Don’t Be Afraid of Your Photo on Twitter

Why Your Photo on Twitter is Important

Don’t be afraid of using your photo on your Twitter profile. The first few years I was on Twitter I was afraid to. I had an icon. I started reading that Twitter prof3iles with photos worked better. One day I debated it in my head, then on Twitter and a great tweeter told me I would get more followers if I did. It’s been about 2 months and he was right – I gained a lot more followers.

photo on Twitter

Get Your Photo Taken

They say “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. So don’t be shy and have your photo on your Twitter profile and see if it increases your following and interactions there. People like to connect with real people. And being on Twitter or any social media site is all about engagement and making connections. If you are a little known brand with a logo it will take more time to connect. It can happen, it will just take a little longer. If they know YOU first as yourself and then you start your brand profile it will be much easier to promote it. Of course it’s much easier if you are a big brand like Coke, Chevy, McDonalds, etc.


I’d love to know your thoughts of where and when you do or do not use your photo on social profiles.

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10 comments On Don’t Be Afraid of Your Photo on Twitter

  • I actually just changed my twitter photo last week from an icon to a photo of myself, and I’m really happy I did. I already have more followers! After reading this post I am definitely not going back to an icon.
    Colleen recently posted..Monday Music Break: Moving BreathMy Profile

  • Thanks for posting this Lisa; I did a similar one some months back. The only thing I would add is: "make it cross-platform." In other words, use the same photo on TWI, FB, G+, your GMail, Blog, website … so as to lend "familiarity." I detest the word "brand," but seeing your lovely face "somewhere else" just lets folks know it's "you." Cheers and Happy New Year to all 🙂 @PaulBritPhoto

  • Absolutely! If you show who you are rather than an icon or even a cartoon character, then you will see that others will feel more at ease. My sister is afraid to go online period for fear of losing her privacy, but let's face it, if you hide like an ostrich with your head buried in the sand, people can see you anyway, but won't ever buy from you because they don't trust you either! It is sort of like reciprocal diplomacy. Great point!

  • Galen, give is a try. Brenda, I agree, don't follow the egg pics either! Many are spammers too.

  • I definitely don't follow those blasted "egg" pics and won't allow them to follow me. A real person pic speaks wonders to me. Helps me relate more to the person. Great post!

  • Photos help out a lot!

  • oops, I'm having trouble with the comment box, so please excuse this if it is a duplicate. Anyway, I was saying that I've been told the same thing about my blog, but so far I have resisted using a photo. However, I did have some taken recently, so maybe I'll get my nerve up.

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