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Just ReTweet !

Just RetweetDon’t just tweet along day after day. Use the help of Just Retweet. Have you heard of Retweet? It’s a wonderful way to spread your message across Twitter by sharing with other tweeps.

I learned of this one from Ms Ileane, over at Basic Blog Tips a long time ago. She is  wonderful at podcasting and more! (You can see her video on Re-Tweet too) I’ve been using the Re-Tweet app for years now. I’ve used it pretty regularly and it does generate more Twitter followers. You can meet more in your niche from this app. It is a FREE app.

If you want to be a featured member on their website it will cost you a little cash. I understand the cost is $10 with 2000 credits for 1 day.  They do offer many more packages for you to choose from. You do get 100 free points for just signing up.

How Just ReTweet Works

The more points you have the more your tweets will get re-tweeted. By your re-tweeting others tweets you get points. You can also enter in your own website/blog and it lets others view it for 30 seconds to gain points. When you set up your tweets you can choose how many points to give for it and how many followers you want the tweeps to have. So it’s like being on Twitter and re-tweeting others. But with re-tweet you can be assured of getting re-tweeted by others and not necessarily the same people that you re-tweet from there. Be sure to fill out your profile and your topics. This will ensure you will get others tweets in your niche.

Other ReTweet Tips

It can expand your reach on Twitter, who would not want that? I always check to see what I’ll be re-tweeting before I do. I don’t want to re-tweet junk. You may also want to fill out all your information there so you can be found by others in your particular niche. I have seen the stats on this blog show RETWEET as one of the top 10 sources since I have started there. Using tools like this also expands your social proof. Others will be retweeting your information and some will come to visit your blog post before sharing.

What Categories Are NOT Allowed on Just ReTweet

Dating, Relationships, Health, Beauty, Diet/Fitness, Pets, Payday Loans, Insurance, Travel, Celebrities, Music are the categories not allowed. You must be careful not to have any links that are over promotional. If you see them you can report them too. They are really good about not promoting spam on this network.

Will you be checking out Just Retweet soon?

I’d love to know if you use it too!

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6 comments On Don’t Just Tweet Along – Retweet

  • Hi Lisa,

    I started using their service last summer (free version) and I love it. I try to check the links before I tweet them too and after a while you get very familiar with the people on there and make some great new connections. I think I have given up on Empire. Too complicated for me 🙂 Just retweet works so well because it is so easy to use.
    Sicorra recently posted..Work From Home Mom Sells $275,000 of Stuff in One YearMy Profile

  • You are welcome. Glad to hear that about the junk. I'm sure it will get even better with more users and with the 3 of you keeping an eye on it too.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for writing your review about JustRetweet! Am glad you were able to drop from 10 to 7 and we believe that you will still get more traffic to your blog.

    Regarding the junk you mentioned, I , Gail @Growmap and @Ileane is working hard to make sure that no junk tweet is being posted and believe me we are still doing our best to put that in order


  • You are welcome, I think you will like it. Have a nice weekend too Candice.

  • Never heard of it, but I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend. 😉

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