Follow Friday Is Back and Newly Redesigned

Follow Friday Is Like A Party On Twitter

Did you miss Follow Friday the last 2 weeks? I  sure did. I tried other ways to show appreciation for my favorite peeps over on Twitter but it wasn’t the same. Follow Friday was always so easy to look up your favorite peeps and give them a special shout out.  Now Follow Friday is a new and up and running. Just in time for Friday!

Follow Friday


This made my morning (even as I feel like I have a fever) and I’m sure it will make your Friday easier over on Twitter.

Follow Friday offers these great tips too:

  1. Don’t recommend more than 10 users in the same day.
  2. Recommend only one user per tweet.
  3. Explain why you recommend each user, make it useful for your followers (and meaningful to the peep you are referring).
  4. Keep the hashtag (#FF or #followfriday) at the beginning of the tweet.

I find the last one interesting because I always used it at the end of my tweets. I’m not sure I agree with the first one either. I try to recommend many on Friday’s. The more followers you have the more you can add in a day – would you agree? I do like the #2 and #3 tip. I’ve been using Follow Friday for almost 2 years now and love the interactions it can bring about.


Here are some New Features of Follow Friday:

  • You Usually Recommend – it tells you who you have recommended in the past.
  • Your Recommenders – who usually recommends you – nice one!
  • Favs – Peeps you have favorited along the way.
  • Mentioned By You – This goes by the most mentions by you.
  • Mentioned By Others – Great way to know who mentions you the most on Twitter.
  • Best Friends of the Week – New feature I love. See the tweet below!
  • Profile – Fill out your profile with 3 keywords.



There will be more features coming to this app like reports which are part of their new premium paid version (a pay per follower pricing) and ranking which now shows “we can’t generate your timeline recommendations while we are computing the ranking, please try again tomorrow.”

Update: It’s the Follow Friday Tool as pointed out on Twitter –


Do you use Follow Friday every week and will you use the new re-designed version of Follow Friday?


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