Do Blog Complications Cause You to Throw in the Towel?

Blog Complications Can Drive Us Bloggers Mad Sometimes

Blog complications can happen to all of us. Have you ever been going along with your blog posts and then check something on Google and find something not right? Then you begin the journey. You start Googling or Binging it. Then hours go by. Maybe even days. Does it make you want to throw in the towel? Who needs a blog anyways, right?

Blog complications

Those Nasty Plug-ins

You may remember that I fell in love with the Yoast plug-in when I first got it. Yoast really helped me to use SEO more effectively not just here but on all my websites and blogs not on WordPress, a wonderful thing right? I had starting using Yoast in July. (I love having dates of my posts, don’t you?) I had been noticing when I used my favorite app, the Buffer, my blog title would show up twice. It got me thinking. Then I researched an old post on Google I had written and saw that it appeared in the  snippet twice. Not good!

Yoast SEO plug-in Archives | Inspire To ThriveInspire To Thrive
Jul 3, 2012 – Yoast SEO is an incredible plug-in. …………………………………..(If I share it all Google will think I’m using duplicate content – more on that to come)

Now I was beginning to think, what the heck. I did learn some HTML in college but in PHP files they are a bit intimidating to me. I did look at them but was so afraid of playing with them. I found several websites that we too technical for me. I could not quite understand them. Then I found one that was a little easier to understand. I found it was in my Yoast plug-in settings. I saw 3 different ways of doing it. I played around with it. I must have done something right – the shares now don’t produce duplicate titles. But the snippet still looks like that in Google with that duplicate title. Maybe it has to be scraped again by Google before it will adjust in the coming days. I will give it time. (Funny thing my other WordPress blog has Yoast but not the issues, different themes do different things.)

A nice young gentleman on Google+ did answer a question about  8226  (it was in the coding for Yoast and I wasn’t sure if I should use it or not, what does that number mean?) – Matt explained: “8226 is part of the ASCII code for the large dot separator between titles. Yoast uses it instead of a simple dash”.  Now things were making sense. I may need one more adjustment – Thanks to Matt from Your IRA Options.  If you are looking for IRA info, check his website out. If he could help with this imagine what he may be able to do for our finances? The funny thing was we were not in either’s circles but I responded to a question about Yoast and he answered me. Isn’t social media amazing sometimes?

The Next Blog Complications – Unpublished Lens

I had been using Squidoo more lately with a little success but I know you can’t just do it once and forget about it. I went to publish a new lens about Taking Your Pez to work day. It was a post that I lost in the transition from Blogger to WordPress here. (Guess I don’t give up too easily). I really did some nice things with that lens but when I got up this morning I got an email from Squidoo saying they UNpublished it because it had too much duplicate content. Me, who preaches about this, was committing it? No way, but I read further they do not change their minds so I must move on. So if you want to have fun at your office on November 30, Bring Your Pez to Work Day…  I just learned today writing this that it appears on Paper blog too. Next time I’ll use a duplicate content checker like Virant. 

take your pez to work
Lou – Started the First Take Your Pez to Work Day in Providence, RI in 2010

Gotta love Bloggers too. Lose a post? Don’t sweat it. Part of it is there on Bloggers.  Just don’t reproduce it on Squidoo. Make it over totally from scratch. Will I continue to use Squidoo? Yes. I want to see if it really works as some people claim. Like all good things I believe it takes time.

What type of blog complications have you been having and would they cause you to throw in that towel?

Updated May 2, 2015 -Squidoo is now part of Hub Pages and Bloggers is no longer in service.

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43 comments On Do Blog Complications Cause You to Throw in the Towel?

  • Hi Lisa,
    It seems with blogging we never really know what we are doing wrong until we do some investigation. I use All in one SEO and I wonder if I am having the same problems as well. My search traffic is way lower than it should be.
    Justin recently posted..Read This if You Want to Survive 2012My Profile

  • Lisa – I agree that one has to be very careful when using plugins on WP…recently adrienne wrote an article where she listed out things to be aware of when using WP…and one really opened up my eyes when she said “Delete those unused plugins”…i had almost 15 of them sitting idle…i cleaned them up immediately.

    I was using Yoast for a while and then gave up due to some issues I faced which i dont remember. Squidoo also i have never used…Hopefully my plugins wont cause much damage to my site 🙂
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..6 Ways to Save Money on Your Car InsuranceMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    I have had no problems with Yoast (yet lol) maybe I am just lucky but a lot of plugins can cause problems at one time or another. Sometimes it is a job in itself to keep up with them all, but when they ARE working they are a great asset to our blogs….
    I did have a few lens up and running with Squidoo but to be honest have not done much with them for a while as they can be very time consuming, maybe I will have a look at them again, do you think they are worth it? I would love to hear your thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great day.
    Pauline recently posted..JV Giveaways & List Building TipsMy Profile

    • Hi Pauline, Yes plug-ins can be great or awful. Squidoo does take time – lots of it and I haven’t given it that yet to really say but I did notice when I did more lens and commented more I did start getting more views and comments and some traffic to my websites. I will definitely be revisiting it. I just need 48 hours in a day 🙂 Thanks for coming by. You can probably find me there on Squidoo and we could connect there too.
      Lisa recently posted..Pinterest App Makes It Easy To Pin Than Post At That Other PlaceMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I have that issue with G+ lisiting my title twice but I don’t use Yoast. I’m hoping someone figures out that issue.

    I’ve never used Squidoo, but seem to be faring okay without it.

    It’s amazing what plugins can do for a blog, both good and bad!
    Carolyn recently posted..PicMonkey – Make the Most of Your PicturesMy Profile

  • Hey, Lisa,

    Boy, oh boy, can I relate to this! I almost did throw in the towel a few months back, for this very reason. I’d purchased a premium theme, marketed as suitable for technophobic beginners, only to find that I couldn’t adjust the simplest things without knowing some coding (unlike you, I don’t know much HTML) with the result that I was spending nearly all my time communicating with the help desk or posting questions on the forum.

    My blogging career was saved from an early demise by my finding a training course that walked me through setting up a site with a theme that was easy to use.

    I do think blogging is fraught with danger for those of us who don’t understand much about what goes on under the hood – it’s very easy to get misled, because there are a lot of self-proclaimed experts out there peddling advice that isn’t always sound. One of the worst things is when you get completely conflicting advice from two or three different ‘experts’ – now that IS frustrating!

    I agree with Tim, too, that plugins can be a mixed blessing – there’s a danger that you overload your site with too many or get compatibility issues.

    I’m feeling a bit nervous today because I’ve just installed the premium version of CommentLuv and I’m hoping I’ve got the settings right. It came with excellent videos that explain the set-up process very clearly, so hopefully I should be ok – fingers and toes all crossed!!

    I don’t use Yoast at the moment – I know a lot of people recommend it, but when I looked into it I gained the impression it would be quite complicated to set up, so I’m sticking with All in One SEO for now, which I’ve been taught how to use.

    I think the answer for non-techies like me is to keep things simple, try to avoid playing games you don’t understand, and cultivate some tech-savvy friends. Having the right attitude helps, too – I’m not really one for throwing in the towel – more like a dog with a bone when I hit an obstacle, convinced the answer must be out there somewhere……

    And it looks like you have some great tips on this site, so I’m sure I’ll be back!

    Sue Neal recently posted..3 Keys to Attracting TONS of Great Blog Comments (Lessons from a Dancing Dog)My Profile

    • Sue, – welcome to my blog! I did that once, got rid of a theme and started over with an easier theme. I like to keep them simple if possible now. When I first built our first websites (Stores Online sites) I was on tech support all the time – luckily their chat is 24/7 and I still use it now and then to date. Yes, plug-ins are great but they can also cause a blog to come down too. I updated once too soon and did not unplug the plug-ins first. One way to learn right? I love CommentLuv premium, it wasn’t hard to install. I’ve done much harder things but then again I haven’t set it up with all the bells and whistles. Andy is a great responder if you have issues too. I go as needed with bells and whistles 🙂 I love Yoast but have learned recently about the Titles (duplicate) not looking right on Google, that was an hour of research and configuring. You are right, it’s not easy keeping up all the time. I do love to learn and have less afraid to try each time I do something new.
      Lisa recently posted..What Can Coffee Teach You About Affiliates?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I updated a plugin the other day and my blog went haywire!

    I initially thought, oh well, all that work down the drain. I had a backup but I couldn’t for the life of me get the blog back online. Luckily the plugin email support was fantastic and I was only locked out of my dashboard for a few minutes!

    Plugins can be fantastic but they can also cause many problems.

    Thanks for sharing about Yoast. I’m just going to check mine out now.

    Tim Bonner recently posted..Your Blog Speed Sucks!My Profile

    • I hate when that happens Tim – thank goodness it had support. I always backup before doing another plug-in and sometimes deactivate the others too. Then re-activate all one by one. Slow and tedious but safe too. I do like Yoast but it does funky things with snippets and Pinterest. So read up on it thoroughly. I think I have mine all fixed up now. (It’s the settings that I’m referring to.)
      Lisa recently posted..What Can Coffee Teach You About Affiliates?My Profile

  • Congrats on the new site Lisa! Woohoo!! I’m not a coffee drinker but I’ll sure share the love.
    Ann recently posted..All You Need to Know About Payday LoanMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I started with Yoast but not using it now after initial similar hiccups.Regarding squidoo,it is like promising more and delivering less. ~Sapna
    Sapna recently posted..Alexa Ranking, Is that really importantMy Profile

  • Excellent post. You really dialed that in. It’s the simple principles that worked for people that have already been where we are heading and desire to be that we should pay close attention to.Thanks for keeping it real and I always look forward to your next post!
    Santosh recently posted..CEE LO Sexual Assault Accuser Had Long History with SingerMy Profile

  • I hate when I decide to make a little cosmetic change on my blog which then causes something not to work right… Then I keep trying to fix it, and make it worse!
    Feeling Beachie recently posted..And we are thankfulMy Profile

  • 🙂 just my tears
    Warren Whitlock recently posted..“E-Book Piracy is Ruining Publishing”My Profile

  • I tried throwing a towel at my monitor. That made more work cleaning up the mess and my blog stayed the same 😛
    Warren Whitlock recently posted..Looking Ahead at The Marketing Technology LandscapeMy Profile

  • Sorry about your squidoo experience. Interesting because a guy on my blog was recently telling me how foolish I am for NOT allowing duplicate content.

    I wonder if hubpages would work for that article that you worked so hard on?

    What a complicated world this Internet place is!!

    Thanks Lisa.
    david recently posted..Do You Use Video To Reach Your Audience?My Profile

    • Hi Dave, well I would not use it anywhere if it is considered duplicate content. I had found some months ago on various places and eliminated them. No need to lose ranking over them – right? I have not done anymore article writing since the Panda’s and Penquin’s came out against them this past year. Besides I have enough blogs to keep busy with. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful Thanksgiving David.
      Lisa recently posted..Do Blog Complications Cause You to Throw in the Towel?My Profile

  • Awesome post. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Just curious if you’ve had any experience or know someone who has a similar approach for physical products?
    Clarkmartin recently posted..CEE LO Sexual Assault Accuser Had Long History with SingerMy Profile

  • 🙄 Hi Lisa!

    Wow, that is a problem. So far so good for me. I didn’t encounter this YET… never knows! This is useful information in case it happens to me.

    As for Squidoo, I tried it once a year ago and it drove me nuts! I felt like I was running all around trying not to have duplicate content.

    Thanks for the info. Donna
    Donna Merrill recently posted..15 Holiday BluesMy Profile

  • I don’t use Yoast, but I have been having major complications for a long time with my blog. But, after I switched to Synthesis for my hosting (owned by Copyblogger) I haven’t experienced anything. So, that was my solution 🙂
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..A decision that will change my lifeMy Profile

    • Hi Jens, I haven’t heard of Synthesis but I do read Copyblogger, (they had a great piece just yesterday on blogs too) Sometime to think about for any upcoming projects.Thanks for sharing Jens.

  • Goodness yes blogger confuses me more than wordpress but I kept trying and I can even change my stuff up on my own
    Kita recently posted..Kokoa Holiday Pinterest PartyMy Profile

  • My eyes started glazing over when you mentioned HTML. I use Yoast, too. I don’t use Google+ to publish blog updates automatically. At least, I don’t think I do.

    After I spend hours binging my head against a wall, I take a break to air out my brain. Then, when I sit down to reevaluate the problem a day later, I can usually resolve it without doing harm to myself or my computer. Honestly, I’d rather be writing than trying to figure out why stuff doesn’t work. I’m going to buy WordPress for Dummies. A marketing guy recommended it to me.
    Lauren recently posted..From a Dog’s-Eye ViewMy Profile

  • I’ve never used Yoast so I can’t comment on that. I’ll comment on your initial question though, which is in your title. Nope, never, not even a thought. The closest I ever came to dropping it all was back in 2006 when the host I was using lost all my content, both web and blog. I had the website backed up on my computer to move but I had to think about my blog, which at the time was more work than I was sure I was ready for. But I decided to go ahead, recover all the posts I wanted, and start anew. All these years later I’m glad I did.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..5 Things About Writing That You Might Never Think OfMy Profile

    • Wow, you really lost everything Mitch? Sometimes I wish I started the WordPress version here fresh instead of importing from Blogger but I did so I move on. Did you change hosts after that? Geez, the things we do go through with our blogs. Thanks Mitch for sharing your experience here too.

  • This has been an annoying thing that drives me nuts for awhile now Lisa. It only seems to happen on Google+ though. But, I don’t use Yoast, I use the SEO feature with Thesis. I’m wondering if I can get them to tell me why my title goes in there twice. I’ve never been able to figure that out and I hate it so thanks for shedding some light on that for us. There has to be something we can do.

    Ah Squidoo, I hate them. Yeah, I use to use Squidoo several years ago back before they so weird. You know me, I always share good content or at least I think so. But they quit approving my posts even though they were under their guidelines. I got so frustrated with them that I quit using them plus if that topic you’re writing about is already on Google twice, you’ll never end up there so what’s the use.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Lisa. Now you’ve got me curious as to how I can fix this problem on my blog. Thank you so much.


    • Maybe it’s another plug-in Adrienne? Wow, you did use Squidoo before? Interesting – you had the problem too. I hope you can find the fix on yours too Adrienne and thanks for coming by and sharing your experiences.

  • Informative Lisa!

    I use Yoast too, but never faced such a problem so far, though I always have a problem with their Page Analysis they do. Even when you have placed your keywords correctly, it shows an error. Similarly, I wonder what is the right keyword density that really works because Yoast says something totally different than what we should be doing, more so after the recent animal updates.

    Have never tried Squiddo, though believe it to good.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How Much Water Do You Drink DailyMy Profile

    • Thanks Harleena. Yoast shows you keyword density and likes 2-3% and it warns if you go over it. At least in my version it does. Same as the new Google guidelines too. Let me know if you check out Squidoo.

  • Very interesting Lisa! I’m not using Yoast on my blog but might look into. I’ll also have to take a peek at Squidoo. Again, where do you find the time to find all these goodies?
    Brenda recently posted..Adventures In LaundryMy Profile

    • Brenda, that’s the advantage of not being able to sleep for long. Before all this I’d watch TV if I awoke early and could not get back to sleep. Maybe I’m a little obsessed too 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    Blogging is a journey, isn’t it? 🙂 The more challenges make us more stronger.

    I did use Yoast in my client website as you recommended it Lisa 🙂 Well, had an issue once as I disabled and enabled it. Again disabled and enabled it, then it was alright.

    Well, you can use Rich Snippet Testing Tool ( if you wanna see before Google crawls your pages dear.

    I’ve always been backing up my blog with content and if you have back up of your Blogger blog, you can get ’em back too. No? 🙂 Bloggers will save first few lines as it generates through feed…

    Mayura recently posted..Create a Simple Android Application for Your Site with AppsGeyserMy Profile

    • Hi Mayura, I had that before too about disabling and then enabling it. Interesting. I had checked that tool before. Will check again to see what difference it all made or not. Yes, I always back it up. Learned that lesson before – thanks Mayura.

  • Wow, I was wondering why my title was showing up on my Google+ updates twice. I use Yoast too so that has to be it. I’ll go over the other post and see if I can fix that. The sad thing is when I switched to Yoast, I had to go back and manually add all of my titles, descriptions and meta data because it was all removed with removing the last plugin. I sure don’t want to go through that again.
    Brian Hawkins recently posted..What Is Facebook EdgeRank And How Does It Affect Bloggers?My Profile

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