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Google Panda is Back at it Again – 6 Things You Need to Know!

The Google Panda is Back at it – What You Need to Know!

Have you noticed a difference in traffic to your blog or website in the past few weeks? There has been talk about Google updating their algorithm again. Oh yes, it happens more often than ever before but this latest one seemed to hit various sites across the internet.

What are the some of the biggest takeaways of these SEO changes by the Panda?

Publish More Often – This does NOT work if the post quality is of low quality. Many bloggers think the more often they publish the better their site or blog’s SEO will be. Do you publish just for the sake of publishing still? Beware!

Bouncing From Your Site – Google is more concerned today than ever before if the users on your site are doing what your site is asking them to do. Whether that is signing up for emails, purchasing something, etc. If users are just leaving your site or going to another site Google will not give you a quality score or ranking.

Contact Info – Your contact info should be on every page of your website or blog. It appears a contact link on each page would suffice. Do you have that contact info on every page of your site today? 

Positive Social Shares and Reviews – The Google Panda also wants to see positive reviews of your blog or website either on social shares as well as positive reviews on sites like Yelp or Amazon, etc.

Linking to Your Authoritative Sources – Be sure you DO link to your sources when appropriate. If you are gathering info from another website do source them via a link. I linked this one to Moz where I found the recent information after seeing chatter via Twitter. I knew something was up!

Date Info on Every Page – Do you date your blog posts? This has been a hot topic this past year and now it appears dating them is a plus factor via Google. The Content Marketing Institute wrote about this topic of dating posts in February 2014, HubSpot wrote about it in May of 2014, and Adrienne Smith wrote about it in July of 2014. I’m so glad I do date my posts, are you dating yours?

Check out Neil Petal’s infographic from QuickSprout on How SEO Has Changed

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Have You Changed What You Do For SEO on Your Blog or Website?

What Else Should Be Added to the Above List? 

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