Do Cell Phones Make Our Manners Go Out The Window?

Cell Phones and Our Manners

Since cell phone use has become widespread these days, have they made our manners go out the window?

cell phones

I think I have become oblivious to the cell phone usage myself until I attended a wake the other night.  You could hear a pin drop at this very sad wake and an older person started to talk on their cell phone. I thought “How rude!” talking at a cell phone while in line at a wake. I could not believe my ears.
What amazed me was there many young people there and they were not on their cell phones.

Cell Phone Rudeness

I used to think talking on a cell was rude when:

1. At Your Office
2. In A Restaurant
3. In Church
4. In A Movie
5. In Line At A Store or Fast Food Restaurant

Do you think we have lost our manners with cell phones or have you become oblivious too?
Where else do you find cell phone use just plain rude?

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4 comments On Do Cell Phones Make Our Manners Go Out The Window?

  • I think at the wake was not the right time to be talkingon the phone. I don’t think it would have been a big deal if she were to have texted if she were not engage in a conversation with someone.

    I think a lot of the old rules are being relaxed. I do try not to be on the phone while in line at a store but it does happen. I don’t answer in the movis. But I will respond to a text. I also think it depends who you are with and if you ar in agreement with the ettiquette.

    But in general I consider myself to be pretty easy going and hard to offend.

  • People definitely have no manners anymore. I see it everyday. People come to the window to pay their bill at work and while we ask them questions, they are talking on their cells. It’s totally rude imo. I refuse to “serve” anyone who is on their phone now. Very rude!

    • Thanks Brenda, I know it is amazing. It would be like if they were talking to another person in line at the same time. I guess some don’t see it like that.

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