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Get Twitterized Today And Have Fun With It!

I found this infographic of my twitter self fun and interesting but is it really accurate? Are we really what we tweet? Is it like you are what you eat?
Get yourself twitterized

I have met wonderful people on Twitter and they are all real. Of course you will see the spammers there too with their eggheads. And those that never engage and just shout out their own products or services. Boring! I wonder how they would be Twitterized.

Now is this cool looking twitter data-generated infographic really me Twitterized?


I have been wanting to learn about infographs, I just love seeing them on social networks especially on Pinterest and wanted to try a few of the free versions out there. This one from sure was fun. But really, I have no enthusiasm?  I must work on that one on Twitter!

I was inspired to work on infographs from so I had to do a fun comparison, I hope you don’t mind the comparison Jan.


You can compare your Twitter handle vs. anyone else on Twitter. You can also let it pick anyone – leave the “faceoff” blank and it will pick stars like Oprah, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian,  etc. No surprise on this comparison! Pick your friends, pick your competitors to get Twitterized and see what you can learn about them today.

Do you believe there is truth to these fun images or not?

Give it try today and leave a comment on how your stacks up for you!

Have fun against your favorite stars or celebrities. See how you stack up against your Twitter friends and get yourself twitterized today. It only takes a minute for it to generate your own twitter data-generated infographic.

Don’t forget to pick out your hair and eye color too. 

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