Getting By With The Help Of My Twitter Friends

Twitter Friends To The Rescue

The past few days part of my feed was down. It was just driving me nuts. I had emailed feedburner about it but you know how long that probably will take to receive an answer? So I received a comment on my blog  yesterday that confirmed a suspicion about plug-in issues I was having since the 3.2.2 upgrade.

going nuts before twitter friends came to rescue

To the rescue came my Twitter friends! Have I not mentioned before how I love Twitter? It’s just the place to be to meet people with the same interests and goals as yourself. It’s a quick and easy way to have conversations, fix problems, share and have some fun along the way.

Twitter friends



and from there it went to here with other Twitter friends to the rescue:



And after many more discussions and an hour of time,  BINGO – the issue was found!

You can subscribe to my feed anyway you like.

So what were all the issues that you can learn from my mistakes?

  • Before you update a new upgrade on WordPress – Back up everything with the export button (you should do this all the time) It’s easy
  • Before you update that new upgrade – de-activate your plug-ins and -re-activate after the upgrade
  • Test everything after the upgrade – some plug-ins may not work and you may need different ones
  • Different themes will work differently with the upgrades – not all themes are made the same
  • Feedburner –  make sure your publicize button is turned on – something so simple but yet makes a big difference
  • Keep a copy handy of your feedburner URL and name so you don’t have to keep going back and forth (like I had)
If all else fails – Go to Twitter – You’ll find some folks always glad to help out over there.
Have you had friends come to the rescue via Twitter?

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

15 comments On Getting By With The Help Of My Twitter Friends

  • Great tips Lisa. I did my upgrade and had problems with my Pinterest button. I have to add that back because it was preventing a post from posting for some odd reason. I am glad you got that fixed. We are here for you girl!
    Sonia recently posted..Do You Trust Guest Posts For Your Blog?My Profile

  • yep, that last update was a stinker. didn’t have any feed problems luckily. this explains why i haven’t been tweeting your posts lately (i have you posts set to auto tweet from your rss feed and silly me just thought you weren’t posting)
    vanita recently posted..No-Tell Motel to the RescueMy Profile

  • Glad you got it fixed. Those plugins tend to be the issue. Some don’t like to play nice together but you just never know which one’s they are. Frustrating for sure.
    Val recently posted..Your Home Business: Goal Setting 101My Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    I am glad that Twitter came to your rescue, it can be great for solving those problems that crop up 🙂
    I have read today on another blog and now here that we should de-activate plugins when upgrading, I did not know that so thanks for the tip!
    Hope you have a great weekend
    Pauline recently posted..My Friday $1 BargainsMy Profile

  • You proved yet again Lisa how Twitter really is a social site that can be very helpful 🙂 I have turned to Twitter to get ideas, suggestions and as you did, get problems solved! So I agree, Twitter is certainly a positive platform for that sort of thing.

    As for your feed, I hope you did get it worked out. I know mine has gone off and on but I schedule so many tweets now, the feed is just extra good stuff on top! We will see you over on Twitter 😉

  • I hope I’m able to comment today Lisa. I stopped by earlier this week and I continued to receive a message that I hadn’t checked the “spam” box. You don’t have one so I couldn’t figure out how to get around that. Anyway…

    I’m so sorry you had this problem but I’m so glad your connections on Twitter were able to help you. I do have a question for you.

    You said to make sure your publicize button is turned on in Feedburner. Where the heck do you find that? I guess I’m saying it must not be turned on since I can’t seem to locate it anywhere.

    Appreciate your help now and enjoy the rest of your day.

    Adrienne recently posted..Some Really Cool StuffMy Profile

    • Interesting Adrienne, I have more technical things to take off. Thanks for telling me. It’s right on the Feedburner account – under publicize – password protector. I had it on, should be OFF. Mayura figured that one out over on Twitter. He’s an awesome techie and always helps out.

  • Nice tips Lisa 🙂 Glad you write it out right after the incident. You are superb. Learning from the things you have been through, gratitude and sharing it with your readers generously. So no one of your readers don’t wanna mess up with all those stuff when upgrading to new version.

    Twitter Rescue Team is always with you 😉

    Mayura recently posted..How to Add Google+ Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page with CercoeMy Profile

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