting post Lisa. I still haven’t dabbled into all the SEO stuff yet and don’t know if I ever will. Not really sure I have a purpose for i. However, I don’t like spammers and some of them are getting really tricky! Be gone spammers!
    Brenda recently posted..And We Have One More Winner!My Profile

  • This is the reason I moderate each and every comment. And Lisa, Matt is my all time favorite. I have watched almost all videos of him :).
    What I feel about commenting is it should be on relevant blogs only. It works a lot. thanks Lisa.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..Some Apps to Use if you are high on TwitterMy Profile

  • Oh, those faceless commenters. Haven’t they figured it out yet that they need to set up their gravatar’s if they are legitimate and here for the right reasons? Obviously not yet Lisa so maybe this post will help.

    As you know, I have commenting rules in place so spammy comments aren’t an issue with my blog. I even went back and deleted all of the spammy comments I’d had in the beginning that I didn’t know weren’t legitimate comments when I first started blogging over three years ago. As Matt said in the video, they can hurt you more then help you.

    Great share Lisa, thanks!

    Adrienne recently posted..7 Tips For A Better BlogMy Profile

  • When first started getting comments, I had approved a some that didn’t have a pic or gravatar and using company names. Heck I was just happy that I was getting comments so I had the happy blinders on 🙂

    It wasn’t until later that day through email chat that I mentioned the comments to Sicorra of Tackling Our Debt that she told me what to look out for to recognize a spammy comment. Since then, I take my time to make sure I’m approving and more importantly communicating with legitimate people and businesses.

    I never understood the reason behind using tools to blast comments. I can probably see their point if they said they’re trying to save time, but if it means developing online relationships and creating a positive affect on your site why wouldn’t you take the time to leave a genuine comment?

    Matt’s video says it all, we have to be careful with the comments we approve. Thanks for sharing the videos. It serves as a great reminder for us.

    Have an awesome week Lisa.
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Learning A New SkillMy Profile

  • Making Our Life Matter

    I have been taking the time to increase blog comments, but at this time, I have not seen any change in traffic 🙁 SEO is something I am trying to work on, so thanks for posting this article.
    Making Our Life Matter recently posted..Blogging Goals For 2013~Ways I Want To Improve My BlogMy Profile

  • Great point! I bought premium CommentLuv, during Andy’s price reduction, to reward my readers and help promote websites that I read, while promoting myself. I spam any comments that don’t look like comments. Same is true of ping backs. I also wanted the opportunity to guest post at CommentLuv. A premium membership is required in order to guest post.
    Lauren recently posted..Canadians Blamed for Blast of Frigid Air or is that Frigidaire?My Profile

  • Very timely Post.
    Recently I’ve had an increase in comments, good and bad…
    But I have taken to heart Adrienne Smiths suggestion…No Person or recognized Gravitar…
    No approval.

    Seems to me, If I comment on your blog and you comment on my blog that the “juice”
    ought to somewhat equal out. Video didn’t cover that aspect!
    Barry Wells is in the Hospital, so will link to my post that has a link back to his site.
    Cararta recently posted..Barry Explains How to Add Affiliate Banners to Your WordPress Blog SideBarsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Very interesting topic to talk about 🙂

    Actually I accept the comments that adds the value to conversations and Akismet + Disqus together helps prevent spammers from commenting on the blog. There were few times I had to disapprove or approve manually too. Well, they are yet tools 🙂

    By default, the comments made on Blogger are nofollow comments. There’s a way to make it do-follow but I won’t as it’s something that many bloggers and spammers obsess with and I don’t want to.

    As like Andy, I just do basic SEO stuff and not worrying much about integrating SEO more in my blog. I don’t think comments on my blog adds SEO value as they are attributed as nofollow, but I highly value the responses of readers. Also the imminent trend of SEO rank for comments is something for people to worry about and I might not grant it either.

    Oh yeah, I’m much concerned in approving comments and mostly what bothers me that the ones with links 🙂 Else, almost any other commenter comment beautifully and in very descent manner without showing they are here for link juice or such.

    Once I had to remove some comments that I’ve approved as they were bringing me fake traffic to my blog. They were with links but comments were felt good. Anyway I had to remove ’em and after all, no fake traffic 🙂

    It’s always better to be independed than dependent on factors that impose by other companies. You know, finally we need to independent with our blogs. Online World is dynamic enough 🙂 The more dependent, the more work to do.

    Mayura recently posted..Do You Call Yourself a "Blogger"?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    I have a spam filter so I have to approve any comment that is considered spam, I check this every day (I don’t get that many) and if they have no faces or their URL looks like a sales page then I do not approve them.
    I am getting more traffic on my blog now and many more comments so I hope this is helping SEO, but I am building some great relationships now which is great 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, have a great week.
    Pauline recently posted..Why You Need An Autoresponder To Help Build A ListMy Profile

  • HI Lisa

    Great post!

    You have timed that to perfection. I’m getting many faceless comments and few of them I’m allowing as of now. But now need to careful of each and every comment.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Sapna recently posted..Naive Blogger Meets a Minister to help Blogging Community – An InfographicMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa

    This is a timely post. I’ve had quite a few faceless and spammy comments on my blog recently.

    I used to give some of these the benefit of the doubt but I am concerned about what this could do to my Google rank, so I’ve been scrutinising them much more lately. Many of these comments I now don’t approve any more.

    I hope that the comments on my blog help SEO but I couldn’t say they do for sure. I like the fact that they create a kind of community though and people often come to blogs from other blogs so the comments certainly help there.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Positive Change Is Just A Moment AwayMy Profile

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