Holiday Blogging – Do You Blog Around The Holidays?

Holiday Blogging

Holiday Blogging, is it for you? Will you be blogging through the holidays this year? Many people take time away and go to visit with family and friends. Others spend time at home. Those at home will have more time to read and do things at a leisurely pace.

holiday blogging

Benefits of Holiday Blogging

  • Less competition for eyeballs.
  • You may have more time to blog away. You may make less errors and produce higher quality content.
  • Holidays can offer you more to blog about – giving you new topics to blog about.
  • You post may get seen more and rank higher in search with less people posting to their blogs.
  • Some holidays may be more beneficial to blogging than others. It depends on the time of year. I would have said summer not beneficial but with mobile increasing readership that theory may no longer apply. People are reading on their mobile smartphones more than ever before. Another reason to be sure your blog is mobile ready. I have recently visited some blogs via my mobile and found I could not comment via mobile. Check your blogs on your smartphone today and see how they are to interact with.


The Drawbacks of Holiday Blogging

  • Less viewership – not as many people online reading blogs during the holidays. They are too busy doing other activities with family and friends.
  • You may not have anytime to spare and rush your blogging post and make errors.
  • Burnout – you may burn yourself out by blogging through the holidays. Everyone can use a break.
  • You may not get as many comments and your blog may not seem to active.

Ironic how some of the benefits and drawbacks of holiday blogging can be smiliar. Can you think of more benefits or negatives for blogging during the holidays?

If I don’t blog during the next few days have a happy holiday!

Post Updated 5/24/13

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5 comments On Holiday Blogging – Do You Blog Around The Holidays?

  • Holidays are tricky.

    I do have posts that go live on holidays (that ones that fall on weekdays, anyway). I don’t actively write/post them at that time, though. I write and schedule posts weeks in advance. So, for me, holiday blogging isn’t any more difficult than regular blogging.

    That said, I haven’t seen a lot of benefit from holiday posts. On the biggest holidays, my traffic suffers; as you mentioned, a lot of people just aren’t online on those days. So I continue to post on holidays, but only to stick to my M-F schedule, not because it gives me any special advantages.
    Nancy Man recently posted..Overconfident Baby NamesMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Nice topic here 🙂 Hmm… It makes me think. If we think about readership, we might never know whether our audience take time to read online or already enjoying their holidays with their friends and family. I think a break wouldn’t mind.

    Sometimes, as you implied, time sensitive (Holiday specific) post may get more eyeballs and push them to read, nah? 🙂 I’ve seen BIG companies and popular bloggers doing that and it’s a successive approach.

    Happy Holidays there 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..How to Remove Someone from Your Connections in LinkedInMy Profile

    • Thanks Mayura, you found my old post – I had updated it. Still cleaning through those old blogger posts. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though. I took a break yesterday and was offline for the 2nd half of the day. It does feel good to do that once in a while. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Enjoy the rest of your week there Mayura.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Cards To Add Some Zing To Your Posts On TwitterMy Profile

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