How Blogging Has Saved Me Money

Blogging Has Saved Me Money!

Yesterday I had to go shopping for a new pair of shoes for a business event I had to attend right from work. My regular dress shoes were very worn out. I would have felt embarrassed by them and the new high heel Crocs I had ordered had not yet arrived. I should have ordered them earlier but I’m so busy with one more blog post, one more article, one more tweet, one for Facebook post, etc. So off I went to the Mall on my lunch hour to buy a new pair of shoes.

blogging has saved me money

I realized when I was there that I hadn’t made a purchase on shoes or clothing  in a long time. It’s only when I absolutely needed something. I ordered a few things online for my recent vacation. Why? I’m so busy at lunch time working on the blog or comments that I don’t have time to shop anymore. I used to go once a week and shop around. Even this past weekend I had to get birthday gifts and I had run out of paper, tape and tissue paper. Even getting my haircut got put off weeks this past time around. I could not spare the time.

  •  I then realized I had bought more DOMAIN NAMES than SHOES in the past year. 

When I could not decide which shoes to get, I posted them on Instagram for my friend Samantha to see them. I’m just loving that Intragram now that it’s available for my Droid. I then tweeted a friend, The Four Legged Mom to show her my new shoes.



She was the one to figure out which plug-in I needed for this blog to be mobile which I wrote about yesterday. WPTouch. It worked like a charm. Thanks Brenda!

So blogging has saved me money! No time to shop – no time to spend money.

Have you saved yourself money by spending so much time on your blog?

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29 comments On How Blogging Has Saved Me Money

  • Lisa:

    Since I was never much of a fancy shoes type of guy!

    Any money I may have initially saved by not shopping, I have definitely invested in my ongoing online education!

    And to date, it’s been worth every penny and minute spent, learning “how to” effectively leverage these incredible tool called the Internet!

    So from that perspective I can also say, that blogging has saved me lots of money thus far! Nice story and thank for sharing it!
    Mark recently posted..Jenny Craig: Five Simple Things Their Weight Loss Program Can Teach You About Being A Successful Entrepreneur!My Profile

  • That is awesome! Unfortunately I happen to also check my email because of my blog and I see all the sales and advertisements…the shopaholic in me won’t let me go long without buying something, the good thing is I never pay full price 😉 …I’m working on it though 🙂 Great post and I hope the shoes worked out for you 🙂
    Djrelat7 recently posted..What are you wearing to the next fancy affair?My Profile

    • Hi Djrelat7, thanks for coming by from Chasing Joy’s place. I do like the shoes a lot! Very comfortable but if I don’t start exercising more I will need larger clothes 🙂

  • Yay! So great to trade in the pricey hobby of shopping for something that gives even more pleasure: blogging! Keep spending those lunch breaks wisely:-)
    Jess recently posted..Sleep With Art: Louisville’s 21c Museum HotelMy Profile

  • Found you from Chasing Joy’s Flashback Friday post. I remember when they finally released Instagram for Droids! It was a great day. Droids are always picked last, huh?
    Lisa recently posted..Sunday Dinner – Ranch Chicken Taco MuffinsMy Profile

  • I haven’t thought about it this way! I am saving money by blogging & social media networking!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • thank you for sharing this information with us, i am sure a lot of people are going to be looking back at this post of yours to make sure they are doing this right. Great post.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I haven’t saved much money from blogging, it’s probably the other way. I don’t shop a lot like clothes, shoes or what most people shop. But I love to buy ebooks, courses, plugins, software etc.. and since I get new tips every single day, it’s hard to not buy something every week 🙂
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Check Your Google Rank WeeklyMy Profile

    • So blogging has caused to spend money Jens? I haven’t spend money on mine except for the custom theme. I would probably invest in buffer to have more features of it and comment luv.

  • Hi there Lisa, I am kind of new to your site, and your post is awesome so true that you have save a lot of money because of blogging, how I wish I can be the same as you are. I am just starting my own home business.I think that you can help me in my needs. by the way your high heel shoes looks elegant.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..remington 870My Profile

  • I agree. Blogging can help you save a lot of money. And even allows you to make some money online 🙂
    Honestly, I am not a shopaholic and so, I am able to make some good savings which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible..!
    Aswani recently posted..Videos Illustration Showing Why Android is a Better Choice Over Apple iOSMy Profile

    • I can’t wait for the making money part Aswani. That takes time and a lot of word. No such thing as making easy money. Thanks for commenting.

  • 😛 practical tip, I also prefer shoppig online and hunt for discount coupon
    PhuongLe recently posted..How to take a direct online sales deal soon and what to do with their reject for your product .My Profile

  • Usually shopping is a most important thing for girls. isn’t it? 😉 I can see it by above comments. But for me I don’t have much spending habits. However since I start being with PC, I’ve saved money spend on clothes. Just PC to bed – Bed to PC… All others taken care by my mom. You know, generally men doesn’t have much spending habits as ladies do 😀 But the addiction of blogging, helps to forget other general needs which results saving money. Now I’m mostly worrying about needs of my PC, rather than my own needs.

    OMG all commentators here were girls… I’m done… 😯

    Mayura recently posted..How to Create a Group on FacebookMy Profile

    • LOL – You are too funny Mayura. You could spend a lot on tech gadgets. I could see that. But you can buy them online rather than shop. I prefer shopping online myself now.

  • Hi Lisa!

    Great post! And for the record: those shoes are really elegant and stylish. I love them! Blogging hasn’t saved me money on my shoe buying habit. I still have the same buying habits and when I buy less, it’s not because of my blog. It’s usually due to lack of free time to shop! So, I guess in that way, it has saved me money. However, when business is booming, I actually spend more on personal items (after business expenses and saving, of course).

    As a freelance journalist, it’s either feast or famine. Dragonslayer (aka hubs) takes up the slack during the famine part of the cycle, which has been blessedly short (I’m so lucky). Right now, I’m on the upswing, heading toward feast. I better get off the computer and go get some new shoes before it peaks out and goes into famine again. LOL 😉
    Samantha Gluck recently posted..Does Your Home Office Inspire You or Tire You?My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    I’ve definitely saved a lot of money since I started working at home.

    I don’t need new clothes for work now, I’m not driving my car as much and I’ve definitely got my head in the computer so much more now then ever before. So I can understand what you mean that blogging has saved you money. Oh heck, you just love us that’s all. We’re more fun then looking for that pair of shoes. Hopefully!
    Adrienne recently posted..What Is Posting On Purpose For ProfitMy Profile

    • LOL, love that phrase Adrienne, “we are more fun than looking for that pair of shoes.” I bet you must save a lot working from home, that is so awesome. You really created something great for yourself and you even share it with others.

  • Hi Lisa,

    My first time here visiting your blog! I just followed over your CommentLuv breadcrumb at Sonia’s! 🙂

    I love your perspective on saving money due to blogging! hahaha That’s one I haven’t heard presented in that way before. Very original.

    I live up here in Colorado (where Crocs are extremely popular) and I have been seeing that product line expand a ton over the years. I had no idea that they had actual ladies shoes til today though! Wow, those are really nice and I bet they’re very comfy. I just might have to get a pair!

    Thanks for the tip on that, Lisa!!

    Cat Alexandra 😉

    • Thank you Cat for coming by and I am so glad we met through Sonia. I have been reading her blog faithfully for months now. I have always loved clogs since I was a kid and just got my first Crocs last month, love them! Very lightweight. Can’t wait to try the heels, they are on their way.

  • I have done business with a few people online through blogging. I have ordered clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics. Also, it has been great finding sales that I didn’t know about either through bloggers.
    I haven’t really posted many pics but I have commented on pics people post asking for feedback.
    I do think it is a great way to sometimes get instant feedback and information. Crazy, how the world has change in the last few years.
    Optimistic Mom recently posted..DiviniteeMy Profile

    • Yes, I love helping small businesses like the one you shared. It saved me from going out to get a gift too, so I can work on doing what I love.

  • Awww thanks for the shout out. Those shoes are pretty but I’d really like to see those high heel crocs! 🙂 Glad you like the plug in. I’ve been using it since some iphone users complained they couldn’t read it via mobile. No complaints since I switched. Btw, your blog looks awesome on my phone this a.m. Have a great day!
    Brenda recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • You are welcome. I will be showing off those high heel Crocs when they come in. I bet they will be more comfortable. I have to wear those heels today too for an event for work. Yes, I love how it looks on my Droid as the mobile site. So happy to have accomplished that – thanks to your suggestion!

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