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I personally am not a big fan of mobile versions of websites or blogs but after seeing some tweets this week I have been re-analyzing my thoughts on it. The hardest part is using the share buttons on them. Many times they don’t exist and you have to switch over to full view.

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Plugins To Make It Happen

I have been going through plugins for this site and none of them seem to be working. I have converted my other WordPress blog and it worked like a charm. Our retail websites went mobile months ago and do look really nice. Many times though when surfing from my cell phone I get frustrated because it is not as easy to find things that I can with the full website version. It is also harder to share via social networks.

There are many plugins available for WordPress mobile. I choose  BAAP Mobile Version for my other WordPrss site and it worked very easy. Just plug-in and go! Analytics have shown 2% of traffic is coming from it thus far. It includes a mobile switcher so viewers can decide when they arrive which version they prefer. Love that! It also features Device adaptation, including the rescaling of images, intelligent splitting of articles and posts into multiple pages, the simplifaction styles, and the removal of non-supported media.Very nice! (Since this post I’ve switched to WPTouch Premium and love it!)  

I found over a dozen different ones to choose from and you must check if they have been tested with the latest version of WordPress. I believe I had a version prior to the latest version of WordPress but it did not work anymore – that’s why I went hunting around today. Love to know which versions you prefer of a mobile plug-in.

Do you use the mobile version or do you switch over to the full view on your cell phone? 

Updated 5/18/2013 and I have updated to WP Touch and it works wonderful!

In April 2015 I updated to WPTouch Pro so every post and page now is mobile friendly.



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17 comments On Do You Go Mobile?

  • Hey LIsa,

    I used to work for local small business owners and I really pushed toward making a mobile site version. For a local business it’s a must but I don’t know about blogs for instance that target globally.

    though provoking post.
    Thank you for the insight!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I used to use WPTouch for my site, but I recently decided to switch theme to a mobile responsive one.

    I get more and more traffic from mobile devices, so I thought why not switch instead of use a plugin? 🙂
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Check Your Google Rank WeeklyMy Profile

  • I went responsive a few months ago. My website’s theme automatically adjusts to the device it is on. I don’t have add another plugin. Loves it.

    I am using Respo, which is free if anyone is looking for a mobile ready theme.

  • My site is on available, but I wasn’t thrilled with it either. I like the idea of having someone read my posts via their mobile device because most times people are on their phone anyway. If anyone is looking to switch, I would test it out to make sure that you like the look and feel of how your site and go for it.
    Sonia recently posted..Blogger Spotlight: Catherine Alexandra, Catherine-Alexandra.comMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I don’t know if you know it or not but I am blogging blogging on blogger platform. The blogger platform has inbuilt settings which allows you to adjust you blog display for mobile devices. I have enabled it and it shows up perfectly well. Loads fast and posts are clearly readable. But yes, I haven’t yet tried sharing any post to social sites from my mobile device…not required I think 😐
    Aswani recently posted..Pinterest facts, figures, myths and a marketing guide [motion graphics]My Profile

    • Yes Aswani, some days I miss blogger where I started. It does have some great features. I find it’s harder to share on social networks without switching back to the full view. Maybe in the future some mobile plug-in will figure that piece out too. Thanks for coming by today.

  • I use WPTouch plugin for my blog. I haven’t any complaints from readers yet. I personally use it as well.
    Brenda Lee recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Thanks Brenda, I will try that out and let you know. Appeciate it, don’t think I saw that one in my search. Hope it works with my theme.

    • Brenda – You got it! It’s the best I’ve seen and have seen others using it too. I like the format. You are such a natural with WordPress themes and plug-ins. You have the experience from switching themes often :). Thanks so much!

  • There’s no doubt, Mobile Optimization is now really vital Lisa 😉 However mostly I’m on PC. But mobile is worthy when I’m out. Sometimes I find sites little buggy with it’s mobile version. You know, sometimes it’s hard to leave a comment after reading a post via mobile with word verification. Sharing matters too. So I switch to full site at such situations. I didn’t optimize my blog for mobile ’cause Blogger still doesn’t support scaling of large images in posts. So I found it as a bad user experience and leave it as it is. I’ll check your mobile version too 😉 WordPress users will find this helpful to optimize their sites to compatible with mobile.

    Mayura recently posted..How to Create a Group on FacebookMy Profile

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