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Do You Eat and Sleep With Your Smartphone?

Can You Eat or Sleep Without Your Smartphone?

We all have become so dependent on our smartphones today that it makes me wonder – can we live without them for any length of time?

Must we always eat and sleep with them by our sides? If you eat with your mobile phone you could be eating a lot more than if you were fully concentrating on eating. Research has shown that smartphones can make us fatter.

And if you sleep with your smartphone you may not be getting a good night’s sleep unless you can leave it on silence mode. I’ve had many a night when buzzes and lights went off.  You can set a timer for all your applications so they shut down while you sleep. You could also find an app to help you eat better, exercise or one that can put you off to sleep.

What & When Folks Are Doing With Mobile Devices Today

It is fascinating to see the data on what time mobile users are doing what with their smartphones. If your website targets a particular audience these stats may be good for you to know. That is assuming your website is mobile of course.

Do any of these times in the infographic below surprise you? The fitness category surprised me. I thought more folks exercised in the morning vs. 6 pm in the evening.

Are there any trends from the infographic here that you found unacceptable? I could not believe 9% would check their smartphone while on an interview. Really – during an interview? If I were interviewing that would be the end of that interview.

Younger people are also using smartphones at record pace today. Some parents have to take control of how their kids spend time on their smartphones.


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What do you use your mobile phone for the most today?

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