Do Your Facebook Fans Cheer Your Brand On?

Facebook Fans

Everyone tries to get more Facebook fans for their Facebook page. Whether you decide to promote the page on your own or pay for likes, brands are trying different ways to gain more Facebook fans. But are your fans cheering your brand on or have they disappeared into the woodwork?

Facebook fans

Many times people will like a page and then may never see the page again – either because the page does not post anything for a long time or it gets lost in the Facebook stream. The more a person has in their feed the less chance they will see a post. So the more Facebook fans you have, the more you can post. When we first started our Facebook fan pages for our eCommerce sites we posted about once per week and the more fans we got we started posting almost daily. You can check the insights available now on Facebook to get an idea of how many people you are reaching. If you download the info (It goes into an Excel document) you will be able to find even more info than glancing at the Insights on Facebook itself. There will be more info than you probably need to know but it is an informative tool to see what works and what doesn’t work on your postings. Here are some things you’ll see:

  • Daily and weekly – people talking about your page
  • Daily number of stories created on your page
  • Daily new likes and unlikes
  • Lifetime likes
  • Daily friends of fans who liked your page
  • Daily page engaged users and weekly too/li>
  • 28 Days page engaged users/li>
  • Daily reach, weekly reach
  • Organic reach by day, week and
  • Paid reach by day and week
  • Daily and weekly viral reach (when someone sees it from a friend and creates them to act – a like, comment, tag or share)
  • Total viral impressions by day, week and month (being seen)
  • Page views from those logged in daily and weekly
  • Reach of page posts by day, week and month
  • Consumptions – by day, week and month (Consumptions are any clicks that generate stories – not likes)
  • Negative Feedback, on daily, weekly and monthly.Here is what I found on negative feedback: This is measuring the negative feedback options that exist on Facebook, which means reporting on clicks that occur on news feed stories (any time a user hides or reports a news feed page post as spam).  

It was interesting to learn that people can mark your posts as spam or hide your posts. I tend to do that myself sometimes for our nursing scrub site as I don’t want to fill my personal Facebook page with brand promotion.  I saw those in the negative feedback via the excel spreadsheet.

Each business page is unique and what works for one page may not work for another. So be creative and experiment to have your fans really cheer your brand on! Check your insights to gauge how different posts on your page work. Then, let your Facebook fans cheer your page on: Go brand!
Of course the more Facebook fans you have the better your chances of getting engagement and having fans cheer your brand on. If you only have 50 likes you may not get any engagement as statistics show only about 1% of Facebook fans engage with brands. That is only 1 out of every 100 or 10 out of every 1000! So that is why it is important to gain more fans on your pages either by working very cleverly to gain them, offer a giveaway or purchasing them directly through Facebook or a company like Buy Facebook Likes where for as little as $27 you can receive 500 likes.*
What have you found that helps your fans cheer your brand on your Facebook Page ?

*Discloure: I am being compensated in likes for this mention of Buy Real Fans and Likes.

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