Dukeo Review and Your Chance to Win Contest

Dukeo Review

Dukeo Review is a review of a blog and a contest all in one. Have you seen Dukeo’s blog posts in your Triberr stream? I have and loved the idea he has come up with. You can review his blog Dukeo and have a chance to win $1000.00.

Dukeo Review

What is Dukeo all about?

Dukeo’s blog is written by Ste. He teaches SEO, traffic generation and marketing for others to make money online. He launched his website on his 30th birthday back in 2011. John Chow quoted “That kind of stuff works. I think Sté does a great job.” If John says that I think maybe we should read Ste’s blog. Ste offers 3 FREE guides on his website to to help guide you along the way to making money online. Just sign up for his updates and you can get the FREE guides.

The Dukeo Review

What I love about Dukeo’s website and blog:

  • It’s easy to read. Very clean text and a great font size. No squinting needed.
  • It’s very clean all over with not too much on the sidebars. There is nothing to keep you from reading the posts. No nasty pop-ups!
  • The language is simple and easy to follow – love that!
  • The blog posts often, both a great and not so great thing. I can’t always read if someone posts more than once a day. But the content is always FRESH. So I’d give it an overall plus for it. 
  • The About Page really rocks. Simple and easy to read about Ste. Ste doesn’t brag either. Some about pages are more of a brag page, not Ste’s.


What Could Be Better on Dukeo’s Blog?

  • The comment system could be better with CommentLuv for the commenting system. Ste I cannot believe you don’t have CommentLuv on your blog. Curious as to why.
  • spruce up the blog with imagesThere could be more images in the posts to make them stand out. Right now he is using the image I have above for every post. Great way to promote the contest but there could be other images in the posts to seperate the paragraphs and give more eye appeal. I say let’s spruce it up! Add a little color along the way. (A side note: The FREE guides have nice artwork in them – it breaks up the awesome reading material.)


What Do You Think of a Blog Review Contest?

I think it’s a wonderful way to to get feedback on your blog or website. People may have fun entering the contest and give you an honest opinion of your blog or website. It’s a great way to draw traffic to your blog and gain organic links. Can you think of a reason not to do a blog review contest? (Besides not having $1,000 to give away.)


Will you do a Dukeo Review too with a chance to win money? The contest ends May 28th.

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

38 comments On Dukeo Review and Your Chance to Win Contest

  • A great review, and I have to say that I already have felt assured after reading your interpretation before I checked the blog. There are really nice free stuff inside, and they seem to be very useful for a newbie like me. Thanks for sharing the useful information and this cool site!
    Ursula recently posted..Endlich eine lange WochenendeMy Profile

  • Pleased to hear that, Lisa – I used to suffer from terrible hay fever and one of the wonderful things about getting older is that I’ve almost completely grown out of it 🙂

    Here’s wishing you a happy, allergy-free weekend 🙂


  • Hey, Lisa – sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather recently – hope you’re on the mend.

    This is a great review – I love Dukeo and think you’ve given a thorough and honest review – I’m pleased you’ve asked Ste why he doesn’t use CommentLuv and hope he responds to that. It would be interesting, too, to know why Adrienne’s had that slightly worrying feedback about his site.

    Good luck with the contest – may the best reviewer win!

    Sue Neal recently posted..How to Improve Your Vocabulary in 3 Simple StepsMy Profile

  • Nice Review Lisa,
    I always find Dukeo ad in my website saying get traffic leads. But because I should not click on my own ads I never clicked, but now I understood what is Dukeo. Nice site by ste…
    Vijesh recently posted..How to Increase the chances of getting an Approved Adsense accountMy Profile

  • I noticed I keep coming up as some robot, when I forgot to put the “C” in .com. What a dork I am!
    Sonia recently posted..Blogger Spotlight: Cynthia Tolbert-Wilson, RichlyMiddleClass.comMy Profile

  • Ha ha! I loved what you did as a review for his blog. Nice touch with the slideshare. I wouldn’t of thought of that. I see his posts all the time, but haven’t taken the time to pop over. Now, I have a incentive for sure. Thanks Lisa, you rocked this review. Good luck because I am going to see what I can do.
    Sonia recently posted..Blogger Spotlight: Cynthia Tolbert-Wilson, RichlyMiddleClass.comMy Profile

  • I’m not familiar with the blog, but I have seen the name “Dukeo” on Twitter. Interesting concept and while I don’t have $1000.00 to spare, it might be interesting to ask people what they think. I just recently changed the background colour of my blog to white, because someone mentioned it was difficult for them to read with a coloured background. I figured, if they had a problem, perhaps some others did as well. Feedback can be helpful.
    Debbie recently posted..PUSHING 60 AND GOING NATURAL: “GREY IS THE NEW BLONDE” UPDATEMy Profile

    • Thanks Debbie, me either, I don’t have it to spare now. Yes, some colored backgrounds can be hard to read. I’ve been lightening my other blogs/sites up myself in the past year. I always welcome feedback, that’s how we learn, right? Thanks Debbie for coming by and for your input on this one.
      Lisa recently posted..Dukeo Review and Your Chance to Win ContestMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,
    That’s a big deal by Dukeo.
    I have known this blog since my days of EasyRetweet.com and I think I’ll like to be part of the contest 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted..How to install and make money with Google Adsense for search!My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Great review, I’ve been following his blog for a while now and he does post a lot of useful information about blogging and traffic generation, in general.

    Devesh recently posted..ElegantThemes Giveaway: Win 3 Lifetime Memberships worth $747My Profile

  • I’ve never heard of his site but just stopped by. I was reading an interesting article on WordPress SEO. Thanks for telling us about his site. It’s definitely a place I’m going to hang out from now on. There’s so much great information.

    Smart marketing having folks review his blog for a contest to win money. Amazing that he launched his site when he was just 30.
    Lauren recently posted..Food, You Are Dead to Me!My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Yeah, Ste is in one of my tribes too and boy does he post a lot. There is no way I can read all of his posts because of how much content he does share. Heck, I can’t keep up with the ones I read now.

    I do agree that he has good content but I also have reservations. The only reason I say that is because I had installed an extension called “Web of Trust” and what it does is rates the sites you land on letting you know of their reputation. Ste’s blog got a bad rap girl. I was really surprised so I’m not sure who has been bashing him out there but a pop-up comes up immediately letting me know his site can’t be trusted and that numerous people have said the same.

    Who the heck do you believe! It definitely made me think twice.

    Good luck with this contest… If anyone has to win I hope it’s you.

    Adrienne recently posted..Google: In Life And In DeathMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, yes, that’s how I think I found him via Triberr. I don’t get to read every one of them either but most. Interesting about your little extension there Adrienne. Could it be due to spammy commentors? You always find interesting things. I used to have extensions like that from Norton etc. Thanks for the good luck too and have a wonderful Wednesday.
      Lisa recently posted..Dukeo Review and Your Chance to Win ContestMy Profile

    • Hey Adrienne,I find it quite puzzling that someone internet-educated like you would rely on a bogus service list WOT…

      So, you don’t trust other blog owners who put their name out there… based on reviews by anonymous people.

      Some of the highest rated sites on WOT are porn sites and illegal sharing sites. If you want to entrust your internet security and your kids’ security to porn consumers and online pirates, that’s up to you.

      By the way, I got the horrible rating on WOT after extensively reviewing their service (url on my name) and they tried to hurt my reputation in retaliation.

      And me innocently thinking that other people involved in web would do their homework before using MyWOT as a “reference” of any kind.

      • Hey Ste,

        Did I say that I relied on that service? NO, I said that I had that installed and was surprised that those types of results came up for your site.

        I had that same debate with another friend that anyone could just come by and drop a bad review and that could hurt your site which I think is just horrible. Am I a pro at these types of sites? Absolutely not, it’s all a learning experience for me Ste but it is what it is. Someone could do the same thing to me and I would have no control over that whatsoever.

        I don’t just trust that sites like that are true. Sorry if you got offended.

        Adrienne recently posted..Share Juice Pro: Plugin To Help You Increase Social ReachMy Profile

        • Sorry if I sounded a little upset. This MyWOT thing has been getting on my nerves and I tend to see red when their reviews of my blog get cited.

          You’re right: If some trolls decide to destroy your business, they can do it overnight and the admins won’t do anything because their whole system is fueled by hatred and trolling.

  • Very interesting! I’ve never visiting his blog, I don’t think but I sure will give it a peek when I get free. I’ll add it to my Pocket for future reference. BTW, love you slideshares! 😉
    Bren recently posted..Sex and The CityMy Profile

    • Thanks Bren, I’m surprised so many of you haven’t come across Ste’s blog via Triberr. It is quite informative and easy to read. I have fun doing the Slideshares, thanks Bren. Have you signed up there yet?

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a fantastic idea…. I’ve not come across Ste but will follow your link and take a look 🙂

    Yes the lack of a spare $1,000 is one hurdle to stop someone doing this but there’s other way’s of tempting people to review our blogs.

    I think I’ll give this some consideration as I can see the benefits 🙂

    Thanks Lisa 🙂
    Barry Wells recently posted..RSS Title Errors Now CorrectedMy Profile

    • I thought so too Barry and it was fun to do the review. I’m sure you will find his blog informative as well. Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a good rest of the week Barry.

  • 😯 fell like from the ice age, I’ve never heard about Duke o.. Looks like I’m not the one here. But anyway thanks a lot, This looks like worth reading!
    Evan recently posted..Best Premium Media WordPress themesMy Profile

    • Hi Evan. Isn’t it amazing how many blogs there are out there? We can’t possibly know them all. Thanks for coming by and I bet you will enjoy Ste’s blog too.

  • This is the first I’d heard of Sté and Dukeo. I actually had my site reviewed by a professional blogger, back in January. It was a free service she offered because I expressed interest in a class she was offering (which turned out to be way more than I could afford – almost $1,000.00). Her objective, critical review led me to make several changes to it – once I decided that I agreed with her. 😉
    As for holding a contest to review a site… While it would be interesting to get feedback from readers, the problem I can foresee is having people offer review who have no inkling of the industry the site represents. If the owner of the site running the contest isn’t solid in their own stance and representation, I think they could be overwhelmed and even led astray from what is best for their business.
    Off to check out that site, now. Curious! 🙂

    • Hi Ellen, great input! Yes, one could not take all the reviews too personal. And you could pick and choose what makes sense for you. Thanks for coming by Ellen and interesting you had one done too.

  • I’ve been to Dukeo and I’ve learned some great stuff from Ste, he really knows what he’s talking about 🙂

    This is a great idea Lisa. Aside from not having a thousand dollars to giveaway some people might shy away from this for fear of what they’ll read about their website, some folks don’t take criticism too well.

    I liked your review, it was an honest one and looks like he can take something from it.

    Hope you’re feeling better today 🙂
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Toot Your Horn Tuesday 05-14-13My Profile

    • Thanks Corina, yes. No sense doing it without being honest. I think he would have even more traffic with CommentLuv but you need time to respond etc. I’m on lunch break now 🙂 thanks for coming by and I’m feeling better today Corina. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Hi Lisa, I’m a big fan of Dukeo and Ste. I am constantly amazed at the valuable information he continues to provide at his site. I discovered Ste through Triberr and often see multiple articles of his in my feed. If I see three articles, chances are I will read at least two of them, often all of three of them.

    Great and fair review, Lisa. I especially like your SlideShare presentation. You are spot on with your points, both pro and con, about Dukeo.

    I especially agree with you about CommentLuv. Ste doesn’t get many comments even on the highest quality articles. CommentLuv would help as would Ste responding to comments. I’m not sure whether he doesn’t respond or doesn’t have notifications to commenters of responses to their comments, but when I leave a comment I feel as if it’s just sitting there and gets lost in the blogosphere somewhere.

    Ste is probably too busy giving us high quality and quantity of articles! That’s fine with me, I’ll keep coming back to Dukeo.
    Carolyn recently posted..Quizlet – Ace Your Exams with Tech!My Profile

    • Hi Carolyn. I bet your are right. He doesn’t have time with commenting if he’s writing 3 posts per day. I’ve been reading his blog for some time now too. He does pruduce awesome content and I loved the idea of his contest. Thanks for coming by and commenting today. Enjoy the rest of your day Carolyn.

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