Google Panda is Back at it Again – 6 Things You Need to Know!

The Google Panda is Back at it – What You Need to Know!

Google Panda is BackHave you noticed a difference in traffic to your blog or website in the past few weeks? There has been talk about Google updating their algorithm again. Oh yes, it happens more often than ever before but this latest one seemed to hit various sites across the internet.

What are the some of the biggest takeaways of these SEO changes by the Panda?

Publish More Often – This does NOT work if the post quality is of low quality. Many bloggers think the more often they publish the better their site or blog’s SEO will be. Do you publish just for the sake of publishing still? Beware!

Bouncing From Your Site – Google is more concerned today than ever before if the users on your site are doing what your site is asking them to do. Whether that is signing up for emails, purchasing something, etc. If users are just leaving your site or going to another site Google will not give you a quality score or ranking.

Contact Info – Your contact info should be on every page of your website or blog. It appears a contact link on each page would suffice. Do you have that contact info on every page of your site today? 

Positive Social Shares and Reviews – The Google Panda also wants to see positive reviews of your blog or website either on social shares as well as positive reviews on sites like Yelp or Amazon, etc.

Linking to Your Authoritative Sources – Be sure you DO link to your sources when appropriate. If you are gathering info from another website do source them via a link. I linked this one to Moz where I found the recent information after seeing chatter via Twitter. I knew something was up!

Date Info on Every Page – Do you date your blog posts? This has been a hot topic this past year and now it appears dating them is a plus factor via Google. The Content Marketing Institute wrote about this topic of dating posts in February 2014, HubSpot wrote about it in May of 2014, and Adrienne Smith wrote about it in July of 2014. I’m so glad I do date my posts, are you dating yours?

Check out Neil Petal’s infographic from QuickSprout on How SEO Has Changed

What SEO Used To Be Versus What SEO Is Now
Courtesy of:

Have You Changed What You Do For SEO on Your Blog or Website?

What Else Should Be Added to the Above List? 

Panda Image Above courtesy of Arvind Balaraman at

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  • Cararta says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Must have been living in a rabbit hole…missed a lot of this chatter about Google and all its
    Wildlife again.

    Several things caught my eye, including dating your posts. Mind are dated, but I have
    occasionally changed the date on one that I added to or edited in some way. Wonder if
    changing the dates is a No No?
    It seems that if I do something like add some more content and an image…should be
    able to do so with impunity?

    Loading up on keywords has never been a priority for me, so when I was recently advised to
    change some of the titles on posts to reflect the keywords I should be aiming for…good advice or
    out of date.

    Hmm a great compilation of data. Have to think about some of this.
    Thanks to Tim Bonner for sharing…caught my eye!.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Cararta, oh yes, it can happen. A few days away from being online and things do change. I don’t think so, I do update some of my posts but I put a note on the bottom of post that it has been updated along with the date of the update. You should be able to update posts – last I knew Google likes that (updating!) Having a keyword in the title is a good practice still.
      Let me know if you have any other questions Cararta and Happy New Year! Thanks to Tim for sharing!

  • Don’t worry about Pandas. It’s totally Google’s tool to pic-up the most useful information in front of the searchers. Your duty is creating useful contents to your users. Google will automatically find you.

  • Rohan Bhardwaj says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Google Panda will keep on coming and as long as one is focused on quality content and users satisfaction, one need not worry. I wasn’t aware of this, now I am.

    Nice of you to share Neil’s infograph. SEO is improving and that’s a positive sign. Take care Lisa.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Rohan – I know, they are changing so rapdily each and every day now. Glad you are now aware of the updates. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment Peter, have a great weekend ahead!

  • Hi Lisa, just saw the link to your post from your comment on Sylviane’s blog.

    I had no idea that there was even a recent Panda update, that would explain my sudden small drop in organic traffic this last 5 or 6 days, however I’ve not see a huge shift in rankings for my target keywords, just a slight change here and there but nothing to be alarmed about. I’m hoping it’s just as Adrienne says, low December traffic, here’s to hoping though ha ha.

    Looking at your list I think I’m good with all of these, except for my bounce rate which is still pretty high, working on that one in the new year. I did remove dates on posts back in the summer but reintroduced them again at the beginning of November.

    Thanks for the heads up Lisa 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Fabrizio, that could explain the drop for you. December does tend to be low as people are getting ready for holidays and vacations. What made you put the dates back on Fabrizio? (Curious…) Thanks for coming by and sharing your input with us on the subject. Have a great day!

  • Sherryl Perry says:

    Great post Lisa! I’m always interested in learning more about SEO and it’s one of my favorite topics to blog on. I hadn’t seen this infographic before but it’s now one of my favorites on the topic.

    As for dating my posts, it was after reading Adrienne’s article that I went back and started dating mine again. I didn’t do it for Google though. I did it because it was clear (from reading the comments on her post) that it was what most readers wanted.

    The one thing here that made me smile is the fact that keyword research ranked last as a top contributing factor to SEO. I’ve never been a big fan of keyword research for my blog posts.So, that made me very happy.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Sherryl. Did you notice a difference by dating them or not? I know the readers like it but was curious about Google too. I’ve laid off the keyword research too of late. I’d rather write for an audience than for Google. It will be interesting to see how Google continues to change in the coming year. Thanks for coming by Sherryl and I hope you have a great rest of the week.

      • Sherryl Perry says:


        I can’t really tell because there’s just been so much going on with me lately (a lot of it on the personal side). I think you may have heard that my 86-year old mother in law fell ill in late September and she went from having aches and pains to being diagnosed as terminally ill and then she passed away on All Saints Day. (I played a role in her home health care plan.)

        Between not posting much myself and relying on guest posts, I honestly haven’t paid close attention to what is going on with my analytics. Prior to that, I had changed my blogging frequency to writing posts about double in length and posting half as frequently (sometimes only twice a month). At the same time, a few well known bloggers were giving me shout-outs and I was concentrating on scheduling lots of shares on Triberr.

        So, about the time that my MIL fell ill, my analaytics were really interesting. My traffic had been steadily increasing but it was all in direct and referral traffic. My organic SEO traffic (which had been my #1 source for years) remained about the same. I have not regrouped from where I was in early September and I’m a little afraid to look.

        We’ll see what happens in 2015. My husband is taking early retirement at the end of this year. So, he’ll be underfoot. Who knows what will happen then. 🙄

        • Lisa says:

          Hi Sherryl, yes, and I am so sorry to hear that. I lost my mom in May after a short battle with cancer. I hadn’t posted that much this year with my mom ill and then taking care of things after including my dad etc. It was hard to keep up! I like you did Triberr to at least share others posts. Love Triberr!
          There will always be life’s changes Sherryl and we just have to roll with it and give ourselves a break too. I don’t think I fully regrouped since May. So give yourself some time.
          Thanks for coming by and for sharing your story too. I hope you have a good weekend ahead Sherryl.

          • Sherryl Perry says:


            I remember when your mom was ill. It doesn’t seem to have been that recent though. That’s a horrid disease. Thankfully, we’re both fortunate to be part of the same community of bloggers. Regardless of how sporadic my blogging has been, my friends are still there for.

            I love Triberr too. It took me a while to find the right tribes to join but once I did, that’s a whole other community that I can depend on. The thing is that when I first started sharing on Triberr, I concentrated on scheduling everything through Buffer. I still do some of that but now I concentrate on just scheduling directly through Triberr. I believe that’s made a big difference in my traffic.

            I hope you’re taking some time and enjoying the holidays. It’s a tough time of the year when you’ve recently lost someone but it’s also a time to look forward to 2015. I hope you have a good weekend too.

          • Lisa says:

            Hi Sherryl, it was 7 months ago. Yes, it sure is. Taught me to live more since our bodies can deteriorate in a flash. Yes, I found that too. Yes, Triberr can be confusing at first and too many people haven’t stuck to it and gave up too fast. I schedule right through Triberr. I use Buffer for other stff to share. Folks that are not on Triberr, quotes, etc. I’m trying Sherryl, I did go away to NH last weekend and that was nice. I love being outdoors with nature, always nourishes the soul. The weather here is really warm for this time of year so I may go for a long walk tomorrow to enjoy that weather. Take care Sherryl.

  • Peter Kanayo says:

    Lisa, thanks for the update. For me the number stuff is something I will consider fixing as Ryan said it helps show transparency. And who knows you may get a customer through that means.

    As for me have seen a traffic increase not that I have written more frequently but because I do more promotion- my aim to get my content to people who havent seen it before.

    I did convert two of my post to slideshare and I have a guest post in the pipeline. So hopefully these will help increase my traffic.

    I did take Ana challenge with Kurt to see if we can double our traffic, have been slow but I looking at ways in which I will achieve these.

    Hopefully I will experience a traffic surge.

    I really appreciate you for the reminder on seo as its important though it isn’t something one should get freaked about as you only suffer from Google to a great extent if we purposely give out do follow links to sites in exchange for money or if our sites have poor quality content that results into high bounce rate.

    Have spoken much. Its time I drop my pen. Do have a wonderful day.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, You are welcome Peter. Transparency works 2 ways, Google loves it but more importantly so does your audience. They get to know who you really are. I have to do more of that promotion myself Peter, thanks for that reminder 🙂 Slidesharea is great and another thing I need to update as well. I’ve been behind a lot this year. I figured this SEO update was important and had to share it with my readers. It helps to see where SEO was and where it is going. So much has changed with SEO in so litle time, it really is amazing. Thanks for coming by Peter and have a great rest of the week there.

  • OH Great, yet another animal update to slap us in the face! I’m just going to carry on as I always have, I write to write and my readers seem to enjoy what I’m putting out, I don’t over think keywords or the amount of SEO that has to be done from time to time, but I have made my external links NoFollow after the last update.

    I just suppose I’ll have to see if my site gets a complete slapping down or if it stays as it is!!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Karen, I know huh? I think the new changes are great for writers like you Karen – it’s easier to just be you vs implementing keywords every so many words, etc. I did the same and wondered if it will be changed again. Thanks for coming by and sharing your input with us. I hope you had a nice weekend and a great week ahead!

  • Irish Carter says:

    HI Lisa,

    Great info. I thought something was going on with stats and algorythms. I hadn’t seen this info graphic yet so it was really helpful. You always have such informative news to share. All of the new info comes at a good time for me as I begin to work on next years strategy plans for my website. Thanks so much.

    Happy Holidays Lisa.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Irish, thank you – you inspire me to keep on going here 🙂 How many things are you looking to change in the coming year Irish? I know I have a few here too. Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a great holiday – it’s coming so fast!

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Lisa

    Thanks for this great update about Google. I usually dread when another algorithm change is released! The contact informaton on every page is new to me. Will have to go back and implement it.
    As for publishing more often, is there a best practice about this? How often, I wonder 🙂

    Thanks again for this important information.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Lisa, you are welcome. I know that feeling 🙂 Publishing more often is not as important as having great content, content that people will want to read and stay a while on your blog. They claim that is more important now than publishing more often. Thanks for coming by Lisa and I hope you have had a wonderfu weekend. I hope to see you back here again.

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I haven’t paid much attention since my product launch. I’ve been so busy with all of that I haven’t even checked my stats. I know things have slowed down but it’s December for goodness sakes and we all know traffic is never the best during this month.

    Other than people leaving our site that isn’t the appropriate time per Google, I’m good with everything on this list. As you know I’ve always had an issue with the way they gauge that because I have so many returning visitors that they’ve read pretty much all my posts. I’m very fortunate in that respect. Granted the new visitors that I get do go look around and I did put a code in my analytics some time back to gauge the time spent on my blog which to me is much more important than where they go.

    I had a guy email me in Facebook the other day and he said he would have emailed me but he didn’t have my email address. I really had to laugh since I include it at the bottom of every single one of my posts. RIght there in plain site for everyone to see. That just goes to show you that they don’t pay attention. Of course I also have my contact page right there as well and it’s been there since the beginning of time. That’s just odd to me so I’m not sure what else Google wants pertaining to that.

    The dating the posts, you definitely know how I’ve felt about that so I’m thrilled to hear that Google’s not happy with those that don’t date theirs either. Yay!!! Thanks for sharing my post by the way, I really appreciate that.

    So I guess we’ll see how things progress moving forward into the new year right! Only time will tell.

    Thanks for this update my friend and have a wonderful day.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Adrienne, that’s a great point about it being December with holidays upon us. I’m sure you are good with the list Adrienne, you’ve been rocking it at your place and your product launch. Odd that he did not see it there – but emailed you via Facebook. I sure do know Adrienne how you felt about that, but I must say (and I agree with you) that Adrian made a great point here in the comments on it…..You are welcome for the share. That is for sure, time will surely tell. You are welcome for the update Adrienne and I hope you had a fabulous weekend as I’m trying to somehow catch up here 🙂

  • Wow Lisa! I didn’t know about the contact information thing. Wow is that important and something I’ll fix now.

    Makes perfect sense too. Being transparent rocks and being easy to reach looks better for you, your blog and for Google. Folks want the guy or gal behind the blog, so make sure that you give them means to get in touch with you.

    Lisa, thanks!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, really? I hope you have been able to implement that – I’ll be by soon, been a little behind. I like the new transparency – much better than the old SEO for sure. I hope things are well on the island Ryan and that you have a great new week ahead.

  • vino says:

    HI Lisa,

    Thanks for the info on google panda update and even the infographics is very good explaining the difference between old and new SEO. It is very necessary that everyone need to lok after their blog and make it to escape from panda

  • Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Lisa

    I hadn’t realised that Google are up to mischief again!

    I do most of the things mentioned, although bounce rate is still an issue for me. I was under the impression this wasn’t part of the algorithm though? Has that now changed?

    I include the last updated date on my posts now as that seems more meaningful to me. I’ve been updating older posts gradually so it’s also relevant to those. The meta tags have the published date in them too though so I should be all good.

    I can’t keep up with all these changes Google make. I do basic SEO but that’s as far as I get!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Tim, Oh yes, they always are now, arent’ they? Oh yes, it is. Bounce rate does count – Google wants us to keep people on the site or do what we are asking, whether signing up for email or making a purchase. It is not easy to keep up with the SEO Changes Tim so doing basic and wrtiing great content is key. Thanks for coming by, hope everyone is well at your house now and have a good new week ahead!

  • Hi Lisa,

    Never thought of including my Contact info in every page. But I’ve been reading this book Connect, and he said put your telephone number and address on meta tags in every page. Google like that. So maybe I will try that. Anyway, great post. Have a nice week!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Angela, yes – not many people have either apparently. Interesting on that too. Thanks for coming by Angela and I hope you had a nice weekend. Time sure is flying by this month!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I prefer the new SEO methods hands down, because to start with I hated the old one.

    Even when I used to write content for clients who wanted me to turn their article into a stupid word soup for the sake of search engines, I use to really hate that too 🙂

    So, now that search engines has got a few brain cells, I think that we can all be happy in the end. Now I can understand it and it make sense too. And I love it!

    Thanks for this interesting infographic.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sylviane, Yes, it is (SEO) better for writers today than its ever been before. Yes, it does make a lot more sense for sure.You are welcome, I thought it would be helpful. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment too. Have a great new week ahead.

  • Corina Ramos says:

    Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for sharing this update with us. I’m like everyone else in that I don’t stress too much about what Google wants. I’m focused on the content and building relationships. Of course I do make sure my posts are tagged appropriately I just don’t sit there and try to break it down. 🙂 I’d never get anything done. LOL

    Thanks again for sharing this! I hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday :).

    • Lisa says:

      You are welcome Corina, That’s good to hear. It’s easy to not stress over it as it is more natural, what you write for your audience is becoming more important than how many keywords are in each paragraph, I like that much better myself. Thanks for coming by with your comment Corina and I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

  • Nataly Auger says:

    HI Lisa! I don’t really concerned myself with all that Google SEO craziness, but I always add the rel=”nofollow” to the links and I always credit the pictures that I add to my posts.

    But it’s a very interesting infographic and I am gladly passing it along. Thanks for doing the research and sharing it with us! 😛

  • Bren Lee says:

    That blasted panda! I don’t play the Google SEO game. I don’t understand all of it nor do I have time to play with them. I think if you allow them to rule your life, you will never truly enjoy blogging. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for doing all the research though Lisa. I’ll gladly pass it along. 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Brenda, LOL, you are too funny. It is important if you do want traffic and some traction with blogging. If blogging for fun, no worries then. Thanks for sharing this around too Brenda, I do appreciate that and hope you had a great weekend!

  • Churchill Madyavanhu says:

    I just had a look at my numbers and they don’t look bad at all. I hope that’s because I am doing something right. Or could it be that my sites have been temporarily spared? 🙂 Just like Harleena said, I don’t pay that much attention to the Google animals. There is just so much to do that. Since you are summarising this stuff so well, I will just keep coming to your blog to stay up to date with the updates. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Lisa says:

      HI Churchhill, that is good to hear. I think you could be doing something right for sure. It’s easier to avoid some of the SEO stuff since if you do your writing naturally, that’s what google wants now anyways. It works out well! Thanks for coming by and have a great new week ahead.

  • Gail Gardner says:

    Thanks for these details, Lisa. There is another very good reason to date your posts: incoming links. When I am researching and link to existing content from new posts I need to know when they were published – especially with time sensitive topics like Google updates. If you don’t have dates on your content and I can’t easily determine even what year it was published, other content that IS dated will get the link.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Gail, you are welcome. I’m with you on those dated posts and stories as I stated in Adrian’s comment. They give relevancy to the content. I know I see more posts with dates vs. Ones without dates. Thank you for coming by and for your input Gail. Have a great rest of the week, hard to believe we are headed to mid December already!

  • Adrian Jock says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It would be interesting to find out the importance of these factors in G’s algo. They aren’t equal for sure 😉

    From my experience – but without claiming a deep and professional analysis, I can say that social shares are very important while the importance of “date info on every page” is close to zero.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Adrian, I agree that would be interesting. There are still over 200 ranking factors involved. Dates are big to me. If I’m researching and something doesn’t have a date I tend to move on. I like to know the relevancy and time period. Thanks for coming by and hope your week is going well Adrian.

      • Adrian Jock says:

        Hey, Lisa, I agree that sometimes the dates are important to the reader. On the other hand, on articles that aren’t time-sensitive the date may mislead the reader -> a lose-lose case. That’s why I don’t use dates. Most of my articles aren’t time-sensitive.

        Finally, I would like to clarify something. My previous comment isn’t related to what you or I like. It’s related to your article. It’s related to G’s ranking factors. My blog posts got high rankings for my keywords even if they have no dates. That’s why I claimed that according to my experience, dates have a minor impact on rankings.

        So… what can I say? That’s my experience. I can’t lie and tell the other way around just because someone else doesn’t like and/or doesn’t agree with my practices. Maybe they aren’t relevant to other people, but this is what I do and these are my results 🙂

        • Lisa says:

          Hi Adrian, thanks for coming back and explaining. It will good to know if that changes – the keyword ranking related to dates. It seems to be something new Google is doing and since I don’t many bloggers that don’t date their posts, you will be a great test for me to see. I hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  • Hi Lisa!

    Interesting stuff. I was wondering why I was seeing such a huge jump in impressions and clicks to some of my websites. In fact, clicks to one of my sites rose by 125% in the past 30 days alone. I suppose that means I’m doing something right!

    I’m going to have to take a look further at post frequency in terms of its effect on SERP rankings. I’ve never been the type of guy to post regularly. I spend far more time marketing than I do writing and often only write one or two posts a week on each of my blogs.

    But then again, I’ve never been real big into SEO. It doesn’t convert well for me and keeping up with all of these updates is sort of frustrating. Still, I suppose its power comes in its numbers so it’s something I should perhaps be giving more attention to.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Lisa!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi James, that’s great about your sites. I know I don’t market mine often enough. Something I hope to pick up in the new year. I bet that’s what is really helping you. It sure is hard keeping up with all the Google updates as they come faster and more furious than ever before. Thanks for coming by and sharing on your success.

  • I’m with Harleena, trying to keep up with all this stuff will drive one crazy. I notice my traffic has declined and my ranking also, and that’s on all my sites. Still, I’m going to keep doing it my way and hoping that some of the regular visitors keep coming because, hopefully, I still have something positive to offer.

    But I guess we’ll see. lol

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mitch, me too. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t been online as much or I have a lot of work cut out for me. I do like that we don’t have to publish as often in theory. Time will tell Mitch. Thanks for coming by and I hope you are having a great week.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Yes indeed, I saw this infographic at Neil’s blog recently, and even read all about good old Panda getting back in action on Moz a few days back 🙂

    I’ve really stopped bothering about all of these animal updates that leave us rather confused if we sit to think about them, but yes, if we are not following what they recommend, we could certainly harm our blogs. Makes sense to play clean and go by the rules, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Harleena, thanks for coming by. It just always amazes me how much SEO has changed in the past 5 years alone. That’s why I had to share that infographic. I think it’s great for writing as it is a more natural style now than before. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week Harleena.

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