Do You Love Your Affiliate Products?

Affiliate Products To Love

Affiliate Products – Do you use yours? Recently I purchased a pair of Crocs that I am an affiliate for and it made me wonder – do most people purchase what they have for affiliates on their websites or blogs?

affiliate products
Very comfortable clogs

A few months ago we had an experience on our medical uniform website where were introduced a new clog line. I had not tested these out. We have several lines like Cape Clogs, Klogs and Anywears. I have bought each of these clogs except Anywears. I have loved wearing clogs since I was a kid. I was very excited to offer clogs on our site and being able to order them for myself. Especially the fancy print ones.

clogs made in sweden
Always receive compliments wearing these shoes!

We have had many customers rave about the Anywears and since they were not so fashionable I did not purchase them. So recently we added this “new” unnamed line and we had 3 complaints. Very poor quality – falling apart. Immediately after the 3rd complaint we took them off the website.

Testing Your Affiliate Products

This made me wonder – do you test your affiliate products out before selling them and putting them on your website? When we first started the scrub business I would buy the new brands and give to my girlfriend who works in a medical office. She would tell me which got the most compliments from her co-workers. (Most of our products are not affiliates on that site)

As you may remember it depends on which state you live in if you can do some affiliate programs. States like  Rhode Island,  New York, California, Illinois, North Carolina, Arkansas and Connecticut. They have different laws in regards to affiliate product programs. Crocs was one we were able to do in Rhode Island still. We did receive our first check last month 🙂 It takes a few months after the sales before you receive your check. I have been using Rakuten LinkShare for this program. So far so good! 

I do love my new Crocs – they are lightweight and very comfortable. I wore them on my recent trip and they were great for airport security too. I also got money taken off my order when I tweeted it and Facebooked it. How nice is that?


Do you really love your affiliate products on your websites?

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  • Hi Lisa, !! Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂 My hugs!:)

  • Affiliate marketing still kind of scares me. I know that it is a good option. I through up a few here and there for products that I use. I am hoping some day someone will actually click through and buy, put I think I would have to set up a niche site for it to be effective! I am glad you made enough for a paycheck 🙂

  • Hi Jens, that is a very good rule for affiliate marketing. Thanks for stopping by today.
    Lisa recently posted..What Are You Doing For 2033?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    What you’re saying is very important, and my first (and almost my only) rule when it comes to affiliate marketing. I always use (or have used) the products I’m marketing. And I do love what I’m currently selling, because when you do, it’s so much easier to promote them.

    I have heard so many good things about Crocks, but I still haven’t tried them on 🙂
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Marketing magnet: How to attract big clients to your brandMy Profile

  • Sonia,
    I highly recommend that now. I did with everything but that one product and of course that’s the one that turned out not to be a good product. Very good practice to get into that or at least know people that have raved about the product and are not making money from it. Thanks Sonia for your point with Pat Flynn. Another one for me to check out : )

  • Good question. That is something I didn’t think about when I first started. I just posted anything up on my site hoping for something and got nothing. As time goes by people develop trust and frequent your website to see what you like and recommend from time to time, but when you review or endorse a product I would hope you used it too.

    Case in point, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. He talks about many products and all products he not only uses, but nets a steady stream of income from. Why? Because people trust his advice, comments and opinions.That alone makes me click on their link to either check it out or purchase it myself. I forget that they are getting compensated because I thoroughly understood the comments behind his review.

    People can tell when something is all fluff and when someone really likes that product.
    Sonia recently posted..Why Bloggers Have Sh-tty Friends & What To DoMy Profile

  • Brenda, Four-Legged Mom

    Gotcha! Thanks hon! 🙂

  • Brenda, Four-Legged Mom

    I like those clogs! Are those that ones that fell apart? Always looking for some kind of “new” shoe. I have crocs similar to the ones in your first pic, minus the strap and to be honest, I don’t like em. I find myself slipping into my hubs crocs that have no back and a strap. 😉 He’s always saying “Where’s my damn shoes?” hehe
    Brenda, Four-Legged Mom recently posted..The Titan Chronicles… 2nd EditionMy Profile

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