Recipe for a Great Google Plus Experience

Google Plus – The Recipe For a Great Experience

I see a lot of folks who don’t leverage the power of Google Plus to its full extent. Let me share some insight and advice to help you get the most out of your time on G+. Lisa wrote about why you should use Google Plus a few months ago. Learn more today on how to have a great experience on the Google Plus Social Network.

Google Plus Recipe

Why should you care about Google Plus?

It’s where the most interesting conversations and connections take place. Just ask Brian Clark — one of my heroes and the inspiration for my entire career — and he’ll confirm that assertion. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus enables you to get inspired, engage in friendly debate, and have meaningful conversations with targeted groups of people who share a common interest with you.

Here are the essential ingredients for dishing up a great Google Plus experience.


Circles are central to Google Plus. Think of circles corrals into which you can sort the people you follow. You can group people based on the relation you have with them. For example, you may have a photography circle where you place professional photographers and serious photo hobbyists. You might have a fashion circle, a health care circle, and a sports car circle. You choose and you make up the circle names. Don’t worry the names aren’t public.

Here are some of my circles:

Writers – this circle contains all my connections that write professionally or on a personal blog. This includes fiction authors, content creators, bloggers, copywriters, and poets.

Business and related – this, my largest, circle contains all contacts who converse about any aspect of business.

Health care – I go here to find doctors, nurses, other health care professionals.

Technology – the folks here are the technology geeks that I’ve befriended. Google Plus Circles

CrossFit – I put other CrossFit obsessed folks into this circle so we can freely discuss the nuances of clean, snatch, jerk, double unders…and of course, Ryan Gosling.

You can also put one person in multiple circles. For example, I have Brian Clark in the Business and related circle as well as a special circle called Badasses.

When you share a post, decide which circles would find it most interesting and relevant. Don’t share your photography geek post with your Horseback Riding Enthusiast circle. Share it with your Photography group. Duh! Sharing a human-interest post that would interest a wide range of people? Share it with public or extended circles. Public means just that…the entire public can see the post. Extended circles means that circles of your circles can see it.

Use the circle system. It will help you have a much better experience.

Finish Your Google Plus Profile

Google Plus ProfileComplete your profile on both your personal page and for your Google+ business page, if you have one. You can find it in the About section tab. Even if you plan to do most of your posting and engaging as yourself (rather than as your brand), it’s important to have a business page as well. On the business page, make sure to include some keywords in your tagline.

My tagline says: Buzzing about content marketing, journalism, and social media.

These are all keywords that relate to what I do at All Medial Freelance, LLC.

Complete the introduction about your business and what you do below the tagline. You can include all of your other social site links in this About page area as well. Make sure you include your website and location.

Completing your profile on your personal and business page will help the search engine results page ranking for your business. In other words, people will find you more easily.

Add a cover image and profile headshot. You’ll need a cover image that is 480 by 270 pixels minimum. I suggest using an image that approaches the maximum size of 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels. This will make your image look crisper and clearer.

Don’t talk too much about yourself. Nobody likes a braggart, or someone who only talks about themselves. Promote others and talk about others on Google Plus. I just wrote a post about how to self promote without seeming smarmy.

Address negative comments. You don’t have to get into some sort of rabid debate with people who drive by and make negative comments or rants. But it’s critical that you respond to them respectfully and intelligently. Even with your best efforts, you may not have much success in dissuading the negative person. The point is that you did take action and tried to have a respectful discussion. That will resonate with others.

Join communities that align with your niche

Google Communities

You have countless communities to choose from. I suggest joining one or more of these. I belong to several communities:

Mind Mapping.

Branding, Marketing, and PR Authenticity.

Science on G+.

Bloggers and Writers.

…and many others.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free service that enables one-to-one video chat or group chats with up to 10 people. It’s a fantastic tool for collaboration and conferencing with business partners and others. And it’s FREE! I love attending Mia Voss’s Social Media Chat hangouts. I get so much inspiration and creative ideas from the others there. You can get inspired with these video hangouts too. It’s the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting.

Have I missed anything? Share your ingredient list for a rich and hearty Google Plus experience.

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Samantha Gluck is obsessed with reading, writing, and words (rather than arithmetic!). Always needing to stand out, she didn’t go into medicine like the cool brothers and sisters did. But, Gluck did obtain a microbiology degree, BSN, and finance degree (career student) until Daddy cut off the cash. Now she uses her knowledge and experience as a health care journalist and to write accurate, cutting edge medical stories and content and to grow her business, All Media Freelance, LLC.

57 comments On Recipe for a Great Google Plus Experience

  • It is noteworthy and significant article regarding the Google plus stuff. You can drive an awesome amount of traffic using Google Plus and your experience is pretty learning experience.
    Charmie recently posted..[Infographic] How to decrease the bounce rate of your blog?My Profile

  • Hey Samantha,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I used many social networking sites but didn’t considered Google+ so important but after reading this post I learned lots of good stuff about Google+ and now I will surely gonna give it another try.
    Sudipto recently posted..Flappy Bird FOR PC / Computer / WINDOWS 7/8, MAC AndroidMy Profile

    • I think Google Plus is monumentally important, Sudipto. Let me know what you think after you’ve used it in earnest for a while. I think you’ll love it. Treat it like any other social media platform regarding content sharing. Share a lot of other people’s stuff, some of your own, and engage, engage, engage.
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..How to Be the King (or Queen) of HeadlinesMy Profile

  • The one area (it seems) even experienced Plussers have a challenge with is the Circle Management. At least I do. I’ve only got 31,000 followers and 2,000 people in my Circles and its still fuzzy how best to manage these digital assets. What I have come to learn is that the G+ Communities are plentiful, targeted and a great start point to build relationships.
    Neil Ferree recently posted..Content Marketing System Best PracticesMy Profile

  • whether people like it or not google plus is going to bemandatory for people to actively participate in for solid google search indexing, i can see the writing on the wall!!
    Greg Urbano recently posted..Your postcard made it to England.My Profile

  • Hi Samantha,
    Thanks for a well written article and great reasons to use Google+. I do share some things on this platform, but not as much as I’d like to due to time constraints, but I’m slowly making progress, with it.

    Kind Regards,
    William Butler recently posted..25 Life Observations From A ShoeMy Profile

    • Hi Bill,

      I’m glad you liked it and thank you for your kind words.

      You’re right, it does take time to build up a presence on G+ and that’s a commodity in short supply for just about all of us. Just be consistent (even if it’s just 10 minutes four days a week). Share and, most of all, engage with others about their posts.

      Thanks for sharing! Samantha
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Self Promotion – Does It Have to Feel Smarmy?My Profile

  • This is an excellent way to get started on Google Plus the right way. Thanks for sharing, Samantha!

    You said to have a Google+ business page but what if I just have a blog (not a landing page for potential clients) that is also used to attract clients. Do I still need to set up a separate page for that blog?
    Irwin recently Is Leading Job Marketplace for 2014My Profile

    • Hi Irwin,

      Great to see you over here at Lisa’s place! She’s got a treasure trove of priceless info here.

      I’m glad you liked the post. I would not set up a separate page for the blog. I would share your posts on G+ as yourself and build up your personal brand. Of course, you want to share more of other people’s content that’s relevant, so you don’t look like you always just talk about and promote yourself. Then engage with others and build relationships. It’s amazing how engaging authentically there and helping others promote their own stuff will come back at you in wonderful new business.

      Again, thanks for stopping by, Irwin. Always good to see you.
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Is Your Content Marketing Me Focused or We Focused?My Profile

  • Hi Samantha
    Google + is one of unique platform which is very beneficial for blogger. Many are using this enriching traffic and also helpful in affiliate marketing. Thanks for telling these Steps. Helpful for everyone… ➡
    Abhishek Abh-i recently posted..How to Add Alt attribute to Images in BloggerMy Profile

    • Hi Abhishek and thanks for commenting. Google Plus hasn’t sent LOTS of new traffic my way, but it has definitely enhanced engagement in my industry and I’ve gotten lots of new business by participating there from recommendations of my connections.

  • Hey Samantha,

    You know this year I started to really use Google plus although I set up my account over a year ago. This post will definitely gave some good pointers.

    I just set up 4 circles last week and I joined some communities about home business and blogging. I’m more active on, I guess you would call it the wall like on facebook. I’ve notice that my content has been getting more shares just from me engaging more with others. That’s a plus!

    I still haven’t gotten a chance to go on any Google hangouts, but that’s great that you can do this for up to 10 people for free now!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..What To Focus On To Generate Organic TrafficMy Profile

    • I’m glad you’re really beginning to use and see the value of Google Plus, Sherman. The circles, I think, are the key for beginners. I use “Public” and “Extended Circles” a lot, but use my targeted circles in conjunction with those as well. That’s what I’ve found really works. For example, I may share a post about writing with Public, but I’ll also specifically share it with my Writers circle. This means that the public can see it (broad landscape), but that it’s specifically shared with a group that would be most interested in it.

      My advice is to always share with public or extended as well as targeted circles. In other words, don’t just share with your “Writers” circle, for example. It won’t get much play that way.
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Self Promotion – Does It Have to Feel Smarmy?My Profile

  • Hi Samantha,

    I love Google+ but I’m not sure I’m utilizing it to its fullest. Your post has lit a fire under my chair though and I’m on my way to fixing a few things. You’ve also helped me understand how to use the Circles a little better, so thanks for that. 😀

    Liz McGee recently posted..8 Essential Tips For Writing Great Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,

      It takes a while (and some time) to learn all the tricks and benefits of Google Plus. Additionally, it’s a little more “needy” as social media platforms go. Twitter is what I call a “needy” platform. LinkedIn? Not so much. What I mean by that is that you need to get on it for at least a few minutes almost every day to figure out all the little cool things you can do. I’m definitely still learning secrets every week!

      Thanks for stopping by and blessings!
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Self Promotion – Does It Have to Feel Smarmy?My Profile

  • Hello Samantha,

    Welcome to Madam Lisa’s blog. You have give us really some course to think home about. I am on Google plus though but I think I need to change my perception about them from now onwards.
    Emmanuel recently posted..What Mahatma Gandhi can’t Force you to do in Blogging?My Profile

  • Hi Samantha/Lisa,

    What an impressive post? Well done!!

    Joining relevant communities and groups remains one of the most vibrant ways to enjoy success on Google plus.

    On a personal note, a blog post that is popular on Google plus tends to rank high, so bloggers should pay attention to this wonderful social media site from Google

    James recently posted..5 Modern SEO tools to rank high and be on Google first pageMy Profile

    • Awwww….thank you so much, James! I just love Google Plus so much and it has been such a boon to my business and brand, I want to help others see its value and I hope this post at least scratches the surface.

      You’re right, joining relevant communities (even hobby communities that don’t have anything to do with your business) help with understanding how it works and gaining insight into the value of it. I belong to a mind mapping community, which doesn’t have much to do with my business, but those people have recommended me to people needing my services because we’ve built a strong relationship around mind mapping.

      Thanks for your sweet comment!
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Is Your Content Marketing Me Focused or We Focused?My Profile

  • Hi Samantha,

    Every time I see a post on Google+, I read it. It was very confusing for me in the beginning but, I’m finally catching on. 🙄

    I have a business page but, not a personal page. I didn’t realize that you should have both.

    Thanks for the info and for explaining Google+ further. I appreciate it. 🙂
    Geri Richmond
    Geri Richmond recently posted..Convert Content Into MoneyMy Profile

    • Hi Gery,

      I don’t think you HAVE to have both, but I think it’s best to have both. As I think I mentioned in other comments, I use it as myself most of the time even though I have a business page. My biz page is just that, strictly business. I like to use it as myself because it humanizes my brand a bit more.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Self Promotion – Does It Have to Feel Smarmy?My Profile

  • I have to admit, although I use Google Plus I have no clue to the full capacity of all the different things to do. I do know about Circles, Hangouts and Groups. This is the real first article I’ve read that covers much of what goes on. Very cool.

    Thanks for all the tips. Again, I don’t use Google as much as I should so have not thought out the details. Thanks for the help.


    • Hi Barbara,

      It takes a while to truly utilize the full capacity of G+. I’m still learning and I’ve been on it since it was in beta testing! I’m so pleased that you liked the tips and found the post helpful. My advice is to just make a decision to use it 10 minutes a day, four days a week until you get comfortable with it or formulate a good idea of anything that still confuses you. Then ask an expert (there are many who are far more well-versed than me, but I can help too) to help clear it up.


  • Hi Carolyn,

    It’s wonderful to be here at Lisa’s place! I’m glad to hear that you’ve joined some groups and that you’ve been utilizing circles. Have you enjoyed the groups, or have you found that you spend more time engaging in your main stream?

    I didn’t start on Twitter until after they had lists, so I’ve always had lists, but I’ve not been keeping up with them as I used to. I need to get back to doing that, for sure.

    Thanks for dropping by, Carolyn!

  • Wow you make it sound easy to set things up. I do have a Google +, but after reading your post guess I better run over there and make my page better, Samantha.
    Thank you,
    Debbie recently posted..How Single Mom’s Are Sexy WarriorsMy Profile

    • Hi Debbie,

      It can seem daunting if you go into it expecting a format that looks and feels like Facebook. Go into it with fresh eyes and expecting a totally new feeling platform. That will alleviate some confusion. I can’t say enough about creating circles and using them. It will really help. Even if you post most things to “public”, having certain circles to target as well will make your experience better. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  • Hello Ms., Samantha
    Welcome to Ms. Lisa’s site.

    To be honest with you, I do have an google plus account but so sad to say, I have not taken the time to explore and learn about it,

    I certainly have an interest, so I better jump in. 😮

    Thank you for this interesting post

    Gladys recently posted..Clarity and Confidence Will Move Your ForwardMy Profile

    • Hi Gladys,

      I know many others in your same situation: have had a Google Plus profile for ages, but haven’t really sunk their teeth into it. My best advice is to just jump in, but without expecting the experience to look or feel anything like the other platforms you’re on. Use circles and ask questions of people who have been using it for a while.

      Hope to see you there! Samantha
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..The Apostrophe and Stupid – Sometimes They Go TogetherMy Profile

  • Hi Samantha, How lovely to see you here at Lisa’s place. You’re right, Google Plus can be a treasure trove of resources. I have joined several groups that are active and have made Circles for my friends. I like that Google Plus started with Circles, unlike Twitter. By the time Twitter had Lists I was already off and running so I never bothered to make Twitter Lists.
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..Scribd: The Netflix of eBooks?My Profile

  • Hi Samantha.

    I just love Google+ and use Hangouts quite often. At first those circles confused the heck out of me until I figured out how powerful they were to use when appealing to different audiences.

    I did put up a business page but didn’t quite know what to do with it yet. Here you have explained the many benefits of using it.
    I was struggling with what tagline to put in there, and the rest, but now it’s clear to me! I am my business, and I do have a Facebook Business Page that has been a great asset to my business lately. I don’t mind paying to play! Business is business and there are many ways to acquire a customer base. Free or paid…I’m there!

    Thanks again for these tips!

    donna merrill recently posted..10 WordPress Security Holes You Must Close To Protect Yourself OnlineMy Profile

    • Hello there Donna!

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad you love Google+ AND that you use hangouts. While I took to G+ quite easily (having never set foot on Facebook), it took me a bit to get the “hang” of Hangouts. But now I use them regularly for conference calls. After all, it’s free! Why not?

      I’m impressed that you’re one of the few who says you “don’t mind paying to play”! While we’d all like to get it for free (I know that if it’s free, it’s for me), in business there will always come a time when we have to pay the piper. You’ve inspired me with this attitude. Thank you.

      I’m looking forward to checking out your G+ stream and your bio page as well!
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Self Promotion – Does It Have to Feel Smarmy?My Profile

  • Hey Samantha, and welcome to the blog!
    Google+ is something I spend time on but as yet don’t get the reactions I am looking for.
    I probably need to revisit my profile and clean it up a bit, but for the most part I think it is ok.
    I also share in communities and within my circles, but perhaps timing is an issue as I am in Europe
    Thanks for the tips
    Ashley recently posted..Social Media Trends: Visual is the new BlackMy Profile

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for the warm welcome! Are you not getting the engagement you get on FB in regards to volume, or quality? I’ll check out your G+ stream when I get a chance, so I can gain some understanding as to what you mean. I just love figuring these things out and trying to help people over challenges and hurdles when it comes to new platforms.

      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Is Your Content Marketing Me Focused or We Focused?My Profile

  • Samantha, thanks for sharing. As Adrienne said it takes time for people to get over to a new network. Have seen people complain about the platform and am so happy you’ve been able to enlighten people with your post.

    For me am loving G+ Because I love the architecture of the site and because you have the ability to circle friends based on interest. It also allows you to easily connect with influencers unlike on facebook where it is much more difficult.

    You talked about the need to set up up nice bio, and i most say I agree with you hundred percent. The reason being that when most people stumble on your profile they quickly take a look at your bio to see if it’s interesting enough. This why people like Rebekkah Radice and Mike Elgan have a splenidid bio. Have written one but will need another re-write soon. Thanks for sharing this tips with us.
    Peter Kanayo recently posted..Why You Should Stop Blogging About Blogging?My Profile

    • Hi Peter,

      It does take time for people to become comfortable with a new network. I think, however, that it’s taken inordinately long (in some cases) for people to warm up to and embrace G+. It’s just like anything, I suppose. I remember when “hipster” jeans became all the rage. I HATED them. I swore I would never wear them and resisted the movement for so long. Alas, what is in my closet? A plethora of blingy, low, hipster jeans. Now I LOVE them and I don’t know how I wore the other ones. Know what I mean? I think G+ is SO very valuable for business….even if you just use it as yourself. I’ve gotten so much exposure there compared to Facebook. It’s not that I don’t like FB. It’s just that I’ve embraced the personal side of it more fully. Am I making sense?

      Yes, a nice bio that isn’t just like all the others is important. I have a well-written one that tells all the things it needs to say, but I think it needs refreshing as well. Kind of like everything in life. We change. Our bios should change.

      Can’t wait to read yours!

  • Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

    (I commented already, but I fear I encountered a technology glitch when submitting, so I am re-sending, just in case. Pardon me if this is a duplicate.)

    What a valuable post about a venue that many of us have yet to thoroughly explore. Google+ is robust and interesting, for sure, and your enthusiasm and personal experiences with it exude. While I feel intellectually and emotionally maxed out from using Twitter and Facebook daily, as well as LinkedIn, a dash of Pinterest and a dollop of Instagram, I still feel I am missing out by not more fully exploring G+

    You are clearly a power user – I can tell by your posts, as well as by the # of people who have you in their circles. But more importantly, you articulate the value to you — for your business and your personal self!

    You also provide us who are ‘greener’ ways to actively use and unearth value from this social media channel, including ways to get more conversational (the nuts and bolts, if you will).

    Thank you!

    Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter recently posted..Why You Shouldn’t Quit Using Buzzwords on LinkedIn and ResumesMy Profile

    • Jacqui, I think joining the google train is beneficial as it has been touted to have good SEO benefit though have heard that the do follow link that could be found in your profile has been removed.

      One thing I think drives engagement level on Google + is by joining communities. Though you feel you are missing out it’s important you don’t stretch yourself by going full force into GOOGLE +

      iF YOU THINK you will need to incorporate it into your social media strategy then you need to sit back and anlyze how many minutes you would be able to allocate to it. This way you would get the best out of it
      Peter Kanayo recently posted..Why You Should Stop Blogging About Blogging?My Profile

      • Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

        Great tips; thank you, Peter. You and Samantha both mentioned joining communities, so when I have carved time to be appropriately ‘more’ involved and responsive, I will look into that (I believe I’ve been invited to/joined a couple of communities in the past, but my activity there has been less than consistent).

        Agree re: ‘how many minutes you will be able to allocate’ as part of the assessment to incorporating G+ more fully into my strategy.

        Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter recently posted..3 Tips for a Resume Recipe RevampMy Profile

    • Jac, I agree with Peter and I’ve seen you on G+, so I know you’re on and using it. I understand being maxed out on all levels with the various platforms available today and that’s a valid concern. Were I an avid FB (for business) user prior to G+, I certainly would have pared down my FB use just to be able to concentrate more on G+. Thankfully, I was on G+ long before ever getting on FB, so this wasn’t an issue with me. There have been times when I’ve had to “leave” FB for days on end so I can do what needs to be done on my two “main” platforms (Twitter and G+).

      That said, I’m here to answer any questions you have about it and I’m sure there are others far more knowledgeable than me who can help you. Samantha

      • Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

        Thanks so much, Samantha! You’re right, I have been using Google+. I know I could improve how I interact in that venue. Your implication that concentrating more on G+ — even ‘leaving’ FB for days on end to focus more on G+ (Twitter) — is a good prod. I will consider that!

        An early Twitter adopter, I have been considered a power user over the years; maintaining my ‘brand’ over there certainly takes time/effort/strategy, so all of this refocusing energies is a true challenge to me. That, combined with a robust business (clients first, as you know!), and my new sub-brand, am just feeling a bit overwhelmed. Your tips and suggestions, however, empower me!

        Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter recently posted..3 Tips for a Resume Recipe RevampMy Profile

  • Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter (Career Trend)

    I’ve been so ’emotionally and intellectually maxed out’ with using Twitter and Facebook as my primary social media go-tos, alongside LinkedIn, that it’s been difficult to justify ramping up my activity on Google+.

    While i do have a G+ account, and a business page there, I do not leverage it as well as you do. I can see simply by the # of circles you are in that you are a Google+ power use! Terrific! I’ve heard you and a couple of other professional colleagues I admire sing similar praises for the venue. Because I respect you so, I feel like I am missing out by not becoming more embedded in the conversation there (vs. simply broadcasting posts, which makes me cringe just to say, but I feel that in that venue I’ve done just that).

    So, thank you for the tips, ideas, encouragement and strategy to become a more prolific Google+ user!


  • Thanks for this, I’m new to G+ and learning the ropes has been interesting. This is going to help lots.
    Krystal Bernier recently posted..Green Thumb Mum: 7 Ways To Start Gardening In MarchMy Profile

    • Hi Krystal,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I hope it does help you and please know that if you have any questions about G+, or experience any bothersome issues, you can contact me and I’ll do my best to help you through them. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you!


  • Hi there Samantha! Good to see you here at Lisa’s place!

    This post is very helpful for me. I’m trying to more visible in Google Plus so these tips you shared will definitely come in handy for me. I’m going to spend some time on it this Saturday and join some communities and organize my circles too.

    I wish I had a secret ingredient to add but I’m sill in “grasshopper” mode when it comes to this :). Thanks again for all this information!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Friday Round Up: Work-from-Home Jobs 03-07-14My Profile

    • Hi Corina,

      Yes, it’s always an honor to contribute to Lisa’s wonderful site. I’m delighted to see you here as well.

      I’m available to answer any questions or address any issues you may encounter as you find your way around Google Plus. Just shoot me an email or private message (that goes for anyone else too). I just love the platform and I try to take at LEAST 15 minutes every day to “play” and engage there — more on Fridays and Saturdays, of course.

  • Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for going over Google+ with us and I think like most newer platforms it takes awhile to get use to them. I’m probably still doing plenty wrong myself.

    I don’t have a business page because I am my business and it just seems redundant. I did eventually put one up on Facebook and look where that ended up with you now having to pay for your posts to be seen. I just don’t want to go through that again on this one.

    I do share most everything with the public but most everyone who is friends with me has a blog and can learn about blogging which is what I share the most about. I don’t have other interests really but I probably could do much better with that.

    I have joined some groups but have found them very similar to Facebook groups. People just spam them with their posts and don’t do much of anything else. I’ve left the majority of them now because of that and am only part of a couple. I wish people would keep a handle on them but most don’t.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope to get better with this as time goes by.

    Adrienne recently posted..How Many Of Your Readers Are Using Mobile DevicesMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I use Google Plus as myself 90 % of the time for much the same reason you state in your comment, but I still recommend having a Google business page. It helps for ranking and overall digital authority of your business website. Further, it’s essential for Google Places (which is a whole other post in itself).

      I think sharing with the public is important when you’re posting about your business or sharing content that’s related to it. I also engage on my personal profile about things that have zero relevance to my business, so I share those with only targeted circles. For example, when I share about my religion, share “off color” humor, or share about my political views, I (usually) only share with certain groups. I used to be SO careful never to share personal stuff there, but I’ve backed off from that a bit. I think being a bit more personal lends authenticity to my engagements and it’s helped my business a lot.

      I only engage actively in a few of my groups, but I haven’t had an experience with group spamming on G+. Perhaps I just haven’t been paying close enough attention.

      Again, thank you for stopping by!
      Samantha recently posted..What Katniss Everdeen Can Teach Content MarketersMy Profile

  • I have been using both Twitter and Facebook for sometime, but have now recently gotten into using Google+. I have had an account there, but never really did anything with it.

    It takes some getting used to for navigation, but I am slowly learning my way around.
    Paul Salmon recently posted..Why I Chose Backblaze Over CarboniteMy Profile

  • I hadn’t seriously considered adding Google+ to my list of Social Media outlets. Thanks for the tips… !

    I used to have a view of Google+ as being the equivalent of LinkedIn (very professional), rather than Facebook (very social).

    Although, I may be missing out by not setting up Google Authorship (not quite sure how with that one though).
    Katherine James recently posted..4 Design Websites Offering Technical Freelance Writing JobsMy Profile

    • Hi Katherine,

      I highly recommend Google+. I started on G+ way before I ever signed on to Facebook (I was a beta tester), so I didn’t go through the confusion that I hear others go through when they get started on the platform. If you’re familiar with FB, it may seem a little confusing at first. The key for me was learning and utilizing the circles. Also, just browsing the public stream and engaging on posts I like, etc.

      Google Plus is more like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. I think of it as much more professional than FB, but not as serious as LinkedIn. Make sense?

      I’d really like to hear what you think about it, especially since you’ll be a true newbie!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments.

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