Do You Analyze Your Blog?

Analyze Your Blog Today

Do you analyze your blog so you really know where people come from to get to your blog?

Analyze Your Blog

Analyze Your Blog Too

I had been looking over my stats the other day and noticed a new source of traffic. A referring site called “Favit.” Of course I had to go over there and check it out. It looked very similar to Twitter and I had one friend from Twitter on it so I tweeted him about it. He explained its like a European/Mediterranean version with chat. But the other interesting thing was the other sources of traffic had changed over time except for StumbleUpon. It remains my number #1 traffic source to this blog since day 1. (August 4)

Here are my referring sites according to blogger as:

1) Stumble Upon.
2) Favit.
3) Google – Organic.
4) Twitter.
5) Facebook.
8) Justretweet.
9) Feed – Feedburner.
10) NewsMeBack.

Then I go over to Google Analytics and the results are a little different.

1) Direct.
2) Stumble Upon.
3) Google – Organic.
4) Feed.
5) Twitter.
6) Blogger.
7) Facebook.
8) Just Retweet.
9) Hootsuite.
10) Google+.
Interesting – why the differences? They are both Google products. The take-away for me is to continue a presence over on Stumble Upon and Twitter while growing more organic traffic. It will be interesting to see if Pinterest shows up soon too. We’ve seen some traffic to our nursing scrub website from there since we started last week pinning away.

Do you anlayze your blog to see where your visitors are coming from? 

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