Grateful For Guest Bloggers And The Blog To Go On

Guest Bloggers Keeping The Blog Going During Vacation

Guest bloggers were wonderful! I was happy to occasionally check in on my blog this past week and seeing that it went on without me during my vacation. I went to visit my oldest son who moved away last fall if you remember reading the post about his moving away and staying in touch from far away.

guest bloggers

I am so grateful for several guest bloggers who took the time to write a post and guest host here at Inspire to Thrive.  My thanks go to Susan Silver of Cirquedumot, Sonia from Logallot and Arlett from Chasing Joy.

I came back from vacation to changes over at LinkedIn and Google Plus and wondered what else did I miss online this past week? LinkedIn had a different look when you clicked at connections you may want to connect with and Google Plus was totally changed around that I could not even find my Google business pages for a few days.  I am now accustomed to them in their new spot.  And we thought only Facebook made changes!  

If you like to look at nature pictures you can visit my fun nature blog at Thriving Nature. I have some photos of in flight, the Botanical Gardens, views from the mountains and more coming soon of the Grand Canyon, the visit at the Zoo and more.

Flowers and butterflies

I also got a chance to play with Instagram while on vacation and really liked it. I was so happy when it expanded it’s usage to Androids. I will be using more of Instagram in the future. I wonder how they will interact on Facebook soon since their purchase of it for a cool $1 billion – can you believe it?

I’d love to know what else has changed this past week in social media, in the world of blogging or in SEO as the Google Panda has been busy this year.  Drop me a comment here and let me know what else happened when I was away. I’m sure I have a lot of catching up to do!

Have you used guest bloggers while you have been on vacation?

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