Bring Your Website Back From The Google Wrath

You Can Bring Your Website Back From The Google Wrath

Google Wrath can make or break your website. You may have remembered the last Google Panda update back in March. It really put our retail website in the grave from it’s wrath. This past month with the latest Google Penguin update the same website has arisen from that grave. Here are some lessons you can learn from it.

Google wrath

How You Can Bring Your Website Back From The Google Wrath

  • Learn how to do SEO. Read as much as you can from Matt Cutts and other SEO experts on the web. SEO is changing more rapidly than ever before.
  • Learn why. What could have caused your site to tank? You may not have an email from Google or a note in Google webmasters tool. I had none.
  • Check your competition. It could be nothing you did, it could be what your competition IS doing.
  • Really LOOK at your website or blog. Look over old pages and posts. Dig deep into your site. You may be surprised to see what you had done in the beginning.
  • Check all your links, where are they going? Are they still relevant? Are they even going anywhere or are they broken? This is what I believe caused my problem with the retail website. I had an old resource page with many reciprocal links. I ditched it immediately.Β 
  • Check your HTML code. Is it clean or is it a total mess after changing your fonts and verbage?
  • Internal Linking – Are you linking from your internal pages to your homepage and back to older posts or pages? Internal linking is important for site structure and SEO. It’s become more important now than ever before in Google’s eyes.
  • Anchor texts – Are you anchor texts all the same? Change some up and be sure to label them.
  • Image attributes – Are all your images labeled correctly and with keywords? That is an easy one to overlook. A quick way to tell is to scroll over your site and when you scroll over images the words should show up or right click and inspect element for alt image – be sure there is one there for each image! I also read recently that stock images may be penalized in the future. You can dress them up and make them your own or start taking photos.Β Quality Content
  • Do I really need to mention content? I’m sure you have read it over and over again, quality content. What does that really mean? According to Google it is: Give visitors the information they’re looking for. That’s basically it.
  • Mobile Ready – Is your site mobile ready and active? Do you check your errors in Google webmaster tools for mobile too? Mobile is the newest thing Google will be checking on your website.
  • Never put all your eggs in one basket! Do not just depend on one or two ways to get traffic. Thankfully I had Pinterest traffic and received sales via it during the Google graveyard. You need traffic from search, social, directories, blogs, and various other websites to always have traffic. What good is having a website or blog without traffic?

How To Know If You Recovered From The Google Wrath

You will know! You will have more visits and if you are selling sales will pick up. You can see a chart in Google Webmaster tools that will look like this one: Increases in impressions and clicks. It was amazing to see it in the numbers like this after watching it on a daily basis increase. The Google Wrath will be gone! Continue to prepare your blog or website so the Google Wrath never comes to visit you again.


Learn how SEO

Gotta Love This Chart!

Have you seen increases and decreases with some of the Google changes recently?

Image above (graveyard) courtesy of Simon Howden atΒ

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

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  • Google can panalize any site at any point of time & this is the worst nightmare for a blogger. If a domain is panalized once it means your traffic will be dropped for sure. So we should study Matt Cutts & other SEO blogs, we should stay in touch with these blog so that we can come to know about changes in SEO. We should try to build natural links, write quality content, & should stay away from blackhat SEO methods.
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  • hey lisa i am a victim of Google’s update. dont know which update but most probably it was penguin 2.0 and my traffic dropped from 4000 per day to 400 per day. i tried to do something which will boost my rankings but it never worked so i had to sell tat site. and now i realize that i did the right thing as once your blog in penalized it is tough to get it back again,
    raj recently posted..UC Browser 9.0 Download Free (Latest Version) For Android/Nokia/iPhone/Java/Symbian/BlackBerryMy Profile

  • Thanks Lisa!
    Your post is worth reading and beneficial too. We’ll surely be working on all those points you stated.

  • I have seen few of my sites completely disappearing from SERPS. I never had the courage to work on them and get their rankings back. But after reading this post of yours, i will try to implement your methods. Thanks for writing this wonderful post.
    Karan recently posted..What is BlueStacks ?My Profile

  • From the screenshot above i see date option in bing image search. date of the image feature is used by me in google image search more than anything else to get recent pictures. Now i can swith to bing.
    Sonali recently posted..The most anticipated smartphones in the second half of 2013My Profile

  • Hi Lisa, yes domain age is a great factor in SEO but if you are heavily over optimsed with keywords in your backlinks then there is not too much you can do to fix that after the event.

    In answer to your question, yes all the same and the keyword was in the domain again. Spent months trying to revive the old one too!

  • Hi Lisa,
    Some great points in there. Although you did miss something which I had to do recently. Burn the domain!
    I didn’t intentionally do anything naughty with the SEO I just over optimised it.
    But on a brand new domain, the rankings started to return. I even kept the content the same.
    So depending on someone’s situation they could potentially start again.

  • Lisa, I came back here because I saw that CommentLuv banner you have on the bottom of this commentary. That’s AWESOME!!! I want to do the same. How did you do that? Where do I embed the code?

    Angela McCall recently posted..Scared Of BloggingMy Profile

  • I started right after the Penguin Update! It’s been hard for me to understand method’s that work because all the instructions out there where pre-peguin. I still only draw about 5 google searches a day and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The only Traffic I get is through social media pretty much. But your article was interesting to read and I learned a few things! Thanks Lisa! -Scott Craighead πŸ˜›

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a great post, I learnt a lot from it, thanks for sharing! I found your blog through Adrienne’s blog I think, and I must say that you share some really useful and valuable information here. I just started my personal branded site, so all new tips and tricks are more than welcome. I will definitely follow your blog from now on πŸ™‚

    Have a great day,
    Navid Moazzez recently posted..Define Your Definite Major PurposeMy Profile

  • It was a pleasure to go through your post and believe me, I have learned something that is surely going to help me in my blogging journey. I believe that the blogger like you are the limelight behind the increasing popularity of blogging as a profession by helping new bloggers like with me with your deep insights.

    Thanks once again and I do look forward to learn more from your informative posts.
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  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post. A wonderful way that only helps us keep our blogs out of google wrath but following the short tips mentioned in your post will surely help me to build a diverse profile in long term. The best part is about pulling traffic from all the possible sources and not only depending on Google. An important key behind online success. You have helped me gain something that is surely a plus for a novice like me.

    Thanks a lot once again.

    Ashutosh Kasera
    Ashutosh recently posted..How to Generate Genuine Organic BacklinksMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I’ve not seen a huge change with the Google updates to my ranking but to be honest I haven’t been keeping a close eye on it either.

    I’m a bit like Carolyn in that I write stuff that I think will help people and Google either likes it or they don’t. The Google Penalty Checker at least can tell me whether I’ve got that right or not!

    Apparently there was another massive Google update just recently. I can’t see how it affected me yet on the checker so I’m keen to see what happened!

    Have a great weekend Lisa.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..WordPress Editorial Calendar Keeps Me On TrackMy Profile

    • Hi Tim, That’s good that you haven’t seen any huge changes. I like that tool by the way. It appears from what I’ve been reading that Google is updating the algorithm almost daily. Another reason not to depend on their traffic for all your website/blog traffic. I sure will Tim, I’m off of work next week πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend there yourself.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Sorry I’m late here this time dear πŸ™‚

    Pretty interesting SEO checklist πŸ™‚ You know, sometimes you really don’t know what’s going on after all. I had no problem with earlier Panda and Penguin updates, but last one affected on mine. Sometimes it happens and recover immediately, but this time it’s not.

    However I’ve submitted a reconsideration request after all and they confirmed no manual action take for my blog too. It’s clean.

    Right after, I noticed that the number of backlinks mentioned in GWMT is wrong. I mean, it was a pretty low value and I haven’t seen the usual referring sites no more. Even some links were not appearing in Google search. It was wierd and I’ve been searching for that matter. Then I came to know it happened to some others too. But no response from Google.

    Now they are BACK and my traffic from Google is back too, eventhough it’s not same as earlier though. Seems like something went wrong and Google made it right. But it costs for some bloggers and webmasters.

    It happened to you too Lisa? Mistakes happen at Google too. We better know what we have been doing with our sites and shouldn’t freak out if we didn’t do anything wrong πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your rest of the week Lisa πŸ™‚

    Mayura recently posted..Embed Social Updates in Your Posts and Articles with SocialDittoMy Profile

    • Mayura, you are never too late! Wow, I can’t believe with your 100 score you had any issue Mayura. I never submitted a request for the retail site since I did not get an email in webmaster tools but it took 3 months for it to turn around and it turned around pretty big thankfully. We were not coming up in serach for anything. Thank goodness I was doing well with Pinterest on that one and still had some sales and views. It is now back to where it was. Strange isn’t it? Not surprised they did not respond – not the best customer service but then again it’s a free product, right? As far as the backlinks, they did admit they have been errors with that, so don’t worry too much. I’ll try to find info where I read it. Here is one: Have a great weekend Mayura and thanks for sharing your experiences with us here.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

      • Thank you for the link Lisa πŸ™‚ I’m glad it is fixed by now. Well, they responded for reconsideration request and confirmed no manual action on my blog.

        It seems just fixing the bug doesn’t make things right though πŸ™‚ As I’ve read, some folks couldn’t restore all the traffic after this incident and still struggling.

        Bottom line is, as you implied, “Never put all your eggs in one basket!” πŸ˜‰ Being dependent is not the way to go.

        Mayura recently posted..Embed Social Updates in Your Posts and Articles with SocialDittoMy Profile

        • You are welcome Mayura. Glad that the responded to you. Yes, it doesn’t always come back in a big way and Google is making changes almost daily now from what I’ve been reading. A little scary. It really means we can’t just depend on the traffic from them anymore. Hope you have a great weekend there Mayura.
          Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • OMG Lisa…so many things to do just by this Google alone. If I am here just starting to blog now and I see ALL of these WORK I have to do which Google required, I would have backup by now. 6 months ago, I didn’t know that I have to do this.

    Clean here and there…and just recently one of my comment CHANGED his domain and NOW I have to go through all of my blog to SEARCH where he could have commented and have THAT broken link. What a pain in the ass!

    When I write my content, I concentrate on “quality content” and I’m not much of an SEO person. Although sometimes I would check my keyword analyzer but not always. Normally, I will only check the title and I do not bombard my content with the same keyword on paragraphs, sub-title, summary, etc.

    You know I have built a website before, about 15 years ago, and I don’t remember doing any single of THIS. Now, why do they make this so hard? It makes me wanna quit as a Designer. I don’t think I wanna deal with this. All I want to do is write and worry my website alone. If I have to worry about other clients on this…this is a real pain.

    For one, I hate technical stuff such as this. That’s why I am not an SEO person. And so I don’t care what panda or penguin has to say. But somehow this is a necessity we cannot ignore and so now I have to go back in all of my CommentLuv links to see if some of these are on my niche…what a LOT of work!! *breath deeply*

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this post…have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

    Angela McCall recently posted..Social Media Sharing (Part 2)My Profile

    • Hi Angela, I know there is always so much to learn. Do you have CommentLuv premium? They have a broken link finder which would pop up when that happens and it’s quick and easy to unlink. I noticed that the other day when went bye bye. I started just over 3 years ago Angela and there have been so many changes – I can’t imagine how many in 15 years! I would not panic too much on the comments out of niche as long as they are not considered spammy. I’m going back to clean up some old posts though. Hope I make it before the next page rank update πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend too Angela and you are welcome.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

      • Thank you so much for telling me about this LIsa! *joy*

        YES, I do have CommentLuv Premium. I didn’t know that CommentLuv Premium can track broken links. I just deleted the Broken Link Checker plugin to have LESS plugins, so my blog can run FASTER. Lately, I have been cleaning my blog too for broken links and links that are NOT in my niche….like GAMES. Anyway will talk more later…

        Angela McCall recently posted..Scared Of BloggingMy Profile

  • All the comments that you have made are great. The other thing is to get rid of bad backward linking. I now have two blog sites. The old one we are just putting up products and the new one we are making more relevant. It has made all the difference in the world. My rankings in Alexa have greatly improved.

  • Thanks Irish, I try to make it simple for folks here. Yes, you are so right. I once did a posts that Facebook made changes quicker than we changed our underwear πŸ™‚ You are welcome and thank yo u for coming by and commenting on this one. Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead Irish.
    Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Hello Lisa, Thanks for sharing about this tool…. I will just say wow after reading this post . I never heard about this speciffic tool before so thanks for sharing about this

  • Love these informations. Broken links is one of the common problem on my blog but the plugin call Broken Link is really help me a lot and thanks to all these great tips.
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  • Great list of checklist you got there. Last weekend I was shocked seeing my traffic was very low, plus the graph from Google Analytics showed a downward trend. Not sure what I did wrong. However, now I can see now it’s getting better. Not sure whether it was because of the weekend, or because of the penguin stuff.
    Rudd recently posted..Great Deal: Premium Responsive Web Templates – 96% OffMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing this information. It’s the first time I’ve seen all this information in one article. Oftentimes, SEO and best practices are confusing because you have to read so much to piece all the important tidbits together to get close to forming a decent picture of the situation.

    I created the Website for our heating and air conditioning company a year and 3 months ago. It is a WordPress site and I use the SEO plugin by Yoast. All my external and internal links work. I am very particular about that. It is very frustrating as a user to click on a dead link. Luckily, I’ve been doing the things on your list pretty well, since my site and blog are fairly new. I am happy to see an increase in our impressions and clicks over the past updates.

    So far, I’ve done all the work myself and haven’t hired any SEO help. The natural growth is slow but consistent. Networking on social media definitely helps with back links as well as directory listings in the major directories. I am starting to use the social bookmarking sites to share my blog articles. What is your opinion on the use of social bookmarking sites with regards to the Google updates?

    Once again, thank you for sharing this information. Please keep writing. I will definitely keep reading.
    Sandy McDonald recently posted..Indoor Air Pollution – How to Improve Indoor Air QualityMy Profile

    • Hi Sandy, You are welcome. Oh I hear you on that. when I started making my first website my eyes were crosseyed from it all. I try to keep it simple here. I love Yoast too and did a piece on it. What social bookmarking sites are you talking about specificially? Most are good. Welcome to Inspire To Thrive Sandy. May I recommend to you getting a gravatar? I almost deleted the comment into spam but realized you are REAL πŸ™‚ I will check out your site too. Glad to hear yours is going in the right direction after the latest updates. Thanks for coming by and for your input too. Have a great day there.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Wow Lisa!

    That’s some list of things to check. Very useful and somewhat depressing! LOL

    Stock photo’s may get slammed in future too? Really?!! Sheesh… what do they want, blood?

    Great article though, thanks for the information.


  • This post is very informative. Most of the tips pointed out are the ones that I still don’t know yet. I find out that most of my anchor texts are still the same and my site is not ready for mobile! If it wasn’t for this post, I wouldn’t know these aspects. Thanks!
    Manny recently posted..Techsmith Camtasia Coupon Code: $52 DiscountMy Profile

  • Hello Lisa,

    This is so very useful. I completely agree with you. With all these recent changes to SEO, it’s so difficult to follow any particular way/procedure. Sometimes all these pandas and penguins go over my head. So I do some simple things — try to write some good content (not sure how good it actually is), optimize the images in the post and take proper care of the links and the anchor texts. Rest I leave to the Google algos to do whatever they want.

    Your list will help me to add some few more tasks now.
    Sourav recently posted..A Beginner’s Guide To Get Quality Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]My Profile

    • Hi Sourav, I’m so glad you find them useful. They used to go over my head too. Don’t you just love that phrase good content? It is content that people are looking for. You can find hints from your Google analytics and webmaster tools. I hope your tasks make a difference. Love to hear how it works out for you in the coming months. Have a great day ahead there.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Great post and excellent tips Lisa. Some of these I haven’t even thought of and I have been painstakingly going through so many old posts that I feel like I will never get it done. It sucks, but I am learning more and more about SEO each day. These are some awesome tips of so many things we over look and don’t even think about. I didn’t think about anchor text for images and have had to go back to all of those too. Oh man, will I ever get this done! Thanks for this, I needed this.
    Sonia recently posted..Are Bloggers Clicky?My Profile

    • Thanks Sonia. I’m in that same painstakingly boat with you but I see light at the end of the tunnel. I think I only have a dozen or less to fix up. Then of course there will be new things needed to be redone I’m sure πŸ™‚ It’s like housework Sonia, we are never done. Have a great rest of the week and thanks for coming by here.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • All good advice and all makes sense. But it should be noted that even if you follow all that advice and do everything right, there is still no guarantee.
    David recently posted..Free SEO advice (for what it’s worth)My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Honestly I don’t understand this “Google fear”. I’m not talking about you. Wherever you go you read posts where everybody is “dying” because of Google. Google did this, Google did that, Google destroyed my rankings, Google penalized me or suspended my Adsense account etc. This seems and excellent example of what I called the “mainstream wisdom”. If Google is so evil, why people still rely on it’s traffic? You said it : “do not put your eggs into one basket”. There are more and more traffic sources today apart from Google. We just need to find them and use them.
    As time goes by I start to pay less and less attention to keywords and Google. I don’t want to be taken away by this G obsession that everybody has. When everybody relies on Google for traffic you know it’s time to find something else.

    SEO. Yes, it a good idea but think how hard is to learn SEO all day long. There are at least 200 indicators that Google (again Google!:) uses in their SEO analysis. If I start to learn them, I will see my beard growing until it reaches my heels.

    If your traffic is from Google, you need to pay a lot of attention to their rules. However it’s time for a wake up. Now that everybody switches to social media (another piece of mainstream wisdom) Google role and power will diminish. Google is an important tool and it is a good idea to keep it alive. It is very useful and provides important services for the whole world. Imagine the world without Microsoft, Apple and Google. What will happen with the standards in the online world? It would be total chaos. Superpowers are still needed. Let them be. Just don’t rely too much on one of them no matter it is Google or Facebook or anybody else.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Increase Exposure and Traffic with a Viral Content ContestMy Profile

    • Hi Silviu. Oh yes, I do feel bad for those small businesses that suffered from Google’s changes and did not or were not able to keep on the latest SEO or could not afford to hire someone to do it. But they should have gotten on the social bandwagon by now, right? You are correct, at least 200 signals. That’s a lot of stuff to keep track of, manage and learn each and every change affecting them all. Is that why I’m so tired sometimes? You’ll be stepping on that beard Silviu before you know it!
      I so agree on not relying on just Google and Facebook Silviu. That’s why I’m at a lot of places, but sometimes it’s like being a rat on the wheel πŸ™‚ Thanks for your insightful comment and have a great day ahead and rest of the week.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    Google algorithm updates are complicated to understand but I just know one fact and rely on that fact. The fact is that any time any update Google has but it is aimed at controlling spammers and if we have white hat SEO practices we may never face penalty.
    Yes, Matt has become a popular name for bloggers but as you understand that he is always more concerned about hitting at spammers. His title at Google is “Head of Web Spam control” or something along the same line. We can understand what he is there for.
    Thanks for sharing this information, your points are helpful.

    • Hi Suhas, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Yes, they do aim to hit the spammers but sometimes miss and hit the good sites that are not doing anything wrong. I guess robots are like humans and can make mistakes too sometimes. I can understand them going after spammers. But I’m still amazed when I land on a site on the 1st page of Google and it takes you nowhere, really? After all the changes. Surprises me still. You are welcome and enjoy the rest of your week Suhas.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    All solid tips. Two that I’ve got to work on are making my site mobile ready and going back to old posts that need some tweaking or reviving. That’s always a back burner project.

    I also love Matt Cutts. If you want to get the info you need directly from the horses mouth, he’s your man πŸ™‚

    Thanks again,
    Liz recently posted..8 Tips For Sticking To A Blog Post ScheduleMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,
    Awesome post, really I will accept one of my mistake I’ve never ever check mattcut blog. Because I was never hit by panda or penguin, but as you said SEO is changing day by day, Google is introducing new rules every day. so its necessory to visit that blog regularly . Also I wasn’t aware about HTMl code.. Going to read the post. Thanks for sharing such great tactics with us.
    Mohammad ismail recently posted..Why Most People Fail In Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  • I’he checked my blog!
    Still lots of works to be done! Although the majority of traffic is coming to my blog from Google…
    Thanks for informing….
    Majharul Hossain recently posted..Online Income Streams; Distance Between Failure And Success!My Profile

    • Hi Majharul, I know, isn’t there always a lot of work to be done? I still have to update some old posts here but almost done. I used to think that was great if most of traffic from Google but now it makes me cringle a little in case the algorimth changes and you lose it. As long as you are getting traffic from other sources too then it’s a good thing. Have a wonderful day and thanks for coming by.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    So Tim shared recently a site that you can test your blog to see if it was penalized during any of the recent Google updates. Well I was definitely in the red last year when I knew I’d been hit but I passed with flying colors this last time.

    Remember my spring cleaning post where I had to go and clean up a bunch of junk! Well I deleted over 40 really old posts because a lot of the products I was promoting back then didn’t exist anymore so those links were broken. I also used the new CommentLuv link checker and cleaned up a few of those, not many though. I also went back and gave a lot of blogs the nofollow tag I knew weren’t in my niche. That’s a hard one for me because you don’t have to be in my niche to learn from me so all blogs are welcome. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t see it that way so I cleaned that up too.

    I’m sure that had a lot to do with why I got flying colors this time. A lot of those explanations they gave was so over my head I still don’t understand but obviously I’ve done something right to get a 98 score out of 100.

    I know this stuff is so hard to keep up with and for the most part I know that we all try and do the right thing. Whatever we’re taught that is at the moment right! So I know that I’m doing everything I know to do and am always eager to learn if I screw up.

    Thanks for sharing this Lisa and hope all is so much better from this moment forward.

    Adrienne recently posted..Goodbye Google Reader and Hello FeedlyMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, yes, I really liked that one too. Same here. That was nice to see. Wow, 40 posts gone? I updated a ton of them here. I still may have a dozen left. I love that CommentLuv link checker. 98 is a great score πŸ™‚ It is hard to keep up with, as it changes so quickly and what worked a week ago may not work TODAY. It would be nice if they left it alone for just a while so we could all continue on. I do feel bad for those small businesses that depend on making their living off their websites and one day it falls off a cliff. Hopefully they will get smarter and use other ways to get traffic. Have a great week ahead and stay cool there Adrienne if you can.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • I’ve got some really great notes from your post today Lisa and I am definitely going to check out Matt Cutts. Google’s updates having affected me to much and I think it’s partly because it’s only a year old and I haven’t placed too many outside links. But I check Google Webmaster tools once a week.

    I’m with Carolyn in that Google doesn’t really tell us where the problem lies and it would nice if they’d do it. It would save so much time doing directly to the source.

    I’m not sure if my site is mobile ready, I’m gonna have to look into that too πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for this informative post Lisa! Have a great new week!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Monday Work from Home Job Lead Madness 062413My Profile

    • Hi Corina, you are welcome. Yes Matt is usually very informative though sometimes not always direct, he can beat around the bush. I wish I had an opportunity to fire questions at him πŸ™‚ Glad to hear you are checking those webmaster tools. I’m reall not sure if it is – at first it looked like it wasn’t but then a menu popped out and it looked mobile ready. It does have the menu of a mobile site Corina. It is just a little different from others I’ve seen. The mobile site info in your webmaster tools is – health – crawl tools – mobile. That will tell you for sure πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful week there too. Stay cool.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Broken links was a big problem on my blog, too. I fixed it or rather hired someone else to fix it. I have no patience for tech stuff. What is anchor text? How do I make my site mobile ready? Is there a setting in WordPress?

    Thank you for another great informational article.
    Lauren recently posted..I Won an Autographed Picture of a MonsterMy Profile

    • Hi Lauren, the mobile site info is in your webmaster tools – health – crawl tools – mobile. I don’t blame you hiring for that – same here. Anchor text is the text you use to link to other sites, blogs, etc. or within your own site. It’s always best to link back to an older post from a current one if you can and it makes sense. And to also have an outbound link – linking to another blog or website (and it should also makes sense for your readers). Was it hot enough for you yesterday? Enjoy the rest of this summer week ahead Lauren.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I’ve read a lot about how to bring your visitors back from Google Panda, but Google doesn’t seem to be revealing why it penalized some sites and not others. I read from Kim Castleberry and Thomas Nielsen about the steps they took to recover from Panda penalties but their efforts didn’t work. Kim went to the trouble of disavowing links with Google, but then heard back from Google that those links didn’t affect her site’s standing in search results.

    I was hit hard, but decided to keep writing quality content for my readers instead of spending my time jumping through hoops to try to please Google when I don’t know what the problem is. I’ve been following the steps you outlined above all along but still got hit. Last week my traffic was up for the first time since Panda so maybe recovery is on the way? I hope so!

    While I wouldn’t wish Panda to hit anyone else, I comfort myself that I’m in good company!
    Carolyn recently posted..How to Keep Your Mobile Devices Charged when You’re on the Go!My Profile

    • Hi Carolyn, I can’t believe Kim and Thomas got hit by Google. I wonder if was just the rebots mistake like my Twitter jail a few weeks back. Of course GOogle would probably not apologize and fix in 48 hours. That’s what I continued to do too was to write better quality blogs posts on that retail site and continue on. It seemed like magic when the traffic returned though. Oh yes, we are not alone when getting hit. So many small businesses were hit hard too and I felt bad reading about some of them. One day they are making a living selling online and the next they are not. Thanks for coming by and for your input on this one Carolyn.
      Lisa recently posted..Bring Your Website Back From The Google WrathMy Profile

  • Interesting post Lisa. I haven’t noticed a change in my blogs but I really need to learn more about SEO. I’ve got that on my list and think Matt Cutts is my first visit. Google continues to be a pain in my bum with all these new changes πŸ™
    Bren recently posted..Are Your Blog Comments Decreasing?My Profile

  • An educating post, Lisa,

    Google Panda and Penguin ready did hurt my blog badly last year. Though it did recover with time but not completely. I agree with all the points that you’ve mentioned in the post about recovering the blog or site hit by Google’s wrath, but I never did even think of the competition and how it could adversely affect my blog. I’m very careful about the links in the comments on my blog’s posts and I do not allow any links unless they’re of sites owned by the commenter.

    Aspects that I’m not careful about are the HTML code and anchor texts – I know these are important and I should take these seriously. Your comment about the stock images liable to be penalized has come as a shock for me! Almost all of my post photos are taken from free stock image sites and I do give back a credit link for those. Is that something bad?

    You’re absolutely right about never putting all the eggs in one basket. In fact, since being hit by Panda and Penguin last, I’ve been depending more on traffic through the social media and it has worked for me as I did not get affected much by the subsequent Google updates.

    This is a great resource and guide to better the blog or site and I’m sure everybody will take home something or the other from this post. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Anger: Why You Feel It And What To Do About ItMy Profile

  • So interesting, Lisa. I’ve been neglecting my sites out of necessity, but hope to dig back in this week and get back to some sort of regular posting schedule. I’m so glad your situation has improved since March. You are so careful to abide by the ever-changing rules of the Google landscape, it seems to me you need to be rewarded for that effort. πŸ™‚

  • Interesting post Lisa and thanks for the guide
    I checked my blog the other day and it looks like some pages dropped off. There was a minor drop in SEO traffic that I didn’t quite notice.

    Let me print out your points and consider them more closely. I’m not SEO expert though so I love learning these new tips

    Thanks for sharing and hope you do have a wonderful week ahead
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Will Google+ Comments for WordPress Stand the Race?My Profile

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