Do You Need a Blogging Degree to be Successful at It?

Do You Really Need A Blogging Degree To Be A Successful Blogger?

Blogging Degree

The other day I was on Twitter and Mayura was asking some interesting questions about education that made me wonder: Do you need a degree to blog? Would it help to be more successful as a blogger? Is there such a thing as a blogging college?

Mayura can sure always make you think.

Just Blog

I think the best way to learn to blog is to blog. You can be educated on the proper use of the language and be a whiz at spelling or have a degree as an English major.  But if you don’t have experiences to blog about how can one really be good at blogging? Take for example a food blogger. I’ll use SmokedNGrilled for example: If Kurt didn’t cook on a regular basis how could he blog to teach you how to cook? Would you take his recipes and cook with them for your company coming? Kurt has 98 eRecipeCards to date. Warning: You will become hungry if you do visit his blog.


Another blog I like for informative skin care is Dr. Bailey Skincare. Dr. Bailey has been in dermatology for over 24 years and has a terrific blog on how to care for your skin. She also blogs about skin cancer and how to protect yourself from it. She suffered from acne as a teen and understands how teens feel with their acne. She has made her own skin care line that has been carefully tested. If she did not have all these experiences her blog would not be as effective. She does not have a blogging degree but a degree in medicine.

How about plumbing? Want to learn how to do it yourself? Radiant Plumbing has a blog with all types of useful articles on plumbing. They even have one on fluoride in the water. (hot topic) You will also find one about a dog peeing on an air conditioning unit and how the metal frame and coils start to deteriorate because of it. You’ll find nice tidbits related to plumbing there. Brad took over the family business and has been doing it for over 10 years now. You can even watch his video on the about us page. Nicely done website.

Informative Is The Key

These bloggers have a wealth of info related to their work and living life. They can share their experiences to help others through their blogging. If they just studied blogging they could not provide such valuable information. Just as bloggers can share what they know about blogging. I once shared a post about propagation – I never knew that word until I started blogging.  I could have learned it in a textbook but to experience what it meant is a lesson that will not be forgotten and hopefully will help someone else in their blogging journey.

Do you think a blogging degree is necessary or life experiences are the way to become a better blogger?  

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46 comments On Do You Need a Blogging Degree to be Successful at It?

  • Hi Lisa. I know this comment is a little behind from when you posted it but I just happen to find it today!
    Anyway this is a wonderful post. I agree 100% also. Passion carries more weight than a piece of paper. Look at all the famous people without those college degrees. Keep up the good work.
    Steven recently posted..5 Traffic Sources for Reaching More Customers And Getting More Calls for Plumbing Companies.My Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    A degree in blogging? ha! ha! no such thing.

    First of all, what do you mean by being a successful blogger?

    Successful as in the ability of a blog to make money for you passively?
    or Successful as in having 10,000 readers?

    Here’s a little secret…

    Most bloggers don’t make a cent from their blogs (which may or not be their intention) They court Social traffic and want to be the at the center of their own blogiverse. They do it because they enjoy it, that’s fine, nothing wrong with that at all but they don’t, and never will make any money, they are too busy blogging.

    Internet marketers have blogs, lots of them, hundreds in some cases, they don’t blog like bloggers do, but they make money and some of them make 5 figures or more.

    Only A-list bloggers make money because their operation and readership is massive, and has been built up over many years.

    Becoming an A-lister will take a huge amount of work, ( you will have build a brand), probably more than most people could ever put in, only when your blog is popular and have a readership of epic proportions, will advertisers be beating a path to your email inbox to throw money at you for a banner ad.

    Sure you can be a ‘passion’ blogger with a dedicated and loyal readership who hang on your every word, if you can write well enough, but a passion blog won’t make you rich, although it could bring in some useful extra income.

    Hope that puts things in perspective for you 🙂

    If you want to make money from a blog, start a blog about finance, law, health, Insurance. Write helpful informative posts and then slap Adsense ads on it and then start promoting it anywhere your target visitors are likely to gather. When it’s making $50 a day in Adsense, start another. When you have enough money coming in outsource the writing, Rinse and repeat ad-infinitum.
    Tim recently posted..Leveraging The Warrior Forum To Build A Subscriber ListMy Profile

  • Excellent post. You really dialed that in. It’s the simple principles that worked for people that have already been where we are heading and desire to be that we should pay close attention to.Thanks for keeping it real and I always look forward to your next post!
    sofiya recently posted..Tips For Using Facebook in Your Job Search HuntMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for this great post! I totally agree with your response to Vivek about learning from mistakes. I’m about to expose my newness in the blogging world, but my first post had a professional tone and as I read other blogs, I learned that a blog is more personable and relaxed so I had to forget what I learned at school and work and go with the flow. 😀 So much to learn!

    Thanks for letting me comment. Hope you’re having a great day!

    • Hi Corina, yes it’s an odd thing but people do like to see a little personality in a blog too. Otherwise it’s most of a textbook version. Do you like going with the flow now?

  • HI Lisa
    Very excellent post. I Do agree with the opinions of womever has blogged their point of veiw in this passage. I think it would good on record if you indeed have a background of Education though not everone has to go that far sime people have good skills natrually. so Thanks for share it.
    Clarkmartin recently posted..CEE LO Sexual Assault Accuser Had Long History with SingerMy Profile

  • Hello Lisa

    This is really absolutely right article, I don’t think there is a need a blogging degree to be successful in Blogging ! Actually some basic & common type of mistakes are done in blogging & Those kind of basic mistake just unaware blog Owners do.
    I’m totally agree with this article.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Good question.
    Sometimes….a lot of times really I feel like I’m in a college level program learning internet marketing. I am now officially a sophomore. Yeah!
    I have learned so much in the past year I can’t even begin to explain to my non-internet friends …(how big is the ocean)
    I was so happy to see your title this morning…it made my day.
    sometimes I feel like the dumbest person out there so I needed this.
    Thank you so much for your blog post.
    and BTW that Salmon looks delish…I am now very hungry…Thanks alot for that.

    • Hi Tonya, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I love learning new things everyday. It is amazing how much there is involved to blogging and internet marketing. Glad I could make your day 🙂
      I love salmon, one of my favorite foods.

  • Not for blogging. If you have a degree, good for you, but anyone can learn how to blog; it just takes a will and dedication. There are so many blogs out there with many writers and different niches. Is any of them smarter than the other? No, we all just do talk about different topics. Some writers are better than others, but it’s still not say that I have to have a Master’s degree to run my own blog. Good question, but I don’t think it matters.
    Sonia recently posted..What Motivates You to Blog?My Profile

    • Hi Sonia,I think you hit the nail on the head with will and dedication. I was amazed to see how many quit the first year I was blogging. I guess many don’t realize how much time it takes to maintain a blog for the long haul. Thanks for commenting.

  • Hello Lisa,

    I totally agree, just blog if you have the passion. It’s the modern day version of stepping into the conversation.

    I’m an MD, and throughout my life science came easy but writing never did. I didn’t let that stop me from blogging. I knew there would be people who wanted to read about skin care and skin health information that was written by a dermatologist. I try to capture topics in just the same voice that I would use to explain them to a patient. My blog has become such a passion for me that I now consider it a very valid creative outlet. Instead of painting, I write. And, I’m thrilled that you found it. It’s a treat to see my blog mentioned in your post.

    Cheers, Cynthia Bailey MD

    • Hi Dr. Bailey, thanks for coming by and commenting here. You do a wonderful job with your explanation of topics. You keep it simple so we can all understand. And I like how you change the topics around like the one on make-up brushes. Me too, I find blogging to be a creative outlet and stress reducer 🙂

  • Do I think we need a degree to blog? not at all, I think the most important thing to have is passion and a love for the niche you are in… Of course being able to write and some of the technical bits help but you can soon find someone to help if you cannot, it isn’t the end of the world.

    Passion and love though cannot be bought for a blog or subject and if you love something you will want to create the best blog possible not just for yourself but for your readers and that is what makes a blog really successful.

    Cheers for now
    Andi the Minion recently posted..Tim’s Minions Interviews: Ben BardenMy Profile

  • To become a better blogger, we don’t necessarily need a degree, but it can help a lot (by helping us realize the different things that we need to take care of when blogging).

    Like you said, experience is what that matters most 🙂 More experience, more power to you (of course, there are disadvantages to experience too – it has the ability to put you in a restricted mindset – like we shouldn’t do a particular thing because it can hurt our reputation; I personally believe that we should experiment with everything, whatever it is).

    I think there are many colleges that offer “blogging” degree (One of the college brochures I got via email indicated that the particular college had a blogging degree).

  • Good stuff, always. Thanks Lisa
    Paul Letendre recently posted..Get Your Restaurant OnlineMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    That’s a great question to ask but that’s what I love about being online. You don’t have to have an education, I think that life experiences are your education.

    Just like I mentioned in my post today. Most of us who started blogging never looked at ourselves as writers. For the most part that is. But I think that a successful blog is created by someone who is walking the talk. Just like you mentioned above. Kurt, Dr. Bailey and Brad all have experience in their areas so blogging about it will teach us what they know. You can definitely connect more to someone who has the experience and is showing you what they’ve learned. I think that in itself is the education.

    Great post and glad Mayura spurred that conversation. See, great blog post came out of this one.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Avoid Having A Boring BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, I would agree. I have always had the experience first then took courses after, kinda backwards huh? I loved creative writing in high school but hadn’t written since the start of blogging. Mayura can also start us thinking – can’t he? Thanks for coming by today and loved your post and how you should how you USED to blog.

  • Hey Lisa

    I have a degree in classical music and I loved everything music at that time, back in my early 20s. I still love music but I don’t live and breath it so much these days.

    I really think life experience and work experience can hold up to many degrees, excluding something like medicine of course.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..I Love Italian Ice CreamMy Profile

    • Hi Tim, yes in medicine you really need a degree and continuing education as well. Probably the same for engineers and scientists I would think. What instrument did you play Tim?

  • You need to be able to write, that’s for sure. But you don’t need a blogging degree. The most important part to me has been experience. I am not sure if I am a better writer, but since I’ve been blogging for a long time I have learned a thing or two about what’s important. On the other hand if you had a blogging degree you’d probably not make all the mistakes I have made. So you can say that experience is the blogging degree 🙂
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Without light there is only darknessMy Profile

    • Hi Jens, I like that one. I think we learn a lot from our mistakes though. I know I sure have. Learning the hard way sometimes can be a wonderful teacher. Thanks for your comment on this one.

  • It feels like I need a degree to learn how to network better and gain the most from my blog. I see some blogs doing well but they don’t stand out to me because I see 20 more like it. How do they stand out that’s what I need to learn.
    Kita recently posted..Sunday’s Song: Don’t lose who are.My Profile

  • Wonderful post. I agree 100%. Passion carries more weight than a piece of paper. Look at all the famous people without college degrees.
    Lauren recently posted..Anti-Bullying Horror Film, Red Head Randy, Seeks to Scare the Shit out of BulliesMy Profile

    • Hi Lauren, you are right – many of the most successful people dropped out of college, didn’t have time to finish as they became successful through their passions. Always makes a great debate. Thanks for commenting.

  • Fabulous post! I don’t think you need a degree to blog. Personal experiences are much better imo. I love personal blogs. You really get to know the person. BTW, some personal/hands on pit bull blogs are a lot better than these so called “Behaviorist” bloggers. 😉
    Brenda recently posted..A Football Loving FamilyMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Wow… Interesting the way you thought of it dear 🙂 I never thought that way though we were talking about education systems in your country and mine.

    I don’t think of a blogging degree. If we wanna turn common sense into cash, we can introduce blogging degree for colleges though 😉 Blogging degree can be represented as the knowledge and experience acquired by a blogger through blogging. Our blogs can be full of personal stuff, informative, entertaining or such content. Blogs have no rules, right? 🙂

    I agree. There’s no doubt that no one can be a better blogger without blogging. If someone know well about blogging without blogging, then it’s like someone knows everything about married life without marrying, right? I think, neither experience nor knowledge itself is the key Lisa. It’s Knowledge + Experience, right? 🙂

    I mostly believe blogging is about being ourselves. It’s us who are behind the blog. It reflects us. If you know how to respect and interact with people, we could be a better blogger. But to make it more productive, we need to dedicate for it. Anyway “Successful” is a very subjective word. Can you just imagine the worth of sharing expertise and learning from each other? 🙂

    That’s very nice bloggers you are indicating Lisa 🙂 Sharing their expertise through blogging. Very helpful 🙂 Dr. Bailey’s story is inspiring. There’s something more to think about.

    Thanks for mentioning and it’s amazing how our conversation turns out to a blog post 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..How to Enable Autoplay for Your Embedded YouTube VideosMy Profile

    • Hi Mayura, I guess blogs do not have rules unless you need to make money from them (then you must follow Google rules) It would seem to have a marriage blog and the writer not be married 🙂 Thanks for inspiring this post Mayura. You never know what happens there on Twitter once I favor a tweet 🙂

  • Interesting question Lisa!

    I strongly feel it’s our daily life experiences that count much more than any kind of degree. Yes, we do need to know our language and grammar so that others are able to read what we write, other than that…there’s just no need for any kind of a degree or diploma to learn how to blog.

    I guess life teaches us so much, and just as you took the wonderful example of the person who cooks or the one who has been into the skin niche – they would best know what to blog about regarding their field. There can be no better teacher than what they learn in their life and thus, they have full authority to write what they do, based on those experiences – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing and bringing it to our notice. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Cheap Party Ideas for KidsMy Profile

  • Thanks for mentioning my blog Lisa. I do agree with you, you have to have something in life you’re passionate about to be a successful blogger.

    It also helps though if you’re capable of putting an intelligent sentence together and can spell it properly.
    Curt recently posted..Plank Grilled Lemon SalmonMy Profile

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