Do You Ask the Busy or Idle Person?

Do You Ask A Busy Person For Help?

Busy defination – engaged in action.  If you need something done, who do you ask – the busiest person or the idle person? You may be surprised to see what the answer really is.


Mystery of a Busier Person

This was always a mystery to me for many years. But the busiest person stays busy for a reason just as the idle person is idle for a reason. That’s how they like it! A busier person tends to like being busy from the time they get up to the time they go to sleep. Give them a holiday or a day where nothing is scheduled and they may hit the panic button. An idle person can putter throughout the same day and not realize the time gone by. Can you tell which category I fall into?

In a paper published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers show that busy people are happier than those that are idle or lazy. They did an experiment with college students giving them a 15 minute break. Given the choice most of the students walked further during the break. They kept busy and were reportedly happier. They concluded that busy people were happier even if it was not by their choice that they were busy. So you may want to start getting yourself  busier. I can tell you that you won’t get bored that way either.

Ever notice when you ask a busy person to do something – they tend to be happier to do it for you? They tend to THRIVE on it. They live for it. So the next time you need a favor, remember go ask the busiest person you know. You may be surprised at the answer you will receive.

Are You a Busy or Idle Type of Person?
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