Foursquare Becoming Swarm with Personalized Local Search

Foursquare becoming SwarmFoursquare Becoming Swarm – Are You Checking In?

Foursquare becoming Swarm is starting today with some changes. Foursquare hasn’t really updated much  since 2012. I received an email from them and was surprised to learn I’ve checked in 1187 times since using their app. I love it to keep track of where I’ve been. It’s like a diary to me. I can go back and see what date I went where. It helped me when going to mom’s doctors appointments. I used to check into the hospital etc. Other times if I forgot a restaurant I could go back and look it up. It’s also great for traveling and remembering the places you visited. I used it last year on my San Diego / Arizona trip.

The new Swarm is the beginning of “personalized local search”.  You must first download Swarm to use it.  Swarm is available on the App Store and Google Play. Swarm has saved all your Foursquare info for you. I tried to login via my desktop but that option doesn’t appear available yet. (Foursquare did have that option and I liked it to set up goals of places to go and things to do.)

Foursquare has been built with the help of a 50,000,000-strong community, with all their tips, check-ins, photos and more. All of your check-ins and history will continue to help shape your recommendations. 

Personalized Local Search

personalized local searchWhat is personalized local search? It lets you know what is 500 feet away, a short walk away (1 mile), nearby (5 miles) and in the area (20 miles. ) You can find friends just like before with Foursquare. You can search for things within any of these perimeters. Imagine going somewhere you have never been and want to search for a restaurant or a particular type of business? You can see recommedations from others on the places before you decide to go.

With Foursquare becoming Swarm no two people will have the same experience with this new updated app. Once you teach Foursquare a couple things about you like tastes, follow experts, or even just walk around for a few days – the new app will be 100% yours. I’m looking forward to using this new app today. How about you? 


What Can Swarm Do For You?

If you are a business it’s a great way to see who your customers are. It lets you know what people think of your food, products, etc. It can give your business many insights. You will be able to advertise on Swarm like Pepsi and Proctor & Gamble have. Foursquare already has more ad revenue this year than they did for all of 2013. With Foursquare becoming Swarm this revenue may increase dramatically.

If you are using it for personal use it is a great way of keeping a diary of places you visit and go to. It can help you choose places by reviews and location. You can connect with others you know on social media and engage with them on Swarm too.

What do you think of Foursquare becoming Swarm?

Have you used Foursquare much or at all?

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10 comments On Foursquare Becoming Swarm with Personalized Local Search

  • Hey lisa thanks for this article and I would like to tell that this app seems to be very useful to me. Every morning when I leave home for college my mom or brother assigns me some tasks to do, just normal tasks to buy chocolates or some other household stuffs but I always forget it at the time when I return home. I just downloaded this app on my iPhone and I hope it goes well for me. Very excited.
    Brijesh Gohil recently posted..5 Best Laptops Under $600 in 2014My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m following your idea too – Keeping track of where I’ve been 🙂 But I’m kinda late to the party though. Meanwhile I was trying out quite a travel apps such as Traveler, but couldn’t make me feel satisfied though.

    I have inspired by you to use Foursquare and been using it lately. Anyway, I miss that I can’t fetch list of places I’ve been to when I didn’t use Foursquare. If that comes true, my journal will be completed. However, I’m not comfortable with sharing it away online to the public and not checking in everywhere either. Hence I keep it to myself and careful whom I friend with too.

    Talking about Swarm, I didn’t like the fact that I have to use another app to check in. I was gonna check in few days ago, and said I had to download it. I loved the way Foursquare was and wish if they could incorporate new features into the same app. Now I have it installed but didn’t check in yet. Hopefully will try out this weekend 🙂

    As I’m keeping it personal and to keep track of places, do you think I should uninstall Foursquare and keep Swarm, Lisa? Or have to keep both installed?

    You have a fabulous week there dear 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..How to Disable Autoplay Videos in FacebookMy Profile

    • Hi Mayura, I haven’t tried traveler yet, interesting….Correct I don’t check in everywhere either. Only when I’m in the mood or don’t mind people knowing. Swarm is pretty easy – I’ve been using it since day one. It is quite similiar. Maybe harder to find where to share on other networks but I don’t always do that either. Great question Mayura, I still have both but use Swarm. I just looked at my Foursquare app and it appears you can use both. Not that I would want to. Also Swarm is not yet available on desktop and sometimes I’d use Foursquare on desktop. There are always changes huh Mayura?
      So far so good this week, hope your week is going well there too.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Growth Adds 16 Million New UsersMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, just like Ramos said, I’ve never used this mainly because I was told it was for people checking in and letting people know where they are at all time. I think i will begin to give it a thought now and see how it works.
    Emebu recently posted..Why Your Blog Need Google Custom SearchMy Profile

    • Hi Emebu, yes, you get to pick and choose. I don’t check in everywhere I go. Sometimes it’s nice to not let anyone know where you are and not look at your phone. It can be very relaxing at times. We are sometimes too dependent on them and being in constant contact with everyone we know at all times. I appreciate your commenting and have a great rest of the week Emebu.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Growth Adds 16 Million New UsersMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    I’ve never used this mainly because I was told it was for people checking in and letting people know where they are at all time. Well I’m at home working on my computer and when I’m not at home I don’t want people knowing where I am either.

    Of course I’m also not a small business that has to worry about my customers in my town either. I’m sure there is much more to it but like other things, I can’t try everything that comes out these days and I just got my iPhone last year so I’m probably more behind on stuff then most.

    I know you wanted to write about this so I hope you’ll get more excited users responding then poor Cori and I that don’t use it at all. LOL!!!

    Have a good weekend my dear and thanks again for being there for me today.

    Adrienne recently posted..Are You Sabotaging Your Blog Commenting EffortsMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, Many people do think it’s showing the world where you are. It’s only WHEN you want to share that info. Sometimes I don’t tweet it or FB it. And I’m selective who I’m friends with on that network. Sometimes I don’t use it for a week and then othertimes several times a day. It all depends where I’m at etc. One day I went out of town with a girlfriend and we don’t post anything til afterwards. You just have to be smart how you use it 🙂 I’ll be interested to hear from someone else who uses it. You just gave me another idea 🙂 You are very good at that Adrienne….Hope you have a good weekend.
      Lisa recently posted..Foursquare Becoming Swarm with Personalized Local SearchMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I never gave much thought about using this. Like Bren mentioned on her Triberr comment I wasn’t too comfortable with people knowing where I was all the time. But the way you mentioned saved doctor’s office locations that was it for me. I take my mom to her appointments and every now and then it’s a new building.

    I have to think about what it can do for me from a business standpoint.

    Definitely going to consider using it :). Thanks for telling us where to get made it very easy for us to find :).

    Have a great day! Are you ready for the weekend?
    Corina Ramos recently posted..The Evolution of a Mother-Daughter RelationshipMy Profile

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